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Posted 19 July 2023

New Mazda Mazda2 Hatchback 1.5 Skyactiv G 75 Centre-Line 5dr

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The Cheap Mazda Mazda2 Hatchback 1.5 Skyactiv G 75 Centre-Line 5dr sports a number of great features and technical specs.

This includes a fuel economy of MPG combined and g/km CO2 emissions from the 4 cylinder, 1496 CC engine with a 6 speed gear box. This produces 75 BHP with a top speed of 106 MPH and a 0 to 62 time of 11.3 seconds. The car fits into insurance group 16E.
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  1. divz_23's avatar
    1.5 Petrol engine with:-
    0 to 62 mph (secs): 11.3
    Engine Power - BHP: 75

    I don't know much about cars but that's crazy

    Surely the 1.5 e-Skyactiv G MHEV Centre-Line 5dr for £16,709 is the better option with:-
    0 to 62 mph (secs): 9.8
    Engine Power - BHP: 90

    or even other 1 litre or 1.2 litre engine cars will have the same amount of power as that.
    TheBigShort's avatar
    I’d prefer the 89bhp too.

    “The Mazda2 offers three versions of a 1.5-litre petrol engine, producing 74bhp, 89bhp and 113bhp respectively. Impressively, the middle option promises up to 60.1mpg, with the 74bhp and 113bhp engines not far behind on 58.9mpg and 56.5mpg respectively. However, the absence of turbocharging means the power is only available at high revs, so you may struggle to reach those figures in real-world driving.”

    Mazda’s approach to reliability and efficiency is preferable to me, larger capacity normally aspirated, low compression engine - versus small 1.0 turbo [e.g. ford] with high compression, less reliability and poorer fuel consumption in real world. Personally I would not want a 1 litre turbo, especially ford’s offering that fitted on an a4 piece of paper [to delight of marketing team].

    The moment the turbo (on super low capacity, high compression engine], kicks in, evenly driving gently, the mpg drops - the 1.5 (normally aspirated) will likely be more efficient for most when trying to drive gently/medium pace.

    The vag group 1.2 turbo was a peach (in a small Fabia/Ibiza) that could do 60mpg fairly easily, their 1.4/1.5 turbo (inc cod or act, Audi/VW) took a bit of effort to get good figures from, but could (with difficulty) do 70mpg door to door. [edit added - 1.4 cod 150bhp, averaged 44mpg for most drivers, most of the time. Getting over 50mpg took lot of effort]. (edited)
  2. deleted2844744's avatar
    I have used this car but the top end model from 2018. Loved it. I averaged 60MPG. My record was 78 by the way.
  3. Chris0609's avatar
    It's a new car to Mazda's line-up, but it should look very familiar to buyers as it's essentially a rebadged version of the latest Toyota Yaris Hybrid. The supermini was launched as part of a collaborative venture between Toyota and Mazda,
    Clark_W_Griswold's avatar
    That’s the Mazda 2 hybrid. Different car.
  4. Ralph888's avatar
    I'm not very up to date with new cars but does this share many components with the now discontinued Ford Fiesta?
    kappachin0's avatar
    Short answer is no, not since 2012
  5. ReesyBae's avatar
    What’s Skyactiv? Does it come with Netflix? 
    TheBigShort's avatar
    Generally (SkyActiv) means larger capacity engine, normally aspirated, less compression, more reliable, easy to get (near) mpg claims in the real world. 

    …versus, small capacity, turbo, high compression, more to go wrong, better at (cheating) official mpg tests but worse in real world.
  6. thedean1999's avatar
    WLTP - CO2 (g/km) - Comb: 109
    WLTP - MPG - Comb: 58.9
    WLTP - MPG - Extra High: 55.4
    WLTP - MPG - High: 67.3
    WLTP - MPG - Low: 48.7
    WLTP - MPG - Medium: 61.4
    bharathomes's avatar
    My wifes 1.6 hdi does 76mpg
  7. steve252's avatar
    "This includes a fuel economy of MPG combined and g/km CO2 emissions" - ?
    invisible_fart's avatar
    Yes, I think so. In the Description.
  8. aturner123's avatar
    Glad i held off on buying a car. Prices seem to be starting to lower.
    J1135's avatar
    look like they're starting to cool down price wise a little yeah, but the apr on anything is going bonkers, seen some say over 10%
  9. ad_182_uk's avatar
    New? That model must of been around 10 years by now lol
    paulde2007's avatar
    Yes. The design is aboit as current as the tech..... a mild hybrid. What a joke
  10. Sieja's avatar
    very good petrol engine which will never let you down. Very good price !
    Cremoso99's avatar
    The 75 bhp version is a bit lacking in power though, OK if you only use it in town.

    Also it's £800 extra for the red one in the photo. (edited)
  11. tea_drinker's avatar
    Isn't this a GDI (Gasoline Direct Injection) engine with associated carbon builup on the back side of the intake valves requiring expensive cleaning periodically?
    u664541's avatar
    AFAIK all petrol (gasoline) cars have GPFs since 2019/20(?).

    Some are problematic like Hyundai 1.6 turbo*, which Mrs has. Requires a thrash down the A3 to Portsmouth in 4th gear every ~6 months or £80 bill from Hyundai to do a force regen.
    Don't know about this Mazda engine though.

    *According to the forums it's a software problem that Hyundai know about (edited)
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