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Posted 2 August 2023

Compass 'Northern' Folding Bike - 6 speed Shimano Gears, 20" Wheel size - with code

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Reduced from £350 to £170, get extra 20% discount using code JDO-DOFE-ADU to get Compass 'Northern' Folding Bike-Blue for £136

At 16Kg, it is not the lightest folding bike, but it is probably cheapest at £136

The Compass Northern Folding Bike is simple to set up or pack away, and a pleasure to ride. The hi-tensile frame has a low step-over bar, making mount and dismount easy, whilst the 6 speed Shimano gearset will help you to cope with the ups and downs of your ride. It folds down to a very manageable size, which is perfect for stashing in your car boot or caravan.

Key features

  • High quality steel frame
  • 6 speed Shimano gears
  • Includes carry rack and full mudguards
  • Wheel size: 20"
  • Weight: 16kg

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  1. ArthurDent1's avatar
    RRP was a lie, for that money you can get a decent, well-reviewed Carrera Intercity from Halfords.
    For this price it's less bad but it's not going to be a great bike - heavy, doesn't fold all that small and cheap gears.

    I'm in two minds whether this is a budget bike or a BSO (a Bicycle SHaped Object that isn't fit for purpose). On one hand the spec is similar to Decathlon's Tilt 120 for £280, on the other the review with the slipping seatpost that can't be fixed suggests it's a BSO. Personally I'd avoid this and consider a Decathlon Tilt or a - even better - Halfords Carrera Intercity. Alternatively look for a secondhand Dahon or Dart. There's no need to spend Brompton money (they start at about £900) to get a folding bike for occasional use unless you need it to fold small enough to be allowed on a bus or train as hand-luggage.
  2. Besford's avatar
    This'll be horrible but some people don't listen to advice and have to find out the hard way.

    A used Dahon for between £65 and £120 has been my choice five times now and I don't regret it at all. The most expensive one was better than new: unmarked and properly set up then better tyres fitted and clearly not used. The cheapest one has plenty of paint chips but has been properly maintained with an annual professional service. Excellent bikes.
    Iyengar's avatar
    Can you please help me to get where can i get the used one. Marketplace not looks great.
  3. bonzobanana's avatar
    Looks pretty basic but I guess it has some positives, some of the components are better than the entry level Decathlon folder which has a nasty plastic derailleur. It looks to have 36 or 32 spoke wheels for strength where as the Decathlon bike is 28 spokes I think. It looks stronger but then its heavier.

    A quite google shopping search shows very limited selection of low cost folding bikes nowadays. Amazon seems to be swamped with the same bike at various price points and looks like a possibly uncertified Chinese model. Argos do a basic aluminium folding bike but not sure of its price now.

    It feels like second hand is the way to go to get a decent folding bike at a low price.

    The big issue for me with this folding bike is the fixed height stem and handlebars making getting a good bike fit more awkward. I personally don't have such an issue with the weight as these are low geared anyway due to the wheel size. You'd have to be pretty weak not to be able to get such a bike up a hill and it's likely the reason you couldn't do it is you are riding so slow you lose your balance. Yes this is 16kg but the aluminium models are 12-14kg sometimes more. I don't see steel as a deal breaker it's going to be stronger and more robust and resist fatigue much better over the years and they flex more for comfort as the tubes are thinner than aluminium tubes typically.
  4. DmanMax's avatar
    Code doesn't work anymore for this one.

    I'm looking for a foldie but total newbie about it. I found some options that appeal to me for various reasons: from features that stand out, overall look, price, brand etc.. I'm open minded but ideally want something that will last a few years doing regular short distances. I would appreciate it if anyone can give me some advice on the below?

    1. ebay.co.uk/itm…499

    2. outlet.e-bikesdirect.co.uk/bik…ack

    3. raleigh.co.uk/gb/…ke/

    4. amazon.co.uk/gp/…c=1

    If anyone has any other suggestions, I'd appreciate it.
    ArthurDent1's avatar
    From that selection I'd probably get the Raleigh.
    Worth a look at Decathlon and Halfords Carrera* range. Stay away from Halfords cheaper offerings like the Apollo range.

