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Sonos beam gen 1 Vs gen 2 (help)

Hey guys, hope you can help

I've recently gotten an LG c3 48 TV and finding the audio a bit hit and miss. I've tried a couple of 5.1 surround sounds of Amazon for £99 down from £220. I found them ok but the partner would complain.

So I returned and got an LG Sq20 for £99 from Argos. But I'm finding this a pain. Having to change settings often for things to sound ok.

My question is, I tried the Sonos ray, beam gen 2 and arc in John Lewis and found the beam 2 to sound nice, punchy and clear.

I can get a Gen 1 used for about £150, whereas a gen 2, it's probably better going with Argos for £375.

Does anyone have any experience between the two models and which one is best to get?

I would get used rear speakers over time. For now I want clean audio with good sound levels. Movie, TV shows and casual gaming.

I'd appreciate any feedback

P.s I don't have space for a large Samsung S700pc, as that was an option but it won't fit in the corner
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    I have one of each in different rooms and the difference between the two  is not really noticeable to me. Particularly if you end up adding rears (which I’d highly recommend) you won’t know the difference between the two gens 
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    I have both the Sonos Beam Gen. 1 & 2.
    I use the Gen. 2 with Sonos One (Gen. 2) surrounds and a Gen. 3 Sub, with an LG C3 55" TV.
    The C3 (as will the C3 48") will passthrough Atmos to the Beam G2...G1 does not passthrough Atmos.
    The sound is clear, bright, punchy and loud!
    Go for the Gen. 2, worth it in the long term.