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Death's Door American Gin 70cl - £30.45 @ Amazon UK
Posted 1 h, 23 m agoPosted 1 h, 23 m ago
Distilled in Wisconsin, this gin has just 3 botanical ingredients: juniper berries, coriander seeds and fennel seeds giving it a subtle (but not over-powering) liquorice/aniseed tw… Read more

That's what I thought until I actually tried it. Sometimes less is more.


Seems too few botanicals to offer any sort of complexity, rather a piledriver of a Gin that lacks subtle nuances. I vote it a miss !


It's a lovely gin. I tried it few months ago when it was guest gin in a pub I visited (y)


Deaths Door (lol) Nice name, honest about their poisonous product.

Xiaomi Mijia Door Window Sensor pack of 4 - Intelligent Alarm System Xiaomi Smart Home Kits £24.97 at AliExpress Xiao_Mi Online Store
Posted 26th MayPosted 26th May
a bit long delivery, but i use these with my smartthings hub and they are great.

so I almost fully migrated to the new ST app yesterday. Still not sure if my temp logging app to googlesheets works from the old app or the new...thats the last bit to transfer/modify I now remember why i didn't like the new app. It did not have routines, and i believe still doesn't, but i was able to program the routines through smartapps. All good now :) thank you for the suggestion and encouragement.


Anyone know if these work with Home Assistant without the Smart Things hub? I don't currently have ST hub but like to have these fitted soon...


After many frustrating button presses I found recently the best way to pair the Xiaomi devices with SmartThings is to (put SmartThings in pairing mode, then) press and HOLD the button for a few seconds until the LED flashes, then wait. If the LED appears to flash dimly then the battery probably needs replacing. HTH


They state "offline" and never update. You can re-add them by scanning on ST + holding the button for 2 seconds and then pressing it once every couple of seconds to keep it alive until found on ST.


you can see status when you open it in the app. but you can also set up notification for when the status changes.

RING Door View Cam Video doorbell Full HD 1080p £94.99 - discount at checkout @ Currys eBay
684° Expired
Refreshed 21st MayRefreshed 21st May
Update 1
Now £94.99 via Currys eBay, discount at checkout.
Further £25 price drop on Ring Door View Cam which replaces your peephole, and no wiring needed. 2 Year guarantee and free delivery. RING Door View Cam Check who's at yo… Read more

The other issue where it takes itself offline possibly could be that the ring doorbell goes to sleep when there is no motion, but as soon as it detects motion and records there is a delay which could explain it if it only connects when there is detection, abit like wake on lan.


Fast roaming was disabled by default. I had read about that feature bricking some doorbells! Seemed to be the 2 version. I've also disabled mesh technology for the doorbell so it shouldn't switch between them. I think I need to have a play around with where they are positioned too. I've noticed that moving it from the shelf where the hub is to the floor next to it improves the signal.


For your deco issue, I would advise removing it from roaming if you have this feature enabled.


I fitted mine and also bought a Deco M5 mesh system at the same time as I knew the hub I have wouldn't be enough. Has anyone had issues? I'm getting a signal of between 50-60, even with an M5 disc 8ft away. It seems to start recording when someone gets to the door rather than when they first start walking up the driveway. I'm still experimenting with the settings though. Something else I've noticed is the Deco seems to take the doorbell offline when it's finished recording. The doorbell itself doesn't show as offline in the Ring app, only on the Deco. If it detects motion or I go to live view it wakes up but I think this might be causing the issue with not capturing people until they're at the door. Any one else have this problem?


It happened after about 18 months. It could have been earlier but I don't ever use the doorbell so I was only made aware by the post man. It's not unusable. I contacted Ring but they only offered a discount on a new product. I've read that someone has uploaded the design for replacement buttons to be 3D printed. I've not explored that but with my personal experience of Ring I'm keen to give Eufy or Nest a try for comparison.

Keter Factor Double Door Plastic Apex Shed - 8 X 6 Ft - £595 Delivered @ Wickes
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Posted 19th MayPosted 19th May
With its elegant wood look effect, the factor 8 x 6 garden shed is made out of a strong, weather-resistant plastic with steel reinforcement and a heavy-duty flooring. Providing an … Read more
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I have a 4x6. You cant fit much in it. But after 2 years, it still looks new. If you have space, buy biggest you can


What are you on about. I've had mine just under 2 years, no such problems. I highly recommend it, you do need a solid base and definitely need two people for assembly.


