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Amazon Echo represents the latest in audio technology. A smart speaker that can hook up to online streaming services, stereos, and digital devices, it produces high-quality sound and features cutting edge voice recognition technology. This HotUKDeals Buyer’s Guide explains how to find the perfect Amazon Echo package, allowing audiophiles to listen to their favourite music like never before, at the best price. Read more
Amazon Echo Show (Refurbished) £109.99 @ Amazon
Found 3 h, 44 m agoFound 3 h, 44 m ago
You know what it does? I’ll tell you... Echo Show brings you everything you love about Alexa, and now she can show you things. Watch video flash briefings, Amazon Video, see musi… Read more

Voted hot. I saw one at cex for £100


Curse those mad hatters XD


I have one of these in the kitchen and it is used all the time. If the kids are eating breakfast on the breakfast bar they can put a film on or tv series, the little lad is always watching Paw patrol on it. The girls will put music on it rather than anything else as they like the fact the words appear on the screen for the song. Useful to quickly see whats happening on the CCTV and not to mention the video calling. I did only pay £70 for it tho as got two when it was bogof and sold the other to CEX, which I regret as if I had played with it first I would have kept the another for £70


This device is completely useless if you won't use it...Once you read about Alexa skills and what she can do, you will realise that she can do quite a bit and is actually pretty helpful. Yes, sometimes she dosent understand me, and a lot of time when she dosent understand it is due to a lot of background noise etc but when I ask again she usually gets it, So if you read into it, and are willing to give her a try you will realise how great she is.... I hope this helps for those of you who take advise from the hatters... :)


Like the amazon echo spot, I still do not get what the point of this device is, yes it is good for calling grandma while you need to see her knitting and the like, but its sort of a bit of a device that is stuck in the late 80's with Sir Alan Sugars "E3 video phone" ;)

Amazon Echo Dot Certified Refurbished white or black - £29.99 @ Amazon
Found 5 h, 24 m agoFound 5 h, 24 m ago
Cheapest way to get an Amazon Echo Dot at the moment I know the Echo Dot brand new has been £39.99 recently and £34.99 a few months ago but right now its back to £49.99 and so alt… Read more
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thank you sir :)


Possibly. But last year it was £34.99 on prime day. Plus not everyone has a prime account (although its easy enough to get a 30 day trial).


This will be the price of a new one come Prime day next month.


Thanks OP. They are essentially new devices. 1 years warranty for a £10 saving on the recent sale price. (pirate)


Still £39.99 at Currys for a new one

Wileyfox Swift 2 X & Amazon Echo Dot (2nd Generation) for £138.99, RRP: £269.98 @ Amazon
Found 11th JunFound 11th Jun
PHONE AND ECHO DOT Before anyone says anything about Wileyfox going under, yes they went into administration but they were purchased so they are still a company and are supporti… Read more

If phones ARE covered by that my WF is going straight back to Amazon. Had it for 16 months iirc.


I thought while we are still in the EU 2 year warranties was a thing? I'm sure I've used that as a reason to argue a faulty product and got it replaced?


Had the same problem. My swift was an excellent phone - best I'd had - up until the last big update when it went bonkers. Half the stuff on it wouldn't work anymore, and the other half works badly. The camera often won't open - and it was originally one of the best features. The dialing app - trucaller - won't work properly, so I replaced it with a dialing app off Google play. Worked fine up until the emergency and then I find out either the phone or the app won't dial 999. WileyFox can go stuff for all I care, but I agree, wouldn't touch them with a bargepole now. Not voting btw.


Blimey didn't know Wiley had gone in to admin. Let's hope new owners keep them going


Did you buy from Amazon? I've had replacements given outside of warranty.

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Echo Show £139.99 @ Amazon
Found 11th JunFound 11th Jun
The price of Alexa Show at is lowered from £199.99 to a more reasonable £139.99 again (was this price a month ago, so probably will be again in the future).
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Mine had the same issue. I got in touch with Amazon support and they swapped it out without any issues.


I have a couple that run Android 4.0 from a USB drive, they are quite handy for Spotify, Squeezeplay, Amazon Music etc. The main drawback is the lack of a video driver so I use them just for audio stuff.


Do you still use them for anything. They had such potential back in the day.


I still have a collection of Jogglers!


