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Cabin Max Metz 20L Ryanair Cabin Bag 40x20x25 Hand Luggage Backpack £14.95 (+£4.49 Non Prime) Sold by Creative 7 UK & Fulfilled by Amazon.
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Posted 20th AprPosted 20th Apr
Tailored for Ryanair's hand luggage maximum size restrictions, so you can make the most of their hand luggage allowance without paying for an extra carry-on bag, when international… Read more

Top tip there walio (embarrassed) 💜💜😁


As a user of this product (I think mine was 30/40L but the Metz model). I found it very good, I took it travelling with me and had no issues. However the stitching is now gone on the small outer pocket I used for keys/change after having it for 3 years with regular use.


And that's why you go to the boarding gate once you see that there are only a few people left to board. You will be one of the last ones to board, they usually don't care about any more checks by then and want to close the flight quick, therefore they don't waste time with you by asking you to stick the bags inside the ryanair box to measure it and so on.


Hilarious (lol) (lol)


Ordered! Thanks @Hato

Two for One Flights @ Ryanair
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Posted 26th Nov 2020Posted 26th Nov 2020
Two for One Flights @ Ryanair£9.99Ryanair Shop Deals
Dates up to the end of March 2021 Our Buy One, Get One Free promotion is on over 1,700 routes across our entire network. From the United Kingdom you can fly to Ireland, Italy, Por… Read more

Yep I'm totally lost here. Either way for what they offer ryan air are a fantastic airline for the price you pay.


You are most very welcome. (Although mine wasn't a 'splain. But I won't 'splain it to you.) You made an incorrect assumption. I was actually laughing at the repetition of the comment 'my go to budget airline' , and my tongue in cheek comment, not because 'it is someones budget airline'.


Will be one of the safest planes around when the new system is introduced.


Cheers for the 'Splain'....... I quoted your comment because you were laughing at the fact it's someone's budget airline. So I was just saying why people would take that stance


Your first comment was irrelevant to my post. i.e. refund for what? ('paypal refunded' tells you it was a cancelled flight). Your second comment was irrelevant to my original post correct. You only need a flight itinerary not a booked ticket to obtain most visas. I imagine that the countries most likely to turn you down for a visa (not something I've experienced) are served by airlines which offer a refund option. You really think that is why RyanaIr does that 30 minute thing? Anyone who travels knows that there is a big possibility that the flight will be late, and also the factors of customs and luggage pick up and they plan accordingly. They do it to falsify figures and to escape 'blame' it's a cop out. I would prefer honesty so I can make my own decisions. I have experienced a couple of Ryanair flights, a Tui flight and a Qatar Air flight where ramps have not been available. Ryanair because their scheduled landing time was different to the advertised landing time.

Birmingham – Gran Canaria 24th December – 2nd January with Ryanair for £132.31
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Posted 24th Nov 2020Posted 24th Nov 2020
Birmingham – Gran Canaria 24th December – 2nd January with Ryanair for £132.31£132.31Ryanair Shop Deals
Please check before travelling whether your destination requires you to self-isolate when you arrive, or whether you will need to do so when you return to the UK. You can find f… Read more

Thanks for sharing your first deal with us @kamila991 :)


Good luck. But that obviously is a more local option.


Thanks! I'm looking for an in-person test as I need to take it 72 hours before my flight (and get the results before then...) so I find home tests a bight tight in terms of timing.


In fact they seem to have hiked the prices in the last few days so a link would be good x



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Ryanair buy one get one free flights on Value fare bookings with more than one passenger, on selected routes for Travel 25 Sep - 01 Dec
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Posted 24th Sep 2020Posted 24th Sep 2020
Ryanair buy one get one free flights on Value fare bookings with more than one passenger, on selected routes for Travel 25 Sep - 01 DecRyanair Shop Deals
Today we have a first for Ryanair! Buy one, get one free! This amazing offer applies to Value fare bookings with more than one passenger, travelling on selected routes to top desti… Read more

Sadly as we all generally findout in the end cheap comes at a cost.Hopefully they have difficult times ahead.I would only use them if it was an exacuation flight.


I hate Ryanair more than anything in this world


Yes I perfectly understood. I was merely commenting on the usual moans against RyanAir when they brought air travel that many would have never been able to afford. And no one is forcing them onto their planes. Just look at the capitalisation of British Airways and ryanair 20 years ago and now... I also agree that FR is way better then WA


No, I mean RY confirmed yesterday all their tickets were refunded in Aug. I did get my money back. I can't say the same about our accomodation in France, purchased from a known your operator, about our airport hotel and about our parking at the airport. The only money I received back for our holidays are from RY, rest of them gave us vouchers with strict T&C and I will probably not use any. Where we have our accomodation in France, only RY used to fly, but they will not do it anymore so I can't reach the place. Moreover, RY vouchers are more flexible than most other airlines. Others don't need to be grateful but I am. I used them a lot and I can't say they are worse than any other budget airlines. I use Wizzair too and to me RY is much better. If I dont want to use them, I will not, but I rather have them around knocking down other airlines prices, so I can get a decent price regardless who I am flying with.


I was 'issued' vouchers too despite the fact I clicked on money back. I didn't click further to get a reference number, I just shut the web page. I received another 3 emails (one email for each flight) in August, notifying me I did not chose vouchers or money back. I clicked on money back and in within 48 hours I received a refund for all my 3 flights. Perhaps you should look in your spam folder, O'Leary confirmed yesterday on TV that unless you've got it from a 3rd party, all tickets were refunded. My brother clicked on voucher, so he has a voucher instead which states if not used in within a year, you automatically get a refund. Can't say if it is right or wrong them selling tickets. Perhaps they are confused with government advise which changes daily. They probably prefer to sell and refund if needs be. If the government gives green light, they will have no tickets sold. If they sell, they can operate. I really do not want to see another airline bust, since Monarch vanished, our choices to go abroad are limited and more expensive. I don't defend them but to me they do more or less what other airlines do. Check your spam folder, you may find an email there, unless you selected you want a voucher. Moreover, unlike other companies, their vouchers are more flexible, you can transfer them to other people, you can fly to other destinations, you can use a different airport, etc. Their T&C with regards to vouchers were rubbish first, but they changed them now. I did received our money back which I can't say about our accomodation in France from where we got a voucher with strict T&C. I rather had RY vouchers than a voucher for a particular place in France where nobody flies anymore...I also received a voucher for our airport hotel and parking in the UK, which again I may not use, as we don't usually fly from that airport.

Ryanair One Way Flight. Liverpool - Copenhagen. Friday 30 October 2020. Value Fare. £2.03 @ Ryanair
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Posted 15th Sep 2020Posted 15th Sep 2020
Ryanair One Way Flight. Liverpool - Copenhagen. Friday 30 October 2020. Value Fare. £2.03 @ Ryanair£2.03Ryanair Shop Deals
Ryanair One Way Flight. Liverpool - Copenhagen. Friday 30 October 2020. Value Fare. £2.03

or at anytime.


ts £25.99 now. So I guess the deal has expired.


I'd take a one way flight to Sweden instead. No lockdown required.


Know that feeling as have 2 holidays booked before the end of the year which were booked before the pandemic but not worth going if the quarantine is still in place as using 2 weeks holidays from work to isolate or take unpaid leave


£25.99 for me.