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Tesla Model 3 Car Rental for £38.15 a day with inclusive supercharging via app - e.g. 25-30 September (4+ days), Swindon/Northampton

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Europcar are hiring Tesla model 3 long range for £38.15 a day with inclusive supercharging. I’ve tried two locations and got the same price so it seems to be nationwide. Only seems to work via their app, not the website. Same price for several Mercedes EVs.

Seems too good to be true. If anyone spots the catch then please let me know as I’ve booked one!
Europcar More details at

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  1. Arold's avatar
    Is that fully insured?
    ArthurDent1's avatar
    Buy a separate car hire excess policy - have a look on Moneysaving expert for details. Mine cost £36 for a year.
  2. Stuart_9614's avatar
    Slightly cheaper if you have an account and sign in. Even better rates for longer durations e.g. only £181 for a whole week in late September/early October
    tommyboy81's avatar
    That's incredible!
  3. Peter9588's avatar
    Are you definitely guaranteed this car though? “Or similar premium elite”?
    Andy_k3n's avatar
    Ooh, this is a good point!
  4. ArthurDent1's avatar
    0m4d's avatar
    £36 for 6 days! As in per day or £6 per day??

    If £6 per day that’s a bargain! If it was a regular thing I’d be tempted to just keep renewing the booking indefinitely as that’s less than £200pm
  5. Sulphur.Man's avatar
    Not bad but Hertz were hiring out Polestar 2's from as little as £91.12 for a week earlier this year, if you were prepared to go to a main airport.

    A P2 is still £150 for the week now from Heathrow.
    qball101's avatar
    I got a Polestar from Hertz for £20 a day this weekend. The bloke at the place I rented one from said that "some muppet thought it would be a good idea to buy a bunch of them." and now it looks like hardly anyone wants to hire them.

    Nice for the weekend but wouldn't want one all the time. No good for touring over long distances which is kind of the point of most car rentals.
  6. Ricky650's avatar
    Does the hire include a support vehicle with a generator?
    Charging infrastructure is poor and many don't work or there's queues! 😁 (edited)
    gedensor's avatar
    Clearly you’ve never used a Tesla before. Their supercharger network is amazing.
  7. thekudos's avatar
    I'm waiting for a Mercedes EQA EV £50k book price through salary sacrifice scheme for the past 5 months. It'll be £220 a month, but now the same car is coming up at £640 a month so must've exploited a glitch in their system. Early bird catches the worm... Or maybe they'll try to charge me the higher rate. (edited)
    nicholas_collinson's avatar
    What’s that got to do with Europcar? Is the salary sacrifice through them?
  8. nicholas_collinson's avatar
    Booked one and it’s just been refused by them, seems a mis price that they won’t honour
  9. tommyboy81's avatar
    Yes, tried it for 1 week booking from Maidstone. It does show £27.47 a day!
    Roystrainset's avatar
    Which dates was that for please?
  10. FRESHHHH's avatar
    I would watchout with europcar. They overcharged me and it has supposedly been under investigation for about 3 weeks.
    And they got me to pay full insurance as I didn't have a credit card.
    Pretty sure there must be better companies out there.
  11. JRC's avatar
    12% cashback Quidco…..
  12. HUKD_R's avatar
    Anyone had a confirmation?
    Stuart_9614's avatar
    I have but that was a week ago now. 6 days for £215. I'm still not sure I believe it so haven't yet cancelled my enterprise booking for the same dates.
  13. MadonnaProject's avatar
    Electric car. Yuk.
    Ewen_Bruce's avatar
    Meaningless post. Yuk
  14. FAMILYGUY's avatar
    Glorified milk float
  15. jungleboy123's avatar
    does that come with insurance or do you need to take out your own?
    ArthurDent1's avatar
    The excess on hire cars is usually pretty high, but you can get an insurance policy to cover the excess cheaply (don't buy it from the rental company). Mine costs £36/year. See Money saving expert for advice. (edited)
  16. Rex_Cole180's avatar
    £29 a day for me in stevenage
    meem's avatar
    I just need it for one day, can I still get a low price?
  17. PlaidZ's avatar
    These are limited to 150 miles a day
    LittleMissDeals's avatar
    The hire includes unlimited miles and free supercharging though 🤷‍♀️
  18. horizon-in's avatar
    Just double check they don’t put crazy excess on your insurance. I was shocked to know the courtesy Tesla given when my car is in for service had a compulsory excess of around 2000, so declined taking courtesy car. Many won’t know until asked 
    LittleMissDeals's avatar
    "Basic" coverage is included with an excess of £2,500. You can pay more for better coverage and lower excess, or buy a separate hire car excess policy from somewhere else. Check out MSE for an excess policy.
  19. MrShaun_Warburton's avatar
    Does this include life insurance and luggage damage if and when it explodes? LOL
    H19's avatar
    It's not a Galaxy Note 7
  20. Twelvetoes's avatar
    It doesn’t have gears and a engine which is a bit strange
    ezzer72's avatar
    It's an EV
  21. Greencat4's avatar
    Ive just booked for a week in June but paid £446 vs £226 to pay on arrival with free cancellation.
    Got a pending confirmation email, figured if I’ve not paid anything down I’ve got nothing to lose, says tesla or any premium elite model, I figured it states inc free supercharging so can’t see how they can substitute the tesla for a different vehicle type, If they do ill just cancel it anyway.
    States unlimited mileage so great deal if honoured.
    Greencat4's avatar
    £246 not £446
  22. noseley's avatar
    Booked awaiting confirmation
  23. imcheap69's avatar
    What does "inclusive tesla supercharging" mean?
    PlaidZ's avatar
    Free charging at Tesla Superchargers
  24. Suratullah_Khan's avatar
    Can I put it as business use and take all the expenses off the taxes?
  25. tikibeach's avatar
    Do you have to return these fully charged? Like Petrol?

