Unfortunately, this deal has expired 25 December 2022.
Posted 5 December 2022

NHS / HSC Staff - Two free £10 Uber rides & £10 free Uber Eats meal - to redeem 24/25 December @ Uber

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NHS / HSC staff can claim free Uber rides and Uber Eats meals this Christmas. Staff will be able to claim two £10 Uber rides to and from work over Christmas, and a £10 meal or grocery delivery via Uber Eats.

To use these deals, you'll need to sign up to Uber with your NHS or HSC email address. You will be be sent a promo code on the 22nd December, which you'll need to add to your Uber account in order to claim the offer. Both Uber and Uber Eats codes can be redeemed for trips and orders on December 24 and December 25, 2022. Terms listed below.


How to claim your free rides

First, you’ll need an Uber account linked to your NHS or HSC email address. To change the email address associated with your Uber account:

  • Tap on the menu on the top left of the Uber app
  • Tap on your profile picture
  • You can now view and edit your email address

You will be sent a verification email – please click the link in that email to validate your email address.

If you don’t currently have an Uber account, you can sign up here. Make sure to sign up using your NHS or HSC email address. You must update your email address by the 20 December 2022 in order to receive a promotion code.

On the 22 December 2022, you’ll be emailed a promo code which you’ll need to add to your Uber account in order to claim the offer. After applying the code, the promotion will be automatically included in the upfront price you see when requesting a trip.

The offer will be valid for up to two £10 free rides per NHS or HSC staff member and can be redeemed on the 24th or 25th of December.

To claim your free meal

You’ll need an Uber Eats account linked to your NHS or HSC email address by the 20 December 2022. To change the email address associated with your Uber Eats account:

  • Tap ‘Account’
  • Tap ‘View account’
  • Tap ‘Edit account’
  • You can now view and edit your email address
Once updated, you will be sent a verification email – please click the link in that email to validate your email address.

You must update your email address by 20 December 2022 in order to receive a promotion code. On 22 December 2022, you’ll be emailed a promo code which you’ll need to add to your Uber Eats account in order to claim the offer.

The offer will be valid for one £10 free meal per NHS or HSC staff member and can be redeemed on the 24th or 25th December.

Things to know

  • To make sure the rides and Uber Eats meals go as far as possible, you’ll be able to claim up to 2 rides and 1 meal between 24 December and 25 December 2022.
  • Uber will pay the trip fare up to £10. If you go over, you will be charged the difference. The discount will be visible in the upfront price shown.
  • The Uber rides promo needs to be redeemed on two different trips. You will not be able to combine the worth of the two promos on one trip.
  • The promotion code needs to be added to your Uber account before requesting. If not done, the promotion will not apply.
  • The promotion will not apply to cancelled trips or trips taken using the business profiles.
  • Uber Eats will pay for your meal up to £10. If you go over, you will be charged the difference.
  • Promo codes will be shared in advance of the promotional window.
  • The promo codes will cease working at 23.59 on 25 December 2022.

Offer terms

1.Conditions of the offer

a) This Promotion is open to all NHS or HSC staff in the United Kingdom (including Northern Ireland) aged 18 years or over who have an Uber account and are compliant with the Uber User Terms, except employees of Uber, agents or any third party directly associated with administration of this Promotion.

b) The Promotion codes for Uber Rides and Uber Eats can only be used on and will only apply on Uber accounts with an official NHS or HSC email address as of 23:59 December 20th 2022 (or email address associated to an individual trust within the NHS or HSC e.g ending in stbarts.nhs.uk or belfasttrust.hscni.net).

c) The Promotion code for trips on Uber Rides can be redeemed against up to two separate rides in the UK (including Northern Ireland), up to the value of £10 for each ride. The Promotion code for trips will be valid for up to 40,000 riders from 00:00 December 24th until 11:59pm on December 25th 2022 only.

d) The Promotion code for Uber Eats orders can be redeemed against one order in the UK (including Northern Ireland), up to the value of £10 on menu items for each order. Offer is not valid on any basket that includes alcohol or tobacco products. The Promotion code for orders will be valid from 00:00am on December 24th for up to 30,000 orders until 11:59pm on December 25th 2022.

