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Sonos manufacture advanced wireless speakers and networking devices for serious audiophiles and families who need to hook every bedroom up to a single audio system, delivering crystal-clear sound wherever they are used. However, Sonos systems aren't cheap. Thankfully music fans can find the right speakers and affordable deals on the Sonos hotukdeals listings. Read more
Sonos Move Gray Multiroom Portable Speaker and Voice Control - £285.51 @ El Corte Ingles
Posted 27th MayPosted 27th MayShipping from SpainShipping from Spain
This deal seems to be back on at El Corte Ingles. If you can pay in Euros with a travel credit card like Halifax Clarity you should be able to get for around £285. As it is, the p… Read more

(lol) (lol)


Exact same here! Thought of Anchorman when it came through (lol)


Same, just had to translate the email (lol)


Bought and just had a dispatch email. Love Sonos products and not sure I will see this price anywhere for a long time 🙌🏻


I think there's a usb c connector on the back if you don't have a plug converter to make it a UK plug

Sonos Move Portable Bluetooth Speaker - With Code £351.12 at Advanced MP3 Players
-77° Expired
Posted 27th MayPosted 27th May
Save £47.88 using code: AFF12AMP3 on sonos move speaker. RRP £399

Ordered 6:00 am yesterday morning, just received. Stunning service and mind blowing wireless speaker.


Just ordered. Worked out at £334 with Quidco. Best deal I could find so hot from me!!


I've ordered a headphone amp via there eBay page. They have good trust-pilot reviews you can checkout via paypal or credit card for protection.


Has anyone ordered from this company before? I’m thinking of buying one


I'll be honest, I've got 4 fives, two subs, 2 bars, and a few ones, but haven't listened to the move yet. However, on the Sonos forums there's plenty of fans that say it compares very much to the one, quality wise, albeit wider and louder sound. I don't know.. Maybe I'd hear it and think it's worth it, but at that price I can't be bothered to trial it. I think I was arguing your case mind, so not sure why you replied to me. 😁

Sonos Playbar Home Cinema Sound Bar + 3 Years Warranty - £474.05 Delivered (Using Code) @ Peter Tyson / eBay
Posted 20th MayPosted 20th May
Sonos PLAYBAR - Black This product comes with 3 Years warranty. For further details please contact us. Sonos PLAYBAR is the soundbar for music lovers, movie enthusiasts and is… Read more

Shed load cheaper than sonos are selling it for. Still over 600 quid on their own site


Surely it depends what your gonna use it for ? If Dolby Atmos is important to you then the arc would be better. But it still sounds awesome, especially when you consider you could get this and two play ones for the same price as the arc. I have the playbar and dont feel any need to upgrade, does exactly what we need and sounds brilliant still. Not like it's a 40 year old speaker, it's still gonna sound amazing now


Had mine 6 years or so and still an amazing piece of hardware. Pair with some 1/3s for cinema experience, or use as the massive pile of speakers that it is. Can really crank the volume for parties if you have a big enough space/no neighbours Best price I’ve seen in the uk. Had mine cheaper on an overseas trip (forgotten where and how much, thinking £400 ish)


In what way? The ones being dropped from support in the S2 update were discontinued between 2012-2015, which is more than 5 years ago. As for my 'guess' - it's not a guess, it's a commitment from Sonos:


I’ve had my playbar since beginning of 2018. I paid £540 then from Currys before the brexit driven price hike. Although I’ve been happy with it I’d rather now save up for the arc. £475 is still a lot of money for old tech.

SONOS PLAYBAR Wireless Home Cinema Soundbar-Black - £499 - Sold and Despatched by Sevenoaks Sound & Vision On-Line via Amazon
Posted 19th MayPosted 19th May
Sonos Playbar reduced by £200, as newer Sonos Arc model will be out in June for £800

I bought a knackered play 1 4 years old Sonos replaced no problem they are as good as apple for warranty imo


Seen loads of mint ones £300 Sonos sellers usually look after there gear


New one? I think it's great. Really. Beam. In my relatively new "average" house, beam becomes uncomfortably loud even at half volume. (room is circa 15sqm) I was surprised, as was not thinking Beam would be so good.


Arc, fair enough. I miss that too. Beam is good for a smaller room as you've pointed out. The playbar has a much better filling so to speak. New one don't think looks great.


