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London Stansted to Palma Majorca (Ryanair) - £12 return @ Momondo  (Example dates 1st - 8th July)
Found 13th JunFound 13th Jun
Unbeatable price for a return flight to Majorca at this time of year. Limited availability throughout July, but is still well worth checking out other dates too. Credit - Secret … Read more
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Its Ryanair.. not Etihad or any other 'Premier' Airline. Get a grip.. Use them regular,its a bus service! nothing more. Expect potholes people! Have revolutionised European travel for the average person..me Fabulous price n cant get time off..damn heat op (highfive)


Heat. Awesome


It’s £29 now


On the running late and boarding. Just for clarification the delay clock keeps going until the aircraft physically starts taxiing and also as another measure the delay length from when it lands versus its scheduled landed time. So even if you sit on the ground for 4 hours, they still must pay compensation. 3 hours is the magic number. Personally I like Ryanair for one thing. I expect nothing for £12 apart from travel A to B. So if they deliver I can not argue. BA on the other hand will charge 10x this price but normally deliver nothing either so a far worse picture.


bingo! After they did that to me on Monday night they're not getting a cent of my money ever again! Don't do it people, not worth it

21" ABS Hard Shell 4 Wheel Cabin Suitcase & 2nd Bag Holdall - Ryanair/Flybe Friendly - Free Delivery - £37.99 - Sold and fulfilled by Luggage Travel Bags UK via Amazon
Found 7th JunFound 7th Jun
The suitcase on its own is £36.99 & the holdall £12.99 purchased separately. Suitcase has almost 700 reviews at 4 1/2 out of 5. Aerolite 21" ABS Hard Shell 4 Wheel Hand Ca… Read more
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Not possible for the medium + large cases.


All the hard sided cabin bags I've looked at recently have been no more than 2.5kg at most. Even the large form factor of those cabin bags have been under 5kg. Are you sure there wasn't some contraband stashed away in a hidden section of your bag?


Have got the 4 wheel roller. Problem is it takes away just under 5kg from weight allowance at the outset. By using cloth bags + 2 wheels can easily save 2kg or even get full luggage allowance by using cloth bags without wheels.


The smaller bag has really bad reviews because of terrible quality.


Looks like a good price for the pair. Anyone have these?

2 Ryanair cabin bags 35x20x20cm £13.99 delivered @  Luggage Travel Bags UK. on Amazon
Found 6th JunFound 6th Jun
This lightweight hold-all style bag is the exact size allowed inside the cabin. It is lightweight but sturdy enough for all the essentials you need on a short haul flight. Comes wi… Read more
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Be careful! have you seen all the complaints about the poor quality? Check the reviews before you buy


I've found Ryanair to be the worst for seating, they sat two of us in middle seats at opposite ends of the plane on outbound and return. Easyjet by contrast tends to sit people together


Absolutely terrible. I have returned them to Amazon straight after I come back from holiday. Strap has snapped in both without any serious weight.


Check those dimensions before ordering: they may comply with the airline rules but for other purposes they are SMALL!


Its not just Ryanair but most cheap airlines does that now.

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Ryanair Priority Boarding Hand Luggage set £19.99 @ Travelluggagecabinbags
Found 5th JunFound 5th Jun
If you’ve booked Ryanair Priority boarding then you are allowed 2 pieces of baggage on board (55x40x20cm and 35x20x20cm) This lightweight luggage set are the exact sizes allowed. 2… Read more
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Just tell them your bag contains batteries that are not allowed in the hold, or say it contains fragile valuables & do not want Ryaniar to be repsonsible for any damage - either of these answers & they will back off.


I used to have a wheeled suitcase which looked the same, didn't last very long: the pullout handle was flimsy and broke after using it for 3 or 4 times.


Ryanair is what it is, it’s a budget airline. Unfortunately they are the only carriers to serve many European airports so have a captive audience. Michael O’Leary seems to revel in the reputation Ryanair has. The problem is that with seats being so cheap they have to make their money somewhere and by giving air stewards food, duty free and scratch card sales targets does not help. I find that most of the people that moan about Ryanair are what I call the ‘tourist brigade’ that only fly on their annual holiday and don’t research Ryanair’s policy on baggage allowance, seating etc and then moan about it afterwards, the seasoned travellers however know what to expect and seem to be happy getting from a-b safely at a very good price.


