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Samsung Galaxy S9 Good Condition - 64GB Purple/Blue/Black Dual Sim £189.99 / Grey 256GB Dual Sim £249.99 @ 4Gadgets
Posted 1 h, 37 m agoPosted 1 h, 37 m ago
Dual Sim model, various conditions available, but best being the good condition ones. If they aren't any good, or worse than good (guide below) then you'll have to return, bare it… Read more

Possibly that the 5t battery might be in better shape than the s9 by now as the s9 is over 18 months old and the nova 5t less than 12 I believe so assuming a daily charge on each device perhaps the 5t will have more longevity.


not bad at all! I'm seeing Mix 3 for £180-£190 on fleabay (mint etc...) but do like LG handsets :) thank you!


Latest Motorola g series is 5g ready, released today around 299.


Please keep doing this for all phone posts. Very helpful. Thanks


Cheers buddy

Very Good Condition Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ Plus - 256GB - SIM Free/Unlocked Aura Glow Smartphone - £499 @ MiandMore / Ebay
Posted 7 h, 22 m agoPosted 7 h, 22 m ago
Very Good condition explained Very light hairline marks on the screen, not visible when screen is switched on, only visible with a length of 2 hand spans when screen is switched … Read more

It would be good deal Only with a Snapdragon processor


As long as your happy and it does what you intend it to do. There's nothing wrong with them at all.


They're better for sure but as I can't get a current model Snapdragon, I just settled for last gen Exynos which is 'fast enough'. Hopefully Samsung will sort it out in the next 1-2 gens... nothing like paying more money to get a worse product than their 'key markets'.


Wouldn't say it was bad, just nothing special, battery life was poor considering the size of the battery. If you want a large screen Samsung without been concerned about the S.pen they best option is the s10 lite as it has the Snapdragon 855 and excellent battery life. Imported it can be had for just over 300 from Tecobuy or e global eu site.


Cool 8) glad to be of assistance XD

Refurbished but Pristine Samsung Galaxy S10 5G - 256GB - Silver / Black - Unlocked SIM Free / UK Carriers £599.99 @ Ebay / Music Magpie
-4° Expired
Posted 19 h, 14 m agoPosted 19 h, 14 m ago
Music Magpie have a July 10% off deal at the moment and are currently selling the Samsung s20 5g - 256gb variant in pristine condition for 1p shy of £540 (when added to basket). 1… Read more

Hey @Stu1988 , sorry this has already expired but congrats on your first post! Welcome to the site :)

Refurbished Samsung Galaxy Note10 Plus 256gb - Pristine Condition for £542.92 - Aura Black ONLY - CODE STACKING via MusicMagPie / ebay
216° Expired
Posted 6th JulPosted 6th Jul
Been looking at getting a new phone for the past 2 weeks and came across this. The Pristine price (£634.99) for the Note10 Plus is actually cheaper than the Good condition (£659.99… Read more

Lucky for those that got the 512Gb one cheaper.


I ordered a note 10 plus 5g few weeks ago from these for £498 in "good conditon" few scratches on the back but screen is spotless


I'm sure was cheaper few weeks ago stacked 10% + 10%


oos already as if it was sold for free you monsters (cheeky)


Just FYI, my girlfriend ordered the Note 10+ 5G in "pristine" which we've had to return because of a chip on the side and scratches on the screen. They haven't replaced it like we asked them to, instead we got a refund. So please make sure if you're getting a phone from them, check it thoroughly as it may not be what you're expecting!!

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Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite 6GB 128GB 6.7" Super Amoled Display 4500mAh + S Pen Aura Glow £369.32 (£358 fee free) @ Amazon Italy
819° Expired
Posted 5th JulPosted 5th Jul
Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite 6GB 128GB 6.7" Super Amoled Display 4500mAh + S Pen Aura Glow £369.32 (£358 fee free) @ Amazon Italy. Functionality and details Galaxy Note1… Read more

Disagree. You should all favour small to medium phones only.


Because some people like big phones..... Just like some people like small phones and some people like medium sized phones......


It's stupid to buy a big phone.


That's like saying why would you want a bigger phone.... Smartphones have increased in size literally every year so the demand for a "slab" is there


Amazon UK worker: A lot of UK customers are buying this phone from Amazon Italy, maybe we should lower our price too? Amazon UK: lol no

Samsung Galaxy S10 plus with 100gb on 3. £39pm (poss £30.50pm w/ cashback) at Fonehouse - £936
Posted 5th JulPosted 5th Jul
Seems alright to me. Say £20 for the phone and £10.50 for the data. £480 for a s10 plus and £252 for what is effectively unlimited data etc (100gb is ridiculous (lol) ). Bear i… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

Yep - KTM Online or similar owns both. It is only 3 years old.


i have seen the metrofone deals also on fonehouse, so i assume they are either an closely tied or it's owned by Fonehouse.


