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All-New Dacia Spring 100% Electric City Car + £250 to spend on accessories, charging credit or towards a home charger - Pre-Order Live

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Ok so this may not be everyone's cup of tea but i think this is a great deal for a cheap eletric car for city driving.

It is the cheapest electric car on the market with Pre-Order Deposit of £99 available now. (Deposit is refundable up until date of car delivery)

New budget hatch undercuts the UK's former cheapest EV, the Vauxhall Corsa Electric, by almost £12,000

The Dacia Spring is very much aimed at those who drive in the city, and this is why it has a tiny 27kWh battery pack. This helps keep the cost down, as well as the weight, and it’s the latter which helps with this car’s efficiency.

All versions of the Spring have around 137 miles of range. That may not seem impressive on paper, but it’ll be more than enough for those who have short city commutes and it makes it the perfect second car for nipping around town. It’s also a few miles more than the Honda-E can manage, and that car costs almost twice as much.

The results is highly impressive efficiency – on paper – of 5.1 miles per kWh. An MG4 EV manages around 3.8mi/kWh.

You can charge your Spring from 0-100% in just four hours from a 7kW AC home wall box thanks to the battery’s small capacity, and it can be topped up from 20-80% in 45 minutes with a DC fast charger.

If you preorder you get either
  • i) £250 to spend on Accessories
  • ii) £250 of charging credit with a charge pass from Mobilize Power Solutions
  • iii) £250 towards home charger.


Expression Electric 45 Starting from £14,995 in Polar White, other colours from £15,645
Dacia More details at
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    0-60 in 19.1
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    Great to see EVs finally coming down in price, recent convert and I love them, the running costs are incredibly cheap.

    There's a great YouTube channel for anybody who's not up their electric tech who have just done an overview of this car too...

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    I took my MG4 on a 280 mile round trip to the Lake District last weekend. We sat in the car for about 15 minutes at a motorway services whilst it fast charged. My wife read a book and I watched a couple of YouTube videos on android auto and had a break drinking a cup of coffee. We were not charged. The whole trip cost just £4 in electricity. You could charge this Dacia Spring for a little over one pence per mile on a home charger. A petrol car costs 30-40 pence per mile in fuel. All cars deprecate but no car is as cheap to run as an EV.
  3. M3NDEREZ's avatar
    All these people who complain about the poor range of EV's and yet the data from MOT's tells us that the average person in the UK drives 142 miles a week.

    Oh no, you need to charge it twice a week while you sleep. However will you cope!
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    You can't convince the haters either way. They don't deal in facts.
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    I'm surprised the range is 137 miles from a 27kw battery, my fiat 500e does 150 miles real world from 42kw battery, I would think 27kw would be less than 100 miles even in warmer temperatures....

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    Such a small car and you still can't park in the lines
  5. M3NDEREZ's avatar
    Watched a review of this the other day, its seriously impressive for the money. For my 22 mile a day commute, I'd seriously consider it..
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    Yes, and you can plug it in via an office window to charge it for free just like everyone does at work to charge their mobile phones. In effect you can get too and from work for free in this car saving thousands over the lifetime of employment there. You can also plug it into free power sockets councils have placed at road sides for their equipment
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    I used to be so tempted by these EV deals, but I've decided I really need to wait off on this topic.

    The long term view of EVs is so uncertain. I fear that in 5 years we are going to see literally loads of them trying to be offloaded. Maybe not even 5 years....I know how long my lithium-ion batteries last in other home appliances. Some do, some don't. And that's buying the best of the manufacturers (and no, that sure ain't Duracell - any electronics engineer isn't buying their stuff, in my experience).

    It's so difficult, isn't it? But I've decided to stay older ICE for now. Maybe I'll be proved right, maybe I'll be proved wrong (quite happily) but for now I can't take the chance. Simply can't afford it.

    I've got 20 year old cars that still run sweet as a nut. My guess is that these new EVs simply will not be able to match that.

    I honestly hope they do. I've driven EVs and they are great.

    At this price, it's a good deal I reckon. And maybe this kind of lower-tech brand will actually prove to be better than a Tesla or such like. I've heard stories of people wanting to buy new batteries for a 4 year old car and being told that they are no longer manufactured. Wtf?