I’ll get some stuff done. Reminds me of the O2 Joggler. The hack for that made it a great device for its time andnin truth things haven’t moved on that much really. And that was 7-8 years ago

Amazon France half price echo products. Echo Dot for £26.38
Found 10th JunFound 10th Jun
As the title states: Amazon echo products are at half price @ Amazon FR :)

Bought 2 spots, and 3 dots. Thanks OP


Not even report it :) Though I am starting to think the site needs to be more clearer on what you guys do, we all know the we are team page but really giving you an editor nameand not let you edit is strange. Someone posted something the other week about you guys just being able to edit posts not realising you are part of the hotukdeals staff.


Brexit issues!!! Shame on you LEAVE voters...


I know the popular belief is that I can do something about this, but I really can't :)


So why was this not expired then ;( reported and expired in minutes, should really be deleted.

FITBIT Charge 2 & Echo Dot Bundle £105.44 @ Currys PC World
Found 10th JunFound 10th Jun
Current next best price is £149.98 (£109.99 for Fitbit, £39.99 for Echo). _____________________________________________________________ Add more smart tech to your life with the F… Read more

So Alexa changes Tv/Radio channel for you, boils your kettle, adjusts the heating, checks who's at the door, answers your phone, switches on/off your lights sockets etc etc etc, then you ask Alexa to check in with your Fitbit to see how sedentary you are :/


I've asked to Amazon to price match as it's their product and they also sell Charge 2 Large. They don't sell as a bundle, but they might set up one to price match Currys. Maybe they don't know it works with Echo's. :p


Yes to echo and any fitbit...check this out,review-3474.html


Do the Fitbit and the Dot work together if you have both of them?

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Amazon Echo Spot, Black - Pre order ! Amazon France £57.09
Shipping from FRShipping from FranceFound 10th JunFound 10th Jun
This article will be published on July 23, 2018. pre order it now for 64.99€ around 57£ If you have a french friend who can send it to you would be great as Amazon France doesn`t… Read more
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wonder if Amazon UK will price match ;)


Electronics in The UK are much cheaper than in most European countries. I had purchased my laptop via EBay, from Slovakia, as this particular model was not released yet in the UK ( I guess not EU fault, as it was available in other EU countries). I've paid about £430 plus £20 delivery. Found the same model available on the internet from US. Was £375, so 2anted to get it. After taxes and postage, the total was close to £600. No thank you! So these are the type of prices we will be looking in the future.


Saw a “deal” Here yesterday for a €5 voucher for using the Amazon French app for the first time. Maybe you can use that here also


They also have the dot for 29 and the echo for 49, the problem as mentioned is they are region specific devices. Maybe they will be this price on Prime Day in the UK?


Morning Boris.

Wileyfox Swift 2 X - Gold & Amazon Echo Dot (2nd Generation) - White - (Exclusive to Amazon) £138.99 @ Amazon
Found 9th JunFound 9th Jun
Swift 2 X and Amazon Echo Dot Bundle This bundle includes the Wileyfox Swift 2 X Gold with Amazon Echo Dot (2nd Generation), White. The Swift 2 X has an exceptional viewing exp… Read more

I've got one of these and it's excellent value for money and has had 2 major updates to android since I have had it. the first got rid on cyanogen, the second gave me Nougat. Oreo is in the pipeline. NO other mobile company has upgraded my phone 3 times as most do a runner after the initial release. OK support was patchy but it's in new hands now. The phone itself works well and has 3gb of ram, 32gb of memory and a 5.5" screen. I got mine when the price had dropped to £160 but clearly they are trying to push value now by bundling it with the amazon thingy.


The problem with Amazon is that far too many people leave a "OOOH SHINEY !! 5 STARS" review, 1 minute after unboxing; it has got to the point where i ONLY read the bad reviews, because they tend to be in-depth and detailed. WileyFox are a rebadged, generic phone made by an unknown Chinese maker; the quality of no-name Chinese goods is always "variable"; even Renault have had their fingers burnt (had to delay the launch of their first electric cars due to all the production batteries from China being fakes filled with sand). In fact I have had it myself, I took a risk and bulk ordered some products; they were really good, so placed a second, bigger order, and received fakes.


I haven't, there was history behind his comments, but I'll let it go until he pipes up again, appreciate your input.


If the reviews are scathing enough, maybe people need to know about them? I research carefully before I buy, I'm sure most do nowadays. I wouldn't take it to heart.


I own every deal I post, take the good with the bad. Mr smithee above has swiped the bad reviews, there are some good in there too, but people as usual will always focus on the negative, not the positive reviews given.

