Unfortunately, this deal has expired 18 April 2023.
Posted 16 March 2023

Ryzen 5 5600G - 16GB Ram - 1TB - Vega 7 PC's from £339.99 via code at StormForce

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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

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£20 off the following: Ryzen 5 5600G Vega Systems, when entering the code EASTERBUNNY20.

1) 5600G + A520M-K + 1TB WD Green + 16GB Crucial + 350W FSP + CM Case. £359.99 / £339.99 with code

2) 5600G + A520M-K + 1TB WD Blue + 16GB Crucial + 550W FSP + CM Case. £379.99 / £359.99 with code

3) 5600G + A520M-K + 1TB WD Blue + 16GB Vengeance + 550W CV Corsair + CM Case £389.99 / £369.99 with code # Better Gamer Enabled, Higher 3200mhz Ram, And CV550 Can take an RTX 3060/ AMD 6650XT Laters.

Gaming Test:


5600x vs 5600G (3060 machine)

Nexus full review (for stats, but does not take into account 5600G market reductions).
Stormforce Gaming More details at

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  1. Noclouds's avatar
    If your aim is to game with a 5600G or 5700G at 30fps, low settings in triple-A titles, look to options on Palicomp/AWD-IT that use low latency, dual channel, dual rank memory - 3600Mhz at CL 16 is still the budget sweetspot - in a B550 motherboard (allowing you to overclock to get the best out of the 5600G, A520 doesn't allow you to oc the CPU/intigrated graphics).

    Why faster/low latency memory if you want to game?

    The 5600G's integrated graphics uses system memory and scales well with faster, low latency memory, making some otherwise unplayable titles, playable, if 30fps matters to you.

    If gaming, look to some of sarden84's excellent, more gaming-orientated 5600G/5700G finds. If just buying for office work, and in fairness Stormforce aren't promoting this as a gaming PC, this computer is just fine, heat given, especially as a lot of overpriced secondhand computers at this price perform poorly by comparrison.
    Nujol's avatar
    I would add that 60fps is easily possible by tweaking settings in almost all games aside from the most recent / demanding titles, from the Vega graphics.
  2. MadTitan's avatar
    I have a very very very limited knowledge when it comes to computer builds etc. Is this good for gaming? Hoping to invest in a computer soon, particulary for Diablo 4 coming out amongst other things.
    bananabandana's avatar
    You'd want a dedicated gpu which I believe you can add to this pc but then you'd at the very least want the psu upgrade.

    Carry on checking these deals and learn more. I think this is a great deal for people who are happy with the pc as is (not your case) but in case of upgrades the palicomp deals are better.
  3. liltman's avatar
    Ok this hurts! I just built a PC for a friend and it came to just over £500 lol, very similar to this one but with 32gb ram instead. If I was to go to 32gb ram on this, that wouldn't be much more...UGH! I did overspend a bit on the Motherboard mind but kinda needed to as she has some specific needs lol. Still makes me want to cry though.

    Great value, especially nice to have it all built for you and the warranty etc (edited)
    deleted325759's avatar
    32gb of ram and a better mobo, you will be miles ahead with this spec offered.
    The PSU seem very weak on all offers. IMHO

    You did the better thing.
  4. thenexus6's avatar
    Hmm 300W PSU is, uh, pretty silly.
    FairPriceSystems's avatar
    depends on need.

    obvious to most users the higher unit will be more beneficial, but i didnt want to skip over the budget version which alone challenges more then 97% vega builds on the net alone, for some this system will just stay as a 5600G home system.
  5. This.Is.Dog's avatar
    Heat! That is a deal!!

    I would install windows myself, you can get a windows licence key code from eBay for next to nothing.

    Thanks so much OP! (edited)
  6. Jonnyblock's avatar
    Hear me out lol, if I bought gaming enhanced option 3...could I put one of the Ali Express RX580s inside to game with?
    Would it be compatible? and would it invalidate the PC warranty?
    FairPriceSystems's avatar
    As long as the RX580s are legit.

    The Power unit will be perfectly fine, the 3rd system seems to be created by storm, for the said purpose of adding ur own GPU :-) (edited)
  7. deleted554688's avatar
    Just get a steam deck. 10% off now too.
    zxbasd's avatar
    how? please,thank you (edited)
  8. Gregglesj's avatar
    Looks great! How does this compare to the palicomp deal you posted? With the 5600G, B550M-K, the 550W PSU and the upgraded M2. Option 3 looks similar but £100 cheaper? Cheers
    FairPriceSystems's avatar
    Good QS.

    its unfair to storm to give pali comp an advantage on them having a B550M option. as both deals are A520 in mind from their respective original links.