This is getting spooky - I was wondering exactly how that would work with a decent EE tariff and this phone. Any idea how much a mint ('new other') S10 plus would fetch (preferably not on eBay)?


I buy a phone keep it mint and flog it on marketplace .I just get a cheap 4gb SIM for £6.50.


No no no, it was me - I got this & another thread confused - thought it was the A71. (y) Apologies if I seemed to be being picky (I am picky, but not in this case, just old)! (lol)

Samsung Galaxy S10 128GB EE Good Condition Smartphone Black - £290.69 @ Music Magpie / Ebay
Posted 5th JulPosted 5th Jul
Using the code and 10% applies at checkout, gets it down to under 300 notes, which imo, is a fantastic price, obviously it's grade good, but if it comes better than described, you'… Read more

Am thinking of potentially changing my P20 Pro- is this a good choice or not? May go for the S10+ In particular relating to the camera as I do like the camera on my P20 pro Also- looks like the PRODUCT5 discount code seems to have stopped working on it.


good price (y)


Back in stock people :)


Sorry buddy ;(


Hot deal Switchy. I missed this one 😔. Thanks for posting.

Samsung Galaxy S10 + 2 yrs contract 20gb data £28.99 per month + £29.99 upfront - £725.75 @ ID Mobile via Uswitch
Posted 4th JulPosted 4th Jul
ID mobile via u switch offering 28.99 per month two year contract for galaxy s10 128gb all colour. Upfront cost is 29.99 less ten using the code 2 year contract - 20gb data monthl… Read more

Lol. Indeed true. I've posted a deal after a while and comments are quite different to what they used to be. Should have made clear that this isn't the post for the top of the line mobile, it's just the best deal I could find for S10 for myself and though was worth sharing if anyone else is looking for a S10. As you mentioned, I don't want just the newest phone. S10 is good enough for me. Don't mind if no heat as long as someone else after S10 can find it and get it at this price or better. That's what I use hukd for anyway, not for mobile phone spec benchmarks.


Sorry about that, I think that's how the editing team posts these deals when they fine tune the mobile contract deals. It happens to be a different phone.


If you click compare deals and scroll down, you can get 100Gb on 3 for £30 a month with £29 upfront


I voted hot as the description makes it look like the deal is for S10+, which in fact it is not.


Only way is S20

Samsung Galaxy S10 5G - Black or silver brand new unlocked £699 at BT Shop
Posted 4th JulPosted 4th Jul
S10 5g new unlocked to any network in black or silver. Key features Stream HyperFast A world of exciting features in one Galaxy Six powerful cameras, one innovative phone Pro-Grade… Read more

Oh no, hope all is well then. :( Good news on the 500°


Just recovering from Chemotherapy so I've been keeping my head down shielding lately. Managed a 500° deal the other day too for another badge, it's like being back at School again.


Not everyone has to be honest. Cheers mate, you OK anyway?


You live and learn Switchy. I'd never heard of Chitter Chatter before, Thanks


Don't forget chitterchatter's £5 off code :) GIVEME5

Samsung Galaxy S6 Like new - £59 delivered @ O2 Shop
1314° Expired
Posted 2nd JulPosted 2nd Jul
Samsung Galaxy S6 Like New in black and gold

Out of stock again


I tried ordering it yesterday and it glitched out,but today it's worked,the phone is on its way,I supposed to get excited,lol.


Just got confirmation from o2


Did this happen to you after you paid?


Just ordered.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite Hybrid-SIM 128GB Smartphone - £424.15 / £399.15 With Any Cracked Smartphone Via Employee Portal @ Samsung
Posted 2nd JulPosted 2nd Jul
Here are the list of EPP partners who Samsung work with: Reward Gateway Next Jump Perkbox Edenred Xexec Lifeworks Blue Light Card/Defence Discount Service Sodexo Perks At Work Al… Read more

Just bought for wife..brilliantly is good too.. go for it. Looks very stylish. Big screen..


Debating getting this one, s20 seems a bit too high budget for me and s10 contract creeping back up. Just purchased a 4G Active 2 watch so need to work out total cost contract vs phone, sim and eSIM together. Ugh... Have BLC so can get for £424 on Samsung and £100 off for s8. Decision, decisions! Those who have it - decent phone?


