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Posted 17 January 2023

Ryzen 5 5600X + RTX 3060 Ti + 1TB Nvme + 16GB + B550M - Windows Gaming System from £800 (and many more options) at Palicomp

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About this deal

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

/Time to Play The Game.

  • Ryzen 5 5600X 6Core 12Thread
  • Asus B550M-K Motherboard
  • Adata 16GB 3200mhz Ram (confirmed D10 by adata) (2x8 or 1x16 or 4x4, put in note box ur desire)
  • Samsung 980 1TB NVME
  • Cit Flash Case (cougar mesh +30)
  • Kolink 600W PSU (see psu options)
  • Microsoft Windows 10/11
  • RTX 3060TI Graphics Card. (alt below)

Price: £800.00

160+80+45+70+35+40+380=810.00 (not even including windows/ build time) = Game on RTX Time!
Absolutely Value for someone with a budget of £800 Non-builder.


What if you have a bit more budget?

+25 TX550 GOLD (Higher Quality PSU") System Watts: 360Watts No problems.
+70 BQuiet 850W GOLD (Higher Quality PSU") (plenty of upgrade room for laters)
+30 Cougar Mesh ARGB Case (one of my fav Mesh Case lines)

Nice 800-900 RTX3060Ti Gaming System


+200 RTX3060TI TO RTX3070 8GB + BEQUIET 850W 80+ GOLD
+30 Cougar Mesh case =£1030.00

& If you know me by now, You know I'm going to compare it again to The HELLFIRE Build.

12400F into 5600X
B660K-A Wifi into B550M-K
Gen4 WD into Gen3 Samsung
Gamemax F15M into Cougar Mesh
"win/70" Same
650W EVGA Gold into 850W Gold.

Despite some changes, loss of Wifi on this board (easily sorted), (and loss of gen4) we do have the slight nudge on the CPU with the 5600X, two cases of equal performances in airflow, and a marginal increase in price to reflect that 850W PSU which will be another great hit for Ryzen 3070 desirers.


+ 400 RTX3060TI TO RTX3080 10GB + BEQUIET 850W 80+ GOLD
+ 30 Cougar Case = £1230.00

They have dropped the price of the hellfire "3080" as it was sitting too close to the 4070Ti previously, but still comes in at £1293.99 via 750W whereas, whereas You can get the 4070Ti at £1369.99 and Ryzen Build with that 3080 at £1230.00

The best way to obtain "Ryzen 4070Ti" would be to boost to the RTX3070 as above at £1030.00

And backdooring this:

Again it swings and roundabouts on Hellfire 4070Ti vs Ryzen 4070Ti.

As I mentioned on the "3070" but with the addition of 100W from the hellfire "750W Corsair" into 850 BQ" Both golds, loss of wifi on the ryzen, loss of gen4 but still a high Samsung non the less., but u have the 5600x then 12400F


# Many others are on site in respect of boosters.

PROMO M2 - 1TB 980 to ADATA 1TB S70 (Faster Read/Write) : +£20.00
(that will soon sort that Gen4 as mentioned)

AMD RYZEN 5 5600X to AMD RYZEN 7 5800X : +£90.00
AMD RYZEN 5 5600X to AMD RYZEN 9 5900X : +£225.00 (Nice pairing with a X board on site)

Need more information on the CPU Performance?

-Youtube it and look out for videos from the likes of nexus.

Need to cross-compare performance between cards
- Youtube it: "Card Vs Card" - check their tab what CPU? "random benchmark channel is a good start.

Need information regarding the specs of the board
-Google It! - Asus B550M, scroll past the sale pages, and look for the Asus main link and explore.

