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Audi Q5 40tdi Quattro Sport S Tronic - £341.75pm x 24 Months £1025.26 Initial (Plus £234 Admin) - Total Cost £9,461.26 @ Select Car Leasing
493° Expired
Posted 2nd JunPosted 2nd Jun
Looks to be a very good deal for this Audi Q5 via select car leasing with an OTR of £40,340. 10k Miles per Annum 24 Month Term Initial Payment £1025.26 Admin Fee £234 24 x £341.7… Read more
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Old car, doesn't hold up the the X3 or new Volvos. We looked at it but it was crap aprat fro the very nice leather options.


Here fishy fishy...


Looks like they’ve updated the site to reflect the fact there is no more stock and they don’t want to sell anymore so cheap. Now £600+ pm and 2k deposit. Therefore I will expire the deal. Thanks


I called up about it and there was only 6 stock cars at this price. All gone, guy from company advised that Marketing should not have put the deal up but I’m sure it was fishing tool to see who is currently looking for a car


Hot deal - I managed to get a Audi Q5 Suv 45 TFSI 245 Quattro S Line S tronic with metallic option for just £20 a month more.

[Steam PC] Crazy Taxi - 83p @ Humble Bundle Store
Posted 21st MayPosted 21st May
The SEGA classic Crazy Taxi is currently reduced to 83p at the Humble Store if you are interested in just this game - also available for 66p for Choice subscribers. (y) Hey hey… Read more

Another one added to the library, thanks OP, HEAT!


I would also say that this is the kind of game that would look better on a CRT or a higher spec gaming monitor. Unlike other racing games, the screen pans extremely fast resulting in noticeable motion blur on a standard 60hz LCD monitor. The game also has an option for 120hz, so if you could play it on a 120hz monitor (with the frame rate issues sorted) with strobing it should look pretty amazing.


@r.simsini This is the same principle as running an emulator. A powerful GPU doesnt necessarily mean smoother performance. Its mostly down to compatibility and sometimes a bit of luck!


Judging by the information out there, it seems to be a GPU comparability issue.


The frame rate issues were deliberately left in so it felt more authentic.

Free Transport for London (TfL) Backgrounds for Zoom, MS Teams etc
Posted 18th MayPosted 18th May
Imagine you're on a bus, or DLR or Emirates cable car... All backgrounds available to download as single files or as one collection download.

Nice work nzmtbz - just find some JPEG images on Google and post them as Zoom background deals.




Unfortunately he’s now the PM but he managed to leave behind a string of costly disasters at TfL like the cable car and largely unusable double decker buses.


Perfect, under 18s can now pretend they’ve got their free transport


You might get fined for non-essential travel...

Free Official Practice DVSA Driving Theory Test & 20% off all DVSA material with code
Posted 12th MayPosted 12th May
If you’re learning to drive, or an experienced driver and want to test your knowledge, you can take a free mock driving theory test online via the DVSA. There are four separate te… Read more

Maybe they might extend the expiry date of your theory test certificate if Covid-19 has prevented you from taking your test.


4 leafed clover is all I'm saying.


"even if you happen to be driving a superior vehicle." Ha ha ha ha hahaha ha ha hahaaaaaaa - that explains your user name (lol)


That's a relief (y) The number of young uns on R plates I see where I live that don't signal is crazy regardless of conditions, an ad' campaign is required I think (shock)


So if they can’t guarantee to of seen every road user or if visibility is poor, then they will be taught to signal. They would only get away with not signalling if they were somewhere where one isn’t required. So to answer your original question, yes they are taught to signal moving off if one is required, and if in doubt they would be taught to signal. But often they forget to.

Nissan Leaf 110kwh N-Connecta 40kwh 24 months Personal Leasing £223/m + £2008 initial, 10k miles - Total £7,365 @ Select Car Leasing
-217° Expired
Posted 10th MayPosted 10th May
Arrangement/processing fee: £195.00 + VAT * Free for NHS Workers. Total cost including arrangement fee is £7560 Includes road fund licence. 24 + 5,000 Miles profile available fro… Read more

I’m the same as you, however, taking your old banger to a local authority testing centre reduces risk of failure massively. Mine passed with some advisories last time round. Always does!


I understand however some aren't familiar. I am personally not a fan of leasing however my parents are. My budget is buying second hand and praying during its MOT each year. If I remember, Nissan leaf did once offer 1 month free "test drives" when they were new. Availability was very scarce though.


Not worth £2K deposit,.....Good deal withouth the deposit.....!


Yes, I have done similar, but it isn't a very accurate predictor. I guess for buyers who can access the money, the answer is it is better to buy 2nd hand unless you wanted a 2020 model.