    Anyway, it's out there. Buy this is you want a cheap EV. Obviously, buy Japanese if you want more reliability. But this price is good and I wish you well. (edited)
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    I get the concern and sitting on the fence is fine, tbh anything is fine so long as you're not buying brand new ICE and locking in to another 20 years of pollution.

    However not all batteries are equal. In recent years we've had chemistry improvements that make phone batteries last a lot longer, plus we've learned that keeping them cool and not pushing them to voltage extremes is good for lifespan. Almost all cars have battery cooling and avoid brimming and emptying the battery without you being aware of it. We're starting to see really old EVs on the used market with high mileage, they will be in worse condition than modern vehicles due to older chemistries. My Leaf is at 75% after 11 years and 112k miles, a Renault zoe would be at 90 or 95% at the same age (very good battery management!). 20 years from a new EV should be fine.
  7. Joshfount's avatar
    Cracking price if you can manage with the limited range ♨️
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    Really a City Car that if it did its range everyday would be over 36,000 miles - limited?

    Ignoring EV's for a second but staying with the City Car

    There are 110 2018 VW UPs (Petrol) on Autotrader. 90 of those 110 have done fewer than 45,000 miles over 5 years say if you only drove during the week that would be about 31 miles a day.

    The highest mileage was for 2 of them at 90,000 miles or 61 miles a day.
  8. HonourableGentleman's avatar
    Dacia owner here, can't recommend them enough, cheap and chips and (15 months in) not a single issue!
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  10. Twelvetoes's avatar
    I stopped reading at “electric”
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    For the next word... I know it is a "curly cuh" but it makes the "ssss" sound.

    ssss ih tuh ee = city.

    Let me know if you want help reading the words after that.
  11. JamesNolan's avatar
    People are going to slate this for it's range but the reality is that it's fine for most. Most also won't go for the 45bhp option (that's just to grab a headline price point)

    Personally, I do 100 miles a week, all around town. I never get up to 40mph let alone any quicker!

    I currently run a banger of a peugeot 106. 59bhp petrol. I spend £100-£120 a month on petrol, and £27 a month on RFL and insurance, so if this comes in at around £150 on a pcp, I'm going for it (and have already paid my £99 to reserve depending on this).

    I do have a relative that lives an 80 mile round trip away. The Dacia should do this no problem, but if not, we have another ICE car in the family that I can use. This spring won't replace a main car but for doing the school run, getting to work, nipping to the shops, it's all most people day to day will ever need.

    Most people aren't going to buy these either, as said above, they will be on cheap PCPs, so battery deg is a none issue. Just hand ot back at the end of the lease. (edited)
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    The problem for this car is that the used market has better spec cars for less than this. Citroen e-C4. Hyundai iONIQ etc. It is good to see an EV at this price but the second hand market currently is really difficult to refuse. This makes sense on a cheap lease if such a thing exists.
  12. Mr_Bump's avatar
    wow stunning deal, cars like this will completely change the EV market.
    buttons to buy and tiny costs to run, with an octopus EV tarrif this is literally going to be the same as running an ICE car at 200mpg
    SOUTHWALES's avatar
    Probably even better, I'm with EDF and pay 4.5p per kw, so costs about £1.50 to charge my fiat 500e 42kw giving me 150 plus miles of range each day, I have 28k on clock now and think I have spent less than £250 in home charging...
  13. trojan34's avatar
    Loving all the comments on this car/topic. Dacia cars are cheaply built. Horrible to drive. The infrastructure isn't in place for electric car charging in my area. As per normal we are not organised or prepared for any change to the normal. COVID was a good indicator of that. Until they have an electric car that I can easily charge and will last me at least a week's driving before I have to do so then I'm not interested. A government scheme of £10k or more towards the purchase price would help. Lol.
    FineTuning's avatar
    This would easily cover a weeks driving as a second car for runabouts. It will never need to though because it will be full every morning, much easier than having to go to a filling station. 
    Cars are not about the needs of any one person this will more than meet the needs of many whilst being cheaper than a petrol equivalent t.
  14. Friday-Ubaydah's avatar
    In my opinion, EV is merely a stop-gap technology until hydrogen-powered automobiles becomes a viable alternative to ICE (internal combustion engine).

    Over the past 5 years in the UK, a revolution in public transport has been occurring with brand-new buses running on hydrogen, and I can report that their acceleration is phenomenal for the weight of buses.