& Failing that just ask.
Palicomp More details at Palicomp
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  1. sarden84's avatar
    Main Links:

    Palicomp Ryzen 3060Ti from £800.00
    With the added option of +200 for RTX3070 and +400 for RTX3080 but I advice to change the case to the cougar mesh at +30 ion these GPU's making it respectfully 1030/1230, options of intel 12400F with B660Wifi at +30 which makes it a cracking idea on the 3060Ti, but id still head to the next deal for the hellfire should u desire 12400F/3070

    options of 5800x at £90 and 5900x at 225 on site as well.

    Palicomp Intel 3070 from £1000.00
    +369.99 for a 750W/4070Ti but if u desire "3080" id head and go on the 3060Ti and boost up, options of higher 12th and 13th gen included the new 13400F now on site.

    AWD-IT Ryzen 6750XT from £887.96
    Cheapest 6750XT system in the market and beats other firms' 6700XT deals, preset link to expected least standards with the added option of 5600x at £30, and £55 for the 5700X, if u desire 32GB ram a nice option of corsair 3200mhz 32GB at £30 inside the menu too, nice deal should u desire to jump of the RTX band waggon.

    AWD Ryzen 3060Ti from £901
    Lost the cheap MATX version at -£30 less, but still a cracking deal non the less with a high brand mid-level case by lian li, B550M as expected with 5600 with the usual standard of build, again as per above +30 for 5600X and we now have a new addition of the 5700X at £60 more which will pair nicely with their ram offer of £30 for the 32GB.

    AWD Ryzen 3060Ti from £932
    A white version of the above, but due to the loss of the matx on the black, the white version comes to closure, white is usually more on the matx as reflected but not a price increase in the ATX version of the black, white card this time too from the same brand, however, u do get the b550 Wifi board and into the mix a TX550W Gold just like one of the palicomp new options.

    system by AWD do not come with windows but they come loaded with it.... so u know.

    AWD Ryzen 3070 from £1030
    as stated on the main post for ryzen it was a good one but the options came off worst compared to palicomp hellfire, but with palicomp doing this new 3060Ti and adding the booster does make this one come of worse at £1030.

    However, with AWD latest offers on site with +30 more for 32GB Ram and +50 for 5800X (shame we cant get 5700X in this one)
    it does turn it around somewhat, i still feel it is on the back burner but with these savings in this area if u desire these areas at what makes ground?

    AWD Intel 3070Ti from £1052
    Direct challenge of the palicomp hellfire what we got is a TI model but we have lost the 12th gen CPU down to 11th gen CPU, again its a two and throw, performance wise on the CPU hit, vs GPU hit, each is kinda marginal tbh, but obvious GPU would make more ground so that would be the winner, but there is a price small gap two of £50 and the loss of gold on the psu, and loss of windows but awd comes back hard should u desire to upgrade to 32gb as i mention on the others.

    AWD Ryzen 6800Xt at £1152
    +30 for X, +55 for 5700X + 200 for 5800X3d if u must, comes in a little cheaper then the RTX3080 of the above as expected but not by a lot and u do miss windows, but u can use that gap to increase to 5700x at £55 and £30 double ram as mention vs a 3080 but nothing is knocking that 3080 vs other 3080 so as long ur happy to understand how AMD in areas, its a raw power performing card non the less, if u do go for a combo of 5800X3D do understand price term again it will hit palicomp hellfire +4070Ti so that be GPU over CPU vs here CPU over GPU in price term.

    Palicomp 3080 in the Palicomp 3060Ti at £1230.00 with the case boost.
    Palicomp 4070Ti in the palicomp hellfire 3070 at £1369.99 is lovely. which now has 13400F on top of the 12400f with many other options and now including new B760 Motherboard into the mix. DDR5 is available vs email or chat quotes.

