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Posted 9 March 2023

Lenovo Yoga Slim 7 Pro 14" Ryzen 9 6900HS 16gb RAM 1TB SSD OLED £960 @ Lenovo

£900£1,20025% off
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[STOP PRESS] Now £900 using Save25 (updated at 1844 9th March)

A bit of a specialist one. Most people won't need a Ryzen 9. For what's inside this laptop, with OLED, decent size SSD, slim and light package, would have bought it if I hadn't set my sight on a 2 in 1 instead.

This is £160 more than the Curry's deal with Intel 12700H. I think this is worth the extra £160 but that's me.

[EDIT] Just to add that selected 6th and 7th Gen Ryzen 7 and 9 have better iGPU. You can get decent framerate on this. From memory the benchmark score is almost double of Intel Iris Xe (which is still lower than a discrete GPU).
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  1. TheRaider's avatar
    ryzen 9 in a 14 inch chassis will probably overheat and throttle quite badly
    Coleh's avatar
    These run 35w max spec so i highly doubt it. AMD is much more efficient at lower power than Intel so they're often more performant. Amazing thin and light for sure. However since the currys one has a 12700H if you do dvideo editing the higher core count there will pull through for certain. Much worse iGPU unfortunately. (edited)
  2. Chinchinabulation's avatar
    Is the screen on this gloss or matte? And is the webcam located above or below the screen?

    And a silly question: is the iGPU in this better than a 10-year-old dedicated Nvidia geforce GTX 460? (edited)
  3. orangepants's avatar
    Sadly you can't customise this on the 'Build Your PC' option on the website, which would enable you to bin off Windows and save £90, would undoubtedly make it a better deal, but I'm still tempted by this... (edited)
    twodoctors's avatar
    It's now £900. If it was Curry's with its 24 month interest free, I would have bought even at £960. Now I'm really thinking... 🤦🏻‍♂️ (edited)
  4. Molematt's avatar
    4"? That's a phenomenal amount of power to fit into a palmtop! 😝
    twodoctors's avatar
    It's normally the other way round. My wife thinks I'm 14".
  5. Coleh's avatar
    Ordered earlier on £900. Thanks OP.
    twodoctors's avatar
    Don't tempt me!
  6. ackuarian's avatar
    @twodoctors what is the Currys deal you talking about? Do you have the link?
  7. Rumcajs_9's avatar
    Glossy screen I guess?
    twodoctors's avatar
    • Display : 14" 2.8K (2880 x 1800), OLED, Glare, Non-Touch, HDR 500, 100%DCI-P3, 400 nits, 90Hz

    Probably yes.
  8. jayjay266's avatar
    Does anyone know would this be any good for CAD work? for example solidworks and fusion 360?
    adam.mt's avatar
    Depends on what level you use that software, ie. if you use professionally, then you're be looking for certified graphics (Quadro/RTX Axx00/Radeon Pro), but for hobby use, that's not the case. (edited)
  9. twodoctors's avatar
    Now they are teasing me. £900!
    49730494-9gUWX.jpg (edited)
  10. twodoctors's avatar
    F it. Bought!

    (got deleted by the swear filter earlier! )
  11. sergiup's avatar
    The soldered RAM isn't upgradable, right?
    twodoctors's avatar
    That's right. Not upgradeable
  12. twodoctors's avatar
    Don't forget 5% with Quidco. Hopefully mine has tracked.
    Chinchinabulation's avatar
    Topcashback gives 3ish % with Lenovo store but presumably won't if you use the SAVE25 code.
  13. Dan_H3JL's avatar
    Anyone know if this is the 14.5” touchscreen that is on some of the intel models? Very confusing.

    (yes, I do need the extra 1/2”, I’m getting old and my eye is gammy.)

    Great offer either way.
    twodoctors's avatar
    It's not. It's only 14" OLED non-touch.

    Mine arrived yesterday. Very stiff chassis and therefore very light considering the amount of metal needed to make it this stiff. Fast enough for Death Loop (the game) and Farm Simulator. Not fast enough for Atomic Heart which was to be expected!
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