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Samsung Galaxy Buds £40 off with O2 priority £98.99  or using promo code @ O2 Shop
Refreshed 1st AugRefreshed 1st Aug04/09/2019Expires on 04/09/2019
What’s in the box?Earbuds (L/R) Charging case Three sets of wingtips USB C cable Quick start guide Go wireless and take your music anywhere, with Galaxy Buds. They deliver crisp,… Read more

To give everyone a little perspective, here's the view from one of the most respected reviewers on head-fi in comparison with some more expensive TWS sets too. This guy has spent a lot of time reviewing IEMs in the £1000 plus bracket and rates these pretty highly. I agree with him, but you need a Samsung phone with their scalable codec to get the best out of them, otherwise you're limited to AAC or SBC.


Got these new for £65 a few months ago on ebay. Only took me a few days of searching.


Great deal!


1 of mine fell out in a petrol station and got run over (lol) it then worked but lost connection everytime I turned my head, I wouldnt say their the best sounding earphones tbh.


Ordered, thanks! I’ve been looking for some decent wireless earbuds for ages and after buying a few £40-£50 range ones they all seem too heavy and look massive in my ears... A lot of reviews claim these are light and small so fingers crossed! I do have a iPhone so little miffed I don’t get the full affects but cannot stand the AirPods...

Samsung Galaxy Buds Black £120 [£90.00 With Samsung Cashback] @ Amazon
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Posted 1st JunPosted 1st Jun
Using the Samsung Cashback offer, you can get these for £90.11 with the £30 cashback [Purchase an eligible Samsung product (UK version sold and disp… Read more

Great, just looking to buy two pairs of these and found this.... Out of date, damn my luck


Cashback works when buying through amazon (non third party) the link in this op took you to a sold by amazon product, which has since went out of stock, and so the link has reverted to the third party seller. Hence the price change.


Don't order, cash back won't work. "Unfortunately, the Terms and Conditions of the promotion have not been met and your claim has therefore been rejected for the following reason: Purchases from auction websites (e.g. eBay) or marketplace sales through retail websites (e.g. Amazon Marketplace or Play Trade) are specifically excluded from this Promotion. If you are unable to click on any link provided, please copy and paste it into your web browser. If you need to contact us please visit our support page. Lines are open Monday to Sunday, 9am to 5pm. Kind Regards, Samsung Promotional Support"


You can choose notification options for each app, within the Galaxy Buds app. I haven't tried this as I normally put the earbuds back in the case when I'm not using them.


Quick question for you. I have the jabra elite and like the fact I can switch off voice notifications. Can you do this on buds. ? Also on jabra, earbuds switch themself off after about 15 minutes with one sound. Again does the bud do this ?

Samsung Galaxy A80 (Snapdragon 730, Swivel Camera 8GB/128GB) + Samsung Galaxy Buds £703.98 @ Amazon
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Posted 20th MayPosted 20th May
This is priced high for a Snapdragon 7 series, but the 730 is getting into flagship soc. You are also getting the Samsung buds worth RRP of £129 Alternatively the phone by itsel… Read more

Absolutely. There are things you have stated that I entirely agree with, some I don't. Nothing is ever just purely black and white, there are a myriad shades of grey. I have travelled in a part of China not many westerners have visited, called Xinjiang The ethnic people there, Uyghurs were warm and welcoming (if a little bemused by our appearance and presence there!) Many of their people are presently corralled in vast, isolated 're- education' camps. There is torture and worst being committed there. Then there is also the terrible treatment meted out to the people of Tibet since the unlawful invasion of that feted land by the Chinese in the 1950s. I'm not blind to the many faults of the Han Chinese, but I'm also not blind to the many faults of our own Western cultures either. Everyone has an opinion, a different perspective. All we can do is discuss our differences respectfully. Peace. (highfive)


Big difference is, in America there's rule of law (laws apply to all, judges/police can't be influenced by government) whereas in China, Communist party (=state) is above law, controls judiciary + police etc, plus there's this pervasive culture of corruption where taking bribes is socially acceptable and govt is actively encouraging theft of foreign assets (especially sensitive IP and 'selling' it as a 'patriotic' thing for Chinese abroad to do). In China, there's no ethics in business or politics at large, no human rights or consumer rights, the individual doesn't matter, only the collective (= Communism), human lives are disposable therefore (all 1.3bn of them) plus foreign lives/interests even more disposable, because they're not Chinese (but of course, only Westerners are racist). 'Ravenous greed' standards in West is only 'moderate' greed for Chinese standards. Etc. Anyway we could be talking a long time about this, and HUKD not a political forum (I was painfully reminded yesterday)


C'mon XL, lots of American companies sail close to the wind when it comes to breaking rules. It was the yanks, after all, in their ravenous greed, who started the last worldwide financial crash. Ha they wrote the book on it. I don't think China, or any of the other rapidly expanding Asian countries, need lessons from Uncle Sam on business ethics. On the other hand, I do understand the security concerns with regard to Huawei's involvement in 5G infrastructure, as they do have that obligation to aid their Government. Even I do not think they should be involved in 5G over here. There is no obvious reason, however, to hobble their phones too. Smacks of using as a pawn in the ongoing USA Vs China tariff 'war'. That seems to be the consensus opinion of political analysts too. Anyway, that's my take. Finished now. It's been a good year so far, Switchy. You've put up a helluva lot of truly excellent deals. Good stuff. :{ (y) Much appreciated!