    AWD Intel 13th 4070Ti at £1500 - on the bill vs palicomp 12600K features the new ram offer at £30 more for 32GB and is certainly in the mix vs the 12600K option which I've gone on site here however pali has done the 13400F i will review again soon the two deals.

    i am checking other sites but at more cost for no gains, including the ones which can't be mentioned, when i do see them i post on the other deal site but i don't see out in this regional area, however, they do have to crack 6650XT with 12100F which is for budget folks is nice, £600-£650 for a 12100F 6650xt depending on storage level. they have 12400F on site but the price gap is like what the hell too, bit of a hidden gem so u won't find it unless u know,

    end of the day there's many many ideas i could spend and talk about each and every single method they have and the combinations of CPUs but these are the links u should be going over guys.

    have a good day.

    Plastikman's avatar
    Amazing Work!
  2. daveburton1's avatar
    Nice deal, thanks! What is the CIT case like? Thinking of switching this to the 12400F and Wi-Fi promo for £30….
    Wooj's avatar
    It's OK. The case fans all run constantly, you can't adjust their speed, but they're fairly quiet. The RGB is good, you can cycle through various colour settings. Airflow is OK, my 3060 doesn't get too hot playing mostly FPS on high/max settings.

    If you take the glass side off, make sure the PC is on its side, not upright, as once the last thumb screw comes out the glass will drop - there's no lip to keep it in place.
  3. Bradx's avatar
    Now that's a deal! (Although upgrade the PSU!)
  4. MisterMadHatter's avatar
    Good luck with Palicomp. I ordered a PC deal before Christmas and it came with different RAM, motherboard, and PSU to what I ordered. That would have been OK but the parts were inferior. If you check Trustpilot it happened to a few people. It was a busy time but still. I complained and support were quick to respond. I managed to get a partial refund after a few emails, but they tried hard to palm me off with an extended warranty. Just be polite with your correspondence if it happens to you.
    SupraDan24's avatar
    I would have refused any partial refund and said I want to return it for a full refund and ordered elsewhere. You can't just send a different spec PC, especially an inferior one, that's well out of order.
  5. shayman1992's avatar
    Any AM5 builds bro?
    sarden84's avatar
    With respect of my awd/Pali deals ur best to find the closest GPU-related deal and then belling them or email them.

    i have seen some part list of DDR5s which have been superb that people have done at palicomp, but each quote has had a different brand of DDR5 and board during different weeks.

    So I'm presuming due to being a small firm they don't have a huge lot in one sense to do bulk deals.

    so if u want to speak to them, pop back once u have a quote and if u need my advice on the stripdown or i can explain hat I've seen it better elsewhere n co. no problems.

    but ur best doing this one ur self. atm. 
  6. TheOw's avatar
    Ordered this and palicomp have offered this upgrade plus warranty.

    Worth it?

    Edit: the webcam and headset won't be any use to me and I've already got better Ram to swap into the system so that isn't much use either. (edited)
    sarden84's avatar
    Are you the guy what buys into "team know-how" - Im not.

    If that is you: When you refuse this with palicomp they instantly drop to £68

    Apart from the "card"  there is nothing personal biting this one for me, I've seen better. ram on this config is 2x8 anyways and the bottom aspect is pointless rubbish.

    my advice if the first apply: refuse it. when they come in at £68, id pitch back to get a Bequiet Cooler atleast.

    for me it needs "card" and "something else PSU? "Cooler" is something u need to pitch on" + Warranty at £68 to make it worth while.
  7. MMT786_'s avatar
    Dumb question since this is all Nvidia focused but in terms of tiers in this post, where would you AWD 6800XT deal earlier this month sit? Around the 3070 for 1230?

    I've had my eyes on that AWD one alot (edited)
    sarden84's avatar
    Lets take a look at £1250 budgets.

    £800 link +400 3080/PSU +30 Case edit to the cougar.

    5600X + 16GB + 3080 + 850W Gold + Cougar + Windows 1230

    5600x + 16GB 3200mhz + 750W Gold + Cm + No windows £1182

    We are talking a gap price of £50.... that will be sweet for a lot of RTX3080 who are usual known to pay more then that gap.

    if ur happy to jump of the RTX bandwagon, and understand the difference in performance u can sweeten the 6800xt in another light, alright we don't have windows on the AWD, but to most that doesn't matter, and we are lower tier psu but not by much and 100W but again its all right for the spec. but what we can do is use that £50...