19k odd... were they available for 20k or 21k though?

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Renault Zoe- 24 months Personal Car Leasing contract £188/m + £1695 initial, 8000 miles - Total Cost £6,019 @ Select Car Leasing
Posted 7th MayPosted 7th May
Arrangement/processing fee: £195.00 + VAT * Free for NHS Workers. Total cost including arrangement fee is £6,253 Includes road fund licence. 24 + 5,000 Miles profile available f… Read more
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My new Zoe 50 arrives next week, trading in my 40.


It makes sense NOW for Company car users. ZERO benefit in Kind tax for the current tax year. Enough said..


Not if they're looking for a company car they won't. Four words. No company car tax.


Great find! Ordering about 15 for family, friends and my pet fishes! <3


Uber Medics 25% off all journeys until July 2020 (NHS workers)
31/07/2020Expires on 31/07/2020Posted 29th AprPosted 29th Apr
As described! Got an automated email as i have this linked to my NHS.net account! Should be able to change accounts and then get offer. More details below: Uber Medics - 25% of… Read more

You’re correct. I have airport transfer businesses and private hire drivers in my extended family. They are suffering enormously because they’ve chosen no income and to see their ‘areas’ flooded with out of town drivers (mostly minority ethnic) in order to stay out of harm’s way and not tempt fate. Licensing authorities have passed on information from government and emphasised that while private hire businesses are not being forcibly prohibited, they’re not ‘essential workers’ who can justify being on front lines. They’re convenience, but their continued operation defies the intent of isolation, distancing and staying at home. They are, in my opinion, making it too easy for people (as I’ve seen happen on my street) to get a taxi to go get some booze from an off licence, and bring it home. it isn’t heroism. Risking life for someone’s grocery shop or booze run is stupid. But private hire firms are trying to stab each other in the back. Airport transfer trade is already damaged by the idiotic exit, and firms like Uber that park their drivers outside airports are now parking them up in country towns and villages. i should also add that certainly in my locale and where my folks live, some of these same ‘service at all costs’ private hire drivers are also running county lines drug operations during lockdown, since they attract less police attention. They’ve been reported and it has been met with the same disinterest as it is the rest of the time. Video footage was captured on one instance, and the police lost interest over the phone when the answer to the question ‘was the driver white or black’ was not as binary as they wanted. The footage has not yet been picked up. It has been weeks since. It has been supplied to the council licensing authority. They issued a warning. The driver claimed he was picking up money from a fare that couldn’t pay. Once or twice a day. Seven days a week. In a town 15 miles from the driver’s ‘base’. There have also been sightings of ‘recognisable’ individuals reportedly from ‘that trade’ driving out in the country towns and villages in gangs, in unregistered and untaxed cars, dealing and on repeated occasions in my folks town, attempting to grab young women literally off the street. When reported to the police it reaches a dead end because the car used was unregistered. They have three separate attempts, including one that resulted in a struggle and escape, in just the last week. it’s a sad slur on the many good, honest and reasonable people in that trade. But very well known... within and without the trade.


Won't Aircon just circulate the virus round the car anyway? I'd rather just avoid all forms of public transport.




6 uber drivers in London have died from contracting COVID-19. The cars are not being cleaned or cleaned to the absolute highest specification in between rides and the drivers are asking Transport For London to put in place safety measures for drivers. Being in an enclosed space with someone you don’t know at this current time seems ridiculous to me. Many Uber drivers share vehicles throughout the day and pay toward the car cost, and now they’re using the vehicles, working for Hermes delivering parcels. Although the 25% discount is welcomed, I would implore people not to use Uber, but use an alternative that is regulated such as a London Black Cab, which has the Perspex divider and can easily be valeted. Free Now 50% off black cabs for NHS Heroes.


At least you’re not mad about it (y)

NHS workers can get a Free taxi to and from hospital @ Wrexham & Prestige Taxis
1601° Expired
Posted 23rd AprPosted 23rd AprLocalLocal
A WREXHAM taxi firm is offering free rides to NHS workers as a special thank you for their work in 'keeping the country going'.Wrexham Prestige Taxis made the announcement on Thurs… Read more

I think you've misread my post. I wasn't complaining, I was simply pointing out that the NHS aren't the only people who should be given appreciation just now. If it wasn't for other workers they wouldn't be able to go to work. I assume you have a breakdown of all the employment details of everyone who has sadly passed away due to this horrific virus? As for your father, I'm genuinely sorry to hear that.


My father work for NHS as AMU consultant and he passed away because of the coronavirus. Don't have to mention about their friends. So how many people have died by working as a teacher or civil worker. Don't be wrong me myself are key worker and what they do there much more risky than us and u never know and please stop complain..


