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Posted 25 June 2023

Hyundai Petrol Chainsaw P1 P6220C + 2 Chains & Bag - 62cc £80.99 with "you forgot to checkout code" UK Mainland @ Hyundi Power Equipment

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Probably the best price for Hyundai P6220C P1 Petrol Chainsaw with 2 Chains and Bag for £89.99, or £80.99 as if you fail to complete checkout you will get emailed a 10% 'left i basket' voucher.

The voucher is not generic, is one time use and emailed to you a few hours later if you donNy complete the final payment step of the checkout but provide all other details, crucially an email address.

Order by 3:30pm for FREE NEXT WORKING DAY DELIVERY (UK Mainland). Mon-Fri only.

2 Year Platinum Warranty

Key Features

  • 62cc 2-stroke Hyundai petrol engine: For the most efficient wood cutting
  • Weighs just 6.9kg: Easy to use and move around the garden
  • Automatic chain lubrication: For long chain/bar life
  • 20" bar and chain: Tackle large trees as well as smaller clearance jobs
  • Comfortable to use: Anti-vibration technology protects your hands
  • Anti-kickback safety brake: Reduces the likelihood of injury
  • Includes storage bag, bar cover and 2 chains: Protects the chain links and bar and keeps the chainsaw sharp
  • Peace of mind: 2 year P1 Power Equipment domestic warranty* / 1 year commercial warranty* (terms apply)

P1 Power Equipment P6220C Petrol Chainsaw
The P6220C 62cc 2-stroke petrol chainsaw from P1 Power Equipment is a heavy-duty chainsaw designed to deal with tough sawing requirements.

With a powerful 62cc 2-stroke engine, and fitted with a professionally engineered 20-inch bar and chain, this chainsaw is capable of tackling anything from large trees to smaller clearance jobs.

Designed to be used by everyone from gardening beginners to expert gardeners, this P1 Power Equipment chainsaw is highly versatile, delivering high performance in all weathers.

Powerful Petrol Saw
This petrol chainsaw features a 62cc 2-stroke Hyundai engine with EURO 5 technology, lowering fuel consumption and any emissions, but maintaining a fast and powerful cutting speed.

This powerful chainsaw’s ergonomically designed handles are fitted with anti-vibration technology to increase comfort and protect your hands and arms.

20” ChainsawP1 Power Equipment’s P6220C chainsaw is fitted with a professionally engineered 20” bar and chain, capable of tackling anything from large trees and cutting firewood to smaller garden clearance jobs.

Heavy Duty Chainsaw
Weighing just 6.9kg (including the bar and chain), this powerful chainsaw is both easy to transport and move around, making it easy to achieve a precise cut.

When not in use, the P6220C can be stored away safely with the included carry bag and bar cover to protect the all-important cutting links on the chain from getting damaged and keep the bar in pristine condition.

Easy To Use Chainsaw
The front-facing adjuster screw chain tensioner makes adjustment quick and easy, allowing you to quickly get back to the job at hand.

The automatic lubrication system ensures that the chain is always lubricated while in use to minimise downtime and keep the chain in good health.

Built with safety in mind, the double pivot safety brake stops the chain instantly in the event of a kick-back. The P6220C features a chain catcher that helps prevent the chain from being thrown back; if the chain breaks or becomes derailed, the chain catcher catches the chain when it derails downwards and shortens it.

2 Year Warranty
This chainsaw is covered by a 2 year P1 Power Equipment domestic warranty* / 1 year commercial* (terms apply) for added peace of mind.

Chainsaw Safety
Always use chainsaws safely to avoid accidents. For more information, see our chainsaw safety page here*.


Model: P6220C
Start Method: Recoil
Ignition Mode: CDI
Bar (inches): 20
Chain Pitch Size (inches): 0.325
Chain Lubrication: Automatic pump with adjuster
Handle Type: Claw Type
Safety Features: Anti-kickback safety brake
Engine Model: Hyundai 2-stroke Air Cooled
Engine Type: Single Cylinder
Engine Size (cc): 62
Rated Power (kW/kVA): 2.6
Rated Speed (RPM): 10500
Chain Speed (RPM) (m/s): 18
Fuel: Unleaded petrol / semi-synthetic 2-stroke oil
Fuel Capacity (ml): 500
Engine Oil: 2 Stroke
Engine Oil Capacity (ml): 160
Gross Weight (kg): 8.78
Net Weight (kg): 6.9
Fully Assembled Dimensions (H x W x L) (mm): 280 x 260 x 950
Package Dimensions (H x W x L) (mm): 305 x 260 x 500
Fuel/Power Source: Petrol
Product Type: Chainsaw
Warranty (years): 2
Commercial Warranty (years): 1
Model: EAN 600231974356

In The Box
P6220C Chainsaw, 20 inch bar and 2 chains, carry bag, tool kit (including spark plug spanner, flat head screwdriver, hex key and chain file), additional spare spark plug & bar cover
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  1. justinfoward's avatar
    Hi just a heads up had 2 chainsaw from seeing deals on HotUKDeals I thought I would give it a punt I was so wrong electric and petrol version Hyundai are terrible quality.