    +30 for the 5700X as awd does have a nice upgrade on the 8core and tweak some 32GB 3200mhz at £40 which on offer to which is new. so that 20 over lol.

    so in hindsite i still back the AMD 6800XT deal. as long as ur happy to jump of NVidia.....

    but palicomp nvidia 3080 vs other folks 3080 is top stuff too

    boosting the CPU to 5800X3D on the 6800XT has been a hit too, but the problem with that since the release of the 4070ti is that it sits just behind the combo price of 12400F+4070Ti (GPU over CPU will always be a winner lol)

    check the videos and then put that into play vs sites, as ur combination maybe tweaked to mine, but these are the deals to mess over. (edited)
  8. OrbitalFrame's avatar
    Do they ship outside of the UK? I live in Finland and rig prices here are awful.
    sarden84's avatar
    Palicomp doesn't anymore. i know they once did France.

    AWD-IT does France a lot, the chap on the deallabs usually grabs some of the deals I do on AWD and they roast in heat like crazy over there, and I've seen some people order on their discord server other areas, id join n place a manual order.

    just google awd-it discord and check over my previous awd post to go though, if u need any help let me know.
  9. HulkHogan's avatar
    Or just get a xbox series x and not worry about any game running properly due to hardware
    Rob_Samsung's avatar
    Only downside is using a controller to me.
  10. MMT786_'s avatar
    @sarden84 Do you think this config is okay for the price? Still looking for a first PC Build and made some slight adjustments to this, just not sure about the CPU

    sarden84's avatar
    The picture case it out of stock, the one u picked is the C Mid, just confirming with u if u knew.

    The 3060Ti version here

    750W Aero Gold -> 750W Giga Gold.
    3060Ti into 4070Ti Gold.
    (wifi version of -a into -a non wifi + card lol.. equal)


    That can be worked on, if u really insist on the Lian, id take either the white 3060Ti or the black 3060Ti i did of AWD + ur edits.and pitch.

    Your edits are good
    +7 3600mhz is a new addition so that's sweet.
    Double nvme drive Rather then boost into higher Gen4 speeds is a good alt.

    AWD 4070Ti came before their 3060Ti deals. but also been a little more ryzen support since too,
    so id pitch them to see if u can move and id do it on the 3060ti ones and then act like u don't know anything.

    pitch the psu to the Giga, and pitch to the 4070Ti. and then compare.

    because otherwise id snap up palicomp 12400F/4070Ti deal as that undercuts the "price" for that 6Core of last gen CPU battle. 12400f/5600x

    because otherwise at this £1500+

    it be: Pali 13400F under the hellfire or awd 13400F
  11. hobbes12's avatar
    Received mine today, all as ordered , no substitutions. Happy all round over here
  12. sarden84's avatar
    The legendary BradX is on my deals.

    Mr Reddit. The man u dare not speak against, the man behind r/buildapcsalesuk:

    Very honoured Sir!
  13. kingLAWZA's avatar
    Would get this but need a 6800x3D, unfortunate.
    Uranus's avatar
    I'm sure Sarden will be devasted and never talk to you again.
  14. Oquenbier_'s avatar
    Really good deal, I would recommend paying a bit more for the 550W Corsair PSU though 
    mutatedllama's avatar
    I'd go with the 850W. Future proof and modular.
  15. Scott_Singh's avatar
    Would it not be cheaper to bulid it
    Karl_Hunt's avatar
    Rarely these days. PC build companies get bulk buying discounts.
  16. JakeYYY's avatar
    Be slightly wary and understand what you’re buying here. I bought one of these deals from palicomp (great deal) but when it arrived the card barely fit like almost breaking something to get it in, but also didn’t arrive with the ram ordered.
    Sulphur.Man's avatar
    I think the ram issue is more problematic than the build issue. How did Palicomp support respond?
  17. pete.bones's avatar
    I know theres a lot more powerful GPU's out there, but I have the 3060 Ti, and it has smashed any game I've thrown at it (2k monitor). Great deal for a full setup.
    LaurenceGough's avatar
    3060 Ti is an awesome GPU much closer to the 3070 than the 3060.

