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Sonos manufacture advanced wireless speakers and networking devices for serious audiophiles and families who need to hook every bedroom up to a single audio system, delivering crystal-clear sound wherever they are used. However, Sonos systems aren't cheap. Thankfully music fans can find the right speakers and affordable deals on the Sonos HotUKDeals listings. Read more
Sonos Beam £349 - Via Hughes direct Ebay - With code
Found 17th AugFound 17th Aug
Sonos Beam Smart Soundbar with Amazon Alexa Usually £399 but checking out at £349.00 with ebay code PIGGYBANK

Disable Alexa as the volume is all over the place. That’s just for Alexa. Volume is fine everywhere else. This is well documented on the sonos forum. A software update should fix this.


And this is what I did 8)


I have this and it's surprising good.


I stand corrected. I thought I was being all clever and that. I thought eBay would at least have made you go to some effort.


No need, guest checkout is all you need to do! (y)

Sonos Beam (and all soundbars) at RicherSounds have 10% off with code below.
Found 17th AugFound 17th Aug
Sonos Beam (and all soundbars) at RicherSounds have 10% off with code below.

It’s white, a bit of an overkill for some rooms and maybe they want Alexa.


Got mine hooked up now. Very impressed.


Hi Toby Nothing wrong with the Playbar at all ... I love it but I have a challenging set up. My TV is wall mounted in an alcove and the Playbar sits below it on a plinth. We pull the tv out and angle it into the room when all the family are watching and it then 'hangs' in front of the Playbar by quite some way. As a result of the 45-degree angled speakers the sound projects up and outward right into the back of the telly. My thinking is the Beam due to it's speaker placement will project directly out into the room and I hope it will give a better sound overall for my conditions. Having heard both devices side by side (albeit in a showroom) I could tell that the Playbar had a fuller more bass-rich soundstage but the Beam was truly impressive. I think for me a Beam and Sub together will work as well if not better. Ended up going the risk-free route of ordering the Beam direct from Sonos so I can compare at home and have their 100 day no-quibble return policy to fall back on.


Why sell the play bar just interested as a follow Sonos owner ?


Bought this from Hughes via Ebay with the last discount code and rally happy with it. Easy to setup, sounds great and Alexa integration works well.

Buy two Sonos One Speakers for £359 (usually £398) from Amazon UK
12/09/2018Expires on 12/09/2018Found 16th AugFound 16th Aug
I have recently bought a Sonos Beam, and was looking at additional speakers, when I came across this offer. Doesn't seem bad for a pair :) T&C's: Get 2 Sonos One Speakers fo… Read more
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No not always. Occasionally the speaker just starts to misbehave. If you ask for your flash briefing, you hear "here is you flash briefing"... then just silence. Same with all Alex services at this point no music, radio or after she announces (for example) "here is radio 4 from your tune in..." then nothing. But Sonos app works flawlessly. When the speakers were new I used to contact Sonos and follow their instructions, send them the data from speaker etc. And eventually they would get it working. But I just don't have the time and patience now. As an example ALLof the speakers are misbehaving and not responding to Alexa voice commands for data (music or speech) but will respond the simple questions like "what time is it?" etc P:)


Kind of, I have a play 5 in the living room and play1s around the house the play 5 (like Sonos one supports airplay2) has to be in group with any play1 for it to be streamable to. You can set the play5 to zero volume as a work around but it’s a bit messy and it also means my whole house only supports one airplay stream. I’ll be getting play ones when I have the cash. (Basically at least one AP2 capable unit needs to be in a group with any speakers you want to airplay to ie you can’t have a one in your living room and a 1 in the bedroom and listen to an AP2 stream in the bedroom without grouping it with the livingroom)


I had this issue when set up my new router and has my 2.4ghz and 5ghz networks separated (App wouldn'd see the speakers when phone was on the 5ghz network) but sorted now. Try talking to their tech team, always had excellent service Also had issues years ago with a cordless phone, speakers would drop out / reset after hanging up the call, took me a while to work that one out.


The Sonos app is dreadful!! More often than not can’t even find the speakers. Simpler to stick to Alexa commands although that’s not perfect. Anybody know the best play:1 deal?


I'm waiting to be proved wrong! But that what I understood from reading the Beam press releases and tech forums. Whilst technically capable of using AP2, Sonos decided to keep the small amount of remaining processing power for future features and therefore keep the old tech almost future proof. Sonos tech support are amazing if you want to confirm. Can even contact them through Facebook posts.

