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Recommendations for a new kitchen

My brother has a 5-bed house and is converting 2 bedrooms into a granny flat for our mum.

Including putting in a kitchen... who do you recommend for a new kitchen? B&Q?
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    I’m assuming the bedrooms are ground floor?
    you don’t want your poor mother climbing stairs all the time
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    Probably wanting installation included, thanks
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    Bradfords stores do symphony kitchens. Excellent quality, and come ready assembled.
    We got ours 18 months ago and very happy with it.
    We purchased our dishwasher and range cooker from another store were i get a discount.
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    Im definitely not saying dont do it ....your mum always comes first ....but just make some enquiries first ....

    Before you spend any large amounts on a kitchen just check out with an estate agent/surveyor or mortgage advisor whether your brother will have to take your mums kitchen back out if he wants to sell the house at some point in the future.

    Ive had to remove a kitchen from a house that was unofficially set up as 2 flats before order to make it mortgageable. Lender wouldnt lend with kitchen 2 in place.

    im not certain how a granny annexe works if it has its own kitchen....

    Regarding the kitchens....

    Ive fitted B&Q kitchens before (in my own properties) and always found them decent enough.

    Not sure if theve changed now but Ikea kitchens used to not have any service (i.e. pipe or cable) space at the back of each cupboard. Kitchen fitters would have to bring the back of the unit forward where there were pipes running behind.

    If youve got a Benchmarx kitchens near you....I believe they sell the same kitchens as Wickes as both are owned by Travis Perkins. Benchmarx theoretically is trade but a kitchen fitter can take you in though. Had some good prices in there previously ....especially pricing against Howdens.
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    Howdens, Benchmark, DIY Kitchens are all good. We just bought a kitchen from DIY Kitchens and would use them again. Good products and prices and very flexible ranges.
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    Kutchenhaus. Highly recommended, and great value. Very happy customer. All made in Germany. Great quality.
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    benchmarx are good, have used them twice now.
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    Join the Facebook groups for Howdens, DIY kitchens, B&Q and Wren and others, which I did, consider unit thinkness, what worktop do they want

    We went with Howdens over DIY, which were the only 2 we considered after researching the above,

    Aside from purchasing the kitchen the designer is key, there knowledge can really make a difference and worth paying for ( just consider, what experience a kitchen designer may have , who works for one of the big sheds)
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    Our professional kitchen designer from Howdens put cupboards in a configuration that meant they wouldn't open I ended up redesigning it with DIY Kitchens and we went with that and got a quartz templater in afterwards.
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    I've recently refitted our kitchen, went with Howdens. Also in the frame were MKM and DIY.
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    I've fitted numerous kitchens, yes some are better than others however they may also be more expensive. I always believe that design and fitting are equally important or more than it's a very good unit. As an example if the units are not fitted level and square nothing is ever going to line up, and will look terrible regardless of how thick the carcass is, how great the hinge is or how pretty the work top looks.
    Put another way I'd rather have a well put together Ford Fiesta than a poorly put together Mercedes.
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