Flew yesterday, didn’t pay for any extras, got on at the end of the queue and they didn’t care or look at my bags, I could have brought 3 elephants with me. But I imagine whenever they feel like it they will suddenly be super strict and place everyone’s bags in their especially and uniquely tiny ryanair branded measuring cages featured at every ryanair departure gate desk. (Measuring both sizes of bags) I think Ryanair come off aggressive and rude in all their digital communication while booking and throughout your trip with strict warnings, crass phrasing and multiple repetetive upsells at every possible opportunity. The staff in real life are just ordinary humans though. The ryanair seat allocator will sit any couple or group apart on purpose even if the seats adjacent are empty or you have an infant, unless you pay extra to sit together. You should be able to talk your way in to sitting together once on the plane for free just by chatting like I did. If your trip is over 4 days you cannot check in for outward and return flights at the same time unless you pay extra. Pretty pathetic practice and clunky interfaces throughout the website and app. For example you log in to the website and it says “you need to check in now” for your return flight but won’t let you unless you pay which I think is manipulative because you might feel like you’ve been ordered to and you must. Download the app and check in during your trip for free if you can. Their official baggage information also states “your luggage will be taken off you”. What kind of language is that? Bit unnecessary I think. There are many extras they do not offer which I would actually pay for, such a shame they take away the basics and ask you to buy them back rather than offer genuine useful upgrades that wouldn’t cost them any extra to implement. Just a bit sad really, makes me pity their lack of imagination. I hope everyone buys the right size luggage and jumps through all the hoops to avoid paying ryanair extras, then they’ll stop messing about. And please bring food or buy yourself a boots / whsmiths / pret before you board. They will not provide you even with tap water onboard. £3 for a bottle.


Of course you are correct. You get what you pay for. But, if they first time you fly with an airline you have a bad experience, then you generally think twice about using them again even if they are a bit cheaper. My last Ryan Air flights to Copenhagen were far more than 35 pounds return. But they were slightly cheaper than other airlines.

Flash one day sale upto 20% off seats in June - Sept prices start at £5.99 @ Ryanair
Found 21st MayFound 21st May
Bit late in the day picking this up but just by chance seen this on the Ryanair website. Not much publicity but I believe it ends midnight tomorrow (22nd) 500,000 seats at upto 20%… Read more
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Love it.... typical, having an opinion without actually flying with them... I am easily pleased yes, it’s a budget airline. If I wasn’t easily pleased and wanted luxuries, I’d fly with a more expensive airline... I have flown with Ryanair so many times, and never had an issue, all the staff have always been polite, the passengers on the other hand.....:/


Really awful, keeping passengers stranded for hours, but when comes to compensation they will be the last one to do so... awful / worst airlines!


Flew last week with them, 3 hour delay either way. Won’t give me any compensation as per EU rules as they blamed lightning strikes...


Great deal for last minute getaways


Great, thank you! Booked for me and my son to go to Venice for a long weekend!

American tourister (ordeal Ryanair cabin bag) £37.80 Inc del
Found 19th MayFound 19th May
Great price compared to Ryanair's own site for similar tourister bag https://www.ryanair.com/ie/en/samsonite/buy-now (spring hill). You can also get a 15% discount if you sign up… Read more

See the post on here (or go direct) about Tesco Direct's lightest in the world 'it' suitcases. I bought the 92L large suitcase which weighs 2.2kg - lighter than the American carry-on case! - for £32. The medium size one was £28 and the carry-on was £24. Fibreglass construction (not hard shell though) and 10 years guarantee. Better hurry as Tesco Direct closes on 9/7/18, although some of their products may still be bought in stores.


Not seeing the issue here... :D


The Joke - - - - - - - - - - - Your head - - - - - - - - - -


Would never ever fly with Lyanair again, if you don't mind sitting at either end of plane from the missis it's the one 4 you but not me.


Pretty sure it was a joke. Look at the title.

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Ryanair seat sale, £19.99 each way sale (though as cheap as £6.99 each way)
Found 9th MayFound 9th May
Book by 23:59 Friday 11th May. Travel from 1st June - 30th September 2018. Hurry, these seats will sell fast!

Absolutely no way I'd ever step foot on a Ryanair plane and not just because of last year. Once they've added on their extra charges (charging to check in online, charging to sit with your family, etc etc) it's not as cheap as you first thought, then you get to the plane and pack in like sardines with your knees on your chin only to have the fligt attendants try to sell you a scratchcard and a bottle of vodka. Then you get off to spend money on transport as the Barcelona airport Ryanair fly to is Girona, over an hour and a half in a taxi from Barcelona central (this did indeed happen to a daft friend of mine!). Would just rather pay more, I know it's not the idea of HUKD but just because something's cheap doesn't mean it's good and with travel you tend to get what you pay for.


