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Posted 22nd Nov 2013Posted 22nd Nov 2013
raising my monitors (neck pain) :)
missus got me a new desk but the old desk had a higher level for the monitors to sit on. the new desk doesn't so the monitors are much lower down and i am having to look down all t… Read more
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Posted 22nd Oct 2011Posted 22nd Oct 2011
visa debit card chargeback
if items where ordered online and paid for via a visa debit card and they arrived and they where fake is there any genuine reason why nationwide could turn down my chargeback requ… Read more
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Posted 22nd Jan 2011Posted 22nd Jan 2011
best place to buy pc memory
according to crucial i need the following DDR2 memory with support for DDR2 PC2-6400, DDR2 PC2-8500, DDR2 PC2-5300 speeds. so im gonna need 4 x 1 gig sticks where the best plac… Read more
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Posted 5th Sep 2010Posted 5th Sep 2010
ipod touch broken glass, help :)
long story short, a family member was knocked off her bike, all do she is fine, the glass on her ipod seems to have cracked (see picture below) now the touch screen still works et… Read more
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Posted 27th May 2010Posted 27th May 2010
sky+ HD telephone cable problem
the cable supplied with the box was just not long enough to go from the box to the phone socket, so i ordered 2 x longer cables via ebay the problem is simple using the original … Read more
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Posted 23rd May 2010Posted 23rd May 2010
aftershave/perfume smell-a likes
ive seen a few sites, selling oil based perfume/aftershaves like this site http://www.perfume-parlour.co.uk/ how do they all work, ill be honest i always go shops and either buy … Read more
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Posted 28th Oct 2009Posted 28th Oct 2009
tattoo if your under 18
missus sis (she's 15 and looks like a baby) has managed to get a tat done in leeds without being asked for ID or anything is it true if your under 18 its illegal to get a tattoo d… Read more
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Posted 15th Oct 2009Posted 15th Oct 2009
dyndns.com help with cctv
i have one of those ip cams/cctv setup's anyway as im one of those who's ip changes i was told to make sure i setup an account with dyndns.com i did that and i have the url www.c… Read more
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Posted 8th Oct 2009Posted 8th Oct 2009
just a little warning anyone getting calls from what looks like there own number or a family member/freind (obviously if there on orange) or if you are trying to call family/frein… Read more
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Posted 4th Oct 2009Posted 4th Oct 2009
o2 blackberry tariff
my brother's bird is with o2 she is paying £30 a month for 600 min's 500 txts and unlimited o2 to o2 calls well as a prsent im giving her a blackberry but obviously she will need… Read more