Amazon Echo Dot £39.99 or 3 for £99.97 from Currys / PC World
Found 7th JunFound 7th Jun
Currys / PC World has been running 3 dots less £20 for some days. Yesterday Amazon lower the price for dots to £39.99 again and this morning Currys / PC world matches the price. So… Read more

I wanted 3 but missed the deal (fierce)


Why would curry’s create a deal like that??? Who really needs 3 such devices in the house scattered like confetti (party)


Amazon Echo 2nd generation currently half price €49.99 for preorder on I’ve ordered one for delivery in France but they won’t deliver to the UK. I’ve tried. Seems Alexa is being introduced in France on 13 June so it will be delivered then Echo Dot is €29.99 Good saving if you can figure a way of getting one or if you’re travelling to France.


Not sure about curry’s but works on PCW site - you have to get to payment screen before it shows the discount.


Mine doesn’t change to 99.97 when I’ve added 3, has the deal ended?

Virgin Media 100mb Fibre with phone line, TV player freeview recorder box AND a free Amazon Dot £29.99pm + £20 setup - £379.88
Found 6th JunFound 6th Jun
I have just signed up to this deal as I am sick of Plusnet. I think this is an absolute steal. £29 on a 12 month contract £20 setup fee. For £29 you get 100mb fibre, phone line and… Read more
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...I am trying to do this, but upon entering our postcode it fails to proceed :/ Do I have to cancel first my "contract" and wait till it will run out to sign up for a new deal under Mrs' details?


How does this work? Do I have to let everything cancel then “renew” under mrs name?


Plusnet used to be fine for me but over the past year, it’s regularly dropping connection for short periods. I’m supposed to get up to 37mb but hardly ever get those speeds. It varies so much- anything from 12mb usually up to around 22mb which is shocking for fibre imo. My dad has virgin 100mb and it is always consistently high so thought I’d give it a go . His upload is usually around 5mb so a little lower than plusnet but I can live with that 😁.


let me try that.. did you have a tv package?


I got 200 Meg and weekend calls for £35 retention deal

FITBIT Charge 2 & Echo Dot - Black small or large £119.99 @ Currys
Refreshed 28th MayRefreshed 28th May
FITBIT Charge 2 & Echo Dot - Black small or large and Various Colours £119.99 @currys Good price as the fitbit charge 2 are usually £99 or over alone

Showing 149£ now


That is poor .. a 2017 samsung phone not compatible .. not good .. sorry to hear


Slightly off topic but if going to be using fitbit app on your mobile make sure it is compatible. My husband's mob isn't and I changed my mobile fortnight ago and discovered not compatible. Last mobile was samsung and loved syncing my data every day. This is a 2017 samsung model but not able sync at all and not on list of compatible models. Not happy at all as I thought a 2017 phone would be fine.


I saw the Fitbit charge 2 in Dixon's at Edinburgh Airport for £89.yesterday...if you happen to be flying then may be worth a look...may be national...may not. I already have a Charge 2 but am looking for the wife.


True, both Amazon and Google are pushing these out any way they can. I'm not bothered if it's always listening, I have Google Home because I'm always with my phone anyway - OK Google detection would be activated on my phone if I didn't have GH so Google would be listening either way (I have nothing much to hide as well).

Amazon Echo (2nd Gen) £74.98 or  two for £124.96 @ BT Shop Various Colours
Found 26th MayFound 26th May
Charcoal 11 in stock Grey 20 in stock Sandstone Less than 10 in stock Limited time deal and not huge stock by the looks but might be helpful. I think there's a free delivery opti… Read more

By the way thanks OP. Got the bundle that makes one echo for £62 each approx. Heat!


It's a hot deal damn you daft peeps.


The link is what the OP posted, just scroll down to the Bundles.


Found it only bundle seems to be in charchol :(


Do you have a link plz I can't see it

25% Off Kindle, Fire and Echo Accessories with Promo Code SPRINGSALE25
Found 26th MayFound 26th May
25% off on accessories kindle fire and echo amazon voice remote for £15 and all accessories 25% off us… Read more
Read More

Thanks op. Used code to get 25% off a case for Fire tablet.


Thanks for sharing @johnsaab1 - have moved to vouchers because there is not a deal example in thread title


Doesn’t work for the echo spot stand


Which accessory didn't the code work for? I tried several and they all worked.