I put this up in a seperate forum. I went through the exact same experience with an new S9 plus from Amazon Italy last year. The box was super light , so thankfully I decided to take a video of opening the Amazon package and my phone was missing . In the end , the video evidence was the only reason Amazon refunded my money( after a lot of hassle). Be very careful with ordering electronics from Amazon Italy and just take a video of opening their sealed package. Some shifty business going on there and given that my incident was a year ago, it's clear that they haven't addressed it.


If the IMEI is accepted at checkout, then that means they accept the phone, so even if it has a damaged screen they'll accept it. At least that's what I take from it anyway


Just wanted to know if somebody has better clarification about cracked phone/ damaged phone and misc. Can i trade samsung s or old htc?? No idea. @MrSwitch

Grade A2 Samsung Galaxy A40 Blue 5.9" 64GB 4G Dual SIM Unlocked & SIM Free £129.97 @ Laptops Direct
Posted 1st JulPosted 1st Jul
Grade A2 / Grade B Good condition with minor cosmetic marks Generic box, handset only No charger included Sim free & unlocked to all networks 12 months warranty Key Features: … Read more

thanks. I think I'd agree.. maybe a step down in performance/quality of build but up in battery life and OS updates... decisions, decisions!


Unless you want latest OS updates, I don't think it will be a good upgrade as S7 edge was a flagship and this is a budget phone. Display wise it's 1080p vs 1440p on S7 edge. It has bigger 5.9" display vs 5.5" on the edge. I don't have this myself personally so can't really comment on the performance.


worth upgrading from an s7 edge to this?

Used good condition Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Dual SIM Blue £279 @ 4gadgets
295° Expired
Posted 1st JulPosted 1st Jul
Good condition used Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Dual SIM Blue (more colours available at time of posting) unlocked 128 gb what is included Stylus / S-Pen Free Next Day Delivery 4Gadg… Read more



Also mine wasn't dual SIM or blue. So this is a great deal 👌


Haha (embarrassed)


don't make me vote my deal cold (excited)


Very happy with it. Came in a standard box but with a UK charger, eu charger, USB cable and earphones. Was pleasantly surprised

Samsung Galaxy A20e 32GB Blue: 5GB Data Ultd Min + Texts - £21/month for 24 months = £504 / £10/month after cashback @ Mobile Phones Direct
Posted 1st JulPosted 1st Jul
Samsung Galaxy A20e 32GB A20e Blue + 5GB Data + Unlimited Minutes + Unlimited Texts + Unlimited Download Speed + 24 Month Contract £21 a month before cashback £10 a month aft… Read more

Quite good - very prompt I think (I have had various cashback deals over the years).


My brother hasn't had a problem with them and Trust pilot reviews seem good


How is this company for cashback?


Cheapest I can see the phone sim free is £139 from Amazon. So effectively £4.20 a month for data, minutes and texts

Samsung Galaxy S6 edge plus Like New/ Samsung Galaxy S6 edge Like New - £79 delivered @ O2 Shop
351° Expired
Posted 1st JulPosted 1st Jul
DescriptionProduct DescriptionSamsung's Galaxy S6 edge+ represents Samsung's commitment to the big screen smartphone market, which Samsung boldly pioneered in 2011 with the origina… Read more

I'd loved this phone.


I noticed the battery drain is amazing... left on standby overnight still had 95% in the morning same cant be said for the new Samsung's they lose like 10% on standby overnight, I'm sure my note 10 plus does


Received mine today also, what an absolute bargain. Basically brand new without a single mark. Had zero charge which was a concern but managed to get it fully charged after a bit of messing about - Just needs to be plugged in for at least 10 mins. Wow !


Received mine today. the phone is new and still plastic wrapped.


Thank you. Charging fine. They are O2 locked unfortunately :(

(S20+ Cloud Blue 4G £636) Samsung Galaxy S20 smartphone., Blue - £566.49 / £530 Fee Free Price @ Amazon Germany
309° Expired
Posted 30th JunPosted 30th JunShipping from GermanyShipping from Germany
Good price for a new s20 And £636 for the plus variant (discount for blue at checkout)… Read more

So the s20 on Amazon DE is now €730 which is still cheaper than anywhere I can find in England. Do we think it's worth getting that or waiting it out?


Aw just 3 days too late finally deciding I want an s20 (annoyed)


Ok ta... Thanks


It also says the earliest date to be delivered is the 13th July, so I very much doubt it'll come from Manchester bud


OK ta... it does say it gets shipped from Manchester do you think that is where it'll come from? Also that price seems pretty good too. I just don't want to get stung buying a mobile from ebay

Samsung Galaxy A90 5G Unlimited MAX - £9 upfront £35 x 24m @ Vodafone
-108° Expired
Posted 30th JunPosted 30th Jun
Price drop of £20 per month from £55!!
Get deal*Get deal*

The regular free ones we get with a £10 top up at CarPhoneWarehouse when that promo is back on :D (y) ;)


Name me one mobile phone that has held its value?


Essential items generally hold value in a recession, the biggest price drops are luxury. A mobile phone/TV are not seen as luxuries more hardware ‘utility’ these days. At the moment due to Covid they are selling much lower prices holding up conglomerate companies sales, when a recession hits income luxuries go, we are in airbag mode recession with furlough scheme already, the balance just now is people can spend on essentials, when gov support ends and redundancies hit they can’t (Universal Credit can’t even buy a NHS healthy diet if you have creditors to pay.) but everyone else will still buy essentials in a recession. Companies now are taking a hit on margins and clearing warehouses, keeping some revenue up as not to damage the financial year/share price & hopefully end up breaking even. Planning. Once ‘essentials‘ pre recession stock levels/warehouses are cleared prices will revert upwards - and as production slows. Now is the time to mobile/tv up. When you open lockdown you open up mass consumerism, expect sales from those fighting for survival, those well run with resilience will price essentials at market prices not sales unless they themselves have excess non sale-or-return. A recession always hits the poorest/bad money handling the worst, I’m prepared years ago, because I’ve seen several recessions in my life & watched company/human behaviour. Recessions feed the wealthy & those good at handling/saving money by taking from the poorest.


WHAAATTTTTT !!!!???? DO NOT BUY NOW , WAIT do you even know what you are saying???? Buy now because there is a recession coming, NO , WAIT until we are in the recession , the prices will come down or are you suggesting they will increase during a recession. Sales will plummet companies will lower prices to make products more affordable, thus cheaper for everyone :)


Large purchases will fall, everyday essential purchases like mobiles will rise, people prioritise now esp when Lockdown is ‘over’ and furlough fully ends the Oct. There will be more demand later which equals $upply. If you have the cash to prioritise a good new mobile deal now do it. Buy mobiles/TVs etc now they are trying to shift them knowing a recession is coming/tech divisions holding parent companies up, cars/houses etc later as prices come down, we are already in a recession - a furlough tax one, when that ends the companies and thus ‘luxury’ sales suffer, essiential sales much less so.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite Hybrid-SIM 128 GB - Blue (UK Version) [Amazon Exclusive] 4500mAh Snapdragon 855 - £449 @ Amazon
Posted 30th JunPosted 30th Jun
Blue only at this price, most reduced to £489 from the big retailers, but Amazon have the blue 40 quid cheaper, nice snappy processor and big battery /display, make this a good Sam… Read more

What about Wowcamera? It's cheaper there than Amazon.


Yeah the deal I posted is expired


Not much of a saving over the UK version. Thanks anyway.




Release dates. This came out over 6 months after that, so will carry more of a premium

SAMSUNG Galaxy Note 10 Lite 128 GB Mobile Smart Phone, Aura Black - £427.49 With Code @ Currys Ebay
268° Expired
Posted 29th JunPosted 29th Jun
A few quid more than the deal I posted last week which went up in price after around an hour, currently the cheapest you will find this from a "reputable" UK seller Key Featur… Read more

Not so clear-cut, I own Lite, it's a fine phone, doesn't feel unwieldy or heavy. Being narrower than 10+ no doubt helps. 'Lite' is obviously nowadays specs/features-related, same with other brands


Go back to yesterday when the phone was 449, expired now


How do I get this price ? 529.99-26.50 = 503.59


Terrible reviews, foreign phone and hosted in Hong Kong. No comparison with this seller.


I know, I was only having a giraffe XD

Samsung Galaxy S20 5G Android Smartphone - SIM Free Mobile Phone - Cosmic Grey (UK Version) £739.60 at Amazon
-131° Expired
Posted 28th JunPosted 28th Jun
Galaxy S20 5G in Cosmic Grey

what stunt?


What if the price would be £450, would you still avoid? What latest stunt?


Exynos variant, avoid. Sadly i just cracked my S7 Edge, gutted, so i need a new phone, refuse to buy another Samsung after the latest stunt from them.


I shoukd say the fast charging is incredible.


I have the 4G rather than the 5G. My battery life was awful at first but seems to have to have settled down and is fine now. Battery life not as good as the S10 though.

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