    Mine undervolts well and as it's GDDR6 the veam runs cool and can take an overclock ok. Then you have 3070 performance apart from in ray tracing but it's close. And £100 cheaper for FE, massive saving.
  18. C_marty's avatar
    Not liking the stories about switching components, even if they are like for like performance they should say before taking payment or dispatching. They probably get away with it most of the time so it's worth the few refunds and returns they do get. Not ideal for people that aren't totally in the know
    Christee4's avatar
    It's shoddy business practice at best, shady at worst, I'd never buy from them because of it, even if it is only a small amount of builds
  19. daveburton1's avatar
    Mine arrived today. £855 with Corsair PSU and Intel 12400F. Came with Adata ram (2x8gb) which I queried because my invoice said Corsair but the site does say brand can vary. Not a big deal but a bit misleading. Haven’t taken the film off yet:

    daveburton1's avatar
    Thank you @sarden84
  20. sarden84's avatar
    For people who come to me with a budget 1k and the famous saying: "but i don't mind another £50 lol"

    1) Take a 3060Ti into higher Ram / CPU Performance.
    2) 6750XT in the middle in raw performance., (loss of RTX n Nvidia benefits.) Increase in CPU/RAM
    3) RTX 3070 "1440" more intensive or even higher 1080 Gamer who has no desire for CPU cores / Ram yet.

    Your choices.

    AWD Ryzen 3060Ti Black Lian

    AMD RYZEN 7 5700X
    ZOTAC Nvidia RTX 3060 Ti 8GB Twin Edge Graphics Card - WHITE Edition
    ASUS B550M-A II WIFI Motherboard
    THERMALRIGHT Assassin X120 Performance White CPU Cooler
    CORSAIR TX550M 550W Gold Rated Modular PSU
    LIAN LI Lancool 205 Mesh C RGB Tempered Glass Case
    CORSAIR 32GB (2x16GB) 3200Mhz DDR4
    MARVELS Midnight Suns GAME
    Price: 1042.42 (bburger code)

    Please note
    The case is this: Lian Li Lancool 205 Mesh C Mid-Tower Case - White but do have the option of the MATX on site.

    Palicomp Ryzen 3060Ti System 

    AMD RYZEN 7 5800X*
    PALIT RTX 3060Ti 8GB Graphics Card
    CORSAIR 32GB (2x16GB) 3600Mhz DDR4
    CIT Flash Case
    BE QUIET Rock Cooler
    CORSAIR TX550M Gold 550W PSU
    ASUS B55M-K Motherboard
    Price: £1055.00 (*select on site)

    AWD Ryzen 3060Ti White Lian Frost. 

    AMD RYZEN 7 5700X
    ZOTAC Nvidia RTX 3060 Ti 8GB Twin Edge Graphics Card - Black Edition
    ASUS B550M-A II WIFI Motherboard
    AEROCOOL 750W Bronze
    AEROCOOL 120mm Mirrage AIO
    LIAN LI Lancool 205 Mesh C RGB Tempered Glass Case
    CORSAIR 32GB Vengeance LPX (2x16GB) 3200Mhz DDR4
    MARVELS Midnight Suns
    Price: £1038.44 (bburger code)

    AWD Ryzen 6750XT (+ Arctic Freezer A35) (backdoor trick)

