Posted 18 February 2024

Tablet For Kitchen

Hi all.

Just wanted to know if any of you use tablets in the kitchen as cook books or for anything else cooking related?

I recently found out an old tablet and bought a mount but with endless amount of apps I don't know what to download or if there is anything else I can download that useful within my kitchen while cooking

I'd love to hear your thoughts
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  1. aLV426's avatar
    There are countless timer apps that'll prove handy. The fridge food app will suggest meals based on what you have in your fridge. (I think is PC based though - there are many other similar apps though!)
    You can view Kindle books - don't forget your local library app which will provide you with free access to books and cookery magazines.
    Oh and you can install Alexa - handy to ask for measurement conversions (and set timers too!) - all hands free! (edited)
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    Can I view kindle books on a Samsung tablet?
  2. Griffinpark1982's avatar
    YouTube is your friend when it comes to anything cooking related
  3. HonourableGentleman's avatar
    I do use a tablet in the kitchen - either to watch iPlayer while I cook or use the BBC website for recipes ;-)

    I used to print out the recipes which sounds crazy now...
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    I still have a cast iron book stand!
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