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Krcs clearance sale e.g  Sonos Bridge EX DEMO £29.00
Found 3rd AugFound 3rd Aug
As above not looked thoroughly through it yet but might be some bargains
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Yes put me down for an iPod touch (only thing in stock) whilst I update MySpace profile.8) On the curious side, I’m not sure why would anyone go for an ex demo pair of headphones. They’ve been probably put on by thoooooooousands of people(fierce)


Must have been one ex-display of each OOS


Good deals, most Sonos out of stock now though.


Argh, Playbar for the price of a Beam! Sub is £400 instead of £700 (embarrassed)


Homepod £249 sonos play 1 £99

New Broadband free gift. Sonos Play:1 GoPro Hero Fitbit Charge 2 Amazon Echo (2nd Generation)  with 18 month Unlimited Home Fibre contract at Vodafone
Refreshed 2nd AugRefreshed 2nd Aug03/09/2018Expires on 03/09/2018
Sign up to new Vodafone broadband on 18 month contract and claim free gift. Same promotion as last new but some new gifts. From terms: The Free Gift offer is a choice of one of … Read more
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Right so when I lost my GoPro how to do title it?


The one they show, is just “GoPro Hero”, no number. Just Hero. This matches with the picture. Currently they only have Hero, Hero5 and Hero6 on the market.


Do you know what version? There's like GoPro hero 1,2,3,4,5 etc


Looks like GoPro hero is 199 on amazon.


What is entry level? It's £199? And entry level cost around 90? I want to sell it but don't know the name of the GoPro like what model is it? Do you know?

Sonos Beam in either colour from cramptonandmoore £359.10 with code
Found 30th JulFound 30th Jul
Thought this was a nice deal as Sonos themselves didn’t do any discount on pre order of the beam! Code works on all Sonos products they sell but thought this was the best one for t… Read more



It’s not. But if you don’t pay the postage before the deadline then you void the interest free terms. So just make sure to pay it!


Thanks for the tip, didn’t realise interest-was going to be charged on p&p


Plus find you won't need the sub tbh


It is awesome go for it. Just set it up this week with 2 play ones and it's like being in cinema. I can't have it over a third volume as it is that loud. Also on the app turn the bass and treble up it is more than enough and often even have to turn the bass down as the walls vibrate.

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Sonos Play 1 £129.99 @ Amazon
Found 21st JulFound 21st Jul
Seems to be the cheapest currently available for this highly regarded speaker. Black only. This is the one without Alexa built in. Dispatched from and sold by Amazon.

I ordered a sonos 1 the other day and got sent a sonos one by mistake!! It's a great looking speaker but it sucks that the voice commands only work on tracks if you have a Spotify or Amazon music account. Even the radio is annoying how you have to say from tunein, you don't have to do that on echo devices. I don't think I would have paid the extra for it to be honest! This version is just as good for me I think...


Don't bother. You just confused matters.


The question asked was could it, and it could, to say otherwise would be incorrect. Sonos in the past have advised a pairs of 1,3 and 5 grouped with amp, subs, play base and stands etc for use like most use a soundbar or as additional to a soundbar or 3.1/5.1 system.


So ...No then. The android comment was misleading. GPM is not android specific. Not being genuinely confused me.


But the Sonos Play 1 will never be a stand alone soundbar, that was the question, why try to confuse the matter by suggesting other things would be needed to make it into a soundbar?

Sonos Playbase (WHITE ONLY) Incl 3 year extended warranty - £549 with Voucher (SAVE50) @ Peter Tyson AV
Found 19th JulFound 19th Jul
Movies, sports, TV shows, gaming – the slim, low profile PLAYBASE adds dynamic, pulse-pounding sound to whatever’s playing on your TV. And streams your favourite music when your TV… Read more

OUT! (of stock)


Be interested to hear how you think the Beam sounds. I think the Beam would have been fine for my room but it came down to basic logistics of my TV (LG43 from the Bluelight/Sky deal) being quite low and the Beam would have blocked out the IR port. This might have been ok using HDMI ARC but it only has 3 HDMI ports. I also have alexa and google in everyroom anyway. I think people moaning about the Beam are partly just annoyed about no Airplay 2 for PlayBar and were also hoping for HDMI passthrough (i was) and DTS. Sonos connect only has stereo analog input and I've read mixed reviews about lag streaming to other sonos speakers (I was considering moving mine to use as a streamer to Sonos play1s). Sonos only supports Dolby Digital 5.1(not DTS or Atmos) so even if it could connect it would be pointless. Aside from that I think only Apple TV (probably best value for 4K purchases) and some 4K blu ray players support Atmos at moment. I'm not really bothered as not enough content for me and not tried it. I have used DTS amp (my old amp) and tbh I can't tell the between the two. I went Sonos as wanted to decluter but it isn't cheap to do the full 5.1. There was a good review on Engadget where the guy has the Beam and 2xplay1s for rears. I think that shoud be more then enough. I'd try watching some content first as I bet Beam will be good (maybe not as loud as the other two but with a lot of features extra).