    Tried to claim under warranty no response impossible so gave up.

    I still have my old Screwfix own brand electric chainsaw going strong and Draper chainsaw still working great I do have a Stihl but they are different league and money so I'm not comparing with these. (edited)
    CurvedSlightly's avatar
    I doubt all of this.
  2. MrAnderson's avatar
    Only Hyundai by name. These are cheap Chinese made, they’ve paid Hyundai to licence their name. I have used one before, it was ok but no better than any random Chinese brand.
    dg83's avatar
    As Hyundai are selling this direct (unless the whole site is licensed), I'd presume it's a white label product branded on behalf of Hyundai. If so, ny hope is that they've tested the product to protect their overall brand. (edited)
  3. bizinSK's avatar
    I have got one and I can honestly recommend it for the price!
  4. Punylegs's avatar
    Sharp deal, one of the best I saw
  5. PHL's avatar
  6. bucket's avatar
    Problem with most 2 stroke saws is they need constant use,thats why the average Stihl runs well,cos they are not bought by people who dont..and using Aspen will help those start after a long time issues.
    BUT at 80 squid,its still cheaper to throw away than service! isnt that crazy..

    Problem with most 2 stroke saws is they need constant use,thats why the average Stihl runs well,cos they are not bought by people who dont..and using Aspen will help those start after a long time issues.
    BUT at 80 squid,its still cheaper to throw away than service! isnt that crazy.. (edited)
    htslough's avatar

  7. Martin_Hewitt's avatar
    Regarding these "cheap chainsaws" they're poor enough quality, under powered compared to the bug boys like Husky or Stihl, but very cheap compared to. If you've a wee project on, buy one, buy don't be expecting to start a business with one.. lol eBay chains are cheap as chips for replacements.
    dg83's avatar
    Mine's just arrived and plan to use it for bits here and there. 2 year warranty. Was surprised to read that it even comes with a 1 year commercial warranty
  8. ukjams's avatar
    Be careful with Hyundai power and garden tools. They were gaming the Amazon reviews for the garden vac I bought, a leaflet in the box offering reward for positive reviews. In fact the vac is pretty poor. I filed a negative review but perhaps Hyundai must have complained to Amazon because it was deleted.
    john_n3MU's avatar
    I bought a top of the range PIPE, battery start, mower - in orange, as seen on Starsky and Hutch....total junk.........used about 6 times...wont start on back up pull chord...belongs in the 1970's
  9. rent-a-tent's avatar
    I have no need for this but really really want it...
    slimzee121's avatar
  10. rrr99gp's avatar
  11. djlondon22's avatar
    Chainsaws....an accident just waiting to happen
    Bentbaby's avatar
    Bit like knives and the like?!
  12. justabout72's avatar
    Endorsed by leather face...im in
  13. EdUnit's avatar
    Might get one of these just to scare the neighbours kids
  14. purplebottle's avatar
    is this part of the MK1 promo release?
  15. BlackAdam's avatar
    I need this to ask for pay rise
    john_n3MU's avatar
    They won't start that readily, so your on your own.
  16. john_n3MU's avatar
    dg83's avatar
    What's an electric lawnmower got to do with a petrol chainsaw?
  17. vincento_1's avatar
    Was waiting to hear from others here, thank you.
    Had it in the basket, got the email with voucher code, but now I am not buying.
  18. dberrypro's avatar
    This is abit long in the tooth
  19. trilogy2k's avatar
    Complete waste of money.
    Chrissybh0y's avatar
  20. sparklehedgehog's avatar
    I bought this a couple of months ago and although it’s good and nice n powerful and seems ok it does go through chains like there’s no tomorrow. My previous two different brand ones never used to have this issue. Shame as could be good if it wasn’t for that
  21. stuartc74's avatar
  22. SenorBushWhacker's avatar
  23. 1884's avatar
    Great for scaring the burglars
  24. Lee196's avatar
    It’s £98.99 before code not £89.99

    It’s £98.99 before code not £89.99 (edited)
's avatar