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DYSON Flexi Crevice Tool for your Dyson vacuum cleaner £4.97 Collection at Currys

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DYSON Flexi Crevice Tool £4.97 Collection Only Limited stock but found a few instock in local Currys

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Product code: 661840
Can't clean the dust and dirt behind the cupboard or radiator? Attach the Dyson Flexi Crevice Tool to your Dyson vacuum cleaner and reaching awkward spots will be easy.

This handy gadget flexes and extends, so it bends round corners and fits into narrow gaps – perfect for vacuuming hard-to-reach places in your home or car.

You can retract the brush head to tackle larger debris, and the nylon bristles are stiff enough to remove trodden-in dirt.

The Flexi Crevice Tool works with Dyson quick release cordless vacuum cleaners.
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    I got this thinking it would be useful but in all honesty I don't use it that much, the flex is slightly helpful but in terms of the size "nozzle face on" it's as big if not bigger than the usual thin extension so it's fairly limited what this will fit into that the rigid one can't reach.
    Im in agreement. It's rubbish, but for £5 its worth a punt.
    The extending bit if bent too much will cut off suction, I paid £10 a year ago and thought I was the cats whiskers, when i tried it out I realised why nobody was buying it.

    Like I said, £5 its worth a go, personally I wouldn't buy it again.
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    Great timing! My current Flexi Crevice Tool snapped due to overuse

    If anyone was wondering, it's 57.5 cm in length which really wasn't long enough for some of the crevices I was sticking it into (edited)
    How is it as a rigid sigmoidoscope? 10/10?
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    Works on the new dysons like v11 and newer?
    It will work with every Dyson from v7 onwards
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    Just bought one, collected it.... And honestly it doesn't look that great for anything. Certainly not going to get anywhere close to the crevices in the car that need cleaning...
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    Great price. In my house (with pretty high ceilings) we call this the "Spider Destroyer".
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    Whats the best dyson accessory to use to get down the back of car seat? And which one for getting the dust at the side of deep pile carpets?
    Third party car attachments. I bought one from eBay that was almost as narrow as a straw. Worked perfectly for the car
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    Got 1! Thanks
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    Thanks partner has been after one for ages for the car, Thankyou!
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    I can´t see it on the website, how long do they hold click n collect orders?
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    Does any place sell the main brush head for a dc50?
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    Its not very flexible and its way too big for crevices
    Considering those are the two main selling points.
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    Order Cancelled. Expired.
  14. Avatar
    Ordered, says collection available today. Anyone got there's cancelled?
    Bah, order cancelled
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    Order cancelled
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    Your order's been cancelled Hi Flips - We have cancelled your order (CURXXXXXXX) and no payment has been taken.

    Nothing to say why or even an apology.

    MF's (edited)
    The same thing happened to me. It still showed in stock, so i ordered it again, and it didn't get cancelled. I picked it up earlier today
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    Good find
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    49305831-OmKWN.jpgJust collected order from Dundee.
    Thanks OP
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    I've had an email confirmation mine ready to collect
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    Ordered thanks happieads
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    If the NHS wasn't busy enough.
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    I managed to get one instore. I wanted to view before purchasing. Guy had to get it out the back from clearance stock
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    Currys Cancelled my order! - not surprised they do this all the time!!!
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    I collected mine today and were many of them near collection point in clearance basket for same price. Hull Clough road store
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    Great find op . I always found the attachments my handheld v10 came with a bit bulky for small areas. This is better for hard to reach areas / corners. It’s a little flexible like others have said it kinks if you bend it too much. It’s more of an extension. Still available for collection at my local
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    Mines got cancelled, but it still said in stock, so I ordered it again, and it went through. Picked it up today. Thanks to @wadz.

    Also, it is still in stock in Coatbridge and Hamilton if youbstay in Scotland
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