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The Ring Video Doorbell could be just what UK homes need. Able to replace or attach to existing doorbells, this smart device includes a tiny HD camera and two-way microphones, enabling users to chat to visitors and know precisely who is at the door. Anyone who needs to enhance their home security can find the best prices available by checking out the Ring Video Doorbell discounts at hotukdeals. Read more
Ring Video Doorbell 3 for £129.99 with unique code from Vodafone VeryMe Rewards
Posted 3rd AugPosted 3rd Aug
Seems to be the cheapest available price for this product. Claim the unique code from VeryMe to redeem (must be a Vodafone mobile customer). Free next day delivery included and 0% … Read more



Just seen they've updated it to 179.99 rrp so 129.99 with 50 off. Very poor,


Great news (party)


I tried a coupl but they did not work, but just tried another and Bingo. Thanks


Have you tried the codes posted in this thread? There are plenty and I doubt they've all been used.

V1 RING Video Doorbell Satin Nickel - £66.97 C&C only @ Currys PC World
Posted 28th JulPosted 28th Jul
Best price I have seen for the Ring Doorbell. Obviously not as good as the latest versions of this, but still works and still a deterrent.

wow pretty good I usually see these for over £100 lol, I definitely haven't been looking hard enough


Thank you! We live in a very old farmhouse without a spy hole. I actually got a Ring 3 Plus yesterday in Argos on offer and installed it last night. Seems to work very well!


If you’re in a rented property and it has a spy hole/peephole in the front door then the Ring door view cam is made especially for these type of circumstances. it replaces your existing spy hole/peephole which you can put back if you ever leave the property. No drilling necessary, it’s battery operated and the battery enclosure sits on the inside of the door. https://www.amazon.co.uk/ring-door-view-cam-amazon-smart-peephole-for-your-apartment/dp/B07PGBS517


As someone who has no doorbell at all currently, and mainly want this for the motion detection cctv side of things, what do I need to buy and what is the best value for money? It’s a rented property so I want something I can easily remove and hasn’t got to be hardwired. Don’t want to go down the route of having proper CCTV installed so thought a motion detect doorbell might be an idea.


Yearly subscription is £25 - hardly breaking the bank now is it? Must be something at your end as my V2 on WiFi calls my phone in about 3 seconds.

Ring Summer Sale Massive Reductions On Home Security (Eg Door View cam £99, Ring Doorbell 3 £139) @ Ring Shop
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Posted 27th JulPosted 27th Jul
Ring have launched there summer sale with some fantastic reductions off there range of security products. They have there new Doorbell 3 for just £139 and their Door View Cam for … Read more
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I have a ring 2 and it's wired properly. How can I get a android tablet to automatically show me the front door when the motion detection or doorbell event happens?. Any ideas?


Can any ring alarm customers give me some advice to a newbie?! Bought the ring alarm in this deal, installed it and went away this last week on a trip. Came back and opened the front door and was expecting some sort of action, like the lights on the control panel to come on, or a countdown or beeps. I didn’t enter the code or touch the panel as i thought it obviously isn’t armed. So I check the app and actually it is armed - it’s in away mode; it even says underneath in recent history that the front door is opened. So I’m perplexed. The ring alarm knows it’s armed and in away mode, and it knows the front door has been opened like two minutes ago. And to know all this it obviously has no problem with internet access. Err hello? So I’m thinking I must be being a dumb dumb and haven’t turned something obvious on - can anyone who has set this up successfully advise?


I did this code (also a subscriber) thanks to joedeejay2oo4. I ordered the ring doorbell pro for £144 using that code on Thursday night with confirmation email. Yesterday got a despatch email, delivery by DPD was mid to late this morning :)


I does look like the discount is stacking. But only if your already a Ring Protect subscriber. Just placed an order for a a few bits. Payment has been taken. Let’s hope order doesn’t get cancelled.


