Posted 23 June 2023

The Sofa Shop

Has anyone used the sofa shop before please?
Seems very cheap but has good reviews on trust pilot.
This seems too cheap.
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  1. JHD007's avatar
    We bought 2 x 2 seater sofas from here last year.

    Slight seconds I’d say but barely noticeable with ours but prices and quality is pretty good.
  2. Timbonagasaki's avatar
    Have you tried a Google reverse image search?
    There are most likely other companies selling the same product using the same images. You can then compare prices and reviews.
    magough's avatar
    I just did it and only comes up for them.
  3. _-Richie-_'s avatar
    They're not that cheap, Ebay and Amazon have hundreds and are priced around the same as sofa shop
  4. Duke1066's avatar
    Personally would not touch them with a barge pole, unfortunately we did 4 weeks ago and are currently having a battle to get the sofas returned and refunded, see the review I left on Trustpilot. The negative reviews are real.

    Delivery was made as promised, that is the end of the positive customer service. Since then it has been ignored e mails, repeated requests for photo evidence and changing responses from whoever eventually got back to us.

    We have used WhatsApp, E mail and Facebook messenger to try to reach a solution to issues we have raised. We eventually, after 3 weeks of trying, drove back out to the store (160
    mile round trip) where the sales manager (Kez) promised to ensure our concerns where addressed the following day, which included sending out their “professional builder” to make good the damage done to our door frame. (Explained further down)

    The covered up damage on 1 sofa, a torn cloth in the inside pocket, exposing the plain wood under the black fabric, that has been coloured in with a black marker pen. We found this when lifting the arm and realising it was not straight

    The other sofa had an earth pin snapped off one of the plugs, which they claim was still safe to use but as we were complaining about it, they would send their “highly experienced and qualified electrician” to replace the plug.

    They damaged our door frame as they tried to ram one of the boxed sofas through it (video evidence of them doing so, then more video evidence of them unboxing the sofa) they now deny it is their responsibility to ensure the door is wide enough, despite their obvious attempts to ram a boxed sofa through it. So I am having to pursue this avenue of complaint through the courts.

    Do not trust a word they tell you in the shop, my initial review was encouraged by the shop seller bribing me with a free gift of a cleaning kit worth £49 if I left a positive review. Which is why I was careful to only describe the shop experience on purchase.

    Thankfully the consumer rights act of 2015 means i can get a refund based on the poor quality and not fit for purpose sofa’s, although they seem to have little knowledge of the contents of this consumer protection so I do not expect anything other than a fight down this route. I did however buy through my credit card so can now pursue a chargeback through them.

    Avoid them or use at your own risk, the shop, the selling and them getting your money is all what you should expect from a seller, the rest is nothing short of what you would expect from a cowboy outfit
  5. hasy199's avatar
    I purchased a sofa from the sofa shop, and it was such an amazing company, I went in the shop and bought a cinema sofa . great customer service. I could not be happier honestly. You won't regret buying from there. My sister has just gone there 2 days ago and bought same sofa. They even gave me £50 for reffering her which is something you wouldn't expect. Overall amazing company.
  6. angleseyman's avatar
    OP did you go with the sofa suop in the end ? Im looking at a chair on there and seen the truspilot reviews but wondering what your views were ?
    magough's avatar
    No I didn't.
    Had trouble with them saying they'd send samples out but didn't so gave up in the end.
    I got mine through dfs.
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