Out of interest the 6x8 version of these they have at £450 plus £6.95 delivery at Argos. Stock for delivery seems to fluctuate however Amazon have price matched. These are the 6x8 as opposed to the 8x6 on this post. Mine is coming very early tomorrow morning! I've had the 8x11 of these for a couple years and very pleased with it Been using the recycled plastic squares to create the base... Only bad thing I've had happen is bought a 6x6 on the Tesco Direct site when it was closing at half price. Finally cleared some space in the garden last week to erect it and discovered only had half the shed, one box instead of two!


Cool. Mine came with its own floor too (different model though)


Thanks... I have a flat slab base so should be fine

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eufy Security Wireless Video Doorbell (Battery-Powered) - £149.99 @ Amazon / Dispatched from and sold by AnkerDirect.
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Posted 11th MayPosted 11th May
Better to read up on the actual amazon page. Its only just went on sale in the UK, up till now its only been available to US based customers. It is normally £199.99. This is a gre… Read more

Did you managed to get it set up in the end? How does it work with Google kit?


Thanks. That's interesting. The Ring Pro is £179 at the moment on Amazon, and I've found it to be faultless.


Almost Everything is better. Response time /wifi connection ( via hub ) / local storage + cloud option / video quality / design / notifications ( it takes a mini photo of the person spotted on the camera) .. can’t find too many flaws


Is it though? Apart from the £20pa sub?


Fair point. I’ve checked the full functionality after your comment ( before that I only asked to play video once and no issues ) . Still way better than ring.

Free Dog Food Bag Delivered To Your Door! (Worth up to £27) - new customers @
Posted 7th MayPosted 7th May
Found this great deal from Tails, when I was searching the web for dog food! Hope it helps. Tell us about your dog We’ll create their unique recipe. Try it free for 2 weeks… Read more
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Thanks for sharing this @benchmarker1 Nice to read some feedback on the merchant/offer backing up the way members have voted so hopefully that helps understand why the deal is currently cold. The first deal is usually the hardest so don't give up! (highfive)


Ok, didn’t know but as I said it’s not mine anyway just a a google search. I’ll remove.


I don't need it. I had it before. I'm just saying about this deal specifically. It says it's "free" but is only 50% off as per my screenshot. Posting referral links isn't allowed here. It's against terms


Just google free trial and it comes up. They throw a lot of other stuff on there that you remove and then it’s £1 delivery. (Edited referral removed)


Just had a look at the pricing for my dog and looks really reasonable. Reviews of Tails.Com are really good also. I'll ask the wife XD

3 X Black Door Stops, Wedges, £1.69 delivered at the_mount_shop/ebay
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Posted 4th MayPosted 4th May
Handy and good value, might suit someone. Ideal for the home or office Approx size: Approx 120mm long Avoid doors slamming Perfect for homes with door closers where you want … Read more

I got 10 for £2.49 at B&M a few years ago, worth a check if visiting.


Is this a 'May the 4th be with you' deal? ;)


Not great for thick carpets as it just pushes the carpet down!


Rather get the rubber ones. These can chip the doors over time.


Or £1 in poundland

Ring Door View Cam £119 @ John Lewis
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Posted 2nd MayPosted 2nd May
2 year guarantee included Ring's range of smart video doorbells and security cameras let you monitor your home from anywhere, so you never miss a visitor. They help to keep your h… Read more

Ring Door View this thread refers to is still showing £119 for me too. If you mean the Ring Pro then yes I noticed it looks like it has jumped up to £199 on JL and seems to have disappeared at Argos for now. Glad I got it at £157. It'll likely be reduced again somewhere before long though.


Still £119 for me.


£199 now?


You're right,it had been at £129 briefly with ring when I first started looking at them but then jumped back to £179. So £119 from John Lewis is excellent. I liked the fact that door view is mostly inside so harder to steal too, as you say. I did read though that if your Ring doorbell is stolen Ring will replace it free as long as you get a crime reference number from police.


Thank you for your comment. Pro is certainly a better option if hardwiring is not a problem. I was waiting for the Door View Cam to go down in price as hardwiring is mission impossible for me and the Door View Cam is unlikely to be stolen. Most retailers were selling it for £159 last month as far as I remember, therefore I think £119 is a good price and John Lewis is a decent retailer.