Then one pprobably shouldn't have a mobile phone unless you can pay for it up front and buy a pay as you go sim. One probably shouldn't buy house insurance unless you can pay for it in one annual lump sum. I'd agree with you if it was some unnecessary luxury item like a 60in TV but its a home security device. If people want to spread the cost then whats the issue?

Ring Smart Video Doorbell V3, With Camera, Wi-Fi Enabled £134.99 at The Electrical Showroom
Posted 26th JulPosted 26th Jul
he Ring Video Doorbell 3 wirelessly links to your mobile phone, tablet or PC, alerting you instantly to a visitor either pressing the doorbell or by triggering the built-in motion … Read more
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I would buy if I would not know how to spent my money wisely, luckily I do (lol)


Why are these almost double the price of the v2 of the same make?


Remember it’s £24.99 year or more if you want the history and ability to play back after the trial.


Great price, but very bad reviews for the retailer. :(

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Ring Video Doorbell 3 + Chime £131.98 - Costco Instore Only Manchester, Trafford
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Posted 23rd JulPosted 23rd JulLocalLocal
Seems like a decent price (it's 139.89 online)


Ring Video Doorbell 3 with All-new Ring Chime for £139.89 delivered @ Costco
216° Expired
Posted 23rd JulPosted 23rd Jul
Good Ring bundle offer. I thought this was an Argos exclusive but it appears Costco have it too and it's £10 cheaper there at the moment with free shipping. :) Was £164.89, now… Read more
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Hmm, that may explain my wifi being crapy since i had Ring 2. Has anyone else same issu


Shipping isn’t free. It costs more then they sell it for in the warehouse. As with all Costco online stuff it’s cheaper Instore as they raise the price for “free shipping”


I got rid of my ring doorbell. Caused loads of issues with my Wi-fi.


Yes, you can wire it so you don't have to take out the battery to recharge but you need to purchase a separate adapter. Something like this..link


some questions if anyone can assist- can this be hard wired or just batter use how often does the battery need to be recharged how long does the battery take to charge? TIA

Ring Video Doorbell 3 Plus £159 @ Amazon
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Posted 22nd JulPosted 22nd Jul
New Ring Doorbell 3 Plus
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Thanks for posting @idontknowgoogleit Shame about the temperature but hopefully the comments in here helps members understand why.


Edify sounds interesting, know quite a few people who aren’t impressed by Ring. I personally agree, takes an age to load up and a photo would be awesome. Maybe an update one day. only negative I’ve read about Eufy, if their servers are down, the system is useless. Don’t know how true that is.


Yes, but that takes loading the app each and every time, and costs you with a subscription, for the privilege. I was not impressed Im afraid. I had a cheaper video doorbell (Vuebell) that at least sent a screenshot. And it's a must for me. I want to know without loading an app and faffing whether it's just the hubby pulling up, or if the postman, or a delivery. With screenshot notifications, my phone beeps, I drag on the notification and it shows me exactly who it was/is. with Ring, I have to click on the nofication, unlock my phone, and wait for the app to load up to even have a clue who it is/was and that costs monthly? Whereas with screenshot notifications on the Eufy, its free, and so much easier and quicker to know who it was/is in one swipe without even unlcoking my phone - it sounds lazy - but we have these for convienince and security - the Ring didnt give me that. My old doorbell (Vuebell) took a screenshot, but the Eufy zooms in on the persons face and sends you the best picture (facial recognition) - so there is no mistaking who it was, and for security which would be perfect, if ever needed.


Not sure if yours was faulty then but whilst it doesn’t send a screenshot mine has a full video timeline and I can choose to pause and zoom in etc.


No heat here Im afraid - I had one - sent it back. It doesn't even send a photo of the person ringing your bell or when motion is detected. Whats the point? It tells you "someone is at the door". Well, thank you for that!!!!! A normal £8 doorbell does that. And to say you have to pay a subscription and still don't get a proper notification. We went for the Eufy - and wow! This is how video doorbells are supposed to be! The screenshot of what it detected even zooms in on the persons face!

