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£500 extra when you sell/ part-exchange car plus goodies (With Code) @ Arnold Clark
10/05/2021Expires on 10/05/2021Posted 5th MayPosted 5th May
Get an extra £500 when you sell or part-exchange your car (likely running throughout May). USE CODE ‘ADD500’ Plus this weekend only... Choice of 1 of 3 goodies. Customers who pu… Read more

Arnold Clark are terrible and their service levels are idiotic. They closed down the local dealer to my parents and didn't tell them at all so their included MOT was booked automatically at a closed dealership. My dad found out when he got there to a boarded up showroom. *slow clap*


you seem like a bell


yep any excuse to drop the price.


Sorry we have to reduced £1000 for small scratches


PASS! (pirate)

£60 Amazon voucher for comprehensive Single Car / £80 voucher for comprehensive Multicar policy Admiral car insurance via Send me a sample
30/06/2021Expires on 30/06/2021Posted 4th MayPosted 4th May
Ask Google to "send you a sample" from admiral and you can receive up to £80 of amazon credit. Probably only worth while if you are in need of a new policy. To receive a £60 Ama… Read more

There's a lot of collusion and robbing Peter to pay Paul with these codes and cashback offers. I have a £267 insurance quote with Admiral through if I get another quote via Top Cashback ((£34 cashback) and the price goes up to £319. Go to Admiral through Top Cashback directly for £60 cashback and the quote goes to £346.


Among the big 3 comparison sites, I found around 15% cheaper than comparethemarket like for like with the same insurers. For my incoming VW ID3, Admiral and the Admiral group of companies are a lot cheaper than most (previously quotemehappy were the standout guys for me but have become expensive for me lately). Directline just aren't competitive for me, but my Dad swears by them.


Enlighten us about the Australian system, Not sure there is any difference as you still need to shop around for best prices.


Exactly. I have been with them a couple of times and they tried to fob me off on renewal with "accelerated no claims bonus" in 10 months you'd get a year's no claims... What they didn't tell you was that the insurance cover was only for ten months. I got an entire year's cover for £300! less by switching elsewhere. And the stupid thing is, that was with my previous provider who refused to beat Admiral initially. It's a massive swindle all around. The insurance needs regulating and we need a system like Australia.


5 minutes work on compare the market will probably slash your bill

AA Emergency Winter Car Kit £15.06 (Prime) + £4.49 (non Prime) at Amazon
320° Expired
Posted 3rd MayPosted 3rd May
WINTER EMERGENCY? This kit helps you cope with many situations SNOW BOUND? Dig your way out with the compact-but-tough shovel BE SEEN with an LED torch and a high-visibility vest… Read more

£23.79 now


That’s why it’s so small!


E-tool perfect for zombie management, my thanks!


To dig the hole you'll hide the body in.


Lucky you! Remember when you could happily use jump leads without screwing up an on board computer.....

36 Month Lease (12+35) Cupra Leon 2.0 TSI 300 VZ3 5dr DSG 10000mpa - £261.07 + £3132.84 initial + £199 admin = £12469.29 @ Leasing Options
Posted 30th AprPosted 30th Apr
My first car leasing deal, seems like a decent alternative to a Golf R or GTI club sport, which are about £330/mo at the moment. This also comes with heated front seats and steerin… Read more

What's the problem with not owning the vehicle? What's your solution? Wait and buy second hand or pay more on pcp? Don't really get the stigma when it comes to leasing.


I do agree but for the most part but there are plenty of deals posted here for hot hatches and they do go hot. The previous model deals a year ago where very popular


I will tell you why. Because typical Gary and Karen here are happy with their 1.0 tsi and 11 seconds to 62. And when you drive a car which have over 200hp they are wondering why and what is the point. Shame it is a FWD but still a great deal compare to what is on offer since covid started.


Well you should know how to quote the cost so people can judge whether it's a good deal or not then :) Using your logic you could say it's £1 a month with a £12,433.29 downpayment and no fees, and then keep banging on that it's a bargain because it's a only a pound whereas it still equates to £346.37 a month which is directly comparable with any other deal quoted like that regardless of how they come to that figure. If this really was a good deal, not saying it isn't, and you quoted the cost as you should've done it would have gone hot, because you said it was £261 and then people see actually it's £86 more it will definitely go it has!


I know how it works, I'm just basing the monthly costs on my specific configuration i.e. 12 month initial, 10k pa, 3yr. Just didn't include initial in my total monthly

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Hyundai Kona Hatchback 1.6 GDi Hybrid SE Connect 5dr 6000 Miles Per Year - £199 a month x 36 Months via Richmond Hyundai / What Car? Leasing
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Posted 26th AprPosted 26th Apr
It seems to be a very good deal, compared to other leases I have seen. But if I am missing something, please let me know.

I gave heat by mistake and cant take it back :S


Assumption isn't science.


Yes, I know someone who had lung cancer but never smoked a cigarette in their life. Thus, smoking causing cancer is just a load of rubbish made up by scientists. Oh look a car, cold, designed using "science" no doubt imho


Thanks for clarifying. I live in London and was getting worried, but now I feel reassured.


If you're not sure if you won't ;)

Triple QX brake cleaner £1.53 (£3.95 delivery / Free over £15) £5.48 total @ CarParts4Less
Posted 26th AprPosted 26th Apr
This went hot 2 years ago @ £1.65, so I think this is a great price. There's no collection, so your total order will need to be >£15 to avoid delivery charges. I use it like wat… Read more

Put oil on them to stop them rusting.


Ewan, is that you?


Ha, on first glance, I thought this was a can of gender fluid. Silly me


Think this stuff dissolves the lipid membrane on the surface of your eye which will leave you in agony for years. Be careful if spraying in windy conditions ...


This is great for cleaning a MTB or road bike chain. Take the chain off put it in a Tupperware and spray loads of this in it and let it soak