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Ring Video Doorbell Pro Kit with Ring Chime £139 @ BT Shop
Found 12 h, 1 m agoFound 12 h, 1 m ago
Back in stock. Only 15 in stock at the time of listing. Key features Includes 4 interchangeable faceplates Requires existing doorbell wiring Quick and easy installation Moti… Read more

Says price drop on website but doesn’t come up with 139. Might need to get in touch with BT if you want to buy one


Yes i had the same but i had one in my basket from a couple of days ago and it seemed to have gone through at £139. Don’t understand what happened really (confused)


Not getting this price, comes up as 199


Great price op i think I’ll upgrade from v1. Nice one


Cheers. Already had it added to basket off last time when I'd missed it. Got it this time.

Ring Video Doorbell V1 Satin Nickel At Screwfix For £89
Found 22 h, 4 m agoFound 22 h, 4 m ago
Quick and easy self-installation. Get instant alerts when visitors press the doorbell or trigger the built-in motion sensors. Ring app allows video and 2-way audio communication wi… Read more
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Do these run on batteries or do they need hard wiring.


Already posted earlier today


For £99 Ring video doorbell + Ring Chime


What happens if you dont answer? Is the burglar to assume that YES the house is empty? (The ad)

Ring Video Doorbell V1 Satin Nickel + Ring Wireless Door Chime £99 Free delviery or C&C @ Screwfix
Found 17th AprFound 17th Apr
Good price for the Ring video doorbell with Chime as most places doorbell only sold for £89 Add both item to basket and discount applies automatically at checkout. Ring Video D… Read more

Sure.. only the Blink cameras are heavily restricted on storage... Ring: 60 second videos - unlimited - stored for 30 days Blink: 7,200 seconds of video before being overwritten.. that's only 120 one minute long videos. Our doorbell records a good 10-20 clips on a quiet day. With Blink, I'd be at my storage limit in less than a week! I'm happy paying my £2 per month for 30 day unlimited storage, thanks :)


It’s just the principle, they are expensive and should be bundled in like the blink cameras


Yes people go out of their way to leave negative reviews, but not good reviews, but as i said the numbers are much higher than any decent company would want tarnishing their reputation. So the small production cost of a chime pro, probably below £5 is not an unessasary expense on a £179 rrp item. However it seems they share the same ideology as you and have lost much more in lost sales due to bad word of mouth than it would of cost to include the chime pro. You only have to look above to see people saying they haven't bought one due to so many poor reviews they were unsure. Anyway all the best im glad yours works great


Let's face it - people are more likely to leave a bad review than a good one. Look at John Lewis' TrustPilot page! The majority won't have an issue - it's all down to the construction of your house, layout of your network, and localised congestion. It's an unneccesary expense to include it in every box.


So dont give an item intended for a market in America to a different market with different needs and just wing it by putting people though hassle then giving 50% a chime afterwards instead of including it in the box. Its just poor ethics, if just 2 or 3% needed the chime pro then your point would be valid but everywhere i see ring reviews they're mostly complaints about the same issue, so its a huge number. Ill tell my friend about the battery

Ring Video Doorbell Pro Kit with Ring Chime £139 BT Shop
Found 15th AprFound 15th Apr
Ring Pro fromBT Shop

You can set HUKD alerts for keywords already... NB mine arrived today, now to install it later (hopefully without electrocuting myself or burning down the house)


Ahh I missed out! Wish we could set alerts for hukd deals on certain products lol


Mine has been dispatched (y)


Yes Mate , You are right. i tried to place order but site wont let me checkout!


So, they had twenty in stock but wouldn't let you check out (@ £139), but now strangely gone up to £199 with 19 in stock and does let you check out...

*COSTCO online* Ring Pro Full HD 1080p Video Doorbell with Chime, Transformer and Customisable Face Plates £169.89
Found 12th AprFound 12th Apr
With Full HD 1080p video, two way audio and customisable motion sensors, the Video Doorbell Pro is the most advanced in the Ring range. Get instant alerts when visitors press your… Read more
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I can't see the front door from my window. Don't assume this won't benefit people. Some burglars ring the doorbell to see if anyone is in before breaking in or as is happening in our area at the moment there are people going around at night checking car doors on peoples drives. This could be added security.


Thanks, unfortunately I don’t know one who’s a Costco member. Does anyone know another website or shop I can purchase this for around the same price or if another website or shop can price match maybe?? Thanks


You can have someone login and order it for you.


Can I not use someone else’s membership number?


