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Posted 23 June 2023

GT-85 multi Purpose PTFE Spray, Bike Lubricant 400ml - £2.75 with Free collection @ Halfords

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GT-85 Bike Lubricant is a tried and tested multi-purpose lubricant. This Bike lubricant has a unique formula that contains polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) and is great for cleaning, protecting and lubricating just about anything. Perfect on bikes, GT85 makes maintaining and protecting your bike easy, whether you are loosening a rusty or stiff part or protecting your bike chain from all types of weather conditions, GT85 will help your bike stay in great condition all year round.

Features & Benefits:
Contains PTFE which ensures maximum lubrication, protection and reduces wear & tear
Provides long lasting protection against rust and corrosion
Prevents bike from squeaking to help get a smoother ride
Displaces moisture on bikes in particular, the chain
Great to use on areas such as chains, derailleurs, pivot points, cables, shifters
Specific gravity at 20°C ranges between 0.797 and 0.805
Displaces water
Insoluble in water
Direction of Use:
Clean drive chain thoroughly before lube application
Ensure drive chain area is dry
Apply a moderate amount of Lube to the inside chain link while spinning pedals in a reverse motion
Wipe away any excess chain lube
Certification & Standards:
ANSI/ESD S20.20:2014
BS EN 61340-5-1:2007
Halfords More details at

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  1. winter_zombie's avatar
    This is a good price , used to get mine from Asda but since the crazy price rises of everything Asda now sell it at £7.85
    po57405k's avatar
    Cheapest lately is Aldi at £2.50, which was always £2 until the price hikes in everything.
  2. GW61's avatar
    Is this a similar product to or better than WD40?

    Looking for something to spray on a hedge trimmer blade after use.
    Xiwt's avatar
    Think gt85 is silicone based compared to wd40 they both have lubricating and water dispensing properties.
  3. jazzman466's avatar
    Still waiting for GT85 to bring out a range of body wash and aftershave.
    Can't get enough of the smell 😁
    GemLisa's avatar
    Love this stuff
  4. shamedbear3's avatar
    Bonedome123's avatar
    Badum Tissssshhh, thank you very much! ‍👍😄
  5. slybunda's avatar
    can use on a GT86?
  6. peggy79's avatar
    Same price @Amazon
  7. pharaohcious7's avatar
    Will these do good on boris bikes ? Some
    Of them are hard work
    mtcerio's avatar
  8. Kasia29's avatar
    Fab,thank you
  9. GemLisa's avatar
    Use it for everything on my bike
  10. poppy9's avatar
    Bought 8. We clean upvc guttering, garden tools etc with it .
  11. scrounger's avatar
    How does this compare with WD40??
    SirThomas's avatar
    Does everything WD40 can do and beats it as it is a good lube. You can check out a comparison on YouTube.
  12. Bonedome123's avatar
    Don’t forget to use the 7% off (online and instore) BLC discount if you can get it, so would reduce price to £2.56 if my maths is correct. (edited)
  13. frogger77's avatar
    Saw this on sale in Asda too
  14. cyril69's avatar
    Better than any odor twarlet I've ever smelt
  15. stec77's avatar
    Does anyone know how long this offer from Halfords will be on? I wanted to collect later than the 7 days available through click and collect!? Thanks in advance.
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