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Posted 14 September 2023

7 Night All Inclusive 5* Antalya, Turkey Holiday (November) from Luton with WizzAir - 2 Adults

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  1. hotdealshot010's avatar
    Aren't WizzAir known not to be reliable?
    deleted857047's avatar
    Honestly they are very unreliable if the flight is cheap or doesn't fill up they just cancel it based on profit and losses happened to me twice why I didn't learn the first time stay away from Wizz air
  2. blahblahblah1234's avatar
    Manavgat is not Antalya
    The hotel is 100km from Antalya airport
    Pay more for transfers which aren't included
    Pay more for standard sized carry on luggage and/or hold luggage, only 1 small item is included.

    Extra £200 to add transfers and 2 standard sized bags with priority boarding
    Plus another £144 per item of hold luggage.

    Hardly an "All Inclusive" holiday if you have to pay extra for basic necessities like transfers and luggage. (edited)
    sheffield788's avatar
    We are 2 adults plus 2 children. When we go away, we usually have a small luggage each, plus one large suitcase for all of us. All inclusive means we can take 1 large suitcase each, but we don't need that. I would like to have the option of choosing 1 large suitcase only and reducing the price of the holiday. We pay about £400-500 more because we are 'forced' to come with luggage we don't need.
  3. ScubaDog's avatar
    Bloody like Blackpool in November.... plus a lot of Turkey closes up out of season with nothing to do away from the hotel.
  4. Mujahid_Ali's avatar
    Not great to be honest this is over an hour away from the airport, all resorts are cheap at that time of the year
  5. blahblahblah1234's avatar
    November 14th to 21st is the last week of the season before the hotel closes for the winter.
    Unheated outdoor pools will be freezing at the end of November.
    Not sure there will be much buzz about the place, probably be the only ones there for the last couple of nights. Remember to switch off the lights and put the cat out before you come home!
    Away from the hotel, the local area will be dead quiet (closing down for the winter) or just dead.

    Lots of reviews on Tripadvisor make interesting reading. Please read a few before you book.
  6. deleted2558511's avatar
    I wonder which holiday deal had the most HUKD’ers rocking up at the same time at the same hotel
    charltonator's avatar
    Should make HUKD t-shirts/merchandise 
  7. pubgrundy's avatar
    Who wants to be holidaying in Turkey when it's 15°?
    Prasanta_'s avatar
    those who want a new face or hair line
  8. Bau's avatar
    The Town Manavgat is 20km away, middle of no where?!?
    MKS14's avatar
    Manavagat market on a Monday is the best. So many varieties of traders and items. Don’t bother with the Thursday market, it’s not the best.
  9. martinelsen's avatar
    where the hell is antalya? pls update post op
    740540's avatar
    Next to Duaci. In Turkiye
  10. muz379's avatar
    Wouldn't fly with WizzAir even if you paid me , nothing against low cost air lines as a concept , but WizzAir have shocking practices , cancelling flights last minute if they aren't booked enough to make profit , making it seem like you can only have a refund in "WizzAir crediits" . Changing flight times , destinations , and even departures .If they think there is going to be a delay they often just change flight times to avoid Eu 261 compensation . Leaving you with the choice of either accepting the new flight arrangements or cancelling for a refund which takes them ages to process and leaves you having to make alternative arrangements at short notice .
  11. oranjuice's avatar
    I get wizzair are naff, but there are other airlines flying to Antalya who probably work out cheaper once you've added luggage.
    As for Manavgat, it is a town with a mix of tourists, expats and locals. Though it won't be busy, I expect a lot of places will remain open to serve the locals
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