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Posted 25 June 2023

Sainsbury's British Beef Steak Burgers, Taste the Difference x4 680g £3.33 @ Sainsburys

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British chuck and British flank beef burgers with with salt and pepper.

Made with Prime Cuts of British Beef

Gluten Free

British Beef

INGREDIENTS:Chuck (56%):Beef: Flank (39%):Beef: Water, Tapioca Starch, Seasoning (Sea Salt (Spice (Black Pepper) Preservative (Sodium Metabisulphite (Sulphites)) Herb Extract (Rosemary)).
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  1. hiflisi's avatar
    I had these last week and they are not as good as last year so much fat coming out of them. I could not believe the difference in quality so i decided to check reviews on website and a lot of people agree.
    eset12345's avatar
    Lots of meat products have moved away from using rusk and are using rice flour or tapioca flour so they can be gluten free, the rusk used to keep in some of the fats (edited)
  2. ataritheone's avatar
    They have them in my local but 454 g only ?
    Are you sure there's 680g version?
    eset12345's avatar
    They have a quarter pounder version not on offer for a pack of 4 for £4

    Or a pack of 2 * 6oz ones like these on offer or £2 (edited)
  3. u664541's avatar
    Rate these, best to flatten them to ~1/2 their size then bbq
    GreekJesus's avatar
    Wouldn't flattening then increase their size?
  4. deleted2936900's avatar
    Just under £5/kg, bargain for this quality of mince imo

    Nice size 6oz burgers too (edited)
  5. Jo_Asun's avatar
    had 2 of these for breakfast today nice taste and very low carb
    Hutchyy's avatar
    Burgers for breakfast??
  6. timmyramjam's avatar
    ya just know these are gonna be umm umm
  7. Gerry557's avatar
    Was that 1st breakfast. I've had burgers for 3rd breakfast but not if I was planning them for lunch.
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