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Posted 9 May 2023

Garmin Edge 530 GPS Bicycle Computer £174.89 delivered @ Amazon Germany

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Been looking for a price drop since the 540 was arrived, this seems the best price at the moment, not sure whether to bite the bullit or wait, it has been cheaper.
Amazon Germany More details at

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  1. wakkaday's avatar
    Can you use this in the car as a Tom
    cycleman's avatar
    cycleman Author
    I guess you could in theory but not sure why you’d want to, waze works for me.
  2. edwardo1973's avatar
    Use in conjunction with Varia rear radar/light. Fantastic bit of kit, no more cranking your neck round for oncoming traffic!
  3. stedoc1's avatar
    Worst navigational device ever. Good speedometer though very expensive
    GeordieAffy2014's avatar
    Been using mine for 2 years and it's been brilliant. However re routing part is a bit naff I agree but if you stick to the route and know roughly where you going then it is truly amazing. I bought mine for £200 and honestly wouldn't be without it on a ride now.

    But obviously you talk from experience so curious why yours has been bad?
  4. cycleman's avatar
    cycleman Author
    I find my phones battery gets killed pretty quickly using gps, this unit should last several hours, also loads more metrics, if that’s what you want.
    It’s a bit like saying why buy a camera when you’ve got one on your phone.
    morrig's avatar
    Well used map my walk yesterday for 2hrs 45mins it used 12%.
    Wandering about the brightness, nits, had a few bike computers all seemed readable in bright sunlight but phone is a sod, my eyesight no help now though! (edited)
  5. stewartrichardson988's avatar
    Just ordered the Varia. Will try it with a phone 1st and if no good get one of these
  6. edwardo1973's avatar
    Don’t forget halfrauds will price match if found cheaper on line!

    Yeah if it’s online and in stock. (edited)
    cycleman's avatar
    cycleman Author
    Would that count for Amazon Germany though?
  7. Joe_90's avatar
    If you don't want the hassle of buying from Germany, Gen 1 Edge Explore is £150 at SportPursuit, 530 is £180 (hotukdeals.com/dea…163). Unless you're using a power meter or really need the advanced training metrics of the 530 and aren't bothered about a few grams extra weight then the Explore is a better buy IMO - easier to use, larger display and able to generate routes on the device. (edited)
  8. AverageBloke's avatar
    I'm waiting for the Edge 540 to drop on Black Friday to under £250.
  9. harmageddon's avatar
    Haha probably worth 10 times more than my bike, her indoors will kill me if I got lol
    jr007's avatar
    Your bike is £17?
  10. BeerGoggles's avatar
    Can't you get an app for your smart phone that does the same job?
    jr007's avatar
    Yes but not with all the functions or battery life. People who buy these tend to monitor their training and rides in detail.
  11. JDPower's avatar
    As a long time Edge 500 user, one thing that's always annoyed me is the virtual partner, which is useless for comparing against as it just plots an average speed the whole route, doesn't take into account any speed or elevation changes on the ride it was created from. Which is stupid as your virtual partner's position bears zero relation to where you actually were at the time.

    Does this handle it any better?
  12. sammyfernandes's avatar
    What’s the difference between this and just clipping my phone onto the bike like I do now with Komoot/Strava? To me it seems like a pointless gadget, similar to the golf versions. Phones have apps that can do all this surely
    Mick.H's avatar
    The GPS tends to be more accurate on these. Which if you are chasing strava segments, pays for itself
  13. jr007's avatar
    I need to sell my Edge Explore, Edge 25, Wahoo Elemnt and Elemnt V1 to give me a deposit on the 540
  14. cycleman's avatar
    cycleman Author
    I’m getting ocd over this, whether to wait or pull trigger
    JDPower's avatar
    Stay strong my friend
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