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Posted 13 September 2023

NEW Samsung SM-R180 Galaxy Buds Live In-Ear Earphones with Qi Wireless Charging Black @ cheapest_electrical

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I think these are the 2022 version and come with a 2 year manufacturer warranty.

Audio via AKG
Audio experts AKG have fine-tuned the Galaxy Buds Live, so get set to hear the treble and feel the bass, no matter if you’re working out at the gym or relaxing by the pool.

Active Noise Cancelling
Never miss your stop again, thanks to Galaxy Buds Live’s adjustable Active Noise Cancelling feature – you can easily control how much background sound you wish to hear, so you can choose to be aware of your surroundings.

Eartips for all
Samsung helpfully include Eartips to provide a more comfortable audio experience. Select the correct size and enjoy a comfortable, snug, stress free run or workout session.

The Galaxy Buds Live house 2x outer microphones and 1x inner, all to help keep unnecessary sounds out of your conversations.

Power on
Galaxy Buds Live will keep you rocking out to your favourite tunes for up to 60 minutes with only a speedy 5 minute charge. Fully charge your Galaxy Buds Live and you’ll be treated to over 6 hours of audio.

Nice touch
Once connected, via built-in Bluetooth 5.0, to a compatible mobile or smart watch, you can use your Galaxy Buds Live to control your tunes – either playing, pausing or skipping tracks or answering phone calls with just a tap.
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  1. Ashe's avatar
    There isn't any difference between 2020/2022 Galaxy Buds Live - basically they released a model in a different colour in 2022 (I think 'Onyx'), which is why it's referenced in some places, which can be confusing.
  2. QueenoftheNorth24's avatar
    Looks like you can get 10% off using COLLECT10
    Sho_Nuff's avatar
    Thanks. I would have missed the main HUKD thread on that code. Not like me to buy new headphones but worth a go.
  3. Caveman2014's avatar
    Are these good for the gym, walking etc?

    Do they fall out?
    phishwak's avatar
    I use these for the gym, walking and running (and gardening) and they never fall out even with my rather large ear-holes. I guess it depends on how they fit in your ears but for me they've been so good I bought a second pair just for my media player.
  4. Gelbero's avatar
    Don't forget, be careful with all Samsing Buds if you have a nickel allergy (+sweat).
  5. MrSwitch's avatar
  6. sheffield788's avatar
    This is probably a realistic price (I sold 2 pairs for £50 each), but the 2022 model is pure marketing. As per the above comment, in 2022, they came with a couple more colours, I think, nothing else. I like these, they are quite comfortable.
  7. xlxaiwa55xlx's avatar
    Had mine for a while. They aren't bad but have a few connectivity issues. The left bud is starting to die now though.
  8. CalvinSMJ's avatar
    These aren't the babblefish/translation version are they?
  9. grapes's avatar
    Anyone know of a way to cover the buds in something if you don't like the current colour? Thanks
    eVohicks's avatar
    They used to sell skins to cover the buds with, I sent off for some for my original Galaxy buds live which I received with a phone. I also had a set of Buds Pro which I sold on because I prefer the Buds live.
  10. Halfaudio's avatar
    One plus are better in my opinion.
    AstalaVista's avatar
    No; different type of earbuds. These ones are non--canal ones! Which I prefer!
  11. herby247's avatar
    These are my daily buds, used everyday amazing for calls, might buy another pair
  12. brad25577's avatar
    got a pair a few months back, similar price from amazon, they're okay, hard to get used to and what angel to put them in at, plus the touch isn't great either, have to tap it a few times sometimes for it to work..
  13. MaxJenson's avatar
    Still no Aptx Adaptive for lower latency.
  14. IamChris's avatar
    these are odd, I personally think most would be better off with the buds 2 which sound a lot better, have much more reliable controls and have great noise cancelation but the buds live are comfortable and do let you hear your surroundings naturally (unlike passthrough which I just dislike in any headphones I've tried)
  15. DrunkOnRedWine's avatar
    Had these for a few years. Love them, very comfortable and good sound. Good for calls. When it comes to falling out no issues, I mow the grass, clean car and never fall out.

    Can't fault these for 50 smackers. (edited)
  16. rd6743's avatar
    They are very comfortable to wear for me. I've never got on well with the one's that actually poke in your ear to stay in.

    Noise cancelling does make a different to road noise. But isn't going to be very quiet.
  17. rdzfce's avatar
    I've recently moved away from ios/apple so in the market for some headphones to go with my S23. Not wanting to spend huge. These or some of the other offerings available, anker etc??
  18. DavidEllinghan's avatar
    Anyone else's arrived faulty? I can only get one bud to work. Right bud just can't be found. Tried pairing, unpairing, updating (but it can't find it to update), restarting, re charging... just won't find the other bud.
    indyjukebox's avatar
    Have you tried fully charging it using the cable rather than wirelessly. In some older stock, it can take a while before the buds get fully charged.
  19. Sho_Nuff's avatar
    I must have strange ears or something. No way these bean shapes will fit in my ear in the way Samsung intend. I must have big Celtic ears. (edited)
's avatar