No ARC, old hardware. If your room isn't huge, Beam is much better choice, and cheaper. Alternatively, new one looks great.

Sonos Move Gray Multiroom Portable Speaker and Voice Control - £290 Delivered @ El Corte Ingles
393° Expired
Posted 16th MayPosted 16th MayShipping from SpainShipping from Spain
Good price for the move, price is delivered The smart, rugged battery powered speaker for listening to music inside and outside the home: Enjoy brilliant sound everywhere with t… Read more

Mine arrived today. Sound is a little “bigger” than my One but does not appear to be too much of a difference. The wife was well chuffed when I brought the tunes into the garden today. Build quality looks like the usual high Sonos standard.


Mine will be delivered tomorrow by DPD


How would you say the sound is compared with a One? (If you have one that is)


Yes really impressive sound for portable speaker. Great quality build


Any good!

Sonos Play 5 Gen 2 + 6months Spotify premium £399 @ Currys
Posted 13th MayPosted 13th May
Play 5 Gen 2 on sale. This model is compatable with the S2 Sonos update coming out in June. The reduction is in part due to the new Sonos 5 being released (available for preorder f… Read more



Hmmm old Play:5 or Move .......


3 was discontinued a long time ago sadly. I have 1 in my kitchen I wanted to move into the lounge as a rear (currently using 2 Play:1's) but every second hand one I bought off ebay was knackered or had something wrong with it :(


These are a great bit of kit and for what it's worth, aesthetically look very similar to the gen 3 where as the gen 1 and 2 looked very different. If have no concern buying one of these, I'll wait to see if they drop sub 350 then I'll probably bite (y)


Think it's being discontinued the 3 as it's the least popular speaker in range .

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SONOS One 2nd generation £145.79 (£141 with fee free card) Delivered @ Amazon Spain
429° Expired
Posted 12th MayPosted 12th May
Don't think I have seen the speakers this cheap before. As always possible to order using your Amazon UK account details. If possible use a fee free card to save on the conversion… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

Is this deal is still on I can only see it priced at 228 on Amazon.Es


Probably. The other amazon Europe deals have.


Wouldn't this be shipped with an EU plug!?


Out of stock


Hi when I go to amazon Es how do I get the translation to English than

Sonos Port - £379 @ Hills Sound & Vision
Posted 9th MayPosted 9th May
Pretty good price, great if you want to add a turntable to your sonos system

Fair points. My experience of the Sonos Amp (new version) is all positive. It's also a very powerful bit of kit but you're right. It depends on how tied in you want to be to the Sonos ecosystem


I haven't had a chance to demo the Sonons Amp yet. It's an option and a cheaper one than Port + XTZ. From what I've read, the Sonos Amp may struggle to compete with the XTZ power amp on quality - the XTZ really is a fantastic sounding bit of kit. Perhaps I'm underestimating the Sonos Amp. Edit: Also, the XTZ is flexible in that it'll fit into any system. If I decide to move away from Sonos in future I'll still have the XTZ for building a different system - I've put together an alternative system using piCorePlayer on RPis. I'm not sure whether to stick with that or with Sonos or a mix.


Why not just replace the Connect/Port and buy the Sonos Amp which is superb?


I would buy one or two of these to complement my Sonos speakers but the cost for what the Port does just doesn't sit comfortably with me. They do more, but not a huge amount more than a Chromecast Audio which cost £30 when they were in production. I understand Sonos needs to charge more not to undermine their own speaker range, but still, £400? Half that would be fine. I have one of the older version of this, the Connect. It's a good piece of kit. I'd like to replace it with the Port, but even with 30% discount on the Port, it's too much. Btw, if you do own this or the Connect and you're looking for an amp, I have paired my old Connect with the power amp below from Swedish company XTZ and it sounds great to me. You'll find reviews on YouTube. One great feature for working with the Connect is that it auto powers up when it detects a signal :-)


Hi,sorry I have a house full of Sonos,they are great speakers but have lost my faith in them these days.have put all my eggs in one basket now looking around now as I don't appreciate spending my hard-earned money to be phased out when it suits them . Very disappointing

Sonos Port £319.05 @ El Corte Ingles (Spain)
206° Expired
Posted 7th MayPosted 7th May
Spanish department store El Corte Ingles currently has these on sale at €359.20 plus €5.90 delivery to UK. This equates to approx £319.05 with current exchange rates and a credit … Read more

Connects your non-Sonos hifi equipment or active speakers to your Sonos network.