Video Doorbell 3 Plus + Indoor Cam - £189 delivered @ Ring Shop
Posted 22nd JulPosted 22nd Jul
See what's happening at home from wherever you are, with the all-new Ring Video Doorbell 3 Plus and Indoor Cam bundle. Video Doorbell 3 Plus is our next-generation battery-powered… Read more

Don't really need inside camera (y)


Nobody can answer that. Do you need an indoor camera or not?


Is this deal worth at this price or better of going for ring pro/chime for £179.99

Ring Video Doorbell 3 with Chime Bundle for £149 @ Argos (free click and collect)
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Posted 22nd JulPosted 22nd Jul
Reduced by £40 at checkout. Was £189, now £149 For those looking for the latest Ring doorbell, i think this exclusive bundle at Argos is a decent offer. The all-new ring chime … Read more
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It £139.89 in Costco at the moment if you are a member.


Over priced. £26 here. https://www.wowcher.co.uk/deal/shop/14796899/wifi-video-doorbell


You can get some plastic wedges to angle it out


Thanks door is in an alcove and if I don’t fit in the middle can the lens shif


It's a good security device. Motion in your driveway, you'll get an alert on your phone. I've had a parcel delivery guy knocking on whilst I'm out, I can communicate with him and tell him where to leave it. It's a useful toy, for sure.

Ring HD doorbell - £30 instore @ Tesco (Coventry)
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Posted 9th JulPosted 9th JulLocalLocal
Think this is V1 will upload a picture when I get home, just picked it up in Tesco, Crosspoint, Coventry on a yellow sticker there was 2 left. Other stores may be doing the same wo… Read more
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Any deals on subscriptions


Mines sitting in cupboard (v1), not much use for me. Poor pic quality when it’s bright day, camera struggles with contrasting background and visitor in foreground. Research suggests this is improved in vs 2, but it’s double the price. TBH I get better motion sensors, picture quality with my £19.99 Yi Home camera even through a window is better.


Sure. Cash point only had £20 notes so I got you £60.


Could you withdraw me some cash whilst you are there? £50 should be enough. Thanks!


Deja vu

Ring Video Doorbell 3 with Echo Dot - £179 at Amazon
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Posted 23rd JunPosted 23rd Jun
Decided to go for a Ring 3 and noticed that amazon are giving a free echo dot with it. That is all really peeps....keep safe and all that! An upgrade from the original Ring Vi… Read more

They have the power to seize it under Section 19 PACE. Thats if they believe it contains footage which will assist with their investigation. I cant see it happening unless your unlucky enough to record a serious incident in which case you would probably want to hand it over anyway. They aren't going to want to seize it every time you capture something suspicious.


If they know you may have footage of a crime that may aid their investigation I believe they have lawful reason to ask for the video.


Is it true that the Rozzers can commandeer any recorded footage you have. Like CCTV footage. Or do I misremember the recent articles warning about Big Brother???


Get away with what exactly, having a profitable business model? If it had an SD card someone could just rip it off the wall and you’d have no doorbell and no footage. Ring will replace your doorbell (once) if it’s stolen which is something no other smart doorbell maker offers. It always amazes me people are more than happy to pay for these subscriptions which cost considerably more but always moan about the Ring subscription. Sky Virgin Apple Music Spotify A mobile phone contract Deezer Amazon prime video Netflix A daily cup of coffee Now TV add ons Disney Plus


I bought a eufy security cam. Slightly more expensive but it has built in hdd and also has option to have a cloud subscription. Which I won't be using. Same as ring, notification and Live feed view from anywhere in the world, records 20sec clip per notification and stores on hdd for you to view later.

Ring Video Doorbell (2nd Generation) + Chime £99 @ Ring Shop
Posted 8th JunPosted 8th Jun
UPDATE: Amazon have now matched this offer if you prefer https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B0872YSL6D/ref=twister_B0868M8X6P?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1 Seems like a pretty good deal if… Read more
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took around 3-4 days iirc


Just ordered (from Ring). Anyone give me a heads up on how long delivery takes?


