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Ring Subscription Price Increase from 11th March 2024 - 40% increase

Just got an email from Ring.

“Pricing changes to your Ring Protect Basic Plan.
Thank you for being a Ring Protect Basic subscriber. We want to let you know about an upcoming change to your subscription.
Starting 11 March 2024, the price of Ring
Protect Basic will change from £34.99/year to £49.99/year per device.”

For me my plan was due to expire end of this month and I have now cancelled the plan as I have alternate setup ready to install.

It’s annoying you cannot save footage locally, one of the reasons why we are ditching the Ring door bell.

An increase of over 40%, quite an amount.

Just a heads up everyone.
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**To avoid being stung at the new cost of £49.99 from 11th March 2024 - cancel your current plan and immediately set up a new annual plan for £34.99. Any remainder months from your old plan will be partially refunded**
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Cancelling your Ring Protect plan

Cancel your Ring Protect subscription for any reason on There are no long-term commitments for your subscription.

Download any videos you want to keep.

When you cancel a Ring Protect subscription, all of your recorded videos will be permanently deleted. To save any videos, you must download them before cancelling your Ring Protect plan. Learn how to download your Ring videos.

How to cancel a subscription on

  • Log in to your account on
  • On the top menu, click Protect Plan.
  • Find the plan you want to cancel and click Cancel Plan.
  • Click Continue.
  • Select whether you want to cancel the plan immediately or at the end of the billing cycle.
  • Click Cancel Ring Protect.

Refund policies

If you’re eligible for a refund, the refund amount will be returned to the payment method in your Ring account. Please allow up to 10 business days for the refund to process.

  • If you no longer have the debit or credit card that was on the Ring account, contact your financial institution for instructions on how to receive your refund.
  • If you paid with SEPA and it has been more than 180 days since your payment, please contact Ring Customer Support.

Annual plans

If you cancel an annual plan, you’ll receive a prorated refund for any unused time. For example, if you used your annual plan for six months, you’ll receive a refund for the remaining 6 months you didn’t use.

If you cancel after a new month of your annual plan has already started, you’ll be charged for that month's subscription fee. You'll be eligible for a refund or credit of the remainder of your annual subscription fee (minus any credits applied or partial refunds issued).

Monthly plans

If you cancel a monthly Ring Protect plan, you’ll receive a prorated refund for any unused days. For example, if you used your monthly plan for 15 days, you’ll get a refund for the remaining number of days in that month.

Will my plan be automatically renewed if it runs out?

Yes. As long as we have a valid credit card on file, you will be automatically renewed at the end of your subscription period. If your card on file is not valid, you will receive email notifications from us alerting you that your card needs to be updated.

What happens if I purchase a Ring Protect plan during my 30-day trial and then cancel it during that same 30-day trial?

If you cancel a Ring Protect plan you have purchased during a trial, you will continue to enjoy the benefits of the Ring Protect trial (including video storage and retention) until your 30-day trial is over.

If you need further help, us the below link:

Contact us
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  1. aLV426's avatar
    Ok - so what are the alternatives? Local storage, non-subscription based cameras?
    CRTB's avatar
    Eufy. Stores locally, no monthly cost. I've got a Eufy doorbell and a Eufy security camera. I had Ring before that but sacked Ring after their last 40% increase when they hiked their prices from £25/year to £35/year. Now they've done it again, I'm absolutely sure I made the right choice.

    Eufy's quality is every bit as good as Ring, and I can access the videos from anywhere in the world even though they're stored locally in my house.
  2. mirrorgreen's avatar
    To everyone considering Eufy, read my experience here first.

    I owned 3 Eufy 2C's and a couple of 2k's. Around 2 years ago, I opened my app and was shown the camera feed of a user in the USA. I could see, stream and save clips from their internal and external cameras. It immediately occurred to me that meant someone else could be watching my cameras so I ran around the house and unplugged them before deleting my account. This was swept under the rug by Eufy fairly quickly but you can google it and find forums or reddit posts of people who experienced the same issue.

    A year after this, Eufy had another massive privacy debacle. Effectively allowing anyone to access your feed with very little effort. However even more concerning than the issue itself, was their response was. This is not a company to be trusted with the security of your home.

