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Posted 14 May 2023

Return Flights for 1 to various Italian airports in May/June from Stansted, all under £60, as cheap as £25.83 (Milan Bergamo) @ Ryanair

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I've kept the trips at 7 days or less and all are in May/June...Cheaper prices are available if you'd like to stay longer....

Ryanair Value seats.. one very small cabin bag allowed. Hold luggage extra

Some flights operated by Malta Air.

Please below screenshots for the flights. Just search on the main Ryanair site for these dates.

Ryanair More details at
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  1. markefc69's avatar
    similar prices from liverpool/manchester.
    its not all about london!
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    pingusdead Author
    I always look at the other UK airports as well and find that, on average, Stansted is the cheapest.. so that's why I've gone for them. Plus they've got the greatest range of budget airline destinations in Italy. But yeah, prices to Italy from other airports are reasonable..albeit generally, a bit more than Stansted.
  2. The_Kurgan's avatar
    For anybody that doesn't realise, this is Bergamo airport, which is nearly 40 miles from Milan. Bergamo is a lovely city, so well worth a visit or short trip (I have relatives there) but some people may be mislead into thinking this is actually Milan. It isn't. Easy to get to on the train, bus or by hire car though. (edited)
    nipslufc's avatar
    Bergamo old town superb not too far from Milan easy to get to on train .
  3. joebrett2010's avatar

    this is my version of hand luggage (edited)
  4. CyberDuck's avatar
    Need Ryan air from Oxford to Stansted
  5. AFCMajkel's avatar
    I miss £4.99 flights
    scoff's avatar
    I've had 1p and £1 flights in the past
  6. joebrett2010's avatar
    i always manage to sneak on a massive back pack as hand luggage. Always works
    Dr.NoPain-NoBargain's avatar
    They need to fit under the seat right?? Or do u mean you manage to get away with a massive bag that doesn’t fit but you put it in the cabin storage?
  7. Xippi's avatar
    This is typical Ryanair. They used to advertise a flight to 'Barcelona' but take you to Girona - again, a lovely city in its own right but not actually Barcelona
    Indre's avatar
    Neither Stansted or Luton are in London
  8. uog's avatar
    Stansted can be a pain to get to
    nadiala's avatar
    So they check their suitcases and backpack allowances and sizes more vigorously? They don’t in Manchester.
  9. littel.helper's avatar
    Cheap flight is fine but once you get there is not so cheap.
    David_Tudor's avatar
    I was in milan last month. I can confirm its cheaper than the UK. Although I think anywhere is now, thanks to our government.
  10. Bluediamond28's avatar
    Don't think I would be able to relax on a max 8 that Ryanair use because of the accidents in the past but I'm a nervous flyer anyway 😬 (edited)
  11. dcp21's avatar
    WNot sure the pilots would go on them if they weren't safe
  12. Bluediamond28's avatar
    Yes true
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