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Posted 5 days ago

New washing machine causes flooding in kitchen


Around three weeks ago, I purchased a washing machine from a major retailer and paid for installation. Fast forward to last night when I noticed some water on the floor under the counter. I first thought one of the kids must have spilt water but then saw that the entire area was flooded! Not only that, but the lvt there is all ruined. From what I could see, water was dripping from one of the pipes/ hoses in the washing machine and must have been doing that since day one. I turned the water supply off and spent hours mopping; the floor was so engorged with water that it was oozing from everywhere, and lvt planks got detached 😔

My question is: what do I do now? Should I contact the retailer to demand compensation for the damage as they did the installation? Any other thoughts?

Sorry, my brain is very slow as I slept for a few hours only, and I would appreciate any advice regarding anything related to the problem.

Thank you.
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  1. harrythefish's avatar
    Same happened to me. Pulled the machine out, found one of the hoses wasn't attached securely enough. Seems that over time, vibration from the machine had loosened it. Retightened, job's a good 'un.
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    Yeah, not the washing machine itself but the feeding pipe.
  2. Gollywood's avatar
    Surely you contact the retailer/installer asap to get it resolved.

    Then look at compensation etc
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    But to do what exactly?
  3. expandingmaan's avatar
    I think now that it's cleaned up, it will be hard to evidence. It's likely that there is a problem with the drain pipe being fitted. I doubt is blocked though?

    To save the headache and agro, just pull the machine out and inspect the pipework. It's usually just plug and play and what not. Nothing too complicated
  4. Freddy_uk's avatar
    They will likely claim improper installation of the fault is external to the machine. I had it with a feed hose before, I pulled the machine out after a week to check things over and it was leaking a little, fixed the leak and picked it back.
  5. paul123edwards's avatar
    This is what insurance is for. Retailer won’t accept responsibility unless you can prove they did something wrong. Take lots of pictures and focus on making sure it is all dried out.
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    Take it up with who you bought from. Did they say all was fine or take any pictures to suggest a problem when installed it? I got my washing machine from LG direct and their contractors came to install it. When they tested it out the main water valve was leaking. They didn't have the tools to tighten it as just used their hands. They said not their fault. They called up someone and I spoke to them and I agreed it wasn't their fault. I fixed it myself after watching some youtube videos and fixed it myself. Basically they had opened the water valve too much and so too much water pressure was coming through which caused leaks in other pipes. It only needed partially opening. So they're clearly aware there can be problems and should have warned you if there was anything not right. (edited)
  7. EnaHia's avatar
    Thanks, everyone. They'll be coming in a few days to check the installation, which I paid for and has been done by them. The machine is not only heavy, but its rubber legs make it impossible to move without the help of another adult who happens to be travelling at the moment. Besides, I wouldn't like to try to fix it myself as it would potentially invalidate the insurance. (edited)
  8. tinkerbellian's avatar
    Good luck getting it sorted , the same thing happened to us many years ago . I recommend taking as many photos of damage/flooding as possible . Our machine just hadn’t been attached tight enough to the water inlet pipes . However most of the water flooded under the kitchen floor so it took a while for us to see what was going on .

    Luckily the company we bought from and installed took full responsibility. In the end they ended up paying for our flooring to be removed , and new flooring relaid , plus some of the sides to the adjoining kitchen units as water had seeped into them as well . 
    EnaHia's avatar
    Thank you! Lucky you bought from that company. Right now, I just want to be able to do laundry without any problem.
  9. Chiptivo's avatar
    Not sure what your planning with your demanding.

    You paid for installation, it was installed.

    Claim from your home insurance if there's now a plumbing issue.
    EnaHia's avatar
    Who says it's a plumbing issue? It's an installation issue.
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    Any update?
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