    what happens if you run out on the motorway? Normal car AA come and put some fuel in for you? Do they come with a giant USB powerbank or something?
    Namyyy's avatar
    You don’t have to return it fully charged
  26. Bargain_hunter777's avatar
    Inclusive supercharging means you have access to the superchargers. Does not necessarily mean free electricity! This may be the catch!!!
    Stuart_9614's avatar
    I can't pretend to know exactly what this means but it looks like charging is included?
    52413803-CX1HR.jpgFrom europcar.co.uk/en-…sla
  27. countryboy1's avatar
    £1871 for me
    handful's avatar
    Is that on their website or app? It's only available on the app
  28. Steveo1's avatar
    airbus330's avatar
    Yeah, but like really clean and tidy
  29. bbd99's avatar
    only the Tesla you get free 'fuel'?
    villan57's avatar
    Yes all the petrol you can use
  30. tommyboy81's avatar
    Showing £79.25 a day for me in the south east. Tried two locations via the app. (edited)
    LittleMissDeals's avatar
    Are you just searching for one day? It gets much cheaper per day for 3 or 4+ days.
  31. slu79's avatar
    So tempted as I'm away for Easter... 226 quid for full 7 days, free charging basically covers half of it instantly... only issue is if they swap out the car (edited)
  32. KarthikSarma's avatar
    Even better prices through rentalcars.com
    DryUrEyesMate's avatar
    Does that include super charger?
  33. currybum2's avatar
    Just reserved 4 days. Gloucester branch. £179
  34. Father-Jemima-Racktool's avatar
    Bring back the £1 airport one way!!!
  35. sussexroyal's avatar
  36. ChildofChaos's avatar
    vroom vroom smash smash
    prndl's avatar
    With a Tesla it's more like whirl whirl burn burn
  37. mike279's avatar
    Not working for me. Same car same date, £230pd Truro 🫤
  38. calenture's avatar
    Europcar? Eek... I learned my lesson years ago with them and their invented damage. Can't believe insurance companies just pay up..but I guess they just hike the premiums each year to cover.
    SpeedbirdB777's avatar
    What insurance companies? 
  39. m1kehunt's avatar
    £44.88 for me
    HangTime's avatar
    Same here but that's still a pretty good price I think. Tempted to have one for summer hols and just generally impress my son who loves Teslas for some reason.

    I'm sure the reality will be sat waiting hours in a queue for a working supercharger and crawling along being afraid of pranging it, wishing we hadn't bothered though...
  40. FRESHHHH's avatar
    Just to try and save some people from my bad experience, look at their trust pilot:
    DanTheHam's avatar
    People typicaly go there to complain, did you find a company with similar amounts of reviews which is better?
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