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So how does the xbox live conversion work now that xbox live is no longer?

Gotta renew my sons Xbox membership and it seems the options now are gamepass core and game pass ultimate??? How can I get it for the cheapest price? My daughter also needs it and I can see on her xbox it qill let her join ultimate for a £1 so the plan is to have them game share.
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    The conversion works the exact same as it did before but its no longer 1-1 it's now 3-2. Xbox live got renamed Xbox Gamepass Core.
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    Right thats quite helpful so I just need to stack core then convert.. I'm not sure that even works out cheaper tbh.
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    I'd be interested to find out too, mine runs out in August. So hopefully someone will give us some tips on the best way to go about it, and hopefully not too complicated
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    2 second search on here shows tons of times this and similar had been asked on here…849
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    Thank you for your service internet king 🫡

    EDIT: I take that back as that thread was useless. (edited)
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