    It's only a matter of time until hydrogen production (through the electrolysis of water) becomes as affordable as crude oil extraction. The international benchmark of crude oil futures, Brent, fluctuates in price, however on average it's approximately $80–$85 per barrel. The equivalent in measure of hydrogen is currently in the region of $200 – $220.

    It's only a matter of time when hydrogen electrolysis becomes affordable enough for hydrogen-powered cars to replace ICE.

    The advantages of hydrogen-powered cars over EVs are numerous, including the time to fill up at a service station (the same as petrol), driving range of 400 miles, etc.

    There have also been ingenious solutions to convert existing ICE cars to hydrogen-power, negating the need to buy a new car.

    The Toyota Mirai is the third hydrogen-powered car available in the UK. As can be expected, it isn't cheap.

    jasper132's avatar
    No it won't catch on for many reasons...
    1) Unburnt hydrogen is a really bad greenhouse gas
    2) it leaks out of every container, it's really difficult to keep inside of something
    3) energy density is currently really low, need massive containers
    4) believe it or not, the refill time can be really slow
    5) losses in production of H2 can be really big, if you're using electric you're better off using that directly in electric cars
    6) losses in refilling, yes that's right, you cannot simply refill a H2 car without active cooling, so another energy loss
    7) the infrastructure is almost non existent
    8 ) parking indoors is very troublesome, due to hydrogen leakage
    I think it's great tech, but only for certain applications such a trucks or off highway plant. Shipping maybe. Not for cars!! (edited)
  15. Dusty's avatar
    Read a story about EV's and insurance costs and the likely rise. Some have been written off for scratches and small dents to the underside because they cannot 100% guarantee battery integrity and safety. A bit grim a speed bump could write your motor off...
    mikeizz's avatar
    What rubbish.
    I drive an EV. I had a bad accident in it which needed a helluva a lot of work on it, but the battery was not touched, so they did it.
  16. DJ8's avatar
    0-60 in nearly 20 seconds and ONE star in the NCAP crash test. Would be impossible to pull out safely onto a busy fast-moving road, unless you want to test NCAP's rating to see if it really is that bad.
    NibblyPig's avatar
    It's a tiny city car, you should look at 0-30mph. Strange they don't publish that.

    I have a Noddy car like this and 0 to 30 is crazy nippy, but 30 to 60 is garbage.

    So don't be mislead by the 60mph figure.
  17. DJ8's avatar
    Death trap, coupled with its 0-60 in nearly 20 seconds. Cars will creep up on you very quickly when pulling onto busy roads.
  18. RobMotoring's avatar
    That’s the old model. In fairness and you make your own mind up over this, it drops stars because it doesn’t have the electronic warning systems ncap wants these days. Dacia deliberately misses them off as they say consumers don’t use them and it just adds to the cost. Items such as an active bonnet for pedestrians, lane assist.

    Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t want a 70mph crash in this, but I see it as a town car for lower speeds anyway. (edited)
  19. robjw_2001's avatar
    Fantastic to see a new EV at this price.
    sivilis3d's avatar
    This is the only EV you'll see at this price lol
  20. Matt538's avatar
    A 2-3 years old Zoe with low mileage can be found at the same price and it is much a better deal imo
    Dogcon's avatar
    I imagine you can buy a written off Zoe for very little and then keep it's battery as a spare for the Dacia, then sell on the metal shell for scrap
  21. Smoggy1970's avatar
    Great if you just run around town/city centres.
    EQL's avatar
    I think a less-than 80 mile round-trip commute would be doable in this (you might want to borrow the car to trial that) with a recharge overnight. When you get above 100 miles for longer trips, you'd need to be able to wait 45 mins to charge before continuing for another 80 miles. So if I owned this, I would want longer trips to be infrequent and not too long!

    My recommendations for those thinking about moving to EVs:
    For those wanting to plan potential trips ABRP is great: (both the site and app are good)
    Zap-Map is ideal for finding nearby chargers:
    Electroverse for paying (you will need more payment apps):
    Google Maps is good for finding fuel and charge-efficient routes.
  22. sean_numark's avatar
    by the looks of it the one in the review video is the Extreme Electric 65 so it £16,995 just to make you all aware
  23. Ahmad_Mohamad's avatar
    When the BYD Seagull gets released in the UK for around £12000 it will sell more than this Dacia
    Artisan's avatar
    never because this model in china is dongfeng ex1 only sell for 5000 pounds, byd in china is double that price.
  24. harribo1's avatar
    Watch the Matt Watson review - you're better off with a 2/3-year-old Corsa-E/Puge208/Renault Zoe for less money.
  25. deathsoul's avatar
    So I would be dead if I got into an accident?
  26. trevorcocks's avatar
    Get a used Zoe or Corsa-e for £13-15k and get decent range and specs, with 0-60 under 10 seconds. This thing will depreciate like Titanic.
  27. saitama_fan's avatar
    If you like appalling build quality go ahead (edited)
    gg1pl's avatar
    Asian brands along with Dacia top build quality tables

