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Volvo V90 2.0 T4 momentum plus estate - £276.99 initial rental + £276.99/month x 47 = £13,295.52 total @
Posted 23 h, 4 m agoPosted 23 h, 4 m ago
First time submitting a car lease deal, so here goes. The Volvo V90 2.0 T4 momentum plus estate on lease at 276.99 a month with a 48 month term and 8000 miles pa. This brings the … Read more

You’re by yourself there I’m afraid.


Hehehe. Volvo defo don’t do Hype.


BRILLIANT !!!! What speed does it get up to in Over-Hype mode then? Oh, please, please keep these nuggets of wisdom & inspiration coming, they are so so helpful in my decision making process as I look at deals on HUKD.


Theirs a few things that make this a bad deal. First the OTR price £35,000. This has been posted a few time on this site for £26,000 Second, the rental period of 4 years for £13,295,52. This car again is on the Site already with a 2 year lease for £7,314. So it would be better to hire 2 years, as this will work out cheaper. Besides the issue of breaking down outside the manufacture warranty period. You Also have extra costs's such as Extra servicing or tyre replacement. Also after 2 years you would be able to lease another one for 2 years.. Obviously this is just my view of the deal.


Just change term, £288 month over 36mths would be better so you are covered with full warranty. Then price up a 3 year service plan through Volvo.


Replaced my mum's hideous Suzuki jimny with one of these after looking at some reviews.Bought the sz4 entry level for 10k only a year old and have to say it's a brilliant all round car.Plenty of things to like.Cheap to tax,cheap to insure ,very good on fuel 1.6petrol about 51mpg round town and 57mpg long run which amazes me .Plenty of space in the back and boot.Well laid out cabin.Great driving position and brilliant handling for an SUV.Only down sides are some of the plastics feel abit cheap but who cares these things are so reliable and Suzuki easily beats so called premium brands for reliability just without the badge but who cares were losing hardly anything on it.My only advice is maybe go for a midrange model for the sat nav rear camera.


Haha, are you sure? What vehicle do you have in mind?


yes, chances are it won’t.


So annual routine servicing (oil change etc), which might be 1 or poss 2, plus tyres, brake pads etc. I might expect the brake pads to outlast this though, but it depends how you drive. And any other consumables eg wiper blades.


The Skoda will be more comfortable to sit in while you wait for the RAC.

Enterprise Car Club - Key Worker - Get free membership for a year
Posted 26th MayPosted 26th May
If you’re a key worker, you automatically qualify for free membership – for at least a year – of Enterprise Car Club, saving £60. You will also get up to 45% off the hourly renta… Read more

Yes you have to pay 21 pence per mile on top of your hourly/daily rental. There is a petrol card inside the car if you need to refill (You can earn tesco/nectar points at the right petrol stations.)


Oh good


Except it says "NHS Staff/Volunteers, Emergency Services, Armed Forces & Key Workers"


From the page you linked "...all members prior to renting are to ensure they:(...)Are not living with or in close contact with someone who is currently quarantined or who has tested positive for the virus."So looks like they're not eligible anyway?


Do you have to pay the per mile rate on top of the hourly/daily rental fee or do you choose which of the tariffs you want to use?

Nissan Leaf Tekna in Red PCH Lease 6k/year £281.07 x 1 + 23 plus £250 fee £6995.68 @ Willow Leasing
202° Expired
Posted 25th MayPosted 25th May
Nissan Leaf Tekna in Red PCH Lease 6k/year £281.07 x 1 + 23 plus £250 fee £6995.68 @ Willow Leasing

Not really, as I do 95% of my miles in electric, that's why I went from Diesel to Petrol, I didn't buy it for fuel economy, I bought it for the 374bhp, it's a second car that will do probably 100-200 miles a month, the leaf does about 1500. Although I can nurse 40mpg out of it in optimal conditions I can also get it down to 20mpg driven hard (shock)


Yes we are all entitled to our own opinions, and I am not trying to set standards for others so please get off your high horse. At no time have I suggested that 'one' simply turns up and assumes that one can charge at a 'guests' house. Thats totally unacceptable. Anyone with manners would have asked their guests beforehand and, if given permission, would make the necessary arrangements for charging and make the appropriate recompense. If you would find it 'self-entitled' or 'difficult' then thats your opinion/problem. As more and more people buy an EV then this sort of occurence will slowly, over the coming years, become 'normal'.