e) To redeem the Promotion, apply the Promotion code in the Uber app before completing your trip or in the Uber Eats app at the checkout before completing your order. The Promotion will only apply where Uber Rides or Uber Eats are available, check the app for availability of rides and deliveries.

f) If either a ride costs more than £10 or your Uber Eats order costs more than £10, you will be liable for the full remaining balance of that ride or order, including any Uber Eats delivery fees, which shall be charged to the payment method selected. Promotion codes are personal and must not be shared.

g) This promotion is valid on all rides booked through the Uber App in the UK excluding trips booked through the ‘Local Cab’ product.

h) The promotion cannot be combined with any other offers or promotions. The promotion does not apply to cancellation fees, or tips. Uber retains the right to amend or cancel this promotion at its discretion without notice.

i) Full rider discount promotions terms and conditions are available here.

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Uber Eats

Uber rides

Uber offer terms

Uber press release
Uber More details at
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  1. y_geordie's avatar
    TheShadowWalker's avatar
    Ubereats code doesnt seem to be working for me. Never even received any codes in my nhs email
  2. valuehunter2021's avatar
    can't redeem them until 24th December
  3. kellydaniel1982's avatar
    Uber ride now working but uber eats code still isnt

    Ooppss, this promo could not be added keeps coming up on Ubereats...is there a way to contact them? (edited)
    irabbs7's avatar
    It's the same for everyone
  4. justin89's avatar
    Codes working now on Ubereats
  5. Besford's avatar
    Standby for all the moans from those who aren't eligible but feel entitled.
    nosse77's avatar
    I’ll go first. Yeah what about me? Me me me!
  6. londonstinks's avatar
    I'm working a 12 hr shift xmas day but I'm Community Nurse so will be driving around on my own all day. Will use the codes to have a few meals delivered to elderly patients who are on their own.
    razo's avatar
    That's a lovely idea. Sorry you're working on Xmas day and thanks for what you do.
  7. stesoutham84's avatar
    Easy everyone. It’s just a promo which Uber run every year. If it helps a few people out who are working, it’s done it’s purpose. Just like promo codes for most sites and are account specific. It may help other it may not. Just take the win if it does!!
  8. tina127's avatar
    Fantastic. A lot of my colleagues will be keeping it all going on the wards this Christmas and this will be very helpful. Thank you.
    rickyroma's avatar
    Yeah, those tiktok videos don't make themselves do they?
  9. Smfn53's avatar
    Is this sustainable for the environment?Even electric cars require power. The government pushing its agenda and the working class paying for it, blaming the war for the price hikes! Daylight robbery.
    CynicalNurse's avatar
    Depends, do you expect NHS staff who normally catch buses to walk 10 miles to work on Christmas Day because there are no buses running. If not, they are probably going to need a taxi.
  10. julian_williams_1988's avatar
    deleted374920's avatar
    I haven't met anyone yet who doesn't have a valid NHS email account. If they use ESR for booking holiday & pay slips then an email address is required.
  11. mrdeeznutz's avatar
    They're so underpaid they're getting uber vouchers as compensation
    smellyonion's avatar
    Who is underpaid? Newly qualified nurses earn 28k. This more or less inline with most graduate roles in the private sector. In a high cost of living area, this goes up to 34k.

    Locums or overtime rates can be up to £50 an hour. The average locum nurse earns 50k a year.

