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Posted 1 March 2024

Ghostbusters ICEE when you purchase a ticket for Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire in 4DX or ScreenX

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Who ya gonna call? The iconic Ghostbusters are blasting back onto Cineworld screens this March in Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire.

Two generations of Ghostbusters must band together to defeat a paranormal threat that has sent New York into an apocalyptic deep freeze – and yes, this means several much-loved faces are returning including Bill Murray's Pete Venkman and Dan Aykroyd's Ray Stantz.

And it's not just bustin' that's set to make you feel good this Easter. To celebrate the release of the new Ghostbusters film, we're offering fans the chance to enjoy a delicious Ghostbusters-themed ICEE. Here's what you need to know.

What is the Ghostbusters ICEE offer?From March 22nd to March 28th, all customers who purchase a ticket to see Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire in 4DX or ScreenX at any Cineworld will be able to claim one (1) free regular Ghostbusters ICEE when they attend the screening.

What are the flavours of the Ghostbusters ICEE?Be like Slimer, the signature ghost in the franchise, and opt for Lemon & Slimer flavour. Alternatively, you can rekindle fond memories of the classic Stay Puft Marshmallow Man with the Mini Mallow flavour.
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  1. kestrelcampbell's avatar
    Anyone know what the uplift fee would be when using the Three code on a Cineworld IMAX film? Dune at Glasgow Silverburn this weekend specifically
    Reuben_BM's avatar
  2. cj41's avatar
    Thanks op. Wondering if still get using 3 code.
    Strixx's avatar
    I don't think the Three codes can be used on 4DX screenings. Can anyone confirm?
  3. kyeung's avatar
    Really liked the last movie. Hoping this will be as good
    Bonedome123's avatar
    I’ve heard it’s Intersectional tastic mate…. 
  4. Piranha_Plant's avatar
    Heat… or freeze for Ghostbusters Frozen Empire
  5. joey29's avatar
    £7.70 for 4DX / £6.00 for Screen X using Three+ code. 95p extra booking fee online


    52314157_1.jpg (edited)
  6. Tatwamasi's avatar
    JoShmo's avatar
    You could recycle
  7. Skrotzilla1's avatar
    an Icee in late March, thats optimistic of the British climate
  8. danbob2007's avatar
    Is it just my weird mind or does Mr Stay Puft look like he has a full Puft on. Lol....
    Bonedome123's avatar
    Oooohhh Matron….. 🍺
  9. awesomegiles26's avatar
    What if you're Cineworld card members, are we eligible, bearing in mind we have to pay extra to see a film in 4DX anyway?
  10. duncanb1973's avatar
    Hollywood have lost their way
  11. ashyt16turbo's avatar
    So what is this 4dx? Is it a London thing as usual?
    awesomegiles26's avatar
    I think majority of Cineworlds have them now, if not all. It's the one where the seats move and there's water jets and the odd smell ect
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