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Posted 27 February 2024

PS Plus Monthly Game (March) - Sifu

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Itching for some more good ol' Kung Fu action?
The Arenas Expansion, features 15 dynamic locations packed with enemies, 5 game modes and 120 challenges in an explosive mix of film action. Face ever more intense combat moments, engage with the environment in an advanced way and push your Kung Fu training to its limits.

Is one life enough to have Kung Fu?
Whether you choose to play as a male or a female character, in Sifu, you will ponder that question on your path for revenge, hunting down your family’s assassins. One against all, you have no allies, countless enemies, and a mysterious amulet to bring you back to life every time you die. Yet, be warned! Your secret weapon comes with a hefty price to pay: aging and its consequences.

Learning by fire
Your enemies don’t wait their turn, and they don’t broadcast their intent. Dodge, parry, strike, use combos and be like water making its way through captivating environments. Learn how to master your art, whether by fighting through the underbelly of a nightclub, scrambling through a refined gallery to avoid getting surrounded, or vertically navigating a towering office building.

Adaptation is survival
Careful positioning and clever use of the environment to your advantage are key to your survival. Use everything at your disposal: throwable objects, makeshift weapons, windows and ledges... The odds are stacked against you, and you will be offered no mercy.

Training never ends
Kung Fu is mastery through practice, a path for both the body and the mind. Learn from your errors, unlock unique skills, and find the strength to master the devastating techniques of Pak Mei Kung Fu.

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  1. delusion's avatar
    My biggest flex is that I nearly bought this last month but held off.
    xbox-360-elite's avatar
    My saddest flex is that I did buy it last month and haven't even played it. (edited)
  2. KP5's avatar
    Quality game - reminiscent of Old Boy*; If you know you know

    (*Great film - would definitely recommend the Korean original though, not the remake!)
    UltimatePhoenix's avatar
    That god you linked the original and not the B**tardised American Version.
  3. MikeVuong's avatar
    Only for the top two tiers on ps plus right?
    SnoopZ's avatar
    No this is the basic Essential tier so all 3 tiers get it but you need to claim it, the other games are announced in the main thread.

    hotukdeals.com/dea…389 (edited)
  4. kraigisonfire's avatar
    Holding out for gamepass here also!
    adam_rockon's avatar
    It's like £2 on Gamivo
  5. Yvan_Dureve's avatar
    Find the others 3 games HERE (edited)
  6. H19's avatar
    Great. Can't wait to get pulverised on level 1 so bad that I delete the game and don't look back.
    Assured_Brother's avatar
    Give it another go. They added an easier mode about 6 months after release. Until then, I questioned my ability to play computer games entirely. If only the gameplay was like Tekken 8!
  7. Stellar77's avatar
    Games like this game is why I still game. Tired of the usual AAA crap being churned out. Studios don't take enough risks anymore and bring something different.
    Dantess's avatar
    If anything so-called "AA" games are even more compelling than the biggest budget games now.
  8. adamstockley92's avatar
    Been waiting for this - great start for the March games, fingers crossed the other 2 are decent also!
  9. Davidp87's avatar
    Decent but I platted it donkeys ago
    Ellbow's avatar
    That's nice.. what do you want, a trophy?
  10. Kifflom's avatar
    Oh, a sequel to STFU, finally! Looks like a fun game, looking forward to trying it
  11. John_Rodger's avatar
    Ps+ has become the biggest rip off and let down over the past few years.
    SnoopZ's avatar
    PS+ Extra is a no brainer in my opinion, no rip off there, it's saved me a fortune.

    This month for Essential is excellent, Formula 1 2023 is awesome, it's just a shame now that I'm old I'm useless at it.
  12. Cuppabrew's avatar
    Nice! Been wanting to have a go at this
  13. Poppin_Fresh's avatar
    Yvan_Dureve's avatar
  14. DevilsNeverCry's avatar
    Nearly picked this up on a recent sale, so this is a great one for me!
  15. Serpico73's avatar
    Beasted through most of the game using the trial. Was on standard difficulty mind. Combat is really satisfying
  16. IronopolisRedux's avatar
    Already own it but it’s a great game just finished it recently
  17. amillstone's avatar
    Unexpected, but not unwelcome.
  18. MarsA7X's avatar
    Nice one, was looking to play it
  19. richHDUK's avatar
    Excellent. I played the trial of this and it was pretty enjoyable.
  20. Yvan_Dureve's avatar

    amillstone's avatar
  21. paraszt's avatar
    Amazing! Been waiting for this one to be a monthly or Extra game.
  22. KingBoom2004's avatar
    Was planning on buying this but now I don't have to
  23. gene_parmesan's avatar
    Any offers on ps+ subs? Mines expired but want to jump back in
    SnoopZ's avatar
    Next PS+ offers will likely be in June, but it may e for expired subs only, so currently just buy cheap topups from places like shopto, CDkeys or even Currys(when they have an offer on) and use those funds to purchase the sub.
  24. Chilpstark's avatar
    Essential far better than Extra recently
  25. CaraModernMyth's avatar
    Awesome 🙌🏻
  26. mashcogs's avatar
    Such a good game!
  27. Jonahea86's avatar
    This explains why it’s just had its lowest sale price on the switch
  28. JonJon1239's avatar
    I had a great time with this at launch, although it was very tough especially before they patched the easier mode in.

    Game so nice I bought it twice, managed to get the collectors edition on Switch for around £50 just after Christmas. Definitely a must play.
  29. seb24's avatar
    • Main Story 8½ Hours gameplay
  30. ebc-'s avatar
    Slowly chipping away at the trophies for 100% on this...Arenas 2 is a different breed.
  31. Lil6ix's avatar
    Just as I get a PS5 the monthly games turn trash.
    Fade2Grey's avatar
    They've been awful since the insuting price hike.
  32. Robby_123's avatar
    Only time i would ever play another fifa game, also sifu is one i really wanted to try out.
  33. Defaults's avatar
    Didn’t we already get the witch queen dlc before or was that extra
  34. Rocket0712's avatar
    this game is class but very unforgiving
    the more you play the better you will get
's avatar