Prefer Station Cars myself....


Yeah nobody likes Apollo


Cynical? Far from it. There are kind people, of course, yes. But you need to realise if you're a self employed taxi/private hire driver, you cannot live on thin air. You still need to earn a living. You still have payable expenses. God knows I know exactly what t is like. I am one! So there is nothing "cynical" about it. It is more likely that the NHS has contracted the firm to take staff to and from work, thus giving the NHS staff "free rides".

Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross - 36 months Personal Car Leasing contract £199 p/m + £1194 initial, 8000 miles - Total Cost £8,358 @ Arval
370° Expired
Posted 23rd AprPosted 23rd Apr
I realise this car might not be everyone's cup of tea but this seems to be a decent offer, considering its rivals. MITSUBISHI ECLIPSE CROSS1.5 DYNAMIC 5DR36 months | 24000 miles |… Read more
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7 speed auto when I asked I took the courtesy car back. I actually liked the car, just not the clutch.


Don’t they have auto option? it’s hard to believe people would opt for a manual cross over type of car if prices are close..


I’d rather get the bus for 36 months than drive this unfortunately. Mitsubishi’s in my opinion are bloody awful to drive.


I have this car and highly recommend it, especially with such a good price. I can fully understand the clutch issues others are reporting. It is definitely delicate and takes some adjustment but doesn't bother me any more after a short adjustment period


Yep, hideous design, even the motor makes a racket when hud is raised. Seats were fine for me, no backache, over 3 days use.

Audi A4 Saloon 35 TFSI Black Edition 4dr [2020] 24 month lease. 10K Mileage - Total Cost £8,504.60 @ Select Car Leasing
57° Expired
Posted 22nd AprPosted 22nd Apr
Initial rental £958.80 * Usually paid two weeks after delivery. £319.60 Inc vat Per Month. Arrangement/processing fee: £195.00 * Free for NHS Workers . Total cost including arran… Read more

Aye but how much up front. People always miss that but out to make a lease deal sound better


12k per annum that was on!


I got a 1.4 petrol a4 black edition for 215 per month 2 years ago. That lease just expired. Epic deal


RGW contracts


Where did you get your deal from?

The Underground Railroad by Colson Whitehead eBook (ePub) - 99p @ Hive Store
178° Expired
Posted 22nd AprPosted 22nd Apr
Have wanted to read for a while and discovered it's only 99p on hive.co.uk Also recently purchased My Year of Rest and Relaxation by Otessa Moshfegh, only £1.99 and a very good re… Read more
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Download Calibre and you can convert almost any format (PDF, Word, Epub etc) to mobi (kindle) format. Normal sources of "ahem" dodgy downloadable content also have ebooks....


Brilliant book! The Nickel Boys is fantastic too and well worth a read if you can find a deal on it (y)


Many thanks for these recommendations! Have added both to my list :D


Ah sorry I assumed it was a Kindle deal.


I forgot to search! But this is a different format, epub, so might help people that don't have a kindle. I see also I can sort by price. American Psycho is also 99p.

Global Underground - Free album download with code
217° Expired
Posted 21st AprPosted 21st Apr
Global Underground are currently giving away 1 free album via download with code. MP3 or WAV formats available. I've gone for Adapt Vol.3 as it's the only one of the GU series I d… Read more

I've just downloaded Adapt 3 OK so still working


The site can't be reached 8)


I didn't realise you guys existed on Earth anymore.


007 Oakey New York, Sasha 009 San Fran and Sasha 013 Ibiza. Legendary!


Thanks ! Has some soundcloud podcasts - will try one now!

NHS & Emergency Services Offer: Free free storage or parking during UK full lockdown at our 57 UK stores at accessstorage
602° Expired
Posted 21st AprPosted 21st Apr
Thank you to NHS and Emergency Services workers who are doing an incredible job. We would like to help these workers by offering free storage or parking during UK full lockdown at… Read more

Never said we did . I don’t control what company’s give things away and to who


So why do you need everything for free then? There are plenty without any income that would be in more need.


Stranger then you keep going out your way to put on negative posts . Yes we do get paid by the way if it was a serious question


Strange all these companies keep jumping on the bandwagon offering emergency services free things. It’s as if these workers don’t get paid?


Fair play for the deal,mainly the parking. But, I am confused. How would it be an essential journey to go and put something into storage?

[Steam] Dreamcast Collection (6 Games) (PC) Inc Crazy Taxi, Sonic Adventure DX, Jet Set Radio & More - £2.69 @ Fanatical
216° Expired
Posted 7th AprPosted 7th Apr
Feel the nostalgia with classic titles such as the hip Jet Set Radio and the frantic Crazy Taxi reappear, as does Sonic Adventure, SEGA Bass Fishing, NIGHTS Into Dreams and Space C… Read more
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Bought, thanks!


