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Updated 9th SepLast updated 9th Sep by Corkscrew
Hi, My partner had a Ring doorbell, but no chime unit, so I was wondering if I could setup her Google Nest minis and a nest audios to work as a chime? I’ve downloaded the app via… Read more

You don't need the hub. It will work with your nest audio and phone notifications


Stupid question, but do you need a google hub for a nest? I was hoping that my nest audios would act as a chime, and my phone would notify me and launch a nest app with video / options etc. Don’t know if either of these are possible?


The subscription allows 24/7 recordings for 30 days. Without the subscription, it only stores video clips that recorded motion


So there's no commitment to buy the subscription when you buy the hardware? Are you still able to save footage to the cloud?


The subscription is nice to have, but is not necessary. The subscriptions mainly covers person/object recognition. I admit the hardware is expensive, but I think it is worth it. It is very reliable and looks nice compared to others

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Hi Not very technical at all if anyone could help. Installed my doorbell yesterday. Parcel man knocked about 20 mins ago rang the bell. There is no video showing up of him walking… Read more

The WiFi receivers are awful on Ring devices. I had to buy a WiFi mesh and place it virtually by the door to correct this issue.


Exactly the same issues as I’m getting. Not impressed if I’m honest I was really looking forward to this lol c


Also. I’ve just spoke to someone who rang the bell. Delayed and crackled audio. I am gonna send it back I’ve been so excited to get this I’m not happy with it at all. Presume I’ll need to spend more on a newer model grr x


I’m in work and I’ve placed the router in an unsightly place on the floor as close to the doorbell as possible. It’s working fine. I’m so annoyed that this is the only way it will run smoothly. A wireless doorbell that won’t pick up a connection more than 2 ft away is ridiculous! X


same issue. absolutely terrible of late. takes ages for the video to pop up when someone rings the bell. live feed is choppy, audio is choppy. device is not far from the router. did some speed checks and its a very strong connection.

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Updated 9th JulLast updated 9th Jul by Gollywood
Hi guys, I’ve bought the Ring Video Doorbell wired and been quoted stupid money to wire it up to the house electrics. To be fair, we don’t have an existing doorbell system so it’s… Read more

I hope you and you boys support your local team, Leeds United!

justanothercid This is what I bought and then got a surface mounted socket with blank plate to hide it


Have a look at the box to double check but I'm fairly sure Ring Doorbell will work with any voltage from 16V to 24V so 18V will work just fine


Actually the one I got is no longer for sale so thought this was the same one . Sorry back to the football (lol)


That’s 18V. Do you have the ring video doorbell wired or another model?

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Updated 27th MayLast updated 27th May by thebiggishman
Anyone have issues with (re chargeable) ring doorbell going offline
I've had one since weekend and it's fine offline twice.. Last night had to unscrew it and press the button on the back and re pair it etc Don't wanna be doing that every night

Yea I unscrewed it last night and left in the living room so i could try n play about with it today, but it's just reconnect ed itself , so might be an issue with the brick front wall blocking wi fi, but its weird that it works fine then loses connect ion about 9 pm!!!


agree with chrb these devices come with horrendous wifi range.... its their strategy to try and sell you a chime which "extends" the wifi reach my router is about 2m away and next to the wall so that i don't face these problems.... whilst my lutec lgith with camera in the garden, about 20m away works perfectly the ring would not connect if i moved my router further by 1m.... pathetic


It was workin fine from Saturday in then Tuesday I had to reset a few times to get working, last night it went off and in couldn't get it goin again


apparently they do not work well on 5ghz wifi. i have mine on 2ghz and its been great.


If you bought it online you have14 days to change your mind.

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Updated 21st MayLast updated 21st May by b1g1an
Introducing Ring Video Doorbell Wired HD Video, Advanced Motion Detection, hardwired installation. Note: also available from… Read more

Watch the vid above, will show you all you need to know, but in a nutshell this gives you all the good bits of the Ring doorbells without the worst feature and yes it does pre-roll as you will see. Ironically, this is really the top of the line despite being the lowest price by some margain.


Honestly I don’t know. The Ring Pro and Ring Pro 2 need 16-24v. That said all the battery operated Ring doorbells will work off 8v. I should also point out that your existing chime won’t “chime” with this model, only power it (probably). The specifications on the Ring website say:


Do you think 8v is enough, I thought it needed 24v. My current ringer has a built in 8v Transformer so not sure if I’d also need the Ring DIN Rail Transformer 2nd Gen (24VDC, 0.42A , 10.0W)


Why is this much cheaper than Ring Pro?


How does this compare to the Door View/Peephole cam? Being hardwired, does this have pre-roll footage (being able to view the last x seconds prior to the motion triggering notification)?

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Updated 3rd AprLast updated 3rd Apr by Indi_K
Ring doorbell - any 3rd party apps?
Hi everyone Just installed a new ring doorbell and was hoping there might be some good 3rd party apps which are better than the official app. I'm sure some have been mentioned be… Read more

Swapeed to Eufy.. No sub fee and great quality


No, but get Rapid Ring in addition to the normal app. It’s way faster.


I can’t help with a recommendation but here’s a link to past discussions for you to look through