Unfortunately, this deal has expired 23 December 2022.
Posted 12 December 2022

PlayStation Plus: 12 Month Membership (New Users) - Essential £22.85 / Extra £51.84 with ShopTo PSN Credit @ Playstation Store

£22.85£49.9954% off
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Update 1
Offer Extended to 23rd December
New promo for 12 months Playstation Plus via Sony - £25 off. Offer is valid until December 23rd and applies to new subscribers or possibly existing users without an active subscription.

Sale price is £24.99 for the Essential Tier - however if you purchase a £25 PSN Wallet Top-upvia Shopto, you can pay just £22.85.

  • PS Plus Essential — £22.85 using £25PSN Credit
  • PS Plus Extra — £51.84 using £50PSN Credit and paying the difference on your card.
  • PS Plus Premium — £65.70 using £50 & £25PSN Credit.

Note: Promo is currently available via the PS Store on the app / console for some and not others. AFAIK this is not for selected accounts however unable to confirm currently.

If the prices are not visible, go to settings and select Subscriptions Management.


PlayStation Plus Essential:
Get the core PlayStation Plus benefits, including a hand-picked selection of games to download each month, access to the world of online play and much more.

  • Monthly games – expand your game collection with new titles every month.
  • Exclusive discounts – save with the best deals on PlayStation Store.
  • Online multiplayer – team up with friends or challenge other players online.
  • Exclusive content – get special skins, cosmetics and more for top free-to-play games.
  • Standard shipping at no extra cost on direct.playstation.com
  • Express delivery at no extra cost when purchasing a console with at least one additional game or an accessory

PlayStation Plus Extra:
Includes all the PlayStation Plus Essential benefits and access to a vast library of games to download and enjoy at your leisure.

  • Game Catalogue – play your way through hundreds of PS4 and PS5 titles, with games for every mood and type of player.

PlayStation Plus Premium:
Our top membership option includes everything from the PlayStation Plus Extra and PlayStation Plus Essential plans, as well as some exclusive premium benefits.

  • Game Trials – test-drive some of the biggest releases before you buy them on PS5 and PS4.
  • Classics Catalogue – rediscover timeless games from previous PlayStation generations.
  • Cloud Streaming – stream hundreds of PlayStation Plus catalogue games to your PS5, PS4 and PC.*

Playstation Store More details at

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  1. BricksBricksBricks's avatar
    Got through to them on Live Chat - it seems they have a technical issue, hence some people not being able to redeem this offer! Engineers are on it, apparently!
    EquestrianLiv's avatar
    Thanks so much for taking one for the team!! Let’s hope it’s fixed soon
  2. luke.finniganKCO's avatar
    Right I think I'm on to something if other people want to try. after somebody else posted yesterday, they had a month subscription already, got support to cancel it and then within 24 hours the deal showed up.

    I've tried everything the past few days, I had an account about 3 years ago. Wasn't working, tried all browsers, multiples devices, the app. Made a new account on girlfriend's phone, nothing worked.

    Today, decided to pay for 1 month essential. Got on to support straight away and told them it was a mistake and I wanted refund. It took about 20 minutes to get hold of them on the live chat but they cancelled it for me. That was about 3 hours ago. I'm sure this is what fixed it for me as I now have the deal available.49057677-GEUHp.jpg
    zahed07's avatar
    Thanks mate, this method worked
  3. robbydiamonds's avatar
    I spoke to someone and they've confirmed that it applies to lapsed accounts.
    phantompti's avatar
    "escalate these cases", as in I need to report it or they'll email everyone affected?
  4. Dealzzz105's avatar
    It is worth noting that if you purchase Essential for £24.99 you can upgrade to Premium for £24.99 making it much cheaper than directly buying Premium.
    merb0786's avatar
    Thanks - once Sony fix the issue with website purchases, will update deal with this info.
  5. heluva's avatar
    Amazing stuff. Good thing i didnt pull the trigger on not-so-good-black-friday ! Thx
    john_kirk's avatar
    Yeah I was disappointed in the black Friday ps+ deals
  6. daazzaa92's avatar
    Weird have a massive banner telling me to join at £25 then when I click it wants 50
    Duncthow's avatar
    I've also tried all the different ways of purchasing but it's not working for me either.
  7. andymack's avatar
    You can stack them too.....just did 24 months for the price of 12!
    merb0786's avatar
    So it worked for you as a new sub?
  8. heluva's avatar
    Still shows 49 for easential. Will it go down at the checkout ? Havent had ps+ since august
    merb0786's avatar
    Yes, it will but currently only via app or console for some.