Volume 7-8........ thats pretty damn loud! Nice post - Good to hear more info about the bass. My Beam has literally just been delivered for main TV, I was going to build a full surround sound but with Sonos (and perhaps needing the bass) its an expensive set up. So thinking Sonos in main room, and just buy a generic surround sound for the family/cinema room.


Weird one this. I bought the playbase a week ago (having other Sonos products). I have it linked to a pair of Sonos 1s for rears. I think listening to music above 7-8 (which is very loud in my small front room) and even at some points I'd want the sub. However, when watching movies (my primary purchase reason) I'd say no need for me. Watching into the Badlands and Ready Player one the Bass is amazing in proportion to the rest of the audio. This makes sense to me as all these are supposed to be TV first and music second. It still sounds really good for music and kicks out decent bass between 1-7 or 8 volume but anything over that Sonos starts to distort (I've found this to be the case with the Play 1s I've got too but not got the 3,5 or sub to compare). So in short 1) From all the reviews I read or watched (a lot when paying this price!) I'd say you are correct about the Bass 2) Airplay 2 isn't proper airplay on Sonos vs HomePod so don't buy if that is key to you (need to stream from Apple device vs cloud). 3) For music at very loud levels I'd say still need a Sub but not for Movies (this seems logical to an extent due to the audio source being 2.0 vs 5.1 which the playbase is more designed for).


Thanks for that - good to know! Obviously need to keep an eye on that. Know anyone that has had a reconditioned? Assuming they are like new as from Sonos direct?

Sonos Beam soundbar with Amazon Alexa voice control in stock (free delivery only)  £359.10 @ BESTAVDEALS
Found 17th JulFound 17th Jul
Next cheapest is RRP at £399.
chrisredmayne You should get 10% off if it's any good for you ! Quidco is good for first orders too I think


Cheers. I did open the credit account - didn't want to but it was easier than moving off the sofa to get my wallet!! I've left the beam in my basket and will hope for a 20% code. Will definitely bite then.


I think you need to open a credit account to get the codes, not for everyone but works well for me, can pay stuff off straight away of you want and it's 0% interest over 12 months. They send me codes all the time though, makes it the cheapest shop by far i think but others hate it because their returns policy is poor, if you open the item it's hard to return and if somethings broke they refer you to the product company which is why they are so lowly rated, thankfully I've had no issues


(y) (highfive) There isn't a jealous emoji but I'm certainly green now Edit; oh and slightly annoyed I had to sign up to Very just to check the code!!!


Ah that sucks, I went crazy with it! Ordered to play ones and the beam! My house will finally be fully connected in every room!!

SONOS PLAYBAR Soundbar £631.93 Amazon UK
Found 14th JulFound 14th Jul
SONOS PLAYBAR £631.93 equivalent to 10% saving on RRP. Delivered next day for free with Prime.

Id expect nothing less for the price (shock)


yes exactly! (lol)


Connected to two Polaroid TVs from Asda (:I


I don't have two.


It ought to be at that price lol

Sonos Playbase (white) - £599 at richer sounds
Found 3rd JulFound 3rd Jul
This is rarely discounted, so seems like a good price. Only the white base is at the price. Yes, the beam is coming out, but this is a better soundbar even though it does not have… Read more

I agree and if I didn’t have my ‘proper’ system elsewhere then I would do the same.


Lack of dts support is a dealbreaker 😩😩


I spent less on my Denon AV set-up and speakers than I did on the PLAYBAR/SUB/Surrounds. I spent less, I got more. I lost direct Sonos integration (although a Sonos Connect fills most of the gap) but with all modern kit support internet radio and Spotify, the need to get Sonos in every room has become much less. When in the Spotify app I can choose the Living Room like I can any other room, even though it's not a Sonos device. Totally agree with the snobbery and over-spending, would never suggest that. But for the same money, you can get a lot more than Sonos - unless you go for the Beam, which does at least offer value.