Ring Door View Cam on Amazon - £119
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Posted 1st MayPosted 1st May
The Door View Cam replaces your peephole, and no wiring needed. Not as good as the deal back on Black Friday, but decent price for the unit itself.

So pretty much everyone price matching it. Nice.


Just one more option, same parice at John Lewis with 2 year guarantee.


Benefit of Amazon in my opinion is paying interest free in 5 payments. But if paying upfront makes no difference. Also same price direct from Ring (which is owned by Amazon anyway)


Same price at Argos for c&c.


Thanks @gubro I've had one of these set up as an alert, really tempted at this price.

5 Issues of Sainsbury's Magazine Delivered to your door for £5
-160° Expired
Posted 28th AprPosted 28th Apr
Ok, I confess i usually pick this up whilst doing the shopping but as have been delivery only lately for food I haven't picked it up. However they emailed me this today so for anyo… Read more

Guys try the readily app it's free for 2 months all the magazine's you could want


That's a good price as they put the price up to £3.00 a mag. It does have some good recipes in which I cut out and keep in a binder.


Does it still have vouchers in the back for money off your shopping? Obviously very specific but normally decent discount.


It’s a pretty substantial magazine, the free ones are might be about 10-20% the size of this


I have never had the magazine but must confess I am shocked it is paid for - normally aren't these in-store (essentially marketing) publications free ? You can get a 'proper' (dont know how else to call it) magazine trial for the same cost that would be 'independent' of SAinsburys. But if you value this particular publication then this is cheaper than normal etc.

TECKNET Wireless Doorbell £10.99 - Sold by Mypontustore and Fulfilled by Amazon (+£4.49 Non-prime)
Posted 15th AprPosted 15th Apr
Operating range of over 300m. Remote transmitter button is rated IP33 weatherproof. Easily plug receiver into an electrical outlet (no batteries required for main receiver). Blue … Read more
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No.... The next item you buy is £1 less, this is still the same :p


If you buy a lot of stuff from Amazon like I do then it's £9.99


So it's still £10.99 :p


I've had this for a couple of years. No issues works fine. The speaker gets a bit hot plugged into the wall.. but not enough to stress me out


Anyone used something like this in a first floor flat think it would work?

Official Asteroids Rubber Floor/Door Mat @ Geekstore - £6.99 + free delivery (Plus 10% of their revenue in April goes to the NHS!)
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Posted 12th AprPosted 12th Apr
Official Asteroids Rubber Floor/Door Mat @ Geekstore - £6.99 + free delivery
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sold out, there were only 2 left after I bought mine, sorry!


Can’t see it on the site!


Link please


Just the job to go beneath my dartboard to stop dropped darts marking my floor (y) thanks OP


Nice spot, if you search for mat they also have a couple of Rick & Morty mats for the same price (y)

Aqara N100 Smart Door Lock Fingerprint Bluetooth NFC Works with Mijia Apple HomeKit £136.99 aliexpress / Aqara Online
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Posted 30th MarPosted 30th MarShipping from ChinaShipping from China
Aqara N100 Smart Door Lock Fingerprint Bluetooth NFC Works with Mijia Apple HomeKit £136.99 aliexpress / Aqara Online
£136.99 Free P&P FreeAliExpress Deals
A good deal on this smart lock from Aqara You'll need to have your Mijia APP set to Mainland China to have it synced. Specification Power supply: 8 x AA batteries (6V DC, not inc… Read more

I would imagine there will be a grub screw under the cover.


So nothing to do with the grub screw etc. Just need to take the cover off to tighten the floppy handle?


Plastic tool prize the cover off.


More specifically I don't have a grub screw, but I can see that's what it could be at the bottom of the handle... If I have an Allan key but no grub screw, what can I do...


