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Posted 5 August 2023

Christopher Nolan 6-film Collection (buy to keep / in UHD) (Game Pass subscriber discount)

£19.99£49.9960% off
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Christopher Nolan Collection (all in UHD) including: Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, The Dark Knight Rises, Interstellar, Inception, The Prestige. Buy to keep.

You can also buy each film individually at £3.99 (UHD) with game pass discount.

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  1. XP200's avatar
    Now that is actually a good deal for the Batman movies.......the other three i have no interest in, i may just grab them and have a 4k movie night.
    HUKD_Shay's avatar
    Give Interstellar a try - it’s really good
  2. ChristopherDias's avatar
    How can you watch it ? Xbox, pc ? What about Android tablets ?
    ayeworld's avatar
    Xbox, laptop or PC, or mirror them to your TV from your laptop. Although if you're going to watch any of these blockbusters, a large screen TV or projector for the best experience. (edited)
  3. MusicmanJP's avatar
    How are these going to compare to a physical UHD Blu-ray which I could also play on my Xbox?
    mrb30's avatar
    You'll always get higher bit rate on disc, but doubt you would notice much difference by eye unless set up side by side etc etc (edited)
  4. the2ndlaw's avatar
    Unfortunately you can only watch it on an xbox or pc. The 🇺🇸 has 'movies anywhere' but hasn't got here yet so it's very limited as to the locations of where you can play it. Stick to buying on amazon/apple /google unless the deal is crazy.
    The bitrate isn't as good as disc but the audio is if you've got the right setup.
    Lots of 4k discs are very cheap now if you scour cash converters or cex or ebay! Good luck.
    Check reviews for some disc qualities though (highdefdigest or avforums) as some transfers are rubbish.
    mudstuff's avatar
    The audio is absolutely not as good on a digital copy as a physical disc.
  5. phunny12000's avatar
    Nooby to media in this way
    Do you download them or stream them
    I still don't know how to use digital codes off my blu ray collection I'm that green
    TylerDurdenUK's avatar
    I'd check those codes as some of them will have expiry dates and will be useless after that date
  6. Tatwamasi's avatar
    Pretty good, I was going to buy interstellar on YouTube but they only have it in 1080p.

    Edit: not sure why that got a laugh, that was entirely accurate. (edited)
  7. jokerevo's avatar
    don't. streaming bitrate is garbage compared to physical
  8. Gazsterchief's avatar
    Worth the price for The Prestige alone
  9. pannan's avatar
    No Memento?
  10. Franzkill's avatar
    Just wanted to give a shoutout to Insomnia while Im hear as I consider it to be his BEST movie. Always stood out to me an always felt Robin Williams (RIP) did a much better job of playing creepy and sinister than One Hour Photo but Im in the minority.

    It seems like this along with Memento pretty much always get neglected in these Nolan collections which is a shame as they are damn good movies
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