No deals to my destination! Cold,cold(poo) (poo) (poo)


Completely agree with you there, most people moan about how bad they are although we have flown with other companies having paid alot more and they have been terrible in comparison. No we have flown with Ryan air maybe a dozen times in the last few years. Never have had any major problems with them. We were fortunate enough to go away four times last year (abroad), twice with Ryan Air. Maybe and thankfully we didn't have any problems but people expecting cheap flights for an absolutely amazing experience where everything goes fantastically right might want to wake up. You can pay top money and something will still go wrong.


I've flown with Ryan Air twice in the last twelve months and haven't had a problem. The plane was delayed for an hour on the way home on one of those trips but that's nothing drastic.


It's hard to believe, but Ryanair has actually gone downhill in recent years. Their new seating algorithm will amost certainly ensure you are not seated beside your friends and family but are instead split up and sent to opposite ends of the aircraft. They claim it's the same as before, and seats are "randomly allocated", however they fail to mention that the "randomly allocated" seats are only the middle seats, and exclude the front of the aircraft. Also, their advertised £6 seat hostage fee - oops, I mean seat "allocation" fee - only starts at £6 to reserve the worst of the seats. The seats towards the front of the aircraft will cost you £16 or more, per person, each way. Once you're on the aircraft, you'll be bombarded with advertisements for cheap trash like scratch cards, perfumes and skin care which nobody in their right mind would ever need to buy on an aircraft, but since you can't exactly go anywhere, they're going to shove it down your throat anyway. You'll also have so little leg room that you can barely move. God, I hate flying.

Ryanair return flight from Stansted to Frankfurt hahn £6.99 each way @ Ryanair
Found 8th MayFound 8th May
Loads of dates available at this price. I chose Tuesday 5th June till 12th.
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I fly with Ryanair 6 or 7 times a year, I never have any issues, they're cheap and reliable


I ate food once and it made me sick. Never again. Now I just smoke cigarettes and drink coffee - feel great!


ive Flew with Ryanair lots and maybe I’m one of the lucky ones but I’ve never had any issues


Thankyou for the help xx


I've been with Ryanair once, and never again

Flights to Aalborg, Denmark for £11.98 return! @ Ryanair
Found 9th AprFound 9th Apr
If you’re looking for some last minute flights, Ryanair have some super cheap flights to Aalborg in Denmark. There are numerous dates in April for £11.98 return, and there are als… Read more
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Because it's how they make money. Why do you think they're able to charge £11.98 for a return flight? Their business model is designed around cheap flights and charging for everything you can. And you can bet some people won't be taking hand luggage if they have to pay for it.


You do realise that Ryan Air's seating algorithm deliberately moves people who checked in at the same time further away from each other. Thus compared to other airlines you have to pay far more times for seat allocation. Also surely nearly everyone takes a bag in the cabin? so why charge for it?


Why do you think it's a joke? That's how the airline makes money. Do you expect them to pay for you to fly abroad?


Map of the region.


Try kayak.co.uk

RYANAIR Summer flight sale from £4.99 one way!
Found 6th AprFound 6th Apr
Various flights/destinations/airports Cheapest I found was: London stanstead to Denmark £4.99 each way. Just log onto the website and try which airport and destination that sui… Read more

And just to “annoy” the haters O’Leary wins the Grand National. For the second time.


Welcome back to the sunny half term weather. ;) Glad you made it and no edits needed.....


I made it! Thoroughly impressed by Ryanair actually, nothing particularly "wow" but they just get the basics right at a great price


Ignoring all the good or bad comments, the key suugestion is to plan ahead as these low cost airlines are not that cheap during school holidays even when booking in advance. We’ve used both Ryanair & EasyJet for a weeks holiday to Majorca during easter and flights worked out nearly £400 including luggage. We’ve booked tickets to Hong Kong from Birmingham return back from Bangkok for two weeks £450 Turkish Airlines similar prices from other airlines. Yes you have to book hotels as well but better value


Only the one above...... Titled If Ryanair did Hang gliders...... (shock)

Cheap Return Ryanair Flights From £9.41 From Stanstead
Found 18th MarFound 18th Mar
Go to Bremen in April Lots of dates for £9.41 Return Go to Frankfurt Hahn in May for £13.19 Return Aalborg in March for £14.90 Return Oslo in April for £14.95 Return Check list fo… Read more
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Bremen is awesome. Recommend to all . Heat added.


Flying is bad for the planet.