This doesn’t have a removable battery. You unscrew the doorbell and plug into micro usb. (y) To clarify, this is the ring doorbell gen 2. Not to be confused with the ring doorbell 2.


Thanks for this. I have purchased and ordered a second battery too. Can you change them whilst charging? Thanks


Received mine yesterday and installed it. I was very impressed how it comes with a full tool kit for all options in getting you set up. I’ve connected it to the Echo and works fine. There are two security screws at the bottom of the unit which you just need to unscrew when you wish to charge the device. It came with a 50% charged battery and the App also tells you the “health” of the device, so you can monitor battery usage. It states that it takes up to 5 hours to charge at 2.1amp or 9-10 hours at 1.0amp. I can live with that, if it’s every 5-6 months. I’ll probably charge it up fully every few months when I’m at home washing the cars / outside in the driveway. I had my reservations about this device but am very impressed with this so far.

Ring Video Doorbell Full 720p HD WiFi Two-Way Talk Motion Detection Camera Gold refurb, missing box etc £30 delivered on eBay / printmaniacs
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Posted 5th JunPosted 5th Jun
Ring Video Doorbell Full 720p HD WiFi Two-Way Talk Motion Detection Camera Gold refurb, missing box etc £30 delivered on eBay / printmaniacs
£30£9970%eBay Deals
Seller has 98.9% positive rating, over 10K ratings. Not super clear what it comes with, says it’s new but might be missing box or accessories. Seems like a good price, others sel… Read more

Ring 1 was definitely not on my favourite list, however for this price I would have gone for this. I'm still gutted I missed the deal from Argos 2-3 years ago when by mistake, they sold these for £19 :)


Escobar camera!


A guy down the road says he has a bag full of these (no box - no instructions)


Me too gutted I missed this


I remember seeing something similar under a StockMustGo listing, the gold ring doorbell looked like it had been broken into, it had scratches and marks all over it. Good luck whoever went for this one

All-new Ring Video Doorbell 3 (with Free Ring Indoor Cam) | HD video, improved motion detection, and easy installation - £179 @ Amazon
Posted 1st JunPosted 1st Jun
All-new Ring Video Doorbell 3 (with Free Ring Indoor Cam) | HD video, improved motion detection, and easy installation - £179 @ Amazon
£179£22821% Free P&P FreeAmazon Deals
See who's at your front doorSee, hear and speak to anyone at your door from anywhere with Ring Video Doorbell. Get instant notifications when visitors press your doorbell or when m… Read more
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You’d think they would of changed the design and made it a little smaller. To me I think they have just changed the software and charged £80 extra.

Ring Doorbell 3 Plus with Indoor Cam - £199 delivered @ Ring Shop
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Posted 26th MayPosted 26th May
Ring Doorbell 3 Plus with Indoor Cam - £199 delivered @ Ring Shop
£199£199.97 Free P&P FreeRing Shop Deals
Ring Doorbell Version 3 Pluswith a Ring Indoor Cam included for £199, reduced from £249 free delivery. None Plus version available for £179 also. See what's happening at home fr… Read more
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If you have pre existing wired doorbell you can take advantage of that low-voltage power source, so you don’t need to worry about recharging a battery or just use battery without the fuss of wiring.


Of course if you can wire a doorbell then the Ring Pro has always given the pre-roll video. But if Battery operated is your only option then its definitely a great feature!


ring 3 vs ring 3 plus https://www.androidcentral.com/ring-video-doorbell-3-vs-ring-video-doorbell-3-plus Says "The Ring is bringing you some new features with its Video Doorbell 3 Plus. The addition of Pre-Roll video gives you four seconds of video before the detect event. This is very helpful in getting a better idea of what happened leading up to the notification from your doorbell." Just in case wondering what is the difference. Not buying as have Nest Hello.