    As an alternative, look into HomeKit secure video cameras like those offered by Eve or consider a local setup and HomeAssistant if you're more tech savvy.
    Twosons's avatar
    Thank you. I wanted really to read rssponses like this because it's always better to know first hand what consumers go through bad and good. I have kids. If there is any privacy concerns that's a no from me
  3. GreekJesus's avatar
    I’m looking for an alternative too, I’ll be cancelling my subscription as a £15 increase for no additional features or service is unacceptable.
    Lugar2005's avatar
    I use Blink. It's Amazon again and definitely on the cheaper side. Video quality is good during the day and average at night. Paid £90 for a doorbell and 2 cameras and the sync module. Bought a £5 128Gb USB stick and store all footage locally and works well with the app. Would recommend if you're happy with basic motion sensing and local storage on a budget.
  4. cb789's avatar
    it implies you can start a new subscription before march 11 for the same price, and it also states you will get a prorata'd refund.

    so i am thinking cancel now, and resign up just before march 11 for another year at same price and kick the can down the road for a year.
    ibblackberry1's avatar
    Yeah i just cancelled my monthly and took up an annual sub at the existing price. Got a partial refund for my monthly sub too
  5. tinkerbellian's avatar
    That’s a bit of a jump . I like the ring as it’s so easy to use , but not sure that’s a justifiable increase . Think I’ve got a few months left on my existing plan , but I will be looking for a better alternative after that .

    If anyone can recommend something that does basically the same as the ring , works on a rechargeable battery , and is secure in terms of footage , I’d be interested in what you guys are using .
    Unrecogniseduser's avatar
    I’ve started to use the Reolink POe door bell. It’s a different system but for the cost subscription, free, and the ability to save locally as well as cloud, I’ll give it a go.
  6. SnayBear's avatar
    Any good doorbells that don't charge this price?
    strong1's avatar
  7. mastablasta's avatar
    I left Ring and switched to Apple ICloud as it starts at only 99p a month for 50GB and private relay, hide my email and HomeKit Secure video for one camera.

    I am on the 2TB plan as I share it with my family and have unlimited cameras with that plan.
    Lc_Wills's avatar
    Didn't know this was a thing - thank you.
  8. DealDoge's avatar
    Couple of things:
    You can still use the cameras without the subscription. I do, you just don't get the recording of clips but it's very handy when you're away to see activity near your door.

    Also I've noticed if you have more than 1 ring device you'll use the Protect Plus plan, which is £8/month or £80/year and isn't going up in price.
    CROSSBLADE's avatar
    This will almost certainly go up soon enough.
  9. Allsorts2121's avatar
    There is just no let up in price increases and no justification in rise. Mine will be going amongst other things that have become too costly.
  10. Familyguy1982's avatar
    Why are people cancelling now? Why not set a reminder for the beginning of March and cancel then and then immediately re-sign back up? It will be almost a month of additional cover then.
    DarrenB1975's avatar
    I thought that and I then thought they may try and close the loophole of cancelling and immediately renewing so just did it. It’s only a month less anyway but £15 saved (plus refund)
  11. turbo_c's avatar
    This is awful, that's a crazy hike. That's a 100% price increase over the past two years. Disgusting.

    Any good non subscription options these days? (edited)
    arfster's avatar
    It's going to keep going up too. That's the business model.
  12. Twosons's avatar
    Nah come on guys. I expected people to start offering alternatives. Why we paying the increase with no increase in activity from them? It's ridiculous. What other doorbells do people use we need to move onto them
    M_JaybXn's avatar
    Eufy is good, local storage so no subscription fees you have to buy something called homebase alongside it. I got the wireless so charge once a month and it's been superb (edited)
  13. Misslovely's avatar
    Disappointed and disgusted by Ring!!!
    A £15 annual increase isn’t justified at all!!!

    I like looking at my door bell camera when not at home but in future I probably will cancel it and sell it
    sheffield788's avatar
    Put it this way: in 2 years, it increased from £25 to £50.
  14. EliTeAP's avatar
    Currently using Eufy 1080P which I recently installed as a front doorbell cam.
    It's been working very well in my instance and can't complain.

    Stuck a 256GB SD card in there which it seems to not complain about (it was a spare, don't come at me please xD)

    People mentioning the security breach, yes it's concerning, but unfortunately we live in a world where demand is larger than security, until found out.

    This is why i'll always try to run off devices locally rather than subscription based devices etc.