Loved Nights on the Dreamcast..


Jetset. Wow


Anyone know if crazy taxi has the original soundtrack with the offspring et all? Edit: looks like no, have to patch it.

FREE parking for NHS staff, health and social care workers and NHS volunteers
1299° Expired
Posted 7th AprPosted 7th AprLocalLocal
NHS staff, health and social care workers and NHS volunteers (critical care workers) can use this service to find free parking locations across the UK and check whether they need t… Read more
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Yeah you're right, just wanted to make sure. Thank you!


I’m a volunteer but don’t expect it as it says critical care worker volunteers which I am not, I’m just a pair of hands when needed.


I've been advertising free parking for the NHS on my neighbours lawn. He'sgoing to be furious when he gets back from his 2nd home in the south of France. With any luck.


Not sure if anyone will be able to answer this. It mentions NHS volunteers but does that include the 750,000 volunteers who have volunteered and use the GoodSAM app? I can't find where on the app there's any sort of virtual permit or anything relating to parking.


Hopefully they reimburse you without hesitation. People won’t be happy when they go back to reinforcing the parking charges on the flip side of this.

NHS Staff can receive a free taxi to their hospital where they currently work (Within M25 boundary limit only) @ Addison Lee
1692° Expired
Posted 4th AprPosted 4th AprLocalLocal
Addison Lee are currently offering all NHS workers free taxi rides to the hospital they currently work at (providing this is within the M25 boundary limit). To receive the free rid… Read more
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It's been paused rather than expired (but should probably be expired on here for now). They're trying to get more funds to continue the service.




Expired 😔


Addison Lee drivers are bloody terrible in London. Would rather use a black cab, as safer.


Hi is carshalton surrey within M25

Great Western Railway Offer Free Station Parking to NHS staff
663° Expired
Posted 2nd AprPosted 2nd Apr
Great Western Railway Offer Free Station Parking to NHS staff
NHS staff have been offered free parking by train operator Great Western Railway (GWR). In partnership with car park managers APCOA, free parking is now available to all health ca… Read more









That’s very nice. <3

Free car parking for NHS workers at 30 NCP car parks around the country (Exclusions apply & see company website for more information)
1567° Expired
Posted 29th MarPosted 29th Mar
Free car parking for NHS workers at 30 NCP car parks around the country (Exclusions apply & see company website for more information)
Free car park around NCP car park locations around the country.

They are charging £5 from today.... freebie soon stopped from yesterday


Thank you for you addition and update


Rules have changed today !! Only free for NHS workers only and at select 30 locations listed on the website.No longer valid for other key workers


It's the least they could do considering the amount of money they make in fines! My partner got a fine for being in a car park for 6 minutes - still in the car with the engine running - he had just stopped to look for something dropped behind his seat. We disputed it and they became very threatening and even mentioned his place of work. Ended up paying it to get rid of them!


i wouldnt trust the company

NHS Staff in Wales to receive free public transport (Buses & Trains) for 3 months
29/06/2020Expires on 29/06/2020Posted 29th MarPosted 29th Mar
NHS Staff in Wales to receive free public transport (Buses & Trains) for 3 months
Excellent move by the Welsh government to offer all NHS staff free public transport across Wales. I'm aware that TFW had already made their services free for NHS workers but you ca… Read more
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You have my thanks and admiration for the dangerous tasks your'e doing, but remember to Stay Safe!


I've been redeployed to the NHS Front Line as a HCA. I'm an NHS Biomedical Scientist, running my own Department and we have all been redeployed to the Wards now. This is to cover for people self-isolating with Covid-19 and also to allow others to step up to work in the ICU/ITU/HDU etc. I live in Wales but work in London and the commute is challenging at the best of times, but especially now with Sunday Timetables etc. Plus Megabus & National Express have suspended ALL Services until further notice, so only the Train is on offer. I'm proud to be able to do my bit on the Frontline. And I agree that Train/Bus Companies in England would do well to provide a Free Service for their NHS Staff, like Wales has.


To be fair yeh I am... Animal lives thank you.. Anymore questions? While you sit in your mums basement making claims for dole?


I think at the moment the Free Rail Travel for NHS Staff runs until the end of April on Transport for Wales Trains. It's the Free Bus Travel that is 3 months, although TfW may match that.


These taxi drivers for minimal profit should deliver privately key workers to work places. thus they can earn some money, keep economy running and take big burden from some key workers to think about how to get home and job. All have to wear the masks.

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