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Posted 22 February 2024

Hi-Fi RUSH (PS5) Preorder - PS+ Price

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Hi-Fi RUSH Comes to PlayStation 5 on March 19!

It will include all gameplay updates and modes, including the Arcade Challenge! update. Also features DualSense and Adaptive Triggers support.

Rebel against an evil tech megacorp as wannabe rockstar Chai and his ragtag crew using the power of raucus rhythm combat! From Tango Gameworks, the critically acclaimed studio that brought you The Evil Within and Ghostwire: Tokyo (no, really) and featured in 50+ "Best of 2023" lists by critics, HI-FI RUSH brings high-energy action where the characters, world and even combat stylishly sync to the music.

His heart mistakenly fused with an old music player, our hero Chai is labeled a 'defect' by a superpowered tech company and must fight his way to freedom! His moves amplified by the beat, Chai's 'defect' grants him the power to navigate dangerous environments and battle hordes of enemies by following the rhythm in his heart. Jump, strike and even laugh to the beat in a slick animated world synced to the music!

Tackle a wide range of corporate drones (like, actual robots with jobs) in satisfying, rhythm-boosted combat. Your actions automatically sync up to the music, but get into the groove and Chai can pull off devastating Beat Hits, extra-flashy combos, team-up attacks with their allies, show-stopping special moves and more! Expand Chai's skills with upgrades and turn every encounter into your own "animated music video" moment as you reach for those covetous S-Rank scores.

Lead Chai's squad of colorful teammates as you take the fight to the heart of an, er, heartless corporation. From Production to Marketing, face off against each department's fearsome boss, determined to stop at nothing to protect the company’s bottom line in over-the-top battle sequences featuring their own music tracks.

Speaking of tracks, tap your toes and nod your head to a killer setlist of licensed songs from artists such as Nine Inch Nails, The Black Keys, The Prodigy and Number Girl. Playing to a crowd? Fret not: Hi-Fi RUSH also includes an alternate, streamer friendly original soundtrack featuring The Glass Pyramids, Shuichi Kobori, REO, Masatoshi Yanagi and more.

Completing the story is only the beginning! Replay levels to uncover secrets, climb the perilous Rhythm Tower for a new high score, crank up the speed in BPM Rush, beat challenges to earn new rewards and deck out the team with customizable cosmetics.
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  1. Em-Pop's avatar
    No physical release planned, I guess. 
  2. kevcrawfy's avatar
    Good price on pentiment! Don’t see these on the Nintendo estore yet, pentiment especially seems like a good handheld experience.
  3. boulder1's avatar
    I....didn't like it.

    I mean it was fine? But only because I got it as part of my GP sub. But I found the main character a bit annoying, and the OTT in your face attempts at humour a bit forced (kinda like in Borderlands or High on Life, but not as bad).

    Anyways, gave up after a bit, maybe it gets better and I know my view isn't the norm (maybe I'm just no craic?).
    But aye, if you are on the fence, maybe check reviews etc to ensure it's your cup of tea.
    Franzkill's avatar
    Mate don't ever feel like you have to agree with the general consensus just cause its the popular thing to do. Taste is always subjective and I respect that it didn't rock your world.

    I personally think Bethesda and Blizzard are the most overrated game companies in existence yet many others will call be a stupid idiot for saying so. I have my reasons and don't need other's approval to like and dislike what I feel matters to me
  4. wombat57484's avatar
    I have Hi-Fi Rush on Gamepass. Great game, very charming and would highly recommend to my fellow Sony Ponies 👌
    Defaults's avatar
    Yeah I played through gamepass but definitely want to double dip to encourage xbox to bring more stuff to ps5/switch
  5. akuza's avatar
    A great game, glad it's getting out to more players.
    A shame they couldn't work out a ps+ deal with sony to make it easier for people to see this.

    Hopefully it does well from sales though!
  6. Defaults's avatar
    Damn i kinda want it physically but I’ve ps plus and it’s a great price for this
    PB182's avatar
    I think Limited Run Games will be producing a physical version I hear
  7. gmoore's avatar
    Fun game, play it on my steam deck via gamepass
    asifkp1's avatar
    Is that cloud gaming?
    I have Game pass ultimate and have considered a steam deck but don't really want to spend more money on games.
  8. mattk's avatar
    Fun for an hour, but not good enough to go back to it after that.
's avatar