Stockholm Västerås ,now that is a beautiful place ! London Stansted to Stockholm Västerås Fri 20th Apr 11:40 - 14:55 FR 6821 x Adult Standard fare£ 12.99Stockholm Västerås to London Stansted Mon 23rd Apr 15:20 - 16:40 FR 6831 x Adult Standard fare£ 12.99This is not Stockholm but a city outside ,a beautiful blend of old and new ,great shopping ,canals ,candlelights everywhere ,shopping galleries , Swedish Shops though a few we know ,supermarkets ,no crowds ,polite people who speak English better than us nice walks and you can get decent places to stay ,this clean ,modern ,calm and quiet city ,for this price i can get a crowded train to London and stand all the way there and back , as for the Ryannair flights ,great ,the airport is modern ,you can preorder shuttles on the web ,but a bus service is there going straight to Stockholm andthe city ,highly recommend the shuttles as very cheap ,£25 for a return flight to this lovely place is a bargain ,not the Benidorm crowd on board ,a great flight with great views entering the country of a million lakes,you do not need luggage for this ,seating always gone random , never a problem for me this city is stunning ,class act !Booze is ultra expensive but you can buy it in special places ,government owned but so nice ,still not that cheap but try Koppaberg 7% ,nice ! (highfive)


Not a lot going on at Hahn. The nearest towns are Kirchberg (6 mi) and Simmern (12 mi). Frankfurt itself is 75 miles away. The nearest train station is 13 miles away and the coach to Frankfurt takes 1 hour 45 mins,


I hate flying and not for me.but this is a ridiculous price and for that reason I’m hot :D

Fly from London Stansted to Bremen / Dinard for £5.98 return (Various dates in February and March) @ Ryanair
Found 29th JanFound 29th Jan
Good prices, will cost more to get to the airport :/ Important information about bag changes: Ryanair’s new bag policy went live on the 15th Jan offering: – Lower check-in b… Read more
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all prices are at least £100 .. cold


Are there any dates left?


Bremen is a fantastic town. Heat.


Thanks OP. Booked a 1 night stay. Never been there before, so looking forward to it. I wish I'd paid more attention in school now during those German lessons. (horror)


I've genuinely never had a bad experience with Ryanair, am I allowed to say that?


Code not working for me?


Revelation is a cheaper alternative sub brand of antler, hence the low rrp. I bought a revelation once thinking they were the same, the quality was far inferior to antler. They look similar in photos though and antler don’t make it clear at all which is just odd and i think damages their main brand


Isn't this pretty much the same product? (£28 for new customers) http://www.very.co.uk/revelation-by-antler-amalfi-4-wheel-cabin-case/1600213679.prd?crossSellType=item_page.recs_1


I have this Antler Saturn case... it's a flexible hard shell case... it's not like one of those bullet proof Samsonite jobs. Very pleased with it and has the advantage of coming from a well known manufacturer, so it should last. Only concern is that it's a zip-only fastening... personally I prefer the peace of mind of having securing straps as well.


Back in stock

2 Flight Cabin Bags (black + wine) fulfils Ryanair criteria 35x20x20cm £15.99 delivered @ Travelluggagecabinbags
Found 17th JanFound 17th Jan
These unisex lightweight hold-alls conform to Ryanair's new baggage policy and are the correct size to take on board without paying extra. Each measuring 35x20x20cm with carry hand… Read more
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4 black ones on ebay for £21.99


Because Ryanair's new restrictions came in on the 15th Jan - that's probably why :/


Ordered the Aerolite bag ... looked a better strap. Ordered at weekend, going on Ryanair tomorrow, order still "processing" (annoyed)


The same two bags (but navy and wine) from the same supplier are £13.99 on Amazon. 2 x black are currently £14.99. Link below. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Cities-Maximum-35x20x20-Ryanair-Luggage/dp/B073W7JXVQ/ref=pd_sim_200_6?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=29CKKT0X4KCP7BFQRXST


The dimensions seem small but it holds quite a lot. In mine I fit iPad, phone and charges, old skool headphones, sandwiches, family size pack wine gums, magazine, bottle of drink, purse, jewellery................and cuddly toy. Takes a bit of organising but it all fits. Just for the essentials ifyou don’t want to put your valuables in the hold.

Flight Cabin Bag fulfils Ryanair criteria 35x20x20cm £8.99 delivered @ Travelluggagecabinbags
Found 17th JanFound 17th Jan
This unisex lightweight hold-all conforms to Ryanair’snew baggage policy and is the correct size to take on board without paying extra. Measuring 35x20x20cm it has carry handles an… Read more
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Thanks to everyone voting. Just thought it was a good idea if each person travelling in your party had a different coloured one. No more mix ups at the security scanner or arguments on whose is whose and makes kids responsible for their own bag and contents.


Waiting for someone now to say, if you want 46 black ones its for xxx...