Don't You think that's great though? Look how much the gap gas closed between petrols and diesels? 10 years ago you'd have been looking at 25 mpg for a 3ltr petrol engine. It's the clever tech that makes it all possible - petrols acting like diesels under low load conditions. If you've got a reasonably powerful car, after a short bout of acceleration up a slip road and onto the motorway, the car is barely ticking over maintaining motorway speeds - and that's where the efficiency kicks in.


I feel proper mugged off now, wait till I call up the dealer! I'll be telling him he sold me old tech. I'll also be having a word with "Honest John" he reckons the Polo does 37mpg. I've barely driven this car due to lockdown but the 335d was epic, 4.7 to 60 and 40mpg, this one I think will scrape 40mpg under grandad conditions but it quicker and sounds way nicer....


It's a very good car - at its price point. I chose it because it's relatively quick, fun to drive, well equipped and residuals are decent. Bought outright at a decent discount new, it'll cost me about £220 a month in depreciation over the 3 or 4 years I'll probably have it. I did consider the BMW 135 as it's a reasonable looker now (last gen is hideous and impractical with very little room in the back), and we don't need a huge car. BMW residuals are pretty poor in the short term, i'd never buy a new one unless I got at least 25% discount. Notice my emphasis on fun, above. I used to have a Golf R. It was very fast but dull to drive, way too planted. I suspect a 340 suffers from the same dull to drive save for 3 seconds of insane acceleration on the move. I prefer my Polo.

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Brand New Suzuki SX4 S-Cross SZ4 1.0 Boosterjet - £12,499 @ Luscombe's Leeds Suzuki
Posted 24th MayPosted 24th May
Great price for a brand new car.
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Hi all, Thanks for picking up and sharing our offer on the new SX4 S-Cross. To answer a few questions listed above: - MPG: Real world figures are mid to high 40's. It was initially listed incorrectly as 37 and now corrected to the figure of 45 which is under the new 'realistic' MPG test. We have many customers averaging 50-55+ - Why so cheap? Quite simply, there's a new, hybrid model coming shortly. We had a few of these left in stock which have to go. It is the entry level spec, but you still get a hell of a lot of car for £12,495 and it's the much loved 1.0 Boosterjet turbo engine (it's difficult to buy a new small hatchback/city car for that money these days) - Would you buy a car online from someone you've never heard of? We're the UK's leading Suzuki dealer (4x Suzuki dealer of the year) and we look after customers properly. We pride ourselves on our reviews and have thousands of unprompted 5* reviews (see Trustpilot, Google etc). We also can arrange nationwide delivery and 'virtual test drives' for anyone looking for more information on this or any of our cars while the dealerships are closed. I hope this helps - of course if anyone has any questions or would like any help/advice regarding a new or used car, feel free to get in touch on our website or email me at


If it was automatic would buy


Had a few SJ's in the past, all of them saw dirt.... do like the new jimney, looks like a little jeep


Now been updated to 45MPG which will is the correct figure under WLTP standards. The rules on advertising cars MPG changed on 1st April, so before that it would have been advertised at 53 MPG. Quite an economical car for its size.



Brand New Skoda Kodiaq 1.5 TSi SE Drive 7 seat SUV - £21,914.37 via Drive The Deal - 25% off List Price @ Drive The Deal
30/06/2020Expires on 30/06/2020Posted 24th MayPosted 24th May
There are currently some very generous offers available on the Skoda Kodiaq via Drive The Deal, this SE Drive spec car is available with a £7,365 discount (25% off list price). Thi… Read more

I was with you until you claimed you could get 5-10% on an equity/bond fund


I remember, when UK was not.


Thank you. Always good to have some real feedback. I'm still looking at deals at the moment.


