Posted 8 December 2023

Steam Deck?

I'm tempted to buy the £349 one from Steam directly. It's a 256GB console.

It'll mainly be for older steam games like Half Life 2, but also for emulators.

Is £349 the best price for this console or is there a way to get it cheaper?

Can you run steam games from a micro sd card? Or are they all streamed?

Will Playstation Remote Play and Xbox also play on the Steam Deck?

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  1. abigsmurf's avatar
    You can only get it directly from Steam so that's the price you'll pay. There is a small chance they may put some of them in their winter sale.

    You can run games directly from either the internal memory or the SD card. The internal memory is faster so it's better to put more intensive games on the internal memory.

    You can do PS5 remote play with Chiaki and xbox with Greenlight or XBPlay
    Robloxian's avatar
    Ok thanks. Is the same likely to be before Xmas?

    Can it be used for windows programs? I'm only keeping my laptop for installing programs to hack a few mini consoles so wondering if this could kinda of replace a laptop for that purpose?