    Sony should update URL purchases a little later. (I hope) (edited)
  9. neilydee's avatar
    49030306-GAllZ.jpgIt's NOT for lapsed customers unfortunately.
    merb0786's avatar
    Not true - I last had PS Plus around 3 years ago and was able to sign-up fine.
    There is an issue with the sign-up process that Sony clearly are not addressing. (edited)
  10. neilydee's avatar
    Got a reply from specialist team. They know it's a problem and they're working on it. Just got to keep checking and see if it's fixed. Hope they manage it before the deal ends!
    Shard's avatar
    "I understand that you are trying to take advantage of the PlayStation Plus December promotion, but are being presented with the full price when attempting to complete this purchase.

    We are aware of this issue and we apologise for any inconvenience. This is being investigated as a matter of urgency and we hope to have this resolved very soon. The promotional offer is available until December 20th, so please try this again at a later time. "
  11. oooze's avatar
    After trying multiple devices and browsers over several days to no avail, subscribing for a month at regular price and immediately cancelling appears to have fixed it instantly, can now see the offer across all devices
    luke.finniganKCO's avatar
    That's what worked for me yesterday too
  12. greenday10111's avatar
    I can confirm that if the offer is not showing, take out a 1 month rolling contract at normal price. Get live chat to refund and cancel effective immediately, then the offers showed up correctly instantly for me! I am not a new customer had ps plus with the account a few times.
    luke.finniganKCO's avatar
    Nice. I reckon they will have peoples data stored in different datatables and there will be a flag somewhere preventing it from showing properly. Buying a membership and letting the software they use cancel it will be resetting whatever flag or flags that are causing the issue with certain accounts. God knows why it's taking them to long to figure it out.

    Nice. I reckon they will have peoples data stored in different datatables and there will be a flag somewhere preventing it from showing properly. Buying a membership and letting the software they use cancel it will be resetting whatever flag or flags that are causing the issue with certain accounts. God knows why it's taking them to long to figure it out. (edited)
  13. zre's avatar
    Folks make sure you try again, mine has finally worked!! It was showing on the web browser and on the app too, I didn't try it on my console though. Hopefully it works for others now too!
    WalletBalanceZero's avatar
    Finally works for me! Thanks for the update
  14. chrisjdhuckle's avatar
    Still showing full price for me and my sub finished 4 months ago
    merb0786's avatar
    If it's not visible, try settings and select subscriptions management or try again later after 10am.
  15. dbond1803's avatar
    This is stackable 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥
  16. BricksBricksBricks's avatar
    After multiple conversations on live chat over 3 days, in which they said different things each and every time, I now have managed to get this offer to show.

    However, I didn't just wait (and I did not get an email update as promised). I instead signed up for Essentials 1 month, went on live chat and immediately cancelled within 2 minutes. They refunded, and the offer then showed a few hours later.

    Someone said this on Reddit, and it worked!
    heluva's avatar
    Sod it. Im not that desperate. They can stick their offer where the sun doesnt shine. I wont be jumping through hoops in order to get it ...
  17. JLH86's avatar
    If you have a PS4 and buy a ps5 does the sub transfer over ?
    Dealzzz105's avatar
    When you buy a PS5 you lose access to your PS4 psn profile and all its games.
  18. phantompti's avatar
    Yep, deal not working here either. I assume it's not available if your subscription expired in the last couple of month.
    tonyawesome69's avatar
    Mine expired a few weeks ago and I'm able to access this offer.