We have a tall family and have found the space in this car great for us. I'm only 5'8 but have comfortably sat in the middle row on motorway journeys while our 6'2 passenger sat up front without anyone compromising on comfort. The back is also great for kids as the size of the window doesn't make them feel like the view is limited. Although I wouldn't want to sit there for a long journey myself, it is THE most comfortable 7-seater back row I've sat in as the seat padding is not an afterthought and the sizing is adequate for long legs.


Lol, yes, he did go a bit off reservation with his investments. Wonder how much Kent council got back for their pension fund.

Now TV pass included free when you buy Car or Home insurance via
Posted 24th MayPosted 24th May
When buying car or home insurance through you can chose from a free 1 month sports pass, 3 month cinema pass, or a 6 month entertainment pass. A good deal if your insu… Read more
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Yeah but look between the cashback sites too as that can vary. There’s quidco, topcashback plus possibly different work ones


What's the trick here if u don't mind me asking? Search the car insurance you want on the price comparison site then search that company in topcashback?


If you’ve got any work schemes it’s worth looking through them too. I got house insurance through there, went with British Gas (didn’t even know they did insurance til that point) and for a £110 policy I should get £50 odd back in the next few weeks (I’ve been waiting about 3 months but still half back ain’t bad)




I pay £2.66pm for my entertainment pass and £4.80pm for the Movie pass. If you pay full price, then I guess this can be seen as a deal.

Skoda Scala Hatchback, 1+23 months lease, no fee, 8k miles per year £184 pm / Total £4416 @ Yes-Lease
2945° Expired
Posted 22nd MayPosted 22nd May
Total cost of lease (inc VAT) £4416.00 Total cost of extras (inc VAT) £0.00 Processing fee (inc VAT) £0.00 Finance doc fee … Read more

I ended up with Scala SE L with the 1.5L engine, metallic paint and tailgate design pack on 8,000 miles per annum. 6+23 @ £170.28


And I went for this, DSG is decent with the new car and totally the deal makes sense even at this price


I messaged but they’d sold out so got offered the same car but they wanted another £29 p/m for metallic paint and auto so I’ve not bothered..! Yet...!


Hi mate... I ended off ordering the 1.5 TSI SE L for £205 a month. 10000miles a year... Really happy with the deal... Gets delivered in June sometime


100% no cars at that price now.

Palram Vitoria 5000 Aluminium and Polycarbonate Carport - £1014 Delivered (Including Costco Membership) - Costco
Posted 19th MayPosted 19th May
For those interested in buying something like this there is a similar alternative, priced at £749.55 using code QUBOX5. Credit to Scoffgoal for finding and jezcooke for the code. … Read more

Assume this converts into a kite in high winds ;)


Some people's taste ! bloody eyesore...


Its good for wet winter, when you have to kick-off your car at 6:30am. You don't need to wait for clean the moisture on glass.


I wonder how useful these really are, for the price anyway. Granted it will reduce the temperatures inside the car a bit, but your car is still going to get covered in detritus as it's fully exposed anyway. And as to it being useful if you want to work on the car while it's raining, etc - it looks like there is barely enough room around an average sized car anyway. You can find tongue & groove car ports on eBay for not a great deal more than this, which would surely be more useful.


That is going to look really ugly on the drive of most houses.

Volvo V60 Sportswagon lease 24 month 8k miles £249.92 pm (total £5998.08) at
2267° Expired
Posted 18th MayPosted 18th May
Volvo V60 Sportswagon 2.0 T4 [190] Momentum Plus 5dr Auto Seems like a good deal. Monthly payment £249.92 Initial rental £249.92 (1 x monthly payment) Additional fees £0.00 Tota… Read more
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I look forward to seeing a cloned one on Traffic Cops!


Looks good, you might want to block out the reg on your picture though.


Picked mine up today. Thanks OP!


Whatever you say newbold, whatever you say.


I think you have mental health issues dude.

