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Posted 14 June 2023

Redex Diesel Fuel System Cleaner / Redex Petrol Fuel System Cleaner - 2 shots - 250ml - £2.50 each (Clubcard Price) @ Tesco

£2.50£4.9950% off
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Product Description
  • Redex Diesel Syst Cleaner 250Ml

  • Redex Diesel System Cleaner is a fuel additive specially developed to reduce emissions and restore performance in your fuel system. It removes deposits that build up on fuel injectors, and can be used safely in all diesel cars including hybrid.

  • Redex is a leading developer of fuel additives and car fluids, trusted by drivers for decades.

  • Cleans fuel system to restore performance and reduce emissions
  • Improves the life of your engine
  • Suitable for all diesel engines including hybrid

  • Pack size: 250ML

Preparation and Usage
  • 2.5ml Redex per litre of fuel
Tesco More details at

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  1. snowyowl's avatar
    It's 2 for £5 at Lidl at the moment. And you don't need a members card or anything.
    eggypumps's avatar
    That's not the double shot bottles though. Single shot twin pack for twice the price iirc.
  2. Joe_Biden's avatar
    Could someone confirm if this thing really works? Is there any noticeable improvement?
    HarryBobs's avatar
    Used the diesel varient on our old Passat 1.9tdi. Made the injectors quieter and gave the computer a few more mpg's to display. The STP or Wains diesel injector cleaner was always better purchase, far smoother running engine using that stuff. For people who say it doesn't work, guess they have no need to use in the first place. Our Passat had 155k+ on the clock on original injectors so helped her running sweet. Avoid supermarket fuels and make sure you never fill up when the tankers just been 🏼 (edited)
  3. Noxy's avatar
    Can I use in an electric car? (edited)
    JonCollett's avatar
    No, you'll need the special electrical fuel version of this instead.
  4. keifrb's avatar
    What is the best additive for cleaning a DPF?
    Spudjee's avatar
    120 down the mway
  5. A010101's avatar
    I used to have a Which? membership about 10 years ago and they said that this stuff didn't make any difference. (edited)
    sajidtg's avatar
  6. marc_davison's avatar
    Here's a better hot UK deal... save £2.50 by not buying this rubbish. It does absolutely NOTHING!
  7. Denny185's avatar
    How do you get these into new fuel caps that have the anti theft devices in them.
    LaurenceGough's avatar
    These bottles usually worked fine for me, they don't go down far enough to be an issue. Otherwise there is a filler funnel you can get.
  8. paulde2007's avatar
    Crazy yiu need to buy an additive to add to your already expensivr fuel
  9. badgerbrush's avatar
    hydra-int.com/max…tml Works a treat for diesel . Has all the additives plus cetane booster . Turns ordinary supermarket or budget diesel into super . Much cheaper than buying Shell V power etc .
  10. Pete_OnB's avatar
    People still waste money on this???

    £2.50 for 250ml bottle of redex.
    Only 5% or 12.5ml Makes up the important bit, 2 ethylhexyl nitrate.

    Better off buying 1000ml '2 ethylhexyl nitrate' from Amazon for like £15.

    You could get 80 12.5ml shots from 1000ml.

    And yes I do use this in my 740 D (edited)
    markgh's avatar
    That's only one ingredient and it's a cetane booster. Most people are buying these products for the cleaning properties, which come from several active ingredients.

    If you can mix your own version of the below from bulk products, maybe it would then be worth it!

  11. SilenttScopezz's avatar
    Is this available in store?
  12. big.k's avatar
    DO NOT use this in modern diesel engines. Most of it is kerosene and naphta which while does work, reduces lubricity for the fuel pumps and injectors, causing more wear and ultimately damage.

    Use Archoil AR6900-D, much better and tested to CEC F-98-08 industry standards.
  13. slybunda's avatar
    Most of this product contains kerosene. Also 5th gear did a review on it, its on YouTube and it does work for them
  14. mickymcd's avatar
    I find the Forte treatment products really do work i've been using certain treatments for years tried few different brands redex not had as good results from but forte products are loads more expensive but a cert for me.
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