Sorry for being ignorant but what exactly does this product do?


I got a 500 error this morning when ordering. My cards been charged but no confirmation email :(


Yes right clicked on site and all in Queens English. Works out at £285 vs £399 in shops- many thanks thanks for all your help


Yep, works out at £285 using a fee free card. Billy bargain, and El Corte Ingles is very reputable. Thanks for the post

Sonos PLAY 5 Wireless Speaker (3 Year warranty) - £399 @ Peter Tyson
31/12/2020Expires on 31/12/2020Posted 7th MayPosted 7th May
The cheapest i have seen it for.....

£399 here brand new


It’ll be interesting to see how far these drop between now and June with the new one being priced at £499.


Sold out!


If you've got budget for the playbar buy the new Arc


Any other speaker other than the ones you’ve mentioned pretty much.

Sonos ARC £679.15 @ Sonos via unidays
Posted 7th MayPosted 7th May
Get 15% off through UNIDAYS

Finally managed to get some items not used on the trade up program so I can pre order an arc and possibly a gen 3 sub 30% off


Thanks for confirming. Dolby should be good enough for be honest don't think I'd be able to tell any difference between Dolby and DTS


I think that’s what I was saying. You’re probably better off responding to the person who wants to listen to Dolby on Netflix


All streaming services use Dolby.


Netflix supports DD which is compatible with Sonos. In fact I’m not sure if Netflix supports DTS at all ?

Sonos Beam - Soundbar - White £369 - Peter Tyson @ Ebay
78° Expired
Posted 5th MayPosted 5th May
Currently the lowest priced Sonos Beam - Soundbar - White This product comes with 5 Years warranty. Description Experience incredible sound while streaming music, watching TV … Read more

RS price match


I’ve been looking for weeks now, is this a good deal on a white one ? Richersounds would be my preference with the six year warranty but no deals.


I find it mad that companies do that, Argos are always doing it.


I got this from Peter Dyson eBay for £310 last week

Sonos Beam - Compact Smart Soundbar with Voice Control - £369 / £336 for new customers + £3.99 delivery @ Very
-182° Expired
Posted 5th MayPosted 5th May
OK might not be for everyone, but if you set up a new account for very and use the 20 percent off for new customers code it will take 10percent for electronics. I think £336 is a … Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

It has earc Atmos Alexa etc etc no dts


Ha, I’ve not checked yet. I’ll have a quick look now.




£369 at Peter Tyson 4 months at 0% via PayPal plus 5 year warranty


Ah yes but this is Sonos we're talking about, so I add the extra £50 automatically (lol)

Sonos One SL Wireless Smart Speaker - White - £133.61 delivered @ (EU plug)
285° Expired
Posted 1st MayPosted 1st May
Cheapest I can see this speaker for at the moment is £133.61 (cheaper still if you use a fee free card) delivered from Amazon Italy. Please note it will come with an EU plug. Co… Read more

These are the SL which don't have the assistants at all


These have Alexa/Google Assistant feature but can you use them like a Echo or Google Home or is it just for purpose of playing music?


Got the two I ordered today! Worked out to be £130 each including postage


Right angled IEC C7?


Just change the 2 pin plug for a 3 pin plug. Pound shop special. Job done. (y)

Sonos Play 1 Smart Speaker - White only - Refurbished £109 @ Sonos Shop
1150° Expired
Posted 30th AprPosted 30th Apr
Refurbished - White model only Sold by Sonos with free 2 day delivery and possibility to return.

Good to hear it (y) Don’t get me wrong Ive absolutely no complaints about Sonos gear, I’m a huge fan. Just don’t think this was a good price and anyone jumping into Sonos would be better spending a little more and getting Ones on a deal time (and they come round regular). I see Sonos like the Apple of modern home speaker systems. Built to last, most importantly sound great but you pay for it as they’re not cheap. But, like Apple products, with Sonos you definitely get what you pay for.


I’ve never seen different hardware revisions for the play:1, what are they?


Whilst the speakers should still be able to play audio they can't guarantee that changes to 3rd party music services to newer audio formats or new encryption/DRM can be supported indefinitely. So whilst they can probably support local playback indefinately they may eventually stop working with various music services.