    AMD Ryzen 7 5700X 8 Core, 16 Thread, 4.6Ghz
    MSI AMD Radeon 6750 XT MECH 2X OC 12GB GDDR6
    MSI MAG FORGE M100R RGB Mesh Case
    ASUS B550M-K Micro ATX Motherboard
    CORSAIR 32GB Vengeance LPX (2x16GB) 3200Mhz DDR4
    GIGABYTE 750W Gold Rated PSU
    ARCTIC Freezer A35 ARGB Tower AMD CPU Air Cooler (add link to same basket)
    WIFI CARD 1200Mbps Dual Band Internal Dual Antenna Wifi Card
    Price: 1036.40 (bburger code)

    Palicomp Ryzen 3070 System 

    AMD RYZEN 5 5600X
    NVIDIA RTX 3070 8GB Graphics Card
    ADATA 16GB (2x8GB) 3200Mhz DDR4
    COUGAR ARGB Mesh Case*
    BE QUIET Rock Cooler*
    BE QUIET850w Gold Modular PSU* (part of the 3070 joint booster)
    ASUS B550M-K Motherboard
    Price: £1070.00 (*select on site)

    Palicomp Intel 3070 System *known as hellfire :P*

    INTEL i5 12400F - 6 Cores 12 Thread
    BE QUIET Rock Cooler*
    ADATA 16GB DDR4 (2X8) 3200Mhz
    ASUS B660M WIFI Motherboard
    WD 1TB SN770 M.2 NVME G4
    EVGA 650w GOLD
    Price: £1040.00 (*select on site)

    AWD Ryzen 3070 System

    AMD RYZEN 5 5600X
    ZOTAC TWIN EDGE RTX 3070 8GB Graphics Card
    KINGSTON Fury Beast 16GB (2X8)3600Mhz DDR4
    X= Infinity Black Case
    AMD Prism Cooler
    GIGABYTE B550M WIFI Motherboard
    Price: £1055.24 (bburger code)

    AWD Intel 3070Ti System

    INTEL Core i5 11400F
    ASUS PRIME B560M-A Motherboard
    X= Infinity Black Case
    ARCTIC Alpine 12 Compact cooler
    KINGSTON Fury Beast 16GB (2x8GB) DDR4 3600MHz
    CORSAIR CX750M 750W Bronze
    WIFI CARD: 1200Mbps Dual Band Wifi Card
    Price: 1068.16 (bburger code)

    One of the most common questions I get is:

    1) Best Prebuilt for 1k 1a) Ten mins later, but I could do +50. 1b) 20mins later just as u about to hit reply .
    "i could do £1100" = You lot drive me !BONKERS!.

    In the recent week, We currently have some RTX3060Ti prebuilt at sweet prices.

    & Most know that the hellfire "12400F/3070 + BQ Upgrade has been the major hit in respect of the "most asked QS".

    And as good as it is, The mission has been not about beating it, as that is impossible. but its been about sending a pack of wolfs at it and tearing it limb from limb for another type of user, but that system is in GTA5 Story mode, playing Trever and has unlimited weapons enabled and unlimited health no matter what corner i come at it.

    & now with RTX3060Ti in the mix, we can actually go with another challenging method.

    so the idea here is to budget at £1050 give/take the ways u can spend that sort of cash.

    The first 3 systems are RTX3060Ti enabled which are great systems if u have a budget of sub 1k, for people who have a higher budget may be tempted to consider these layouts of systems if they have more desire for CPU/RAM performance jump and that is the nature of this.

    The fourth system follows the same basis, with more GPU raw performance than 3060Ti, but just ever on avg behind a 3070 in raw performance, but obviously lacks Nvidia sweet features, if they are to your desire, but at a little bit more cost affordable between the cards we can boost to that 5700X / 32GB Ram so a nice good mix of cpu/gpu performance if u can jump of Nvidia train.