    I'm always weary about who can see what but you just got to do your part to secure things the best you can.
  15. solid's avatar

    What are the Eufy doorbells like?…_hi

    This one is £100 - that's two years of Ring subscription! (edited)
    CRTB's avatar
    Got them myself, they're fine. Moved from Ring a couple of years ago and have no regrets.
  16. samspud's avatar
    Ring have announced that the annual subscription will increase to £49.99 on the 11th March. It was £24.99 2 years ago.

    The question - what setup do you use and recommend to fellow HUKDers to save money?

    I personally use the Eufy 2k Wireless with the storage in the supplied chime. I've had for 10 months and only had to charge once so far. Response time is great and no subscription fee!…GBP
  17. kestrelcampbell's avatar
    I ditched Ring for the Blink video doorbell which was cheaper to buy and use with a flash drive for storage than annual Ring subscription. No regrets. For those wanting to stick with Ring I have always been able to negotiate a cheaper deal for an annual renewal via their online chat so it's worth trying that if you plan to keep giving them your money
    wilber's avatar
    What sort of ring discount were you able to achieve?
  18. Banjo_McBanj's avatar
    For those on Eufy - is there any option for cloud upload? I'm considering the 2k doorbell with homebase that's currently on sale at Costco. But if somebody broke in and stole the homebase, that means all the footage would go with it right?
    nathanfernandes's avatar
    yes there is a cloud option, starts at $2.99/pm
  19. bigtonka's avatar
    What's the best option if I move away from ring?
    minxx's avatar
    I've been quite impressed with Tapo (Tp-Link) as you can store footage locally and access it without subscription.
    I have the battery doorbell, two battery c420 cameras and a mains powered c530ws 360 camera. All have been pretty good so far.
  20. pdm_2024's avatar
    I just went and checked through my billing history and can see that my renewal in April 2022 was £24.99, in April 2023 it was £34.99 and now this April it will be £49.99, if they keep at this rate of increase it will be £100 per year soon.
    Piranha_Plant's avatar
    Cheaper to get burgled!
  21. TheEssexFamily's avatar
    It’s ironic that you get a Ring doorbell to stop you getting robbed and you end up being robbed by Ring themselves :/
    turbo_c's avatar
    So true
  22. DarrenB1975's avatar
    My renewal was April 11. I cancelled, selected 'to end immediately' and got a £5.79 refund .

    Paid for a new 12 month sub at £34.99 and then cancelled again to end 8th Feb 2025 so they can't take £49.99 next year automatically when I no doubt forget.

    I now have 12 months to find an alternative. £50 a year for a glorified doorbell is not good value at all !!!

    Let's hope lots of people do the same or cancel and then Ring realise there is only so far you can push the end customer to get money out of them! Hopefully a new alternative springs up with competitive, realistic pricing.
    CRTB's avatar
    Eufy already exists, and has no monthly fee. Zero. Everything is stored locally and you can still connect to it remotely if need be.

    Image quality is on a par with Ring too, I know as I moved from Ring after their first 40% hike a couple of years ago.
  23. amillstone's avatar
    Thanks, OP. Just got the same email too.

    How can they justify a 40% increase without adding any value?
    Hello_Michael's avatar
    Shareholder value!
  24. pmcg's avatar
    Ridiculous increase, I too have went from £24.99 in 2022 to £34.99 in 2023 and now renewing on 30th April at £49.99 !!!

    Might cancel and renew as others have done to kick it down the road for a year.

    My Ring is wired in and I also have a Reolink camera so perhaps if Reolink offer anything similar that may be an option for me.

    I'm certainly not paying £50 year for a camera subscription on a doorbell.

    Interested to keep seeing what others are using as alternatives.
    I only need to see who is at the door and answer them and also see any recent history of activity within the door area.
    NibblyPig's avatar
    Soon as they did the first increase I was furious after having spent a lot on a doorbell cam. I abandoned the ring ecosystem at that point as I knew they'd do it again. I warned others, and lo and behold here we are.
  25. r11ckp's avatar
    Been looking for an excuse to ditch the doorbell, it's actually unnecessary. Left 1 star review on amazon and cancelled my plan
    FAMILYGUY's avatar
    Agree, anything subscription based for something like a doorbell just sounds crazy. Eufy, Cooau and plenty of other decent brands out there.
  26. annarface's avatar
    I don't know if this is something you could replicate... but in September we had a genuine bug with our Ring monthly subscription where it didn't even try to bill. We tried to manually pay it and got an error, we tried to remove and re-add multiple different cards and the site kept giving us errors, both on mobile and web. After a quick Google it seems like it's been a random ongoing issue affecting people for years now. We finally contacted support and they told us they would fix it, then we noticed we had a lifetime basic plan added to our account. It's now been 5 months and we haven't paid anything since and the doorbell still stores our recording for 30 days. The plan is locked to the device rather than account, so as long as the device keeps working I think we've got it for free.
  27. The_Fish_Knows's avatar
    This is the greatest bait and switch ever pulled. You have to admire the chutzpah of Amazon to flog them cheap on Black Friday, wait h til everyone has installed them and is in the ecosystem then smash them for 43% rise