Another Amazon code which doesn't work for me

Amazon Echo spots £99 each or 2 for £159.98 @ Argos
Found 24th MayFound 24th May
Argos are doing a deal if you buy 2 echo spots you save an extra £40 great deat if you want 2 for home or you and a friend or family member are looking to purchase and split the co… Read more

Was 6% saving on £160 with instant vouchers (I.e £10).


Why only £10 from your staff discount? If two are £160, wouldn't you get £160 off? And then your £10 voucher on top?


Or use to set up alarms.


It’s very dim indeed. But that isn’t good enough for my ocd, so I turn the screen off at night- you just have to ask it to turn off its screen. On a side note- I do like mine, but I’ve noticed it repeatedly mishears me, which my echo dot very rarely does.


like all new tech, it needs to be used properly and all unwanted fucntionliaty can be tweaked to a persons needs. If you dont need messanging (which I dont) then turn it off..

Amazon Echo Dot for £33.89 with promo code at Amazon (students)
Found 24th MayFound 24th May
This is already discounted from £49.99 to £39.99 but Amazon applied automatic code InStorePromo10. Not sure if this is available to everyone as I have a student account.

Same shame it doesn't work


Same here, student, code doesn't work


This or google home? Code not working for me either.


Code can't be applied for me, am also a student


Doesn’t work for me sorry

Amazon echo spot reduced to £99 - save £20 at Currys
Found 23rd MayFound 23rd May
Looks like Currys PcWorld are price matching amazon, Tesco and Argos for the echo spot black or white for £99 delivered.
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Wish there was a way of getting this delivered to the U.K.! Found it a way yet?


bfreesun 1 s ago Amazon Echo 2nd generation currently half price €49.99 for preorder on I’ve ordered one for delivery in France but they won’t deliver to the UK. I’ve tried. Seems Alexa is being introduced in France on 13 June so it will be delivered then Echo Dot is €29.99Echo Spot €64Sadly no Echo Plus. Yet Good saving if you can figure a way of getting one or if you’re travelling to France.


The alexa spot has a “rip sticker” that has to be torn off the box. It would be pretty obvious had someone been in the box of one of theses


No source is concrete.


Right, so I'm "gullible" for wanting a more concrete or reliable source than just "I've got a couple of mates who told me"? Ok mate - if you say so... (excited)

Amazon echo 2nd generation £74.99 @ Amazon
Found 23rd MayFound 23rd May
Been keeping my eye on this for a while now, should of took the plunge on the £69.99 it was at a few weeks ago, thought this might help someone though if wanting one ASAP, cheap pr… Read more

Just got this for £59.99 on Prime Now. Had a voucher code for ‘Prime Now’ for £10 off When I came to order it, it also added a further £5 discount.


heard Google home is far better than this ?


I have gen 1 in my kitchen and gen 2s in the bedrooms and living room. Honestly the difference in minimal, if any. Imo. Awesome sound all round.


You lost every argument then?


Tried it with my broad scottish, no chance. It was like fighting with the wife. :D

Amazon echo spot £99.99 @ Amazon
Found 23rd MayFound 23rd May
Saw this down in price matching the qvc price from the other week. Seems a fair price for one with a screen and well a discount is a discount 🤭

And 5 months interest free it seems too


I haven’t took an Alexa plunge yet... I’m debating over this or the echo on my first but not sure if a little screen would be of benefit to me :o


I think my Show is my favourite Echo device. I use mine as my bedside clock, alarm, radio, and that’s before home automation. Love it. - D


How does the sound on this compare to the echo?


Getting a lot more use out of my Echo Show nowadays that you can now use a Skill to access any IP camera with an RTSP feed....but these just need to drop a little more for me to biute....will be keeping a close eye come black Friday week as Im sure Amazon will do somehting special price wise then...but not gonna get a better porice than this right now

Amazon Echo Dot Certified Refurbished - £34.99 @ Amazon
Found 18th MayFound 18th May
Cheapest way to get an Amazon Echo Dot at the moment I know the Echo Dot brand new has been £39.99 recently and £34.99 a few months ago but right now its back to £49.99 and so alt… Read more
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can you rename Alexa? I want mine to be Slave ( shades of Blakes 7)


I bet it’s not really Santa... he’s far too busy. Must be a helper


No, its magic and only needs connecting to the magical fairy internet ;) Also, its turns out Father Xmas's real name is Alexa! Go Figure!


Cool! Do these need to be connected to a laptop/tablet etc?


You use it to speak directly to Father Christmas.

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