    * Road.cc were really impressed by the disc brake version of the Carrera City. There are a couple of slightly cheaper models that use the same frame.
  5. funkymartyn's avatar
    Was looking at these bikes the other week. Blacks, go outdoors plus another company selling these . ? Not many in stock to view . Would have been about 30 Miles away for me. As go outdoors same company. But after a good think. We didn't bother. Mainly wanted them for when in the day van camping etc. But these not that light. And it have to be flat land / roads. As no elec batt help.....lol. And already have full size bikes for at home . So for now we're still thinking about it.
  6. RealGeek's avatar
    is it the cheapest folding bike with reasonable features ? any better in the same price range ?
    why it's so cheap ?
    lumsdot's avatar
    Lot of steel components, cheap gears, it will be heavy and clunky.

    imagine cheap tyre makes for a car, a cheap tyre won’t last as long and may take 10meters more to stop a car in the wet
  7. gio6500's avatar
    What have the reviews been like for this bike?
    Mattyblob's avatar
    None available, all purchasers are in hospital recovering
  8. spockie's avatar
    Why is there no photos of it folded when is the main selling point.
  9. AlanBaller's avatar
    My car only cost 3500
  10. RaveX79's avatar
    It wouldn't surprise me that much if this was made by Dahon, it looks pretty similar to my old Ridgeback which has a Dahon sticker on the seat tube.

    On that bike I saved a kilo by removing the amazingly heavy rack, and the kickstand which was ally and so not too bad. I might refit the kickstand at some point as it's surprisingly annoying leaning it against things since it doesn't have a top tube. I fitted a normal saddle instead of the stupid fat padded one it came with.

    Mine rides surprisingly well, I've done a 35 mile round trip on it with no real bother, only slight annoyance is that with a 14-28 screw on freewheel I can get up any hill but then spin out at anything over 20mph coming down the other side. The actual shifting is perfect though, very positive.

    I've had all sorts of fun jaunts on it as well, I stick it in the boot of the car when we go on football away days and go exploring whatever town we're in before kick off! I particularly enjoyed taking it through the Tyne cycle tunnel before a league cup game at Newcastle. (edited)
    bonzobanana's avatar
    Not much is made by Dahon, for most of their existence they have had their bikes made by other manufacturers. A few years ago they opened their own mainly assembly plant in China which does some small scale frame manufacturing but probably over 99% of all Dahon bikes are made for them by other factories which is the case for most US and European brands. A lot of Dahon's sold in Europe are assembled by Max.com in Bulgaria from parts from Asia. Although I think recently it was mentioned many are coming from Romania so perhaps a different factory of Max.com or maybe another factory outbid Max.com to get the work. Despite Dahon's marketing they are a niche player in folding bikes worldwide because they are quite expensive. Folding bikes only make up 2-5% of bike sales depending on country. I have a Bickerton folding bike which is a rebrand of a Dahon but the bike itself was manufactured in Taiwan by a company that makes folding bikes for various brands. I think they make the Birdy nowadays. However the big folding bike factory in the world is fuji-ta, they are the biggest factory in the world for folding bikes and you can see loads of models on their site and make loads more not shown. Lots of the Dahons, Terns, Carreras, Btwin and various other brands are made by them. I have a Bicycles4u Paris Explorer model which was made by them.


    I think a few years ago their sales peaked at over 20 million complete bikes in one year plus an unknown number of frames and forks were produced for assembly plants around the world. They are the real manufacturer behind so many US and European brands.
  11. SebK's avatar
    Any deals on Compass 'Southern' version?
    Sulphur.Man's avatar
    soft as sh....
  12. larry-the-second's avatar
    Cheap for a folder but you'll definitely regret that steel frame!
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