I think there is more than one revision of the play:1, but yes these are getting a bit long in the tooth, that said they still currently work fine and they sound decent (at least to my untrained ear)


From the day they stop selling a product its 5 years support. After that time they will no longer receive new updates, but will continue to work.

SONOS PLAYBAR Wireless Home Cinema Soundbar - Black £478.86 Amazon
336° Expired
Posted 27th AprPosted 27th Apr
SONOS Playbar Found this while looking on Amazon and appears to be a really good price, not far off the SONOS Beam which I have. The Playbase is advertised on SONOS website for £5… Read more

Depends on so many things. My wife can use Sonos no problem - it turns on when we turn the TV on. No messing round with inputs and no worrying about PCM/Dolby/Am I getting the best from my system etc... It's become our alarm clock in the morning and our multi-room system for when we're cooking/working in another room etc. There are better home cinema systems and there are better individual speakers, but there isn't a better multi-room system that has a perfectly decent home cinema solution too.


To connect the bluetooth device I guess..because not everyone wants to pay for Prime or youtube music etc subscription. TBH why do you even need SONOS. If you goto Richer Sound or a similar place with budget of 2k to 3k. They can get you music system or home cinema or multi room speaker system 100 better then Sonos. Than again it depends on person...




Well done . There you have it HUKD just state the SOGA to Curry's and you don't need a 5 year warranty for your electric items .


That's all well and good to say, but there's been times when both John Lewis and Richer Sounds have been caught out by Which? During their testing of retailers. Like i said, i agree it's more likely to be honoured without fuss but that doesn't mean the chances are completely eliminated.

Sonos Play 5 £410 @ Sevenoaks sound
363° Expired
Posted 26th AprPosted 26th Apr
Seems a decent price.

Question is when that time comes. Hopefully even less than that :D


Hopefully Dolby atmos and home cinema integration are the big new features, because that wouldn't be a deal breaker for me. I see Gen 1 is no longer supported for hardware updates, so theres that, gen 2 will eventually go the same way... but not sure it'd be worth worrying about. Will most likely pull the trigger


ah thanks... might bite in that case. Well done getting your price... haven't decided black or white, leaning toward black for the sake of the fact black just works with everything! white is also a top neutral colour but more hit and miss! that's my opinion haha


They will, but it will go cheaper again (depending how urgent the purchase is for you) it was £381 at JL around xmas.


They should do.

Sonos sub £569 @ Sonos
-199° Expired
Posted 25th AprPosted 25th Apr
Sonos sub
Get deal*Get deal*

I see they did drop a new sub, not that different though pity its not smaller and cheaper - wonder if the previous gen sub will drop in price now maybe?


That was a rumour last year didnt happen....would be cool to see it though


They’ve got an announcement on 6th May. Hoping it’s a smaller cheaper sub...


Start of the year I changed router and setting my system up again was a F****** royal pain in the you know what took me ages to get it working again, but i'm happy with how it all sounds etc - my only concern is future support of the hardware...


Never had a problem with sonos in my house, have the playbar sub and play 1s etc dotted aeound the house and I have a fairly large mixture of apple and android devices and everyone works as it should. Maybe it needed a firmware update.

Sonos Playbar £499 @ Richer Sounds
322° Expired
Posted 25th AprPosted 25th Apr
Soundbar/Wireless Speaker

Well it's finally confirmed. £799 for the new one


What’s the issue people have with optical connections? (Noob here)


This isn’t suddenly going to just stop working, no company is going to charge 500 quid and do that to it’s customer base and royally shoot themselves in n the foot, no chance


So is spending £499 on a product that is end of life, 7 years old (and looks it) and probably won't be supported at some point in the future. People should be aware a new one is due and this isnt exactly a massive saving.


Who caress about hdmi when you have optical? If you don’t have a decent TV with optical then you don’t deserve this playbar, I’d recommend the sub to go with 2x ones also, unreal sound

2 X SONOS ONE SL BUNDLE 6 Year Warranty. Free Next day Delivery £268 @ Smart Home Sounds
687° Expired
Posted 24th AprPosted 24th Apr
Use code: slbundle10 at checkout. This deal wont last long! There maybe a possibility of getting these cheaper. Curry's Price match discount codes as well. If your employers offe… Read more

how to get tesco 8% off


How would you do that?




I can t seem to get the deal (fierce)


Latest deals semms to be going up slowly.

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