    The 3070 Systems are obvious with the nature of a higher card, perhaps you want to push more into a 1440 system at higher FPS and u have no desire or need for an 8Core spec, and u desire is more gaming, not saying u can't do 1440 at 3060Ti but a lot of titles and depending on settings it's like over the fence for a lot where the general info is 3060Ti has the better of the two value to performance but 3070 gets over the hill. 

    So that is the laymen's terms of the 3 Ways, quite simple logical methods, but might be an eye opener to many.

    obvious each "method" is then done individually different by a different builder so we got two builders with nice prices atm offerings a few methods now to open more ideas.,

    Palicomp has the edge in respect of windows locked and loaded with activated windows, AWD-IT has it installed but unactivated.
    AWD has the edge with some inclusive free games which vary between INTEL/RYZEN setups, more details on site.
    SuperSportBilly's avatar
    Thanks Sarden - Sterling work there.

    Is this palicomp.co.uk/amd…buy new? A 7600X build.

    Looks interesting if we can use the 3070 to 4070TI booster.
  21. daveburton1's avatar
    Ordered the upgraded CPU and intel setup. Will keep you posted. Thanks @sarden84
    daveburton1's avatar
    Had the usual upgrade chat. Q jump and warranty and various bits for £45. I don’t believe I will actually get 4 sticks of RAM and I’m only really fussed about the GPU brand option and warranty.
  22. sarden84's avatar
    7600+RTX4090 from £2743

    id head for
    +50 for like Gen4 S70
    +99 for 32GB 6000mhz DDR5 Adata
    +20 for the 5600x
    +99 for a glac aio. (or do my backdoor trick and add a site one lol)
    +30 for wifi board and prime to tuf versions.
    +30 for the X RM1000 from E version.
    +0 white version.

    if ur looking for 4090.. that's a solid deal beats other system builders.
  23. sarden84's avatar
    Jonny_Concrete's avatar
    Hi Sarden, thankmyou once again for the valued research and guidance, much appreciated.
    justn double checking as think there was a typo with the "Palicomp Intel 3070 System *known as hellfire :P* deal -GPU not 4070ti??
  24. nope_'s avatar
    Ordered this today with no issues, will update if anything happens. thanks for all the posts @sarden84 (edited)
  25. DingoDirk's avatar
    This still seems to be the best deal available.

    I wish it came with an ATX motherboard as an option.

    I would definitely go for the 12400f processor. It's a shame it's not possible to pay extra for the 13400f.
    sarden84's avatar
    You can. i did cover it here -->


    TX550 is available, i killed it as i was expected the higher ones TX750 to be sorted by now. as they are out of stock of TX750
  26. Gorillasan's avatar
    How does the 4070ti build on this compare to the Hellfire one? The price is almost exactly the same.
    sarden84's avatar
    The default price on the site didn't add up.

    £800+30 Case edit + 540card +70psu = 1440

    which is just non-contest against the hellfire.

    so if u do my backdoor:

    £800+30 case edit + £200 RTX3070/PSU Boost and then +350backdoor from the hell = 1380

    intel vs ryzen
    12400f vs 5600x
    b660m vs b550m
    wifi vs no wifi
    750w corsair gold vs 850W BQ Gold
    Gamemax f15m vs Cougar mesh
    WD Gen4 vs Samsung Gen3

    out of the two id prob go with Ryzen +S70 gen4 at £20 = 1390..
    but this is me, (i am more ryzen person) but i do intel all the time as u lot, so I'm not against intel like some.
    and i don't even have wifi in my system I'm a lan.

    however, most people who are going for that 4070Ti are boosting to 12600K/ZBoard

    palicomp has got 13400F in on-site and some B760 boards in.

    again as i mentioned on AWD 13400F Palicomp 12400F is super cut than their "12600K" because obvious old OEM stock and mainstream i5 are discounted behind closed doors then retail and pali is passing that on via 12400f.