Unfortunately you have to be a member. Alternatively, you can purchase an online only annual membership for £15. But that does not get you store access. I have purchased several things inc. a washing machine and mattresses from the website and saved several hundreds in the process.


@badgerman26 Thanks for the heads up, that'll teach me for copy/pasting from the older thread! Looks like it copied the YouTube image rather than the link. Never seen that happen before, epic fail lol. Anyway, previous post should hopefully be showing the right link now. In case I messed it up again, here it is again:


Hi. Thanks for doing a video. It doesn’t look like you’ve linked it though. Just a pictu


I ordered one of these back in December and got it a few weeks back when it was back in stock, I'm pretty happy with it. Tutorial I found it a real pain to setup so if anyone needs a walkthrough on how to pair the doorbell to WiFi, phone and chime I've done a little video. There's also a list of pros and cons in the video description in case anyone wants to know how it compares against the original Ring doorbell. Hope it's ok to post in two threads, I'd posted this in the original thread but have since noticed that one's expired. Hopefully this might be of use to someone, if you don't speak Chinese then I found there was a lot of trial and error during setup!


Slightly cheaper at Ali Express, if people prefer this seller:


Yes think so. As mentioned mainly use for doorbell recording. The Yi is on permanent record.

Ring V2 Doorbell and Video Floodlight 1080p full HD camera bundle in black £279 delivered @
24/04/2019Expires on 24/04/2019Found 10th AprFound 10th Apr
Price just dropped on this - saving around £55 from buying individually elsewhere and its the V2 doorbell not the V1. Bundle is £338 at Currys. Monitors your home from your phone o… Read more

Model number and picture V2-FLOODBLK


How do you know this is Ring Doorbell V2 and not V1?


i jumped in and bought one of the ring doorbells and two of the flood lights, they are ok, I have issues with mine that i have not been able to resolve, and there are occasions where i simply cannot go online to the camera, i have three friends who also have them and they have the same issues. also ;) (mad) what they dont tell you is after your free trial you have to pay a monthly fee to view your recorded footage, in my case its £2.50 per camera per month. or £8 per month for unlimited cameras,


Just looking at this myself. Hate the thought of being forced to pay for a subscription to access recorded footage. Looking at ways to integrate it with Zoneminder or at the very least back it up to my NAS. Looks possible after a quick search depending how tech savy you are. Seems a URL to a SIP stream is available so it should be doable. Would make an interesting project. Some interesting info. A fella has written his own Ring API


Now im more confused to either get this or the doorbell with chime and 6 months of cloud I hate that they made the cloud thing such a cash grab and idk if it's true or not whether you can view the recordings without the cloud? Can someone let me know plz thx

Ring Video Doorbell 2 - Plus potential Cashback!!! - £124 @ BT Shop
Found 9th AprFound 9th Apr
Video Doorbell 2 Next-level security and convenience that works on any home and includes a rechargeable battery pack. The Next Generation of Video Doorbells Watch over … Read more
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damn me tooooo, I was just ordering few extra cameras for my home, ehhh. next time.


it's £139 now.... Damn, misssed the offer


Why are you writing essays for a deal? Calm down


Are you going to write this on every Ring deal now? If you don't think it's a deal then vote cold and move on with your life.


Another useless overpriced gadget! When you’re OUT!, you’re OUT!!!! so why would you need to answer the door? 1) Amazon or another delivery? - they will leave it with the neighbours or in your designation place. 2) For safety to see who’s at the door? - look through the window. 3) The Postman? Your OUT you can’t sign for anything! 4) Door salesman? Look through the window and signal no thanks! 5) Family or friends turn up? - Your OUT! Save the excuses and the money and move your ass of the sofa!

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Ring Full HD 1080p Video Doorbell 2 with Chime £134.89 @ Costco
Refreshed 15th AprRefreshed 15th Apr
£134.89 shipping included