  19. KitKat23's avatar
    Paid over £80 for Plus two days ago. Trying to ask for a refund on their chat service but it keeps disconnecting me. Shocking service.
    Dealzzz105's avatar
    I bought Essential at full price yesterday. Contacted live chat this morning and they refunded me without any hassle. I've since been able to stack 3 years at this price, perhaps a glitch in the system but I've got 3 years for less than £70

    Perhaps try live chat again early in the morning if disconnecting keeps persisting. (edited)
  20. Martin.Haldane's avatar
    Just got 5 years of premium for about £175! Works out about £35 a year (edited)
    luke.finniganKCO's avatar
  21. dpm's avatar
    Playstation online support is absolutely shocking.

    'Wait time less than 10 minutes'... 20 minutes later no one has turned up and I've already forgotten about it and moved on to something else

    No notifications from the chat window when someone does eventually come on. So they end the chat, I try to reconnect and get

    'Looks like you've just used the chat, try again later' I've literally never seen a support chat actively block you from using it because you've used it 'too recently'
  22. ken.martin's avatar
    Not sure if anyone has mentioned already but if you go to shopto and buy there playstation credit vouchers from there you can get these memberships even cheaper...

    Unfortunately I did this yesterday and bought the 12 month premium and it cost about 84 quid ... could probably get it for around 66/67 if you buy a £40 and £35 voucher from shopto as they're retailing for £32/£33 each
  23. tonyawesome69's avatar
    Any pros and cons with Essential vs Extra? I've had the standard essential membership previously but wanted to see folks thoughts on the Extra.
    Dudeofrude's avatar
    I personally think it's worth the upgrade as the catalogue of games you get with extra is amazing, lots of choices and some fantastic titles but if you are somebody who has consistently gamed for years then there may not be much on there you haven't already played in the past. It's also worth noting that they do add a handful of games every month so it doesn't get stale
  24. Mike_SWna's avatar
    49017085-3zL0B.jpg49017085-FU3KU.jpgI can confirm stacking works. I have already purchased it and can do it again.
    Mike_SWna's avatar
    Another thing is trying to pay through the website using your browser - it didn't work for me as the payment screen just hangs. Go through the playstation settings to subscriptions then click buy again. The next screen shows the discount.
  25. tonyawesome69's avatar
    Link to games catalogue for Plus Extra and Premium memberships

  26. Wolfsbane2k's avatar
    Oooh, that's tempting!
    Can anyone confirm if only 1 membership is needed per console, or if it's per account? Asking as a family with Kid and Adult who want to play online at different times of day..
  27. BricksBricksBricks's avatar
    So my PS5 just arrived and I’ve set it up. It’s still not working for me - shows the offer on the website, app and on PS5 but when clicked just goes full price.

    I have subscribed years ago on a PS4 but that’s been 3 years in the past!

    Feeling sad.
    codebee's avatar
    Looks like there is issues with it, hopefully gets fixed soon
  28. sc597's avatar
    Can I just check that no one has managed to use this deal using an existing subscription? I know it says "new accounts" but then Sony talk about stacking to take advantage of deals so seems like they might support it? Am hoping it's just the technical issues referenced that are the problem...

    Making changes to your membership plan. You can purchase a new membership that will start when your existing plan ends – so if you’re eligible for an unmissable deal on a PlayStation Plus membership, you can take advantage of the special price and keep your membership active for longer. The new membership period will begin as soon as your current plan ends.
    Dealzzz105's avatar
    I have stacked 3 years at this price today, it also lets me upgrade to premium for £24.99 a year...
  29. tonyawesome69's avatar
    Please can an existing Essential sub confirm the cost to upgrade to Extra. Thanks
    MoQ.'s avatar
    From essential to extra on mine is £34
  30. LauraBow's avatar
    I am completely clueless to this so looking for advice please. My son wants Playstation Plus for Xmas and his Aunt has bought him a gift card. Can I use the card to pay for this ready for xmas? He hasn’t had it before ao doesn’t have an account.
    Weimaraner's avatar
    Yes you will need to create an account usual stuff
    email address
    Verify acct
    Sign in
    Apply GC to the ps wallet
    Then pay via funds on your wallet for plus