If you want 4 black ones its £21.99 via eBay


To all the people who don't read the facts before running to their keyboard to complain.... How are the hand luggage rules changing? Ryanair currently allows you to bring two items of hand luggage: Its maximum-allowed bag is 55cm x 40cm x 20cm (smaller than Easyjet's 56cm x 45cm x 25cm), with a 10kg weight limit.You can also take a smaller bag such as a handbag or laptop bag, with a max size of 35cm x 20cm x 20cm and no weight restriction. From Wednesday 1 November, you will still be able to take both bags through security, but non-priority boarding customers will only be able to bring their smaller bag into the cabin. The larger bag will have to be put into the hold at the boarding gate, at no extra charge. If you pay extra for priority boarding – typically £5 – you will still be able to take both bags into the cabin. Summary.... You can still take the two bags, it won't cost you more, stop looking for reasons to moan.



£10 London to Nice RETURN flight Jan @Ryanair + £87 4* Hotel - 2nt, 2A @travel republic
Found 17th Dec 2017Found 17th Dec 2017
London Stansted to Nice Sun 21st Jan 07:55 - 10:55 FR 1874 1 x Adult Standard fare£ 4.991 x Cabin bagIncluded(10kg, 55cm x 40cm x 20cm) Nice to London Stansted Tue 23rd Jan 11:3… Read more

And avg 9 degrees is hot! Lol


Take the 100 bus to Monaco for 1.5 euros. Very scenic. Don't take the 100x


Nice Airport is a short bus ride from town


Yes but whole pearly white sands beach is all yours to enjoy ;) I would rather do coastal trips to Cannes, Monaco or St. Tropez


So that's a duffle coat for the beach then?

Aerolite SMART Suitcase with USB Phone Charger Port, ABS Hard Shell 4 Wheel Carry On Hand Cabin Luggage ,  (Charcoal) - £54.99 @ Sold by Luggage Travel Bags UK and Fulfilled by Amazon
Found 17th Dec 2017Found 17th Dec 2017
now i have seen it all was £74.99 Approved for Ryanair, easyJet, British Airways, Jet2, Virgin Atlantic & Many More! (Charcoal)
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Only £39.99 now !


Sorry, did you not get the memo? This is HotAmazon&GearbestDeals now, none of us can be bothered to shop around so we just post what gets reduced on about five different sites.


Airlines are banning ‘smart’ luggage https://globalnews.ca/news/3900964/airlines-ban-smart-luggage/


Suitcase with all wires in means no suite case at other end, and possible long delay due to evacuation of airport and many peed of people :-)


https://www.ebay.co.uk/i/152641035352?chn=ps&var=452144991890&adgroupid=48716125379&rlsatarget=aud-350482359771%3Apla-381910302381&abcId=1129946&adtype=pla&merchantid=116314615&googleloc=9045848&device=c&campaignid=974960635&crdt=0 Bit of Digging and found the same case for £45.49 Delivered!

£11 Return Flight -  London To Stockholm - Sweden - Jan/Feb @Momondo via Gotogate
Found 6th Dec 2017Found 6th Dec 2017
Hand luggage is included in the price. Here are some example dates: Jan 14 – 17 Jan 15 – 17 Momondo is a price comparison site similar to skyscanner or Kayak where different… Read more

You so clever. That is an ultra specific group of students offered a discount 99.99% of the population of Europe will not have access to. 15% off 8 one way flights if you study abroad for a semester or two https://www.ryanair.com/gb/en/plan-trip/explore/erasmus But you still cannot get a cheaper price anywhere than booking with Ryanair directly. These Erasmus students would not get their 15% off if they booked through Momongo, booking has to be made directly though Ryanair. So if they booked through Momongo, they'd lose the 15% discount AND pay more for the flight because of Moremongo's fees (y)


Apart from the Erasmus discount of course.


Ryanair Cabin Baggage Policy "Bags. Made Simple. From January 2018 we will be implementing our new cabin bags policy. Only customers who have purchased Priority Boarding, Plus, Flexi Plus, or Family Plus will be permitted to bring two cabin bags on board. All other customers will only be permitted to bring one smaller carry-on bag on board the aircraft, while their second larger wheelie bag must be placed in the hold at the boarding gate (free of charge). "Your small bag must not exceed 35x20x20cm and should easily fit under the seat in front of you."


Best App!


1000% correct. Ryanair don't give discounts and you cannot get a cheaper price anywhere than booking with them directly. You can only pay more, hence why I call this a scam. If you want to pay £40 for £20 flights, go right ahead and book through Momondo. HUKD is becoming swamped with shills and conmen and people who attack those who point out scams. Keep it coming shills and scammers, I don't give a (poo) (y)

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