Volvo S90 2.0 T4 Momentum Plus 4dr Geartronic - £25723 at New Car Discount
Posted 17th MayPosted 17th May
32% off list on this luxury Volvo. Price is dependent upon taking out a PCP deal, but finance can easily be paid off early. Delivery and 3 year warranty included. Standard Option… Read more

This is better a new car deal rather than all these lease/pcp deals. Bloody nightmare things. No flexibility on mileage without paying extra and they always go over the car with a toothcomb. V90 deal a bit cheaper than this would be good. That said the petrol seems to have terrible mpg. Could be why they are struggling to shift.



Yep your right but hopefully there might be a few bargains around to tempt the cash strapped after this nightmare. Ive been saving my pennies so here's hoping.


Also, looks like Volvo have stopped selling pure petrol/diesel vehicles.. Suspect theyve got some old stock to shift!


Don’t forget that manufacturing has also stopped during the pandemic so future savings may not be as strong as you anticipate.

RENAULT KADJAR SUV 1.3 TCE Iconic 5dr with 5yrs warranty - £15,285 @ New Car
Posted 16th MayPosted 16th May
This is alot of car for just over 15k and now has a 5 year warranty for peace of mind motoring. 33% Off list price...on a new RENAULT KADJAR 1.3 TCE Iconic 5dr petrol - manual 1… Read more
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Fair enough but mine's been faultless so far (56K miles).


I wish there was a diesel


In UK on every single corner we have a speed cameras also on the motorway is speed limit no like in eg Germany so give me one reason why you need more BHP’s?


Ye the other half of the story is its quicker than the diesel in 0-60 lol


Wasnt sure about the white colour, especially in the winter months so in one way I was glad they had sold out by the time I rang them. Paid the extra £590 to get the metalic colour I wanted although I'm having to wait a few extra weeks for delivery. At least I know its my name thats the only one on the registration, if that matters anymore. Really pleased with the price. Hope the doomsayers are wrong and that it proves a reliable a car as my 10 year old Fiesta as been. Thanks poster for finding this deal.

10% off Admiral Travel insurance & up to £75 vouchers on car or multi-car policy - Student code
Posted 15th MayPosted 15th May
Vouchers from Amazon, ASOS, Tesco and more Enter this code in the promotional code area during checkout in order to benefit from 10% Off travel insurance or get up to £75 in sele… Read more
Read More

Perfect going Ibiza 2 weeks didn’t think to get travel insurance nice one pal (y)


Travel to no man's land (lol)


Lol, travel insurance.!?!


Horrible company, hate them even more than Ryanair- who they seem to have adopted some dubious business practices from. I had an awful experience with them after 3 years of loyality and they tried to backcharge me for all 3 years! Caused alot of stress and hassle and by the time they accepted the mistake was on their end it was too late- I cancelled on the spot and will never ever return no matter how cheap they are.


Travel? To where lol

Audi A4 Avant 35 TFSI 150 Black Edition S tronic 8k Mileage total cost £7609.26 (*Factory Order*) gateway2lease
Posted 14th MayPosted 14th May
Not for everyone but a good car at a good price. Initial rental £855.11 23 x £285.04 Admin Fee: £198 8K mileage Total cost inc Vat: £7609.26 or £10.43 a day. Includes Road Fund Li… Read more

If it’s still being advertised at this price then it should be available contact the leasing company directly.


This dead now then?


Yeah but that was 5k miles and no upfront payment, this was the same car with 8k miles quoted and 3 months upfront. It’s playing about with the finance. I believe Lex has pulled the plug on these deals now though. No more at this price.


This same car that was £6600?



Euro Car Parts - Up to 52% Off
Posted 13th MayPosted 13th May
Got a better code that doesn’t seem to be advertised on the site (40% off). Worth a try to see how much more you can save.
Read More

Waited 7 weeks for my oil order,just arrived,had to go through Paypal to get ECP too get their (poo) together.


Not an offer. All they do is up the prices first, then give a discount code to make it look good. And then they are still dearer than their sister company carparts4less


Same company. EuroCarParts. Trade under 4 different eBay shops.


