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Posted 21st Oct 2022
Whilst I know they run on 3 has anyone on the above networks seen any difference between the two?
Does iD have the edge over Smarty?
I’m on the hunt to move from EE last couple months have been shocking with network. I do get signal with EE mostly 5G.

Vodafone and o2 are a straight no.
Appreciate advice.
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    Both works on Three network so.. choose cheaper one.

    I've had Smarty for over a year. 4g was slow in my area but it worked overall fine.

    Moved to Lebara (Vodafone) and 4G is like from 3 to 6 times better than I had on Smarty at my area.
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    Not used either but both id and smarty are on 3 as you said. But both are mvno so will probably get less priority on the mast than 3 itself. But 3 own smarty so if have thought that would maybe get priority.
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    What's up with EE lately ?
    Also picking 3 over Vodafone is something I never thought I'd hear (edited)
    Three apparently have faster 5G then Vodafone. Vodafone have been pants. Ordered sim and cancelled within 14 days. Constant drop outs slow data speeds.

    Been with EE since orange/t mobile days. Drop out on calls lag on data (edited)
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    A few of my tablets have a Smarty & ID mobile SIM side by side - I haven't noticed any operational difference - just costs! Which reminds me I need to cancel my Smarty SIM! Oh and I use EE in my MiFi dongle - speeds aren't great, but go enough to allow 2 Xbox's to play multiplayer online (around 40ms pings though).
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    If you need more than one SIM then with Smarty you can get a 10% monthly discount on each SIM you add into a family group. Smarty also easy management of multiple Sims in a group from a single account
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