This ‘free item’ means you can’t use the lowest tier of their subscription


2nd gen is out in a few weeks. Pre order Amazon for £89. Its hard to find info on it but I think it's same camera as this but dosent have the removal battery this one has. Hard to justify the price difference though.

Ring Video doorbell 3 + Echo Dot 3rd gen £179 @ BT Shop
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Posted 16th MayPosted 16th May
Ring Video doorbell 3 + Echo Dot 3rd gen £179 @ BT Shop
3rd gen ring doorbell and amazon echo dot 3rd gen for £179.... Our most popular doorbell, upgraded with additional security features for your home – including improved motion det… Read more

Do they offer upgrades? I'm sure I read somewhere they may offer upgrade and pay small amount on top?


Ring is wonderful ONLY if you get hooked up in to their catch of paying monthly £2.50 for one device or £8 for multiple devices. The pro side is that you will get it replaced if stolen. I have returned mine because they are not even offering basic few seconds of motion detected cloud storage free. Even if you pay the subscription, you can only see 10 sec long motion detected videos.Those who are excited are not considering the long term subscription charges which is several hundreds of pounds just for 10 sec clips. As video door bell, they are fantastic.


Or £25 per year


Plus your monthly subs to get full service out of it.


might wait for ring 4 they might have it all sorted by then :D

RING VIDEO DOORBELL 3 | 1080p | Dual Band WiFi | Improved Motion Detection - £163.31 @ Box
-392° Expired
Posted 3rd MayPosted 3rd May
RING VIDEO DOORBELL 3 | 1080p | Dual Band WiFi | Improved Motion Detection - £163.31 @ Box
£163.31£1799% Free P&P FreeBox.co.uk Deals
£16 off RRP seems decent as a first price drop. Couple new standout features which I've read make a lot of difference from the 2. 5ghz wifi has now been added for better connectio… Read more

To be fair to ring they Haven’t sold this as video upgrade purely 5ghz and better motion zones is about it really for this year bring on face recognition 4k etc etc


I beta’d this for ring could not find any difference in performance of video quality between this and the ring 2.


I alway wondered how what the rssi meant mine saying 33 so I guess thats good


Asking a serious question... Why do people buy the chime at £30, when the Amazon Echo Flex is £25. You can get a dot for £25 quite regular too...


That's great, thank you.

Ring Video Doorbell V2 (Full HD 1080p) - £89 Delivered @ AO
1463° Expired
Posted 14th AprPosted 14th Apr
Ring Video Doorbell V2 (Full HD 1080p) - £89 Delivered @ AO
£89 Free P&P Freeao.com Deals
Nice price for the Ring Doorbell 2 - down from £179. Monitor your front door from wherever you are with this Ring smart doorbell. When it’s pressed by a visitor, you’ll be able se… Read more

No use until the lockdown is lifted? What are the chances you miss something?


Mine lasts around a month on a busy street and my parents house in a quiet cul de sac lasts 2 months or so. Obviously if you can hard wire it you'll never need to charge it but in my rented house I can't really start running power cables.




Oh really? Great!


wow, charging a doorbell overnight once every week? I'm out. Thanks for that.

Ring Doorbell V2 £149 @ Safe
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Posted 19th MarPosted 19th Mar
Ring Doorbell V2 £149 @ Safe
Seems a decent price to me, others might/will think otherwise, guaranteed!!
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Costco had the v2 with chime for £119 including vat. Bought one a few days ago along with the alarm system


I think the problem is, it’s been £120 several times this year, often with a free Echo Dot. Granted, it is a little cheaper than full price, but as Ring Video Doorbell 3 has been officially announced, and it is the same RRP as Ring 2 currently is, this makes this deal far too expensive to consider.




Thanks for your input. Care to enlighten us as to where you've found it cheaper currently?


Has to be the most expensive I have seen it in a while

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