Placed an order towards the end of March. Still haven't received it nearly 7 weeks later. Can't get through on the phone and sent numerous emails, messages via their website and also via messenger over the last couple of weeks. They haven't bothered to answer one of them and still haven't corresponded with me. Total frigging silence from them. Utterly unacceptable. I won't ever use them again. I will now get on to PayPal to get my money back.


It is only Click and collect for the essential workers.

Free Official Practice DVSA Driving Theory Test & 20% off all DVSA material with code
Posted 12th MayPosted 12th May
If you’re learning to drive, or an experienced driver and want to test your knowledge, you can take a free mock driving theory test online via the DVSA. There are four separate te… Read more

4 leafed clover is all I'm saying.


"even if you happen to be driving a superior vehicle." Ha ha ha ha hahaha ha ha hahaaaaaaa - that explains your user name (lol)


That's a relief (y) The number of young uns on R plates I see where I live that don't signal is crazy regardless of conditions, an ad' campaign is required I think (shock)


So if they can’t guarantee to of seen every road user or if visibility is poor, then they will be taught to signal. They would only get away with not signalling if they were somewhere where one isn’t required. So to answer your original question, yes they are taught to signal moving off if one is required, and if in doubt they would be taught to signal. But often they forget to.


Seeing as you can't guarantee you've seen every other road user, especially when visibility is poor, if you're involved in some form of RTA and had not signalled your intentions you run the risk of falling foul of the law. I'd recommend to anyone being taught that it's acceptable to not signal your intentions to think carefully :o

Hastings Direct - Reduced car insurance payments for COVID-19 if you change the mileage on your policy
Posted 12th MayPosted 12th May
I'm driving less can I get a refund?? You may be able to get a refund if you change the mileage on your policy. If you think your annual mileage will be reduced in your current p… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

Went from 15k to 5k. Not sure I will even do 5k but thought that might cover off rest of policy now!


£45 for me (y) :)


£0.01 Not worth the effort (lol)


Example 12k miles a year 1k a month Lose 3 months Drop to 9k a year Out of lockdown, you'll not pick up these lost 3k miles. Well if we are all going to the south of France for a holiday them most of the 3k will get made up! XD


Careful, some insurers charge you to make any change to your policy. Its written in the t&c’s so your £10 saving may actually cost you.

Churchill COVID-19 mileage refund by reducing your expected weekly mileage
Posted 12th MayPosted 12th May
I have not seen Churchill advertise this anywhere, but looking through their website I found it under the FAQs! Application took about 3 minutes, so worth applying. Fingers crosse… Read more

Not heard anything yet. Checked bank too and nothing refunded.


Just checked my credit card statement. We paid annually. Just had a £25.76 refund. Can't remember what I put exactly but I think we had 12k miles on our policy. I put down that we were doing 15 miles a week in lockdown. Annual policy cost was about £320 so that's about an 8% reduction.


Not a sausage


Me also.....has anybody received a payment yet?


I have applied last week but not had a response yet

New Nissan Qashqai Hatchback 1.3 DiG-T N-Connecta [Glass Roof Pack] 5dr £17,305 / £17,880 with metallic @ Nationwidecars
Posted 11th MayPosted 11th May
New Nissan Qashqai Hatchback 1.3 DiG-T N-Connecta [Glass Roof Pack] 5dr 29% discount. Based on paint solid (metallic extra) and comfortably beats Whatcar? target price of £24.2k -… Read more

Great find - just ordered for the missus. They only have metallic left


very good price. you get issues on cars twice and more the price. Also most car leases cost approx £6K for 2 years, so this seems just as good. At a guess i assume this car will cost £2-3K at the end of 6 years.


we have a 1.5dci - the dpf on these things is complete and utter crap - mrs spent best part of £1500 sorting it out, I've got it fixed now and it drives so much nicer! :)


Good turbo on the 1.3, feels alot nicer IMO. I test drove the 160 BHP & found it more than enough. The 140 was great for my needs!


I had the 1.5 for 2 years and loved it now I'm looking at the 1.3 but was a little worried. Does it feel nicer or the same? Was worries about power going up hill also.

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