Posted 21 February 2024

Reolink Doorbell Camera/940nm IR throw light

I'm just setting this up, very impressed so far but being a doorbell cam there's not a huge amount of detail over say 2/3m away in the dark.

Can I just get something like this auto on/off 6 LED 940nm light off Ali Express and a POE 48V to 12 injector? Will the Reolink (850nm I think) "see" the 940nm light?…tml

I know I can get a better camera, but am just building stuff up. Also think there's ONVIF commands like turn on when motion detected, but might need more research.

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    Likely multitudinously less faff to consider simplicity of decent PIR-triggered solar charged white flood / spots to obtain instant decent-detail colour nightvision.
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    Solar charged puts me off when there's a beefy 48V POE switch sat right near it.

    But guess I could go down the visible light route, would depend on the sensitivity of the PIR.

    I wouldn't want it going off every time someone walked on the footpath, 940 gives you stealth.