Please can anyone tell me how I can take this handle off. Basically it has got a bit flimsy so need to look under the hood to see how best to tighten up

Wilko Single Mirror Door Bathroom Cabinet £10 instore @ Wilkos
36° Expired
Posted 21st MarPosted 21st MarLocalLocal
Wilko Single Mirror Door Bathroom Cabinet £10 instore @ Wilkos
discontinued item, reduced from £25 to £10, in store only
Resistance Band + Door Loop from £4.99 (Pink) @ healthandfitnessforless /eBay
105° Expired
Posted 20th MarPosted 20th Mar
Resistance Band + Door Loop from £4.99 (Pink) @ healthandfitnessforless /eBay
Some exercise examples. Loads you can do. Work the whole body. Nice and cheap. You can get creative and try all sorts. Great range of motion , contraction and da pump lol. (strong… Read more



This is them. Just like the ones in my gym (y)


I actually bought this not long ago to warm up joints before training and the quality of the band itself is very good, as good as other brands even. Shame they have inflated the price so much as I bought this exact one from the same seller for 99p.


Given the quality of some newbuilds this is likely to rip the door off.


Perfect to keep the shoulders muscles up while the Archery clubs are closed. Ordered.

Rope Knot Door Stop £8.99 + Free Delivery Using Code @ Roov
23/06/2020Expires on 23/06/2020Posted 18th MarPosted 18th Mar
Rope Knot Door Stop £8.99 + Free Delivery Using Code @ Roov
Free delivery with code SHIP I'm knot sure if you've been weighting for a deal on a door stop. but this is pretty cheap and doesn't look too ropey, but does... Some my find it ado… Read more

Absolute no soap out there, to go with this rope :S



Oh knott another one (zombie)


The knot is called a Monkey Fist. Just thought I would offload that bit of trivia before CV19 wipes me out. Another bit of trivia, to while away the hours/days/weeks/months of isolation is this:


Good deterrent for anyone breaking in

Birkdale Composite Front Door, including installation at Costco for £999.99
277° Expired
Posted 7th MarPosted 7th Mar
Birkdale Composite Front Door, including installation at Costco for £999.99
£999.99£1,119.9911%Costco Deals
Available in next week's Costco Warehouse Offers. Available in 8 coulors and styles.
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Thank you. Didn't see your response... Costco no longer sell these, out of stock, deal finished I guess. I have been looking at buying from the supplier directly. However, not sure if I'll get the same level of care as going through Costco. I need door and side panel, based on their online quote tool coming up £2.5k+ Not sure what to do


It's not been fitted yet! They have only come to measure but it's all on hold because of covid. I'm paying an extra 580 for two medium sized side windows.. I'll let you know when it's fitted ! I'm just trusting in Costco as they are usually pretty good (y)


Hi, have you had your door fitted? How is the quality? How was the service? Is there any guarantee? Would you recommend? Many thanks in advance. :-)


Dang I paid the full price for this about a month ago. The salesman came round and measured up for the two side windows. It is expensive and takes a while. The extra side windows were £580 ontop of the main price so almost 1,800 in total... It's not been fitted yet, better bloody be worth it!


if you don't hate your postman, they have other doors reduced

GoodHome Ladoga White Double Door Wall Cabinet (W)600mm x (H)600mm for £20.16 (with B&Q discount stack) + 10 Year Guarantee @ B&Q (Free C&C)
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Posted 28th FebPosted 28th Feb
GoodHome Ladoga White Double Door Wall Cabinet (W)600mm x (H)600mm for £20.16 (with B&Q discount stack) + 10 Year Guarantee @ B&Q (Free C&C)
£20.16B&Q Deals
Good offer here. B&Q are running promo for 20% off Bathroom furniture and if you stack with the 10% B&Q membership offer (free to signup) it brings the price down further t… Read more

Was tempted but review not so good for similar range item

Corduroy door stops £3.93 @ Homebase. Choice of Black dog, Brown dog, Pink Pig (Free Click and Collect)
526° Expired
Posted 22nd FebPosted 22nd Feb
Corduroy door stops £3.93 @ Homebase. Choice of Black dog, Brown dog, Pink Pig (Free Click and Collect)
Weighted door stop will add style to any room while keeping your doors still. Decorative design Durable materials Dimensions: (L)28 x (W)18 x (H)20cm Those on offer include:… Read more

Thanks so much Andy :)


Thanks for posting; we have added this to the Highlights sections (y)


Ordered the oinker. Cheers OP (y)



There is also an Elephant in the same range in grey corduroy. Doesn't appear online for some reason, but I saw it in store in the Sheffield chesterfield road branch. It's even cuter than the others!

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