  31. csandbach's avatar
    Wasn't planning on opening new PS5 until Xmas day - should I / can I set up an account now to take advantage of this?
    copperspock's avatar
    You can set up an account via the web browser. Yeah I'd recommend getting this. The offer expires on the 20th.
  32. Asad_Saqlain's avatar
    for the extra at £51.84 could you not buy two £25 and pay rest on card?
    tonyawesome69's avatar
    You've misunderstood the pricing described in the description of this deal. For the Extra sub, it's actually £58.99 from PS Store. The deal suggests to purchase a £50 GC costing £42.85 from ShopTo then pay remaining £8.99 using card giving total of 51.84

    49027355-I0Xrm.jpg (edited)
  33. Superman80's avatar
    It 100% says for new subscribers on the main page, however i was able to purchase yesterday (my sub ran out early December) and i am able to stack again another year, which i probably will! 49031259-ngZsa.jpg
  34. djaydearz's avatar
    For new memberships only. I.e not a lapsed one.
    Will92's avatar
    This isn’t right - it’s not for ‘existing customers’ per Sony’s own wording. So lapsed members will be eligible - I had this confirmed via chat today.
  35. busterdan's avatar
    I managed to speak to someone on

    Call usOpen - 10:30 AM - 6:30 PM
    Mon - Fri0203 538 2665

    She created a ticket and then I mentioned a refund and so she said she would refund the £50 (I have an email confirming this).

    But she then went on to say that they are aware of the problem and they were looking to fix it. Then when I tried to clarify what she meant and if the £25 discount for lapsed subscriptions should be applied and just isn't, she was less clear on that.

    So maybe check over the next couple of days and you may find it is actually showing for existing accounts as well.
    mrvot's avatar
    Oh this is good to know, thank you, will buy then call them on 20th :-)
  36. PETERUK89's avatar
    Finally secured the deal.

    I am a long user of PSN/PS Plus (since PS4) but my sub had expired well over a year ago.

    Purchased 1 month PS Plus extra on Sunday .. then noticed this deal within PS store (the banner) - it was not available to me.

    Cancelled my subscription, but it remained active until the next billing cycle (as it does.)

    Contacted PS live chat - they cancelled my subscription as I was within 14 days cool off - told me I can now access the £25 discount - but it did not work, full price in cart, even though I clicked through banner (on console, Android App and browser.) Chat operator escalated and promised email response (still not had that.)

    Noticed, even though account sub was cancelled, it said active in my sub mngnment unit 24 laters, so I let it sit.

    Tried multiple times throughout the 24 hours, all tiers went full price in cart.

    Just tried again now, using browser on laptop and it worked, bagged 1 yr premium for 74.99 - could not stack.

    So, seems whatever chat support did, i.e. escalation, fixed the issue within 24hours.
    Reddonkeyham's avatar
    Sounds like I'm in a similar boar as you were. Purchased 1 month sub in the last 2 weeks, so i might with any luck be able to.
  37. neilydee's avatar
    Mine working now. Can anyone explain how to stack? When I go to buy again it is full price.
    tonyawesome69's avatar
    Stacking glitch no longer works
  38. kebabthief's avatar
    Is it a code, or does it need to be redeemed right now?
    Sherbat's avatar
    It starts right away, no codes involved when you take a PS+ plan on the PS store. The ShopTo credit is a code though and it just adds the funds to your PSN wallet.

    49092675-uqju3.jpg (edited)
  39. Talom's avatar
    is this still stackable?
    Harri103's avatar
    No it was fixed, as was the £75 upgrade glitch
  40. louloub78's avatar
    Do you think this offer will likely be on again? I couldn't take the offer before 23rd December as I had an active subscription until today.
    tonyawesome69's avatar
    Search PlayStation Plus on here to find when they had a similar deal last year (edited)
's avatar