Unfortunately, this deal has expired 19 March 2023.
Posted 16 March 2023

Apple Mac Mini - M1 Chip, 8-Core CPU, 8-Core GPU, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD - £485.53 (cheaper with fee-free card) @ Amazon Germany

£485.53£59919% off
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Good price if you don't need the M2 model for £100 more.
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  1. qprfanbideford's avatar
    Good price. Though I got the M2 Mac mini for £539 via Totum card link just last week.

    An amazing machine
    jstromecs1's avatar
    M2 is definitely a better deal for those who can get their hands on the discount
  2. MrJoell's avatar
    Is there likely to be another mini released this year?
    Last bought a Mac in 2009 (MBP) which I upped the spec on when buying and still using it now but it’s on its last legs
    Now have a separate monitor and want to buy a mini with decent specs again so it’ll last
    phattmatt's avatar
    A useful website to refer to when trying to work out if there's going to be a new Apple hardware release is:


    They track the average time between releases/refreshes, and where each product is on that cycle.
  3. MThommmo's avatar
    16GB RAM not required for most workflows. Best Desktop under £500.
    martinelsen's avatar
    why is that?

    the OS is going to chase most of the 8GB available for sure
  4. vladdy's avatar
    Decent but I’d rather have 16gb ram
    AverageBloke's avatar
    That's why I got the Mini M2 Pro from Costco, it's incredible!
  5. spendHot's avatar
    better to go with M2 for another extra 150 quid?
    Jyoosi's avatar
    Slightly better GPU/CPU performance and a much worse SSD. Not even close to being worth it.

    Apple being Apple, they restricted the HDMI 2.1 port to only the M2 Pro Minis.

    Legal scams are the best, especially when people keep playing the game and paying the prices.
  6. deag's avatar
    would Apple UK stand by the warranty on this EU model ?
    jordantse's avatar
    Apple warranty is global regardless of origin of purchase. Only difference is if you buy AppleCare, then you are bound to the terms in which the country it was purchased from. Some countries have different terms when it comes to no. of accidental damage claims per year etc.
  7. Flyer01's avatar
    Here is a useful link for those Apple users looking to save some money.
  8. martinelsen's avatar
    8GB ain’t gonna cut it for RAM

    is this easily upgradable?
    deleted2686495's avatar
    Anonymous User
    Yes - buy another machine.
  9. Spt101uk's avatar
    Fantastic deal OP I think this is the best desktop under £500. 
  10. Flyer01's avatar
    Honestly, the people on HotUKDeals who can't understand that just because THEY are in relatively small group whose work need requires specialised software/simultaneous multiple intensive apps that benefits from more than 8GB, this won't be the case for the vast majority of users whose computer needs will be as satisfied with 8GB as those whose psychological need to want to portray themselves as the next Steve Jobs is satisfied by making such pointless comments on the merits of 8GB. I have never owned an iPhone or any Apple device (and never will) but even I know that 8GB in a device that has had the luxury of a synergistic ecosystem, where software and hardware are designed to work as flawlessly as possible together, will mean RAM will be a consideration for a very small (but loud) group.
    martinelsen's avatar
    did you use ChatGPT to write that? (edited)
  11. pb-live's avatar
    Nice price, got one myself a while back and it’s fantastic.  Recommend an Apple touch keyboard with the fingerprint as well, though Logitech mouse is better than the Apple Magic Mouse 
    megaboy's avatar
    Left clicks and workflow with a LT mouse. Apple needs to work that one.
  12. buddn07's avatar
    8gb is more than sufficent for the majority of tasks.

    We're using a 12" MacBook connected to a display with keyboard and mouse as our primary office machine. It's Google Docs, Sheets, emails and web browsing.
  13. CHalligan's avatar
    For those worrying about 8gb RAM; I had the same worries for weeks before I bought my Mac, I couldn't justify spending £200 extra for an extra 8gb on the M2 Mac Mini I was considering buying. However I managed to get an 8gb M1 MacBook Air on Marketplace for £550, I couldn't turn it down.

    So far I have not experience ANY memory related issues. This thing is blazing fast. I use it for work too, so I have lots of stuff open at once, often several browser sessions with 10+ tabs open on each, office applications, Spotify playing, etc
    I also make music with Logic Pro, often using a few plugins, and again I haven't experienced even a hiccup.

    I'm sure there will be a threshold point where stuff starts to slow, but I'm yet to see it so far, and I wouldn't consider myself a light user.
    usman330's avatar
    Yup. 8gb ram on Mac feels like a lot more than it is, maybe like a 24gb windows machine. It honestly performs better than my 16gb ram windows machine
  14. Tenex's avatar
    You’ll need to buy a simple AC cable but otherwise great deal
    AverageBloke's avatar
    Get a good one as most don't go all the way in. I had to use a mains extension in the end.
  15. DonLeo17's avatar
    is this a good device for a plex server? assuming you attach a good deal of storage
    Voyto's avatar
    Judging roughly from the SoC's performance, I'd guess it would handle 7-8 simultaneous transcodes (if your storage speed can keep up). It'll be more than powerful enough assuming this is just for personal use.

    You should be able to use something else much cheaper if it is personal use only. (edited)
  16. mwvb's avatar
    no free delivery to uk even with prime?
    rodman's avatar
    Never was.
  17. usman330's avatar
    I have this with 500gb storage. Phenomenal machine, deals with 4k footage in FCP with ease. No real reason to get an M2.
  18. Pikkard's avatar
    Couple of quick q's, can you get this with 16gb and is it possible to have 3 screen output?

  19. John_Bain's avatar
    £50 more get the latest 
    wdh's avatar
    On the trivial condition that you are in education.
    // Isn’t everyone? Oh… really? (edited)
  20. CyberGhost_'s avatar
    Could anyone point me in direction of a UK power lead etc that will be safe to use?
    A57ton's avatar
    Literally any, it’s a C7.

    You’ve probably got a spare already. (edited)
  21. LewsTherin's avatar
    If I run Windows on this, what would be the performance equivalent?
    JayJenkins's avatar
    You can use a program called parallels that really does make it feel quick, not native quick though but it's getting faster, and since Microsoft announced an official partnership with parallels, it's only going to get better.
  22. JayJenkins's avatar
    19% off a 2.5 year old machine, what a steal.
    wdh's avatar
    Yes, Macs do hold their value much much better than Windows PCs.
  23. Kankan101's avatar
    Just one out of the blue for Apple sakes but worth a post just for the laugh of it all.

  24. crack_shot's avatar
    how is this 2 year old cpu considered a good deal?

    An M chipped Apple device is like a BMW M Car

    insanely good engine, surrounded by unbelievable trash, premium badge that a cult like fanbase drool over
  25. Natt's avatar
    It's sold by Amazon DE so it should come with 2 year Amazon guarantee due to EU law
  26. JayJenkins's avatar
    I think we need a new WARNING - TOXIC THREAD tag for apple deals in this community.
  27. Masteryates's avatar
    Can this handle Crysis?

    Dealbreaker for me.....
  28. ak1990's avatar
    How it’s 485? Showing 619 Euros ?
    A57ton's avatar
    Deals ended. I just checked it £569 all in now.
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