Hey, don't be sorry, I will enjoy my phone for quite a while yet. Have to laugh though, the 🍊 one's reach is unknowable, this is the least of the damage he'll wreak on the world before he's thrown out of office.


No vote away mate (lol)

Samsung Galaxy Buds £125.10 with Student Discount + £30 Cashback @ Samsung Store
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Posted 17th MayPosted 17th May
Students are able to get a 10% discount from RRP on the Galaxy Buds from the official Samsung Website. Samsung are also doing £30 cashback on top effectively making these £95.10. … Read more

Also I don't think cex take earbuds, especially used. Only headphones. I looked and can't find a trade in price for then online so I think utter rubbish is correct. Also I love them


They are an open box item. Despite being listed as unused (not sure why the seal needs to be broken on a new and unused pair), I would never touch an open set of in ear devices. Not worth the risk, even at £25. Others may be willing to do so.




Lol OK babe 💋


Wow. His words really hurt your feelings, didn't they. It's the internet, chill.

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Samsung Galaxy Buds with O2 Priority & Instore £98.99 @ O2
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Posted 2nd MayPosted 2nd May
Knocking £40 off RRP. (y) generic code as well (y) thanks @jamie15 just add the buds to basket using code, no priority needed The next generation Galaxy Buds. Go wireless a… Read more

I would file a complaint, that is the only department of O2 that is competent.


I had the same problem. They lost them supposedly. I rang up and asked for a refund but about 5 people told me they had done it so I emailed this and got a response after 5 days with a refund. It took me numerous conversations on the phone and live chat and got nowhere then was told to email that address with everything that has happened and it finally got resolved . I hope this helps


Fair enough. I was told otherwise twice. Think issue was I didn't have a order number issued. I'll just give up now and wait for another deal.


They can track accessories orders over the phone, I've had it done before and money refunded.


Never got mine but charged. They can't track them as accessories. So down £98. Had to resort to a charge back in the end.

Samsung Galaxy Buds (SM-R170NZKABTU) £118.15 @ Samsung Edu
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Posted 26th AprPosted 26th Apr
Browsing and found these reduced by 15%. Galaxy BudsSM-R170NZKABTU Quick pairing out of the boxJust pop open and pair. Galaxy Buds work right out of the box, connecting wit… Read more

Yes, the outdoor range is very ordinary.


Cheers OP, ordered some at this price as I wanted to get kitted out after getting the S10 and 46mm Galaxy Watch


I got these off ebay for almost half RRP and theyre great! Very comfortable, obviously pairs well with my S10, won't fall out and the case is great. Main downside I have is the outdoor BT connection can be pretty shocking at times - I hear this applies to most true wireless but hopefully it'll improve with some firmware updates.


Memory foam iem tips are great.


I find the complete opposite. The rubbers keep them in the ear. Especially as they have a range of sizes. The apple ones are a solid lump of uncomfortable plastic that are one size. They just fall out of my ears.

Galaxy Buds With a 2 year guarantee £139 @ John Lewis
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Posted 28th MarPosted 28th Mar
Galaxy Buds With a 2 year guarantee £139 @ John Lewis
Best android headphones which are truly non-wireless
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Read about airpods batteries dying,5 hours when new but soon down to less than 2 hours and zero chance of battery replacement due to size and copious amounts of glue used.


Could you send screenshots of this please


When I first used them, they were awful and tinny - worse than the airpods, but when I got them fitted right, the sound is very good and I never have them at full volume cause it's too loud (in an office). I don't suffer from bad ears or loud volumes - they just have a good range in them as long as they're fitted right but no, they aren't very comfortable....yet. My left ear isn't as uncomfortable as my right ear tho with them in


I'm returning mine. They are very uncomfortable and the volume is very low. My £12 Amazon earphones were much better


Samsung galaxy app

Samsung Galaxy Buds Bluetooth Only £89.99 Delivered @ eGlobal Central
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Posted 26th FebPosted 26th Feb
I know.. eGlobal isn't for all but if you are in the market for bargains and have been looking at the galaxy buds then this is a steal! save yourself £45 on the UK price and get th… Read more
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What's everyone's experience with the microphones in these things? Mine come out completely scrambled during calls and I'm trying to determine if it is my phone (OnePlus 6t) or whether I got duds.


Yep happy.. sound isn't amazing but im used to higher end headphones and volume could be a bit louder. Worth the money tho. No import taxes either. Infact nothing to suggest it was sent from HK or China on packaging at all..