Thanks OP, i managed to pick this up for £131 in Costco Sheffield on Saturday (slightly earlier than the 15th live date) :) . To answer any questions/provide a real impression: - It includes the normal chime (non-pro). - It does includes 6 month cloud service (i've checked on my subscription, which also has no card details associated either at present). - It's very easy to install (my pre-existing chime and transformer lacks the min 8V, so it's currently just battery.. though had it been 8V> it still would have been fairly straightforward to re-wire from existing doorbells wires if you have these - i'm a DIY novice and found it very easy!) - The response delay depends heavily on WIFI signal reach (I did have to spend a bit of time getting the interference down over the weekend after initial disappointment i.e. I found the notification to phone was good, but completely pants to the chime ironically given it's a doorbell first and foremost! I've now got this resolved and get minimal delays to both phones and chime, so i'm happy so far.. i pre-warn this takes time though and is very case by case on installation!) - Battery drain so far hasn't been bad (appreciating it's fairly new obviously). - Motion detection i'm finding to be pretty good actually. I live parallel to a busy road and through the settings i've adjusted it to only pick cars coming up very close to the house (so far it's only tracking the postie, flyer people, cars parking outside and myself/better half going in/out of the house - no excessive traffic noise etc.) For comparison, I have Arlo cameras which are a nightmare when it coming to motion detection configuration (pick up every moving car!) Hopefully the above helps someone (as i spent a ton of time trawling youtube, reviews etc. prior to pulling the trigger and buying (y))


Cheers for that


Yes, it can be switched off


Good when they work, mine doesn't about 70% of the time!


I hate that it makes an obnoxiously loud tone to the person who pressed it. Surely this can be switched off?

Nest Hello Video Doorbell now £173.99 @ City Plumbing Supplies (JLP should Price Match)
23/04/2019Expires on 23/04/2019Found 8th AprFound 8th Apr
Nest Hello Video Doorbell now £173.99 @ City Plumbing Supplies (JLP should Price Match)

Which camera/system is this? Looking for a new one, but only really seen Swann doing heat detection - most the others are motion alerts, which can be noisy in the wind.


JL have price matched for me (y) 🏻


Interesting. I think I'm going to get a price match from JL and take a punt on it, if its not up to the job they can have it back as it is a very expensive door bell to not work as advertised!


My Hello is on the latest software version according to Nest.


I see lots of varying comments on this. Have you updated it? APPARENTLY, Nest have addressed the delay this year and its much better.

RING Video Doorbell 2 & Chime Pro Wi-Fi Extender & Indoor Door Chime Bundle for 149.00 at Currys. Free delivery and free C&C.
Found 8th AprFound 8th Apr
I thought it was a good deal I just spotted. As the title says, currys has it for 149.00. Its an online deal. Free delivery or C&C as well. Not sure if it is instores. I think … Read more

That's showing as £189 with no bundle offer.


£148 at the BT shop for same bundle with chime pro


It was £149 when posted yesterday. I managed to get one with £1.26 TCB and a further 20% off due to my friend purchasing one at the same time, he gave me a Currys 20% off ring products voucher. So approx. £125 for me all in.


Ordered a Currys gift card through a works discount website that gives me 6% off ... every little helps ... 😁


This is showing as £159, not £149

Ring Video Doorbell 2 1080p HD video in Satin Nickel/Venetian Bronze- £139 @ Wickes (Free C&C)
Refreshed 12th AprRefreshed 12th Apr
Controversial item! Always draws a lot of opinions. There is a cracking deal coming up at Costco later this month (similar price with a chime) but for those who can't wait or aren'… Read more
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Ring have sorted for me see my update


figure of speech.


So.... On the back of posting this deal I ended up buying the Ring Pro.. Had dropped to £199 in Argos and I cashed in the money in my quidco account to drop it further. Probably not the best deal but I'm not fussed. Fresh install with no existing doorbell so I had to wire in myself. Bought this for the transformer to sit in: All in all, it was a couple of hours work to fully install it. Was easy enough to do. I'd recommend watching the UK installs on YouTube if you're unsure. If you have no experience, then consult an electrician. The notifications are instant, they come through my mobile and the Alexa's in the house. I've had fun with the ITTT app which can trigger the hue lights to flash when someone rings the bell. On a side note, the chime that came with the set doesn't work. It's completely dead. I called the customer care line (based in Arizona) after a short wait, I got through to a very helpful (and slightly cheesey) agent who went out their way to help. They're sending me a replacement. I could have gone back to Argos but I thought it was a good opportunity to test their customer service and report back. Overall, my initial experience is very positive. Easy to install and set up. Instant notifications to my mobile (1-3 seconds). Good integration with the rest of my smart home kit via ITTT. Great customer service when something goes wrong. Gets a thumbs up from me (y) 🏼


Okay.. and why, pray tell, would you tell a stranger that? This isn't rocket science.


When you tell him on the Ring that sorry you can't answer the door because you are on holiday and there is no one home ;)

Nest Hello Video Doorbell NC5100gB £179.99 @ City Plumbing
Found 1st AprFound 1st Apr
Down £20 to £179. £229 at the majority of places. I got one a month ago and really impressed. Add the nest aware sub for £40 a year and you’ve got yourself 24/7 5 day rolling foot… Read more
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Screwfix have stopped selling this it seems.. Useful. Its amazing the Nest don't supply this given the cost!


