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Posted 1 January 2023

Samsung Galaxy S22 128GB 5G Smartphone + Chromebook 4 Laptop (+ Possible £100 Guaranteed Trade In) £563.99 (W/£10 Top Up On PAYG) @ Tesco

£563.99£76927% off
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This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Sign in first, this is a clubcard deal

Now Follow the get deal link, add the phone, add the sim card, then you'll see the price £563.99 reflected in your basket

Head to this link to claim the Chromebook - 2021.samsungpromotions.claims/chr…ing

Head here to achieve a possible £100 Extra Trade In via the mtr group / samsung (not sure if they stack) - samsungtradeinoffer.co.uk/pro…ile


Features & details
  • Our most magnificent innovation ever. The sensor absorbs more light, super clear glass reduces lens glare and the responsive artificial intelligence ensures an immediate smart treatment.
  • The OIS correction angle has been improved by 58% and works with a faster range of motion to balance your shots on the phone. Meanwhile, Super-HDR uses the colour square to make any square look fabulous.
  • Sunshine, hit the bright display of your Samsung Galaxy S22. With the distinctive Dynamic AMOLED 2x display, which has been specially developed for high visibility outdoors, the image always remains clear in bright daylight.
  • With Google Duo, collect your team on your phone. So you can watch movies with high quality streaming over the internet, just like in real life.
  • Our fastest, most powerful chip ever on Android phones. This means that it is even faster CPU and GPU compared to the Galaxy S21 Ultra. A great momentum in smartphone technology.

Tesco More details at Tesco

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    Advice/Caution: Battery life is very poor on the S22 as last two comments suggested. Got mine 1 week ago from a previous deal and will be returning it. Needs charging twice a day with light-moderate use. Unfortunate because the rest of the phone is indeed amazing. But I need something to last my on-call shifts at least!

    Here's the DXOMark summary from their trials.. it ranked last of all phones they ever tested (autonomy = battery life)

    49202850-MPi6u.jpg (edited)
    Thank you I will stay with A52s nearly bought it just because of all the offers (chromebook, disney+ and cashback)
  2. Avatar
    Link takes you to tesco.com not tesco mobile so you may not be eligible for Chromebook as Tesco Mobile is listed as participant store but not Tesco
    I wondered the same
  3. Avatar
    Anyone know if this is sim free or if its locked on tesco mobile would I be able to put my O2 sim as tesco mobile use O2? Thanks in advance
    Phones are not allowed to be network locked these days. This will be unlocked
  4. Avatar
    Currently got a Samsung Galaxy S8 which has served me well. @MrSwitch what phone would recommend as a replacement / upgrade? Been looking at the A52s and S22. Use my phone for watching movies, taking photos, social media and I like Samsung pass app.
    I went from S7 to A52s. Very happy with it, though the size takes some getting used to. No headphone jack and no expandable storage put me off the S22. Artificially handicapped flagship phones... meh.

  5. Avatar
  6. Avatar
    So basically for the price advertised, if you get all the claims its basically

    £100 off
    The Notebook
    The Phone

    So works out £463.99 for both the phone and the notebook?
  7. Avatar
    @MrSwitch It's the 1st day of the year, and you already give me something to decide,buy this or wait for an S22 ultra offer

    Happy new year to everyone! (edited)
    I have the s22u and it has been nothing short of a disappointment.
    May as well get this then in a year get a deal on the s23u.
    Signal is rubbish.
    Camera is very good.
  8. Avatar
    Mines showing £479.20
    Tesco Colleague discount a further £84.79 saving.
  9. Avatar
    Is this locked to tesco network?
    Should be unlocked, no phones come locked anymore
  10. Avatar
    Good deal, but not the best value considering this is forcing you to get the phone at an expensive price and a crappy laptop you probably don't need. Remember S22 Ultra was available for £595 before this. This is only a tiny bit cheaper than that and to sweeten the deal they are giving you a useless laptop that they probably can't sell themselves.
  11. Avatar
    Warning battery life on S22 very poor.
  12. Avatar
    Poor phone, S23 round the corner, don't waste your money.
  13. Avatar
    Does anyone know how many times you can claim from previous past Samsung claims e.g. if you have already applied for the Google £100 play credit or even the other ones they've offered?

    Also does anyone know if the phone is locked to Tesco mobile only? (edited)
    Doesn't matter if you've claimed on previous promos. They usually have a limit of 4 claims per private address or a lot more per business address per promotion, but previous promo claims aren't counted.