    its marketing genius 
  28. thesuitgamer's avatar
    Bin your £50 a year subscription, go and spend £90 on a Reolink doorbell and never pay a penny again.
    Heat777's avatar
    Can you view your stored footage or live view/intercom from the app remotely?
  29. dishopper36's avatar
    Just cancelled mine, got a refund of £14, 're started it for another year for £34.99 . Cheers guys's avatar
    Are you sure they are not going to charge you more when new tariff is going to kick in ?
  30. Dan_82's avatar
    That's some jump!
  31. Kammykay's avatar
    I've cancelled my subscription that expired in July and got a partial refund. Then immediately set up an annual subscription at the old price.
    SnayBear's avatar
    What in you're same name?
  32. samspud's avatar
    Eufy 2k Wireless all the way

    Had mine 9 months, charged once so far, great response times, and free!
    wilber's avatar
    Does the Eufy allow you to remote view the videos stored on the local memory card? To give similar functionality to the ring subscription?
  33. Landroverland's avatar
    I cancelled my subscription straight away
    I have a Ring 4 doorbell, chime and floodlight camera all going on eBay now
    Time to try Eufy I think, any suggestions greatly appreciated
  34. JonjoKincade's avatar
    I've seen nothing to suggest that the Protect Plus price is increasing. It is currently £80 for the year and, if you have more than 1 Ring device, it's a no-brainer as all devices are covered for that £80. Plus, if you have the Ring alarm, you get cellular backup and assisted monitoring. AND... whilst you're a Protect Plus subscriber, all of your devices have extended warranties.

    In the 5 years I've been a Protect Plus subscriber, I've had a Doorbell replaced (and upgraded), a Floodlight cam replaced (and upgraded), a Doorbell chime replaced and I'm soon to be requesting a replacement Spotlight Cam because the speaker has stopped working on it.

    Of course, if this plan goes up 40%, I'll consider looking elsewhere.
    brown_ambassador's avatar
    I'm in similar boat, but what does looking elsewhere mean?
    With all those devices purchased and installed, what other realistic options are there, apart from just canx the Plus and losing those benefits?
  35. brown_ambassador's avatar
    I have Plus, which I've been happy enough at £80 for my 4 devices inc extended warranty. Anyone heard if that's going up?
    DealDoge's avatar
    It is not.
  36. aviva's avatar
    We pay £80 per year for 3 cameras + alarm and at a massive savings over our old security contract. The interface is superb and we are on an extended warranty for the devices too! There are no design flaws (cough cough ...AchEUFYchooo)
    thesuitgamer's avatar
    If you paid for an old alarm system over £80 a year you likely had a service contract which validated it for home insurance/safety rating purposes. Ring doesn't cover any of that. - It'd be like comparing the cost of a new car's monthly valet compared to an old cars service, MOT & such.
  37. paulcoppernob's avatar
    Had my bell from may 2022 and was paying £2.50 a month then it went to £3.49 , and now £4.99 a month!
    That's doubled in two years 🫣

    In the words of Sarah brightman!
    Time to say goodbye 👋
    PJ0's avatar
    Time to say goodbye " bell end "
  38. Baz8755's avatar
    I would definitely ditch ring but I do like my peephole camera due to how it fits and the knock detector (for all those couriers who avoid the doorbell). I have cancelled and resubscribed for now but would be interested if there are any alternatives with knock detection.

    I would have waited until 11th March to cancel and resubscribe but I don't trust that Ring/Amazon will look to somehow block this workaround when they see how many people are doing it.
  39. Faistime's avatar
    Always preferred Google / Nest. Prices aren't cheaper than Ring but they seem to have a better set up. My parents always have issues with their Ring but the Nest system seems to play better.
  40. twoday's avatar
    I canceled my subscription and moved to eufy.
    Twosons's avatar
    Pls read above comment about safety concerns
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