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Posted 6 July 2023

Cocaine Bear / Scream VI / Plane / Knock at the Cabin / 65 - £1.99 Each to Rent (Prime Exclusive) @ Amazon Prime Video

£1.99£4.9960% off
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A bunch of recent releases down from £4.99 to £1.99 each to rent in HD or 4K:

Cocaine Bear [HD]
Scream VI [4K UHD]
Plane [4K UHD]
Knock at the Cabin [4K UHD]
65 [4K UHD]

Exclusive Prime member discount. Rentals include 30 days to start watching and 48 hours to finish once started.

Cocaine Bear
Director Elizabeth Banks teams with Oscar® winners Phil Lord and Chris Miller (“Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse”) for a thrilling story inspired by the real events of a drug runner’s 1985 plane crash, missing cocaine and the black bear that ate it. In the Georgia forest, a 500-pound apex predator has ingested a staggering amount of cocaine and gone on a coke-fueled rampage for more blow… and blood.
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Worth checking some of the "to buy" options as well, as there's some nice price points on the UHD content!

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  1. Clay92's avatar
    This films hilarious, saw it in the cinema when it came out. Don't know why it gets such bad reviews it's the funniest film I've seen for a long time.
  2. Mooney70's avatar
    Personally i enjoyed plane with gerard butler nothing too fancy. But a solid film one i would definitely watch again. Saw it on release at the pictures.
  3. Conkers816's avatar
    Cocaine Bear was ok but I think they could have gone a lot further with it
    theodudhill's avatar
    Agreed, I'm holding out for ketamine elephant
  4. ra_ar's avatar
    Loved Cocaine Bear 🐻 ♥
    vornstar13's avatar
    Watching right now
  5. tom187's avatar
    Just watched cocaine bear and really enjoyed it, would recommend giving it a go
  6. WendyAndHerBloke's avatar
    please watch 65 blind and don't look for any reviews, but Adam Driver is essentially the unluckiest person in the world.. anything that can go wrong does! x
    enclavemarine's avatar
    One of the worst movies I've seen in years.
    Ignored reviews and watched it purely because i love the genre and anything sci-fi always gets a heavy bashing, how wrong I was though. Almost as bad as after earth. (edited)
  7. AmyOT's avatar
    Save the money 🙈 worst film ever 
  8. Winterborn's avatar
    Honestly it was a boring movie. Sad its Ray Liotta's final film too.
  9. Jim789990's avatar
    Cool seen all at cinema all good films
  10. DonkeyKonk's avatar
    Knock at the Cabin is rather good, enjoyed that one, do like a bit of Shymalan (and it's not one of his bad ones like Old was) (edited)
  11. urbanbushwacker's avatar
    Some kid on the bus told me that he had bear cocaine for sale. But I told him I'm more of a cider of Man
  12. nicko42's avatar
    Good price. Bad movie.
  13. JW_Art's avatar
    Can anyone comment on the other films listed? I haven't seen any but kinda interested in em all
    ed1980's avatar
    65 - After Earth but with dinosaurs
  14. DangarrDactur's avatar
    Heat, purely as Cocaine Bear introduced me to Jane, by Jefferson Starship.

    That guitar solo
  15. BroDeal's avatar
    Good deal but this film(Cocaine Bear) is terrible. There were some amusing bits but rubbish film overall. (edited)
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