    No phones are network locked anymore.
  14. Avatar
    Was gonna jump on this as me an the wife are after a new phone, but after reading the battery life is poor is putting me off, we would be coming from a s20 5g.
    It's the rational choice, one I wish I made before ordering last week. Thankfully UK law has our side in returning items quibble free. But yh if the battery had been even average this phone would be great. Love everything on it, amazing cameras, fast fingerprint, stable software, cool cashback/free laptop. Just bad battery (edited)
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    Only pink gold in stock. Hope the others come back?
    Might be worth checking in store?
  16. Avatar
    My trade in was accepted today. I selected android phone though it was a non android nokia phone. Still waiting for the chromebook to be approved.
    You think they would accept a Sony Ericsson Walkman phone 😁? (edited)
  17. Avatar
    Anyone else paid for this deal in store?

    When applying for the Chromebook it asks for invoice number. Anyone which number from the receipt I provide Samsung with?

    The numpties in store had no clue.

    If you go to the bottom of the receipt where the date and time is there is some numbers. I put that and it's been accepted. Hope it helps
  18. Avatar
    If anyone gets an error saying IMEI is invalid in the trade-in website: samsungtradeinoffer.co.uk/pro…ile
    Contact this email: samsung@tradeinresponse.co.uk
    Tell them your IMEI and send them screenshot / error message. They should add your IMEI number, so that you can re-submit form. I got a reply within 48 hours.

    I used a screenshot picture of the email I got from Tesco to say phone was dispatched, as my proof of purchase receipt.
    When it came to device, when I entered the IMEI for my HTC One M7, it doesn't show up with correct device. In the search box I searched for "Any android", use that and you should bypass through. I selected 'Yes' to device fully functional, and no to everything else and my trade-in was accepted. (edited)
  19. Avatar
    Got the Chromebook and trade in approval today
  20. Avatar
    Happy new year all
    Same to you 😘
  21. Avatar
    i got this for mom, while i am still on xiami note pro 8 hehe. anything for mom. im blessed.
  22. Avatar
    Good morning and a very happy new year to you @MrSwitch and to everyone here on HUKD 🎇🎆
  23. Avatar
    Happy new year to you all:)
    Celebrating in Easten Europe is always fun:)
  24. Avatar
    Deal of the year right there MrSwitch 🔥
    I'll take that
  25. Avatar
    Rubbish phone
  26. Avatar
    Happy New Year !

    Are these unlocked or fixed to Tesco? I have a Sky Sim.
    See above
  27. Avatar
    Great deal happy new year to everyone
  28. Avatar
    Any confirmation regarding £100 trade in?
  29. Avatar
    Got the S22 from a previous deal.. Probably the worst phone I've had in a while. Coming from a 7t Pro I expected some improvements but there aren't any. Poor battery life, slow and crashes a lot . Finger print sensor is poor in comparison to the 7t Pro too. Wanted a 5G enabled phone but wish I'd have got a different one.
    Return it. Got mine from a previous deal also (the 256GB one) and will be returning it tomorrow because of the appalling battery life.
  30. Avatar
    Thank you @MrSwitch 👑💯💯
  31. Avatar
    Did you managed to succeed in redeeming both others? Or can you only use 1 of them?
  32. Avatar
    Phone came yesterday a purple one (ordered Thursday). Just applied for chromebook and approved in about 2 minutes. Will do the trade in next week. (edited)
  33. Avatar
    It is very confusing. The trade in link asks for the details of the new phone, not the phone you need to trade in
    probably have to buy it first and then supply imei number.
  34. Avatar
    Everytime I go to the basket after adding them it says it's empty for some reason?
    try again. it will work hopefully.
  35. Avatar
    I am in two minds!!!! this is an amazing offer!
  36. Avatar
    Also shows a pic of a potential 12m of Disney+ free. Not bad if you can get it as well.
    BTW. Thanks Mr Switch….even though following you has made me spend way too much money 🤪
  37. Avatar
    Is there any confirmation about the Chromebook with it being from Tesco.com instead of Tesco mobile
  38. Avatar
    when does this end?
  39. Avatar
    Feel like the deals posted in december were better value for money. They were contract deals but after the cashback and sim, the phones worked out cheaper. The s22+ worked out at £250-300 for example.
    Probably agree with you to a point, but if you wanted a sim free phone with no strings, then this is a better choice
  40. Avatar
    Amazing deal have some heat (edited)
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