    we are not talking retail to the retail stock price on the gap of the two

    so defo going to review pali 13400F vs awd 13400f lol

    so that's the difference on the "gate of each" obvious u got 5800X in this ryzen way too, which is cheaper than the 12600K but again u got that 13400F now available.

    defo a head twister isn't it lol. (edited)
  27. AdrianPetrache's avatar
  28. smush's avatar
    Need to stop looking at these deals!
    Finally pulled trigger on components, shipping this week 13600kf + 4070ti + 32gb ddr5 + 2tb gen4 m.2 + MSI Pro A z690 + 850w + deepcool ak620 all in a Fractal pop air case.
    JimbobJim's avatar
    Nice, how much £ mate?
  29. memyselfmash's avatar
    I bought the following Ryzen a couple of years ago...


    its a little bit too laggy/ slow for some big games. Is it best to look for a better computer? or is there parts I should look at buying to replace within the unit I have?
    Weehamish's avatar
    Going from that to this is like ps3 to ps5 jumps in quality lol.

    Nah its time to dump the lot and buy full new
  30. rs_tigerblade's avatar
    Banging deal, good to start, would rather spunk for a 3070 tbh!
    Weehamish's avatar
    3060ti is basically a 3070 lol... minor fps gains
  31. Vogun's avatar
    Thank you sarden84. Finally pulling the trigger. This is a huge upgrade for me.
  32. Si_Holl's avatar
    Will this comfortably run video editing software and multiple screens etc? I have a £1000 budget so would you recommend any upgrade to this set up?
    fishmaster's avatar
    Most likely it will. However what video editing software are you working with? What resolution of footage will you work with? What codecs are you looking to use? What typical file sizes of videos will you be working with?

    You might be better off with an Apple Mac Mini M2 for example but you might be better off with this. This deal allows more flexibility although it is on a dying platform. This is the end of the line for AM4. Whereby AM5 has replaced it and is at the start of its life cycle, so more upgrade options with AM5 for example, but more money.
  33. shyder20155's avatar
    Would This run black Myth Wokong?
    Lucopop's avatar
  34. Lucopop's avatar
    I've purchased a ps5 vr but debating if to cancel and buy this rig. What's it like on max?
    sarden84's avatar
    Keep the PS5 VR. and buy a 5600G for ur PC needs :P

    As mentioned on the post, youtube it "5600X 3060ti" is the key term look at the videos. hundreds.

    and then do some cross compare 3060ti vs 3070.

    Cpu vs CPU and u can build in mind its performance. (edited)
  35. dichromate's avatar
    Are all the parts new?
    sarden84's avatar
    yeah new.
  36. Totallynotaposer's avatar
    Hi Sarden, have got around 1.5k and looking at the best I can get in terms of performance thinking the 4070ti hellfire and a 13400f but not exactly sure. Thanks
  37. long-time-lurker's avatar
    Grey's build this and this is the price they should have been a while back
  38. Jay7X's avatar
    ordered for nephew just upgraded the fan to a Be Quiet one.
  39. sarden84's avatar
    Not sure which PSU u went for originally but laymen's terms:

    600W Kolink (fine for budget and 3060Ti)
    If u desire higher quality PSU and its £25 increase is fine, go for the TX550M GOLD I would recommend.

    let me know what u done. (edited)
  40. lf1337's avatar
    Thoughts on paying the £30 extra for gigabyte card over the innu3d card thats supplied as standard? cheers sarden84!
    sarden84's avatar
    It's a very comfortable upgrade.

    Laymen terms of the cards under these 3060Ti

    Inno Twin -> Zodac (AWD)-> Gigabyte Gaming OC.

    however..... if u were to go for the management u might as well knock it back at £88.
    come in at £68.00

    /Pitch back for a BEQuiet cooler then the arctic.

    £68 for a BQ + GPU upgrade... "extra warranty and rubbish"" (if u was doing something in respect of both)
    /im just waiting on an answer from another chap who went another way and ill report back. (edited)
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