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Posted 4 September 2023

Gilmore Girls: The Complete Series to own digitally

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This appears to be the lowest price the entire collection of the original series has ever been to own digitally. It’s on Netflix, seemingly until 2026 when the license expires, but am very tempted to make this a permanent bingeable option on my devices and figured others might feel the same

Also listed here in the extremely handy & appreciated iTunes Weekly Movie sale thread!
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  1. cannibalwombat's avatar
    As a teenage boy in the early 2000s, I totally snubbed this show as obviously nauseating, lame girly trash. I couldn't have been more wrong. The pace and style of the dialogue takes some getting used to, and you'd probably get more out of it as a Yank given the sheer amount of American cultural referencing that goes on. Still, it's incredibly well-written, funny and charming. The characters are generally endearing and the plot threads interesting. I binged it about 10 years ago with my girlfriend (now wife) and we re-watch it every couple of years and get a similar amount of joy from it. (edited)
    daddybr00's avatar
    The missus tried to encourage me to watch it, it seemed okay but I really can’t understand why the dialogue is so unnatural and relentless. It’s not hard to follow, just incredibly jarring as people simply do not talk like that.
  2. Rumana03's avatar
    Love this show...I always watch it on repeat..
    joanne.collinspFk's avatar
    ditto x
  3. kowalski's avatar
    It's a good price... I used a price history website to look it up and it normally pings between £39.99 and £69.99. Was £29.99 in Dec 2022, but £24.99 seems all time best price so far.

    Preferable to "own" these digitally than to be swapping and storing DVD discs.
    Apparently this is in HD ? Is this upscaled? What's the quality like.

    150+ ripped episodes takes up a lot of disk space on a NAS, maybe better to pay Apple and use their cloud for convenience.
  4. T_Gosling's avatar
    It is also on netflix atm
  5. Skillfulperson's avatar
    Hate this show, Mrs watches it all the time. It feels like the entire show there is no stakes and nothing exciting ever happens. Very mundane
  6. Smeggysmeg's avatar
    Worth watching just for Lorelai’s humour. Netflix episodes ruined the show for me though.
    pukenukem's avatar
    Netflix episodes ruined it? Did they re-edit them or something? - Edit, ignore I get it, it's those specials they did. Agree, not good. (edited)
  7. gxw's avatar
    my daughter basically watches this on repeat on Netflix, tempted.
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