    Seems you're one of the people who love paying for the badge, paying a premium for BMW, Range Rover etc basement build, bottom of the table build quality (edited)
  28. Delilahs_Grandad's avatar
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    Picked a bad example... most of these small petrol engines are terrible quality these days.
    Also nobody bought a Taycan. They got them through work schemes ect. pay very little each month (for a porche) and are probably quite happy with it. Everyone else bought them 2nd hand for dirt cheap and will be extremely happy with it.
  29. Chimppimp1987's avatar
    Great deal for an Electric car. Has undercut the market by a long way.
  30. paulde2007's avatar
    The lst of anti ev myths continues to be debunked

    Evs are too slow... debunked
    Evs are worse for environment than ice cars.. debunked
    Evs don't have range.... debunked
    Evs aren't cheep to run... debunked
    Evs aren't attractive.... debunked
    Evs aren't wanted.... debunked
    Evs are worse for peoples health vs ice... debunked
    Evs are too expensive to buy..... debunked

    What are you left with..... "what about hydrogen" ha ha
    Slipperyshoe's avatar
    Ev’s environmental impact still very much under debate.
    Depending on charging source EV’s can indeed be incredibly expensive to run. In my old company running costs went up considerably as charging was mainly done on the road by the users.
    Other than the upcoming influx of Chinese EV’s, which are only so cheap as they’re effectively state sponsored, EV’s are hugely overpriced.
  31. rjd1802's avatar
    This will push the prices of used EVs down too. Win win. This car looks great
  32. Sjsjzwzebxxbn_Uajqzszdbx's avatar
    I just realised It is just pointless to argue with all these naysayers here wow are you all just reading the daily mail and the mirror?? 😁
  33. K_ruddy's avatar
    £10,000 in Germany!!
    jhw's avatar…hrt

    From 22,750 € according to the German website.
  34. jhw's avatar
    No good if you have to park on the road. Plus, it's a Dacia.
    Dogcon's avatar
    You can use a diesel generator - just plug in the 3 pin plug and charge it up. The generator can run on red diesel or used cooking oil. No issue with road side park and charge at all. £99 for a diesel generator.
  35. RAFAVDV's avatar
    ICE types are very fragile aren't they. I wonder if horse and cart owners carried on when cars were first introduced.
    gregskellorn's avatar
    Oil company propaganda is powerful unfortunately. Driving around in mine I just chuckle at everybody around me missing out 😁 (edited)
  36. Cherryton's avatar
    Good Stuff...
    Good Price... SO one less thing the anti-EV lobby can moan about!
    HaroFreestyler's avatar
    I’m not anti-EV, in fact quite looking forward to owning one. But if you live anywhere but a major city the infrastructure is not good enough. We’ve hardly any chargers nearby, and our area has lots of houses without parking so charging is a huge issue.
  37. kevin0113's avatar
    I'll stick to my 6 litre v8, thank you very much
    paulde2007's avatar
    Don't think anyone with a. 6L v9 would be interested in this car

    Just like if I'm not interested in women's handbags then I would skip past the post.
  38. tollywolly's avatar
    Where do the batteries go and do these take rechargeable ones?
    DJ8's avatar
    In the glove box, takes 30 AA batteries. Go for Ikea Ladda ones.
  39. Bargain99hunter's avatar
    I am an EV driver. Most EVs get about 3.4 miles per kWh. I personally think it's highly unlikely that this will get close to the 130 odd miles. More likely to get 80-85 if not using on the motorway. (edited)
    Paddy_o_furniture's avatar
    I consistently get 4.5-5miles to the kwh in my Ioniq. The last 10k miles averaged at 4.8.
  40. deathsoul's avatar
    Watch this:
    SeymourHoffman's avatar
    Misleading. Everyone uses octopus off peak 7.5p per kWh.
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