    I certainly wouldn't class this as underpaid. It's the definition of middle class.
  12. leon_gx's avatar

    It won't redeem (edited)
    markyo007's avatar
    Me too, I got it there and it won’t work for me
  13. Jayswa's avatar
    Free trip one worked, Uber eats didnt.
  14. Korg7's avatar
    I got no emails from Uber. My NHS account has been connected since last year - anyone the same?
    celticrules's avatar
    Same for me, checked the junk inbox also(skeptical)
  15. scrounger's avatar
    Does this apply to first aid certificate holders?
  16. Itsmehmood's avatar
    This is by far the worst app to use in London. Bolt is the ultimate taxi app in London, Uber is expensive and unreliable with loads of cancellations
  17. OperateOnMe's avatar
    given tiredness and hospitals constantly penny-pinching so managers can get bigger bonuses, I am grateful
  18. chrisnasah's avatar
    What are the codes I haven’t got email on my nhs email, my email has always been linked to account 
  19. user968342's avatar
    No code as of yet not sure what's going on
  20. jaher's avatar
    Both the codes don't work for me and I have a NHS email
  21. simowl's avatar
    Didn't get the email but both the codes still worked for me I think, got first Uber at least, hopefully the eats works tonight but it's showing in my account.
    ruqz1's avatar
    Where did you get the codes from
    I didn’t get an email either
  22. loady's avatar
    Anyone know how far £10 will get you on Christmas day?
    _XEM_Ajax_'s avatar
    My work's around 3½ miles away and is £10 give or take depending on the day
  23. chimpee's avatar
    nice thought, though they pay anyway for a taxi, just need to ask your line manager before Xmas day, or they will ask u if they are competent. (edited)
    intikab's avatar
    Unfortunately, not all services will be able to do that for their staff.
  24. J_Hen's avatar
    Due to very high demand, all of the 200,000 free rides covered by Uber for NHS staff have now been claimed.

    Due to very high demand, all of the free meals covered by Uber Eats and Mastercard® have now been claimed by NHS staff.
    ferrerorocher's avatar
    Really? Or is this just a joke? I am tempted to sign up but don’t want to waste my time
  25. arkach's avatar
    All gone already
    Jetset1981's avatar
    They haven't. You get emailed nearer the time if your NHS email is linked to your Uber account. It's not even live yet. If you've done the above you'll get one. It's not limited. (edited)
  26. Pricklerickle's avatar
    all gone, lucky my work pays for taxi Xmas day but was looking forward to a takeaway Xmas day , my time and half should help
  27. Korg7's avatar
    2 days of Xmas kebabs, can't wait!
  28. HarryPloper's avatar
    How do you link your mobile if it's already linked to a non-NHS email address Uber account.

    I'm trying to register a account using my NHS email, get asked for my mobile which is linked to my non-NHS email account and get prompted to log into that account.
  29. Khuram_Navid's avatar
    Sorry if a bit off topic but is there any customer contact number to contact Uber eats about issues regarding promos and payments as they don't seem to reply to specific order complaints and if they do it's just an automated reply.
  30. chunky's avatar
    Always a nice treat, though I wish you could just use it as £20 in one go.

    And to everyone moaning that they aren't getting one because they aren't NHS. Don't enter NHS posts then
  31. scrounger's avatar
    Any way of getting an NHS email with a first aid certificate?
    sausagepot's avatar
    Yes - simply turn up at any A&E on any Saturday night after 7pm with a copy of your first aid certificate and photo ID and they will give you your very own NHS email address.
  32. ukswift88's avatar
    If you pre-order an Uber is the booking guaranteed? Don’t want to get stuck Christmas Day 😝
  33. raich333's avatar
    Has anyone had this yet?
    spyro's avatar
    Nope changed my Uber Eats email to my NHS one still not received anything on email or account
  34. markyo007's avatar
    Just got a code there but it won’t redeem
  35. irabbs7's avatar
    Yeh not redeeming guess it will work soon (hopefully)
  36. leon_gx's avatar
    What shall I do because I'm about to go into theatre for a couple of hours and I don't want to miss out

    Or I bring my phone in with me (edited)
    irabbs7's avatar
    The codes don't have a limit of people so it will work for everyone
  37. Jayswa's avatar
    Anyone have any luck?
  38. komi's avatar
    Doesnt seem to be working now
  39. Noctu's avatar
    Also having problems with adding the Uber Eats code to my account. Checked my NHS email is linked to my account and has been for ages...
  40. hayley_h's avatar
    The ride code worked, but eat code also not working for me 
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