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Smart Watch?!

I'm struggling to find what I need at a sensible price.

I currently have a Huawei gt2 pro.

Looking at the deals, everything is galaxy, Huawei, pixel or apple.

I love the design of galaxy and Huawei and battery life or Huawei. Both are overkill for my needs, I guess you could argue galaxy are native android but you lose some functions and I don't like using hacks to make Huawei work on android. I don't want apple phone as I'm on android. Pixel is way to low battery life and just plain ugly. + All the above are way too expensive for what I need.

All I want is NFC - step tracking - basic heart rate etc and sleep monitor. A battery that lasts days not hours.

Without needing a subscription or hacks to make it work, something that will share data or report natively to Google fit. That doesn't cost £500

Surely this exists somewhere?

Don't even care what format - watch - band - ring - badge I stick on my forehead. Just need those simple things, but can't find them!

All help appreciated.
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  1. MonkeysUncle's avatar
    I have the gt2e and in a similar position.
    Strangely the price of the Huawei GT range has gone up on price rather than down over the years.
    I paid £50 for mine and if I wanted one now it'd be about £100.

    So far I have narrowed it down to the Garmin Venu sq as it looks like it has everything I need. Most importantly that battery life.

    Charging every day is just a joke, no way id buy a watch you have to charge daily.
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    Yeah I can't understand why these premium brands have such terrible battery life, when Huawei have been offering about a week of charge for many years. With great functionality. If only they didn't have the Google / android issues ☹️

    I will check out the Garmins, thanks. (edited)
  2. Yolofknell's avatar
    Why not get the Samsung Galaxy 6 watch, there are loads for sale that are brand new on certain websites. These are from people that upgraded to the new S24 and got theses free, you can get one for around £100 still sealed.
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    I didn't realise they had changed to wear os. They are such good watches, but the battery life always stops me taking more than a brief look.
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    Just an obligatory message to steer you away from Mobvoi's Ticwatch line, if they take any part of your interest. Their Ticwatch 3 Pro history is their red flag - took them 12 months after Google WearOS 2.0 passed end-of-life to publish the WearOS 3.0 update (during which time Google functions ceased to work), and what now exists of the WearOS 3.0 release is a buggy mess in which battery life has dropped from around 3 days to around 10 hours.
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    I still get the same 4-5 days from my TW3 Ultra as I did on wearOS2. I see zero difference.

    Have no issues with it whatsoever.
    Totally agree they are rubbish at updates and outright lie.
    As for the product itself I still think it's the only WearOS watch I'd buy as the battery life on Pixels and Galaxy watches are a joke.

    Ticwatch 3 ultra is the 3rd Ticwatch I've owned, (each one replaced for an upgraded version)

    Only thing stopping upgrading to a Ticwatch pro 5 is the control method now is mostly via the digital crown on the right side of the watch. Useless for those who wear a watch on the right hand (edited)
  4. Deleted041071960810's avatar
    I think the sticking point is NFC in OP's requirements list - without that, there are plenty of watches which would fit the bill.
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