It has been 2 days and mine are still in Hong Kong...hope they get here as they are supposed to be couriered by Hermes


How are they? Are you a happy customer? and no import tax?


Mine are being delivered by Yodel today (y) 54 stops away (lol)

Pre-order a Samsung Galaxy s10 or s10+ and claim a pair of wireless Galaxy Buds - from £799.95 @ Argos
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Posted 24th FebPosted 24th Feb
Pre-order a Samsung Galaxy s10 or s10+ and claim a pair of wireless Galaxy Buds - from £799.95 @ Argos
£799.95Argos Deals
Pre-order a Samsung Galaxy s10 or s10+ and claim a pair of wireless Galaxy Buds On Argos until 07.03.19.
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Huh I thought I replied to @Gadget_ManRZ1? "I did specify"? Do you own both accounts or something? Nonetheless thanks for clearing that up :)


My bad I can see how you thought that I was talking about two separate things in my description sorry. Try and make a friend at Sainsburys I guess :)


Yeah if you look at what I've written I did specify staff only as they get a Sainsburys discount card for employees I hope that has answered your question.


Where does one get a 10% Argos discount card from Sainsbury's, something which no Sainsbury's store or Argos store inside Sainsbury's has ever offered me even after purchasing something?


Actually its not a bad deal if you have a 10% discount card from sainsburys also argos somestimes have a 15% off sainsburys staff only so unless you have a friend who works at one its not a bad deal at all hot for me. I have a card lol (y)

Samsung Galaxy S10 128GB - Unlimited Mins & Texts, 51GB Data for £39.99pm + £99.99 upfront + FREE Galaxy Buds (24mo - £1059.75) @ iD Mobile
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Posted 22nd FebPosted 22nd Feb
Samsung Galaxy S10 128GB - Unlimited Mins & Texts, 51GB Data for £39.99pm + £99.99 upfront + FREE Galaxy Buds (24mo - £1059.75) @ iD Mobile
£1,059.75iD Mobile Deals
I know lots of you out there are looking for the right deal to get your hands on the shiny new S10, and in my opinion iD Mobile have a hot contender. £99.99 upfront, with £39.99 p… Read more

1GB !!!!!!! PUT A ZERO OR 2 after it and you maybe onto something


Lol, 1GB a month.....


That's sneaky marketing. ID, not to be trusted anymore....


That's not 51gb a month. That's 1gb a month plus 50gb data boost over the life of the contract i.e. ~2gb a month.

S10 contract on EE £38pm + £175 up front plus free Samsung buds at
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Posted 21st FebPosted 21st Feb
S10 contract on EE £38pm + £175 up front plus free Samsung buds at
Deal is s10 upfront for £175. 30gb Internet unlimited mins and text with o2. You also get £100 cashback via topcashback. This makes the deal 982 annually which works out to be 40.9… Read more

Yes excuse my manners.of course thanks always go to the poster:) :)


Mobile Phones Direct is the only place to go for the best contract deals


Same here .. looking for S10+ on EE with tons of data. Currently have a sim free phone on EE, but no WiFi calling, which I desperately need. So S10+ next time me thinks.. unless a nice LG deal comes along on EE...


.....but thank you OP for sharing anyway! (cheeky)


these deals will get better.i personally am not interested in the buds.also looking for the S10+ deals. :) thanks for sharing

Samsung Galaxy S10 128GB / 8GB RAM - £799 + Claim a Pair of Wireless Galaxy Buds + Trade In (24 Month Contracts Only) @ Carphone Warehouse
763° Expired
Refreshed 21st FebRefreshed 21st Feb
£719 @ very with code MJWNU + the free earphones,4856.end Best contract here from https://www.mobiles… Read more
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I can only assume you are talking about the completely different old model. I mean these aren't out yet and none of the extremely positive reviews calling these airpod killers have talked about the issue you mention.


Well it just says £20 sim free, so at a guess I'd say you'd only get £20, and you'll be hard pushed to get the £115


TBF there's no mention of it needing to be a contract on that £115 one. If it does its very misleading


odd thing to get worked up about


Is the quidco on sim free too or just new contracts? There's zero information on the quidco page about what purchase actually qualifies you for the cashback.

Samsung Galaxy S10/S10+ Save up to £300 on trade in /   Pre-order and get FREE Samsung Galaxy Buds!
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Refreshed 21st FebRefreshed 21st Feb
The worlds worst kept secret is finally announced, in the way of the Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10+. S10e from £669, S10 starts from £799 sim free, and the S10+ from £899 for the 128… Read more

Still waiting on my buds


Yes I did get the email although I did not check !


Lucky u. Did u get email to say they will be delivered today?


My wireless buds arrived today, although they got delivered at 7.01am 😴


I just an email to say that I need to pay another £50 due to damage on my phone after they've had the phone for 16 days. Not particularly impressed, particularly as the Ts & C's say they'll contact you if there's an issue within 10 days. What happened to the other person this affected?

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