I have a ‘proper’ home theatre sound system up in the loft room and have been into this stuff for 30 years. There has always been a snob value attached but I’ve found there are diminishing returns past a certain price point- which isn’t too high. People who spend a LOT tend to poo poo to justify or just feel better in my experience. The Sonos system is excellent. The sound quality is very good, the surround isn’t knitted together like a true system but the control and other bits and bobs are handy. The lack of DTS is a pain in the backside. My living room has playbar sub 2x1. Expensive but good value.


I've got a Playbar too, it sits unused in the spare room with the sub. It's a nice unit but light years away from anything that could be described as home theatre. Poor codec support, weak vocals and limited soundstage on the front channels. It's convenient for many, as it integrates Sonos and has wireless support for the surround speakers - although these need to be plugged in anyway, so you tend to lose a lot of what you gain - speaker wires are easier to hide than thick mains cables. If you want a home theatre device, buy one - the Playbase isn't it. If you want a TV speaker with Sonos support, the Beam is a far better price point. Sure, it doesn't quite have as good a sound as Playbar or Playbase, but if sound quality is your thing you wouldn't buy them either.

SONOS Sub Gloss White Clearance - £598.80 - Free Delivery @ Jigsaw24
Found 21st JunFound 21st Jun
I found this offer for white when I was looking for a reasonable priced SONOS Sub. Retail of these is £699 and it seems relatively unusual to get such substantial discounts, Curr… Read more

Hi, I am still thinking about it. I actually have a 15% discount code from Sonos which brings it down to just under pre-brexit price, but it's still not cheap. I am thinking that the deal needs to be sweeter! It is a big spend.


Did you manage to get one ok?


I too am after one of these so thanks for sharing the love, very pricey items, so any discount is welcome. Heat added from me.


8) (y) I was looking to buy one so search the farthest corners of the internet and then thought I'd share the love. I thought that was the USP of this place but it's not like it used to be in the good ole days.


Are you just going round searching for Sonos deals? (lol)

SONOS Sub White (Open Box) with 3 Yr Warranty and Free Next Day DPD Delivery £579 @ Peter Tyson.
Found 21st JunFound 21st Jun
I ordered one of these today it should arrive tomorrow. The website says they are complete and in perfect condition. Open Box - Sonos Sub - White - Ref: OBF007. Original box and … Read more

Thanks Stu - been after one of these for ages, box had slight dent but was otherwise unopened - dented box rather than open box! They are well packaged so dent was into thin air inside.


You can often get factory reconditioned subs for £549 on the Sonos web-site


Well mine arrived in perfect condition as expected. Great enhancement to my current setup in the lounge (Playbar + 2 x Play 1’s).


currently listening to the chillis on mine ( and playbar ) Sonos are amazing! I have the black one, would like a white one but wouldn't match my room, HEAT!


Going cold as people think Sonos is overpriced... I am not one of those people...

Sonos Play 1 £100 @ Superfi
Found 19th JunFound 19th Jun
Great price on the Sonos Play 1 at Superfi £100 inc 5 yr guarantee!
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Unless SONOS has been in touch and slapped their wrists for selling below agreed level, then BOYCOTT Superfi. Totally unexceptable.


Snap. The coins


Same here. 😥 Poor Superfi, poor.


Me too ;( . Got offered a measly 10% off with them


Bloody biscuits , they just cancelled my order stating no stock.

Sonos Play 1 speakers for £119.20 @ Hughes Direct eBay outlet with code (From 10am)
Found 19th JunFound 19th Jun
Thanks to @goonertillidie for the code from eBay From 10AM today... 20% off from Hughes Direc… Read more

Yeah funny how all the decent sonos stuff has now gone and they have left leads and stands still for sale


Disappointing. I was hoping to make use of this deal.


Looks like they pulled all the stock?


They had loads of Sonos gear on here last night, as I checked the moment I heard about this deal....its all been pulled


Maybe I’m being cynical but I thinks HughesDirect are pulling all their Sonos auctions off eBay during the offer period. That or the code’s been working and they’ve all been snapped up?? I’d probably go with the former.

Sonos Beam Pre Order £375 with Voucher Code @ Smart Home Sounds
Found 13th JunFound 13th Jun
Smart Homes Sounds are offering the new Sonos Beam for £375 if you use "bm1" voucher code. Everywhere else it's £399.