This has dropped a couple of quid again and is now showing at £173.99


Just in case this is useful for anyone in the future: Mine arrived. I connected it to an 18V 800mA wall transformer to test it out. It kept turning on and off and after a while stayed off. Later I realised the transformer had broken. Then I tried a 19V 2.4A wall transformer. Again it kept turning on and off. When I switched the 2 wires around (+ and -) it worked fine. I had previously read somewhere that it didn't matter which way round you connected them. Turns out it does.


It's good but the nest aware sub is expensive I think!


It’s basically a 24/7 security cam with the nest aware sub so not just a doorbell really. The view is captures is a lot better than the ring, which is more an eye fish view. This is mine

Ring Video Doorbell 2 & Chime with 6 months free cloud recording £131.98 @ Costco
28/04/2019Expires on 28/04/2019Found 29th MarFound 29th Mar
£131.98 inc VAT. Offer available between 15/04/19 and 28/04/19 in Costco. In store and online
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I have also just bought this one from Costco. For me it just went on automatically. I visited the site, on my account it says I have 182 days until my trial ends.


So ive bought the ring doorbell and chime from costco (this deal) does anyone know how to activate the 6 month free cloud storage? As theres nothing in the box and Costco didn't know how to activate the free trial



I thought I saw £15 :/


Because of the 6 months cloud recording? There is a link on the main Ring website talking about special Costco bundles and mentions the ring 2 and 6 months on there? Is it possible this is just a standard ‘value add’ on any ring2 purchases via Costco?

Byron BY101 60m Wireless Doorbell Kit with Portable Chime White for £12.89 @ Screwfix (Free C&C)
Found 29th MarFound 29th Mar
Wireless doorbell kit with good reviews and nice melodies. Current price on Amazon is £15.67 A quick and easy to install door chime compatible with Byron BY systems. Wirel… Read more
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A good deal compared to normal prices on screwfix but you can easily get one with two speakers for the same price online through ebay, amazon etc.

Ring Doorbell V2 RRP £179.00 £148.99 and £138.99 with code at Electrical Showroom
Found 24th MarFound 24th Mar
Got myself one and far more competitive than anywhere else I can see on the web. Get one before they're out!

Just ordered code worked fine! Many thanks saved myself £50! x


Worked for me!! Nice one Smash77!




We was talking about Costco membership lol I’ve already added Ring’s subscription to the extra info.


No. Membership allows you to access previous recordings for up to 30 days.

Ring Video Doorbell | HD video doorbell with motion-activated notifications and two-way talk  £89 @ Amazon
Found 19th MarFound 19th Mar
A bell with a camera, how amazing. Get £5 off with code

You can use Alexa


Does this need a door bell ringer or can I use alexa to announce it?


Great for people like me who are avoiding the rent collector, water board, gas board, electric board and various debt recovery agencies :D


1st gen been this price for a while. £5 off is across anything on amazon.

Ring Video Doorbell 2 with Chime at Amazon - £158
Found 11th MarFound 11th Mar
£1.00 cheaper than the deal from 8th Feb 2019. It is still a good price although it's not the best in history.
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Thanks for that. It's just something picked up online stating; "At 1600 x 1200, Nest Hello requires 800 to 2000 Kbps of upload bandwidth while streaming video. Nest Hello will use more bandwidth to stream video when there is more motion in the scene. If you subscribe to Nest Aware, your Nest Hello streams all video to the cloud for secure offsite storage. At 1600 x 1200, each Nest Hello could use 150 GB to 600 GB of upload bandwidth per month depending on the video quality setting."


Not really. From my experience, I get push notifications on my phone and it says either "nest hello has heard a sound, or nest hello has spotted someone or someone is at the door (if they ring the bell). You can set all these and turn then off etc. And also, it goes into standby low power and starts up when it notices activity. I've not noticed a major jump on my data.


I believe the Nest transmits 24/7 so it must use a lot of bandwidth compared to the Ring equivalents. Also, will this consume a lot of ‘mobile Data’ when in communication via a mobile device away from a Wi-Fi connection?


No you can’t. I would suggest buying a Byron 776 mechanical chime with built in transformer and some bell wire and hard wiring it though. Cost is about £17 but it means you’ll never have to charge it and the white ring around the button is always illuminated.


Being stubborn on price is the best way to go :-)

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