    # palicomp does have B550 As a booster vs Phone call edit to storm, im sure can easily be arranged.
    #both currently have a £20 promo off.

    Storms £369.99 via code vs Palicomp £379.99 link (using voucher: £20 OFF COBRA)

    Two different cases.
    Same Board. (A520)
    1TB Samsung 980 VS 1TB WD Blue
    Vega level psu to begin with like storms £339.99 vs CV550
    No Games Vs Free Game
    Windows Vs No O/S
    16GB VS 16GB

    To correct each diss:
    Storms fee of windows +90+

    To correct the psu on the palicomp, You have the 1P promo, that drops the case but gives higher psu in exchange of the case,
    or go for the TX550 at £40 and keep the 1st player case, or do what i did via the £405 option.

    Palicomp 100% Strengh, in any light, is Windows, or the TX550 because u pay that nominal gap for having it..

    as for the Boost cost of B550M its on palicomp site, same as the 5700G, which certainly is worth investigating to storm by call. (edited)
  9. beans_0n_toast's avatar
    I actually want to play CoH 3. Would this setup give me everything I need barring a monitor and mouse keys etc
    beans_0n_toast's avatar
    Ok no graphics card..
  10. iwo's avatar
    Wouldn't it be cool if there was a laptop able to run games as competently as this tower does, at this price point.
    Maybe_Tomorrow's avatar
    It would murder alot of other laptops available
  11. GoWokeGoBroke's avatar
    How does this compare to a dell optiplex 760 with onboard graphics, quad core processor, 16gb ram, 300gb hard drive for £50 over 3 years ago and still running ok.

    Does this perform, im in the market for a new pc, but it must be low power consumption. I dont do gaming, just general internet, video watching, and microsoft office all day.
    The pc i have is probably ok...looking for opinions though. (edited)
  12. alloration's avatar
    FairPriceSystems's avatar
    good job its got more then what u requested.

    WD Green is an SSD M2 Drive, The blue is an NVME Drive.

    and there 1TB in volume.
  13. Asim998's avatar
    Is this good for basic gaming fortnight and GTA ?
    Ask's avatar
    Im sure it can Fortnite at around 100fps with 1440p but not sure about gta you would probably need a gpu
  14. crack_shot's avatar
    been keeping an eye on 3070 ti and 3080s
    they are dropping fast, night and day difference compared to last year- and they would be good for many, many years since we are in the ps5 generation and a 3070 ti will run anything released this generation

    only concern is the power supply
  15. conan1's avatar
    Indeed great value for money.
    Do Stormforce, Palicomp or anyone else do bundles of equivalent value, but with a "normal" looking case? (edited)
  16. Spartan_992's avatar
    cracking deal - my amazon basket for a similar build, sans the SSD comes to 347£
    FairPriceSystems's avatar
    loads of 5600G around the web, sadly not good value.
  17. jheales's avatar
    Seems a great deal for a gaming PC. But can it play Microsoft Flight Simulator?
    FairPriceSystems's avatar
    it can in very very low detail, seriously.. get a system with a GPU for that.
  18. Charlene_Draper's avatar
    Im looking for a pc for my son, hes 12 and loves editing his game footage / vlogging family trips etc. Would anyone be able to point me in the direction of a pc that would be ideal for this please
    Any help would be greatly appreciated
    Many thanks
  19. jheales's avatar
    I purchased one of these and though it is an admirable system for a good price, Stormforce refuse to honour their mistake with the free game deal. No partial refund, just a simple mouse mat is what I'm being offered. It was their mistake and the Company of Heroes 3 game appears on my invoice.

    What do you suggest that I do? I feel that I'm being ripped off by Stormforce as I only really bought the system to play this new game on and I've already installed Windows and activated it so cannot return the system to them.
    The.Fat.Cat's avatar
    No reason you can't return it even if you've used it, you didn't get what was advertised and what you paid for, with your invoice as proof.
  20. Sp0oner's avatar
    please could you recommend which of your deals is best for 5600g b550 16gb ram and psu suitable to add a 3070 after purchasing. SSD will also be purchased after buying the system. Need to get as close to £300 as opposed to £400.
  21. Mtrix99's avatar
    is this still available?
    FairPriceSystems's avatar
    Yes it is. but my mega thread got removed - will be back soon with them all.

    got to do some changes and rewrite.
  22. louiselouise's avatar
    FWIW, on my Amazon app I got an alert saying there are new "Amazon Exclusives" and a dedicated Stormforce webpage.


    Here's what's on there so far (as of 5th April, 3.25pm):49924234-mzlf1.jpg49924234-7h8OD.jpg49924234-SxPuL.jpg49924234-2MTMP.jpg
  23. Mtrix99's avatar
    Whats the graphics card on this PC?
    Mail's avatar
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