What is the advantage to buying 12 months etc of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate over 1 month non-stackable codes

Posted 31st Oct 2022
I see that Gamivo sell non-stackable one month codes for 42p, but deals for a year that involve buying gold (costing well over £30) and converting to GPU frequently get much hotter. Am I missing something when thinking just buying the monthly codes is better?
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    other than its not stackable, not alot I dont think
    You have tow ait for the current one to expire, but thats it really.
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    Good question, I bought 2 non stackable for about a pound last month and wondered why no one was talking about it.
    I've never used Gamvio before which one of these do I click? And why don't they just have one to buy

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    Wow!? Link? I don't know if there is anything wrong - perhaps the inconvenience? Can you keep adding them each month against your own account? Personally I "buy" all mine through Xbox rewards, so it's a moot point for me (I already have 3 x 3 years Ultimate!)
    Just google 'gamivo ultimate'.
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    Convenience I guess. You'd also have to pay spot price every month since stocking up runs risk that some don't work. But given the cheap price, could be worth it
    Seems a lot more convenient than the various deals that include using vpn to use turkish codes (still more expensive).
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    Oh cool. I would have thought would be for new customers only. So you can keep buying for your old account?
    Yes, although they have an expiry date so need to but and redeem every month.
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    Just use Microsoft Rewards.

    Haven't paid for GPU in a long long time and I've my sub up until February and about a week away doing rewards from getting another 2 months of GPU.
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