Expired :(


Review here:


I like Sonos. I normally avoid proprietary systems, but Sonos is compelling. Very low footprint, extemely neat and tidy, scalable, easy too use and capable performance for both music and TV. Lack of DTS/Atmos, connectivity and price have been issues, but Beam seems to improve on the latter two.


Not a replacement for the playbar or playbase, although I’ll be having one for the bedroom (y) 🏼


Decent deal, code BM2 isn’t too bad for the Beam and two play:1’s for £645

Sonos 3 £229 (£194.65 after Sonos Cashback) @ Amazon
Found 11th JunFound 11th Jun
Sonos 3 for Just £195. sonos 3 is currently £229 at Amazon, then can get 15% off via Sonos Cashback offer… Read more

hi anyone know from where i could get that "unique sonos promo code"? i looked on sonos web for 15% cashback and it asking me for that code


Yes as long as you have one of the newer speakers as well you'll be fine but this speaker probably won't support any new features directly


Maybe I was lucky... I ordered the Play 3 from Amazon @ £229 and then completed the 15% claim form (not without some difficulty). First it wouldn't accept the order date until the next day, then it claimed that my postcode was invalid even though it had brought up my correct address. Eventually it worked, although I then got an email saying I'd attached the order form rather than the invoice. I sent that and have just got an email confirming the cashback. Phew!


Be careful, I just had an email rejecting my cashback claim for two Play 1's from my local authorised dealers as 'products purchased with a discount do not qualify for the promotion' - they had discounted each speaker by £10 to match an online deal


Good to know. I have a 5 too, so sounds like having a five or One means it’s not an issue for me.

SONOS ONE £170 using 10% off code (SONOS10). Free delivery @ Bestavdeals
Found 10th JunFound 10th Jun
Not sure what the company is like, but this is cheapest price I could find at the mo. Use promo code SONOS10 at checkout for extra 10% off list price

not that i can see / figure out


Do these have the google assistant integration yet?


Have Pm'd


I'm interested - Is it just one or a pair? Let me know the details please. Thanks


Yep the above deal via sonos works out cheaper... you can get £28.50 off a Sonos One at John Lewis making it just over £160 in total. Bargain. You can claim the 15% via redemption from sonos as long as you buy for authorised resellers.

15% off Sonos just create a playlist
Refreshed 9th JunRefreshed 9th Jun
just create a playlist and email to yourself to receive a 15% discount from sonos Blurb: Bond with Dad (No camping gear required.) You don’t have to trek into… Read more

A company that outsources aspects of customer services is guilty of poor customer service in my opinion. I've rarely encountered such stubbornness from a company. I bought the item in good faith that I would get the cashback.- I even checked it with sonos customer service before making the purchase. I was very disappointed. On the other point I am sure they will turn down Alexa at some point, but the first thing I did was google how to turn down the 'bong' and Alexa saying 'ok' but found that people have been complaining about this for 6 months+. I am not going to buy a product that promises to work as expected in x months time. Surely not a hard fix? If I want to turn off my hue lights with Alexa before bed I end up waking half the house !


Sonos customer service is great. The cashback is ran by a different company. You can turn the Alexa voice volume down in the latest beta version, full release coming soon. Google Assistance is coming this year too as an option instead of Alexa.


That's odd, last time round I got mine from Amazon and it wasn't RRP that I paid.


I’d be expecting the Cashback too. Fair enough not from Sonos direct but the fact it specifically doesn’t mention ‘cannot be combined with any other discount” for participating retailers makes it clear to me. It’s really disappointing when companies do this. I guess they didn’t mean offer the Cashback on top of other discounts but it doesn’t say that so they need to pay up. I like Sonos but this is poor. Good luck.


Hi yes I’ve been debating this with them all day and they have been amazingly stubborn. They have got me so mad I’m returning mine and will look at alternatives. I am new to sonos but they seem a poor company. No google integration and no way of turning down volume on Alexa (so it yells at me at night if I ask it to turn off lights). I try to steer clear of companies with poor customer service.

£50 off ANY item over £500 including Panasonic/Samsung TV Sonos Bosch Neff Hotpoint and lots more @ Smiths TV
Found 5th JunFound 5th Jun
Great deal I received via email as a thankyou for signing up to their newsletter. Long time follower first time post! (excited) A company local to me who I have bought off befor… Read more
Read More
alexjameshaines - give me strength